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Many of us came here to this beautiful blue planet in order to bring in a new energy.  An energy that contains the christed light. This has nothing to do with the religious interpretation, but everything to do with a light that carries balance.

Many of us are at a place where we know this isn’t about converting anyone.  God knows we have done that either in this lifetime or another. And we have also been at the receiving end of that crusade.

So we know the futility of trying to change anyone who is not ready to change.  As emerging Masters of Consciousness, we also understand that everyone is exactly where they need to be. That the world we witness outside our door is exactly where it needs to be.

It’s  not easy at times to see how people are treating themselves and each other, yet each person is walking down their own path, and are drawing to them what they want and need to experience.  As I have said many times, they are just playing out the galactic story that began long before this planet was here.

So as we move out of our old story, which we are doing, because we know we are not that story, we wonder what we should do next.  There is a sense of disorientation, even of loss, as we detach from the human story we have worn for so very long.

But what we sometimes forget is that we are not here in the same capacity as the rest of humanity at this time.  The feeling of loss is not a product so much of losing our old identity as the human, because that was all made up.

“The feeling of loss is actually because we had been separated for so long from the true love of our life, our Divine Self, our soul-self.”

The feeling of loss is actually because we had been separated for so long from the true love of our life, our Divine Self, our soul-self.

We were lonely because we had pushed away out of necessity our true nature.

That being said, we still are very human, and that human self is honored, respected and loved.  Our soul isn’t asking us to change who we are to feel worthy of its love and support.  But it wants to be in life with us, and wants to enjoy this life as it’s intended to be enjoyed.

Granted it doesn’t feel that way to us when so much of this process renders us tired, emotionally wrung out, and even sick at times, but there is no agenda on our soul’s part that wants us to suffer.

Because we are the first to go through this process of embodied enlightenment, we were not exactly prepared for what has transpired.  That doesn’t mean we are not capable of doing what we wanted to do here.

But even if we all left the planet tomorrow, we will have done what we came here to do, which is to plant seeds of a new consciousness in a dense environment.

So going forward, those who recognize our light and are ready for change on the deepest level…. will find us.  They will feel something as we pass them on the street, or chat with them at the cafe or grocery store.  It won’t be the content of the conversation necessarily that shifts something in them, but it will be our radiance, our energy of balance.

This new way of sharing our light is easier and joyful.  We may want to express our light creatively, with the written word, or in art or music or through other forms, or we may simply want to savor the sensuality of the physical reality we find ourselves in and do nothing more.

But rest assured, those who need and want what you have to share will find you, either in your community or online.  Or they will just sense the new template you are creating, which goes out into the universe.


I love writing in a journal each day at the coffee shops I frequent.  One day I had left it at a cafe, on the chair of the table I was sitting at in their patio area.  I didn’t notice it was missing until much later in the day, but I wanted to retrieve it since it had so much of a personal nature in it.

I certainly didn’t want it to get into the wrong hands.  And it’s a source for me to extract from to create the posts for my blog.

When I arrived at the cafe, I didn’t see the journal where I had left it, so I went inside and asked the baristas if anyone had turned it in.  I felt disappointed when they shook their heads no.

As I was walking back out the door, a young woman was walking in with what appeared to be my journal clutched under her arm.

I said, “That looks like my journal,” and she smiled and said she was just taking it inside to give it to the barista.  I told her how relieved I felt.  She looked at me curiously, and a bit sheepishly, and confessed that she had turned a few pages in it and had read some of my entries.

At that point I felt like I needed to sit down with her and talk.  So we did, and as it turned out, that morning her long time boyfriend had ended their relationship.

She said she was devastated, and confused.  She had come out for coffee to be with her thoughts, and saw my journal.  She felt compelled to open it up.  She went on to confide that reading some of it gave her strength and inspired her to look at her situation in a different light, that maybe there was a blessing in it.

She said she couldn’t stop reading it and she felt like it was the perfect message for her.  So we talked a long while and parted ways with a big hug.

We never saw each other again, but the work was done.

Photo Credit Maria Chambers
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