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A Relationship is WHAT IT IS ~ In Love Land

A Relationship is WHAT IT IS ~ In Love Land

A relationship is EXACTLY as ITS ENERGY is.

There is no such thing as repairing a relationship. Or attempting to FIX IT.

Every single relationship is PLAYING OUT as its UNIQUE Frequency IS.

When we let go of the BELIEFS that we need to fix something, change something, WE ENTER the Now Moment.

Each of us incarnated and we set up Our experiences through our Higher Self, Unique Frequency and Blueprint PLAN. That Plan is what WE ARE.

I walk down the street and I see the cars, the people as Light Frequencies…all interacting. That is the truth of reality ~ without any attachment to the external. It is, JUST IS.

Cars are the frequency of travel. A couch is a frequency of relaxation.


Same with people, same with relationships.

What seems like the perfect ONE ~ may BE then ~ and may NOT be in so-called time.  IS that a mistake? NO, it is what it is. What it always WAS ~ AS IS.

There are NO RANDOM events. Your consciousness is unfolding as it needs to, PLANNED by your Higher Self before incarnating BASED on your God Self Frequency….You cannot be what you are not. Relationships cannot be what they are not. They ARE just as you ARE.

So we have a relationship with the one we want to be with, but never happens, THAT Was the relationship.

We have a relationship that feels like trusted best friends, yet never together, THAT IS WHAT IT IS.

We are with someone forever, that is WHAT IT IS.

THERE are no WHAT IS BEST ~ I want this scenarios ~ as what is best is taking place ALWAYS.

When we understand the purpose of frequency and our Life plan as a PLAYING out without attachments to outcome (suffering) we realize the purpose is what it is.

WE Trust. WE let go of old beliefs. We recognize our purpose here is OUR transformation so that we ALL will live as the DIVINE Beings that we ARE ~ recognizing WHAT IS. 

WE enter the adventure of TRUST.

And recognize all is ~ what it is.

In the moment, stripped of fear, beliefs and attachments; (after all that is what in the moment is) we live in peace and harmony, welcoming in what is.

OH that relationship and its purpose IS THAT. That which it is. OH that one was/is THAT. It just is.

When we trust what our Soul has set up for us.

WE live unconditionally in the MOMENT in full Acceptance of what is.

That IS what Being in the moment is. What being FREE is.

What living eternally IS.

That is Being Divine ~ Being Divine already (WHAT IS) without resistance. Recognizing what is, we have let go of beliefs of control. We then ride the ride of life, with PASSION and JOY.

Being forever grateful for what is.

And so it is, what is, in Love and Glory, always.

Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian™
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