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What is a Lightworker?

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworker is sort of a catch all word for anyone on the spiritual path.

Many will say they are people who feel a need for healing, being compassionate, loving and a need to assist others.

Having been a channel for the Ascended Masters of over 20 years and being on the path of spiritual awakening for even longer.

I have come to realize that lightworkers are like everyone else.

To me a lightworker is someone that is on the path of spiritual awakening, self-healing and just being aware that there is more than just the physical reality.

You do not need to be someone that is only love, light and compassion.

There is so much more to spiritual awakening then just those things.

Your spiritual path is yours alone.

Working on yourself is the most important part of being a lightworker as you cannot change the people around you.

You can only change yourself.

By working on yourself you begin to emanate a different energy and you will notice that the people around you will start to change.

You will try and find more like-minded people.

But still, it can be a lonely path as your experiences will be most of the time different from anyone else.

And that is perfectly ok.

You will find that being in your own quiet space sometimes is what you are really looking for.

As you move deeper within your own being, your own self, you become more aware of the earth reality and realize that your perspective changes.

It does not mean the earth reality around you has changed.

Although energy is always moving, and changes are inevitable.

Changes within you and around you.

Being a lightworker is just a name it does not have any requirements.

Just an openness to the spirit within you.

After all you are a spiritual being having a physical experience upon earth at this time.

As a lightworker you are allowed to feel emotions, any emotions, good and so called bad.

The difference will be that at one point you will find yourself more balanced. Not as effected by those emotions as you were in the past.

It doesn’t mean you won’t feel anger, sadness or any other emotion, you will let those emotions flow through you and returned to a state of balance.

That balance is the most peaceful feeling you can find here on earth.

As you connect more and more with your spiritual self, life becomes different, you follow your inner guidance more and more. This will take you into many different directions.

You are here on earth to experience and to use that experience to complete the life lessons you decided on before you came here.

There are no rules to being a lightworker.

Even though many would like to say there are.

In my experience, and I have been on my own spiritual path for a long time, anyone who tells you to act or behave a certain way is not a lightworker.

They are stuck within their own reality of how things should be and forget that everyone has their own path.

Paths can be similar but are never exactly the same.

As you are on the path of spiritual awakening you will find that many beliefs you had before will disappear and new beliefs will replace them over and over again.

All it requires is for you to have an open mind and don’t let yourself be told how you should be or act.

Being a lightworker is more about acceptance of everyone around you, it is not about changing everyone around you.

When it is said that you are the change. It means you are the one changing.

If you want to call yourself a lightworker or not is completely up to you.

Petra is both a channel, a teacher and a mother. Petra grew up in the Netherlands and currently has residence within the United States. She has been attuned to the Masters since birth and works closely with Isis, Melchizedek, Kuthumi, Sananda and many of the other Masters. Petra was trained in the Netherlands as a Reiki Master. She works with the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command and many High Level beings from Egypt and is a Blue Star Master here walking the earth. Petra has several e-books available to purchase in our Lightworker Store. She is the author of “The Golden Keys to Ascension” and “Working toward Ascension in 2012″ with Dr Joshua David Stone and“ The Seven Basic Steps to Ascension” and “ Going from Seven to Twelve chakras” with The Masters of Light.

Petra was initiated by Lord Buddha to start activating people into the Black Pearl and Blue Lotus to gain Enlightment in this life.

She is the only teacher at this time teaching the 13th Gate Initiation with the Crystal Skulls.


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