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Apparitions, No Distance ~ Dimensions and Other Worlds

Apparitions, No Distance ~ Dimensions and Other Worlds

After recently watching a Ghost Buster movie and surprised how the after life is still viewed with fear by many. I will share with you one of the many and daily experiences of seeing other worlds, Angels, Ascended Masters and Beings, which include beings that were on Earth in a form and have crossed over to another dimensional frequency.

When I say a form, it is all light, viewed through a virtual reality of sorts, which through the consciousness of the VIEWER appears according to the vibration they are vibrating AT.

I will never forget the first apparition that appeared to me while visiting a house with a friend, only to learn, seeing things from other worlds was not the norm on planet Earth.

I had recently walked into the form that appeared as a teenage female body. The house filled with teenagers, on a warm summer day, were getting together to have fun and relax.

After sitting down, in one corner stood a woman as clear to me as any one else in the room, that were inhabiting what they thought were teenage solid bodies. It is a funny thing to see things others do not see.

This woman was standing there with her left one arm bent at the elbow fingers pointing to the ceiling, with the elbow up blazing with fire.

I asked the teenage host, if anyone had recently crossed over. Suddenly the atmosphere shifted, and he started sobbing.

The gathering quickly ended. I was  to come back the following day to speak with his mother.

We sat at her kitchen table and in front of her was a large closed photo book. She began to ask me questions, what did she look like, what was she wearing, what did she say, and all about the arm and hand that I saw lit on fire.

She then proceeded to open the photo book and there she was, and one of the photos wearing the same dress. She had recently crossed over and this woman was her mother.

She had me look at all the photos, and she told me to look at the one arm that I told her about in the photos, it was always behind her back or covered. She had as a child burnt her arm in a fire. That same arm she held up in front of me showing me it was on fire.

The electricity in the room was palpable. Hairs at the back of the neck were standing on end.

The silence was loud.

To share with others that there is no difference between life and the other life so often called after death the afterlife, is something that is and always will be normal to me.

When anyone crosses over or ascends or walks in, it is a frequency of the Light body and its conscious awareness throughout all dimensions   ~ governed by the Higher Self, that transitions in its conscious frequency to be present, eternally in all moments.

The limitations imposed in belief systems labels things as solid without consciousness.

Yet nothing is solid and everything is consciousness.

There is no distance from here to all the dimensions.

It is the consciousness of the Light Body, that awakens its awareness throughout all dimensions, moving as if in what would appear as a virtual reality of sorts, as it is all light.

To show someone the light is what they are now and that there  is no distance to any parallel world, or Universe for that matter, is awakening them to their Divine Ascended Self.

Allowing their vision to open up and their frequency to awaken from the sleep of separation and to live as the limitless being that they already are, is the Ascension.

Now breathe in the truth of your LIGHT Being, that knowns not time or separation of dimensions.

Your Original Light now, is not a mysterious idea, laden with doubts, it is your origin and what you are.

Activating the Light that you ARE in each breath as conscious awareness, is what ALL beings initiate themselves through, the Divine Portal of the Higher Self, through the Heart.

In this I Activate Now, through the eternal love present now. And So it is.

Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian™
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