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Are We There Yet?


As a young child, sitting at the kitchen table, I would often drift off into my own world.  My mother would chide me with, “Wake up!  You’re dreaming!”  And at other times, when things didn’t go smoothly for me, and I was angry and impatient with things not happening when I wanted them to, she would tell me that I had a very unrealistic view of life.

And she was right.  I did have an unrealistic view of this time and space reality.  But then, I was much closer time-wise to experiencing the non-physical realms than mom was. I had just come from an instant manifestation experience. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew that manifesting was instantaneous.

I wasn’t yet consciously aware that I was here in the physical to experience a slowed down version of those manifestations, for various purposes.  But as a kid I would have nothing to do with this waiting period.  For instance, after experiencing life as a girl in the 1950s for several years, I was determined, one night, to go to bed and wake up as a boy.

I set my intent, and really expected to face a young boy as I reflected in the bathroom mirror the next morning.

I was deeply disappointed to say the least.  Talk about feeling stuck.

it took me many decades to realize I chose the female gender with the intent of helping change the dynamic for women and to bring in the sorely needed feminine energies onto the planet.

And fast forward, here we are, many of us moving headlong into our enlightenment, yet once again it feels like a snail’s pace.  Or just kind of stuck in the same refrain.  Just when you think you are doing well, getting the hang of these new energies, something comes along and broadsides you.

And once again your confidence in this whole process gets rattled, or worse, you just want out.


It seems as our frequency continues to raise, and then we are presented with a very 3D challenge, it feels exponentially worse and our tolerance for any discomfort, physical or emotional, goes to sub-zero.

And these can be things that in our ‘previous’ pre- awakened life were shrugged off as just one of those things.  Just part of everyday life on earth.   But for those of us who are moving into the higher realms and still have to experience a very physical, carbon-based body and a very 3D reality, it can feel like those things, even small stuff, can push us over the edge.

We know we may be over reacting, and we know by now it’s our mind going to the worst scenario, but still, we just ain’t got the patience.

We wonder, what else will we have to deal with, even in the name of releasing stuck energies?  We come to a point where we say, enough! Done!  I am not into endless recalibration, or endless releasing.

And, perhaps we are done, but our mind just needs to make sense of all the ‘interruptions’ along the way.

Many have shared that the energies of late have been even more intense, and their lives are more disrupted than usual.

For me, and I suspect for others in this process, safety issues are being triggered.  Not feeling safe in the body, in this environment, or just a general sense of vulnerability.

And this is exacerbated by a sense of detachment, and a kind of boredom.


So, being in a place of boredom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by even small annoyances.  I think the reason that we took many things in our stride before our awakening is because we had more passion.  Even if that passion was generated from outside people and events.  And even at times, from drama.

So we can find ourselves in a weird no-man’s land now.  No longer feeling connected to the world outside our door, yet not really feeling a more sustained connection with our soul.

So it can certainly feel like a WTF moment.  Maybe we can start an ascension hashtag #WTFisGoingOn? as a way to purge our concerns and frustrations.

But I was warned that it was not going to be so easy, until it is.  And that is what’s called coming full circle.  Remembering our ability to manifest instantly, and knowing that all is well.  That we are safe.

But, the burning question remains, as I used to implore endlessly to dad from the back seat of our Oldsmobile on our Sunday drives to the country, “Are we there yet?

Art by Maria Chambers
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