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This Planet Is Blessed By Our Presence

This Planet Is Blessed By Our Presence

If guaranteed success was our only criteria for trying things in life we would never do anything. The whole win-lose, success-failure thing really puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on humans.

There are too many folks who won’t give themselves permission to create stuff…..whether it’s art, music, writing, gardening, a business, or a myriad of other activities…..because they have a fear of failing. Or of not being the best, which is unfortunate because they are missing a huge amount of personal satisfaction.

In fact, we consciousness pioneers would have never begun this whole journey into embodied enlightenment if we put all our eggs in the basket of success.

We took a huge risk when we agreed to come back in this lifetime for our realization. We really weren’t sure how this whole experiment would turn out. We had never done anything like this before, so we had nothing to gauge our progress based on our history.

That’s why we are revered by those in the other realms. To them, we are the real celebrities. We are newsworthy. We didn’t ask for any guarantees before we ventured out into the unknown.

We didn’t wait for another group to go through it first, so they could be the guinea pigs, and iron out all the bugs.

We knew we were more capable than most. Many of us were the ambassadors for our spiritual families. We also knew there weren’t very many of us. We were a small number of determined and courageous souls indeed.

We also knew it doesn’t take billions of awakened humans to create a profound shift in the consciousness on this planet. Just a small number with a big radiance.

So if we were waiting for a guarantee of success before we gave permission for our awakening, it would never begin.

And, success is an arbitrary word anyway, isn’t it? It’s like an artist who sets out painting a landscape but it evolves into a bowl of fruit, or a portrait, or an abstract.

Is it a failure? Or is it an idea that evolved along the way into something even more interesting?

On my way to ascension, I found my true joy.

Ascension isn’t a goal. It shouldn’t be, anyway. We can say it’s a good enough excuse to begin to really live. To discover who we are. To become our own best friend. To appreciate the sensual aspects of life like we never have before.

Have we failed the mission if we never recalibrate our body completely? If we never resolve all of our human issues? I hope that kind of value judgement isn’t part of this incredible transformation. Because then the whole point is missed completely.

As we share who we are, it’s a mixed bag, isn’t it?  We want to shine our light, but sometimes we are met with resistance, not just from our mind, but from others.  So we are discerning as to who we will share ourselves with.

Getting ourselves ‘out there’ and being more visible is rewarding but has its challenges.  But fortunately, our particular consciousness won’t attract the kind of attention that celebrities or politicians do.  We don’t run the risk of being on the six o’clock news.

But for some of us, even a friend, neighbor or family member reading our words, or looking at our videos online can make us feel a little anxious.  But hopefully, not enough to keep us from telling our stories and expressing and sharing our wisdom.


In the 3D world, celebrities are given lots of attention, and are rewarded often for simply being famous.  There is a modern-day obsession, in fact, with fame.  Young people, especially are susceptible to it, as they submit their selfies to Instagram and other social media platforms.  How many likes they get, how popular they are, becomes a gauge for their self-worth.

Being popular, even in terms of their stats, seems to be something that drives their behaviors.  And interestingly, it’s not that hard to get ourselves out there virtually, and if we really work at it, we could get a high stats YouTube video.  Maybe some cute kittens, or puppies.

I actually enjoy them.  They are very relaxing.

But what we are all about…..those of us who are the representatives of a new consciousness…..has nothing to do with being famous, popular, or even widely recognized.  At least not by those in 3D.

It’s unfortunate when being a success and ascension get intertwined.  When we evaluate our experience by 3D standards.  But most of us are wise enough to not fall for that one.

As souls, we had a lot of fire in our bellies, so to speak, about coming here and shining our light in a dense, and pretty unconsciousness place.  We really wanted this lifetime to count, and we knew we had what it took to pull it off.

You could say we expected to be successful.   Maybe not to the rest of the world, but we didn’t care, as souls, what that world thinks of us.  But to succeed in integrating our human and our divine consciousness.  Not because it would make us look valuable to others, but because we knew it would be the most exquisite experience a human could ever have.

But we also knew, as wise souls, that we would be up against the most resistant energies in the universe.  The gravity, physical and mental is unparalleled here.  We would be resisted by our own mind, and by those around us.

To be able to let go of our ancestry, our old story, in this one lifetime, in order to have our eternal self come into our body and life so intimately.  Wow, that’s pretty damned ambitious.

Climbing Mt. Everest pales in comparison.

But we knew, as wise souls, that no matter what, no matter how far we got with our experiment in consciousness, we knew we were a blessing to this Planet.


Decades ago I had the opportunity to spend a Thanksgiving afternoon and evening with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It was an intimate group, six of us. When I share that story people ask me how it felt to be in the presence of celebrities of such greatness. I tell them I think John and Yoko felt blessed to be in my presence. Those folks laugh, but I am not joking.

This planet is blessed by our presence.

Image Credit Maria Chambers
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