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Enter the Cocoon

Enter the Cocoon

The world, or rather its human inhabitants receive the gift of Evolution and look what happens…..FEAR
Our race begins to experience a mass awakening and look what happens…..Resentment
We offer light, love and guidance and look what happens……Resistance

Too much unconscious noise

Opinions flying everywhere, judges and juries take their seat for the Crown Case, which of course is only the prehearing, but what do we find so far, a world of distortion and noise allowing itself to be seen in its truth.

The truth frequency, the truth from within, the core of what makes us US, highlights that the race is so completely separated and we can See, for it to now dissolve and for those who are choosing to step into the new, to awaken the codes of operation from within to participate in one of the most incredible transformations or awakenings ever witnessed on our planet.

So here is the truth, if you are concerned or worried, if you are blaming or shaming, if you are plugging in with a heart bleeding out or spreading the constant noise in fields such as Facebook, then the mirroring of the virus and the fear is moving through and leaking out into y/our field. Are you complaining about the panic buyers, or constantly sending out noise in the shape of opinions in reaction to the toilet roll shortage, if you are trying to teach grown human beings to be hygienic, then understand there is so much work to do in order to collapse this spectrum from the inside. The mind will be holding a mass of non-understanding about the very thing you have possibly been claiming to know a lot about.

The Divine, the Light, the Goddess and the Sacred Union

If there is anything but opportunity being seen then the truth frequency held is unconscious, and to assist I have already begun sharing transmissions, there is a new video uploaded in the Opal Portal called Enter the Cocoon which offers some contradictions that will open up the fixed view of the human eyes and to begin dislodging some of the programming, and the most important first step is to realise this truth frequency being held, it is only when we own our unconscious truth that we get to awaken it/us.

The remedy to all of this nonsense is to awaken the senses, to share sense where there is none and so my response is to be in full service within the Opal Portal and the Soul-Ar Alignment Group, it appears pointless to be shooting light into the abyss, the blind aren’t responding and therefore are not ready to take off their blindfolds, the noise of the fear is way too loud and its deafening, too many opinions, too many defending beliefs and the sound of those hanging onto their last ledges of righteousness has become impossible to watch when you know and have experienced this all to be a choice, and so for now I have decided to give my focus, my energy and the value to the places and spaces I have created to make a difference, united with those who want to make a difference and unite.

Leave that which creates a drag in the field

It is time to cut all ties, everything that is mirroring the lack/virus and to begin to understand that by plugging in, whether for or against is participation of the unconscious kind, the non-understanding of the Divine Processes that we find ourselves within.

There is no way possible to even begin scratching the surface of this world awakening in a blog so may I suggest you head over to the Opal Portal where you can receive the latest video that will begin to bring the method to this madness.

And there is so much MORE to come…

With love always, Andrea

A Gift From Gaia
My mission in this moment is to contribute to humanity and assist in raising the vibration here on Gaia, it is my number one passion and there is nothing more that I love than making a difference and creating a ripple of change across the globe. In this space, here at A Gift from Gaia, you will find many light gems that I share and also regular energetic reports that are crucial when committing to your light path.
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