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From The Pillar Of Darkness To The House Of Light

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For the world of people, to shed light on their problems with others, it is to individually look at the black energetic pillar in front of yourself -   which you yourself have erected over many years, even many lives.

Some call this black pillar "ignorance", some call it “unconsciousness", that is all true. I call it a pillar of "ego-boast". That energetic black pillar is put in front of you by yourself and it blocks you from looking into the mirror at yourself.

In other words, this black energetic pillar stops people from seeing in themselves, they only see (wrong) actions in others. This Pillar of Ego-boast is built out of the energy of “NO"... and it needs a lot of " NO, it is them (or he or she) who did wrong (to ME)" to build the pillar, but once it is there, it is very strong, and it contains no light.

When you look at people who are very strong in their insults to others, in their beliefs others did or do wrong to them, in their victimized feelings and convictions and their pointing’s that other has ruined or are ruining their lives with their way of living. you will notice the black energy that they have built around them.

You will notice it because you feel it. But they feel it too, but they believe it comes from the other one (s) and you cannot convince them to see this.

The pillar can be very strong and is like they are very blind to see the real truth behind the scene. Some already have seen the black pillar of ‘ego-boast” they have put in front of themselves and they even know they have put it there.

Of course they can have moments were they are seeing situations or some people’s behavior as a threat, but when they stop their thoughts for a while they can easily see the block in themselves, more than they did before. What they did is they turned the mirror to themselves in order to see more clearly their way of thinking, their belief system, their own discontentment, or whatever what brings the situation up to the level of reality.

In other words, when the mirror is turned to yourself you can see what your contribution is to the situation with others and change that to a lighter contribution. Because of the fact that we can let go the little part of black energy that we build in ourselves and to go back to the light we are, we are back in our natural space which is LOVE AND LIGHT and the situation with others will have a whole other turn... a turn that brings more light to everyone who is involved.

You who have worked hard to put the black pillar down, already know that when people say “ go back to your heart” or “stay in your heart” or “ stay in tune with your heart” it means to go back or to stay into your light and leave the dark energy for what it is, it has no connection with you

And you already experienced that you came back to your center and you even see the other person with more light, more love... even when the other person is still in the dark pillar. So, many are already working to put down the pillar and many can already see clearly in their hearts.

Some have totally put down the pillar and will never build it up again. They are the people who are saying to forgive and forget, to shake hands and to tell what they have learned from the situation.

 They are the people who are telling what they saw wrong in themselves and how they have changed into a nicer and lovelier way of looking at things and people. They are the people who would say like Jesus said, “let me give you the other cheek “. It means, I will do nothing to bring me in the dark again... And they do this over and over and over again in any situation, in any circumstances. They are the people who live in the “now”, and they have no hard feelings of anyone or anything, neither from the past, neither for the future.

Those people are reflecting the real beauty they are. And they live totally from the heart, free of all (dark) thoughts or habits. They accept everything that is coming to them and they are welcoming it with Grace. Those are the ones who are radiating LIGHT, radiating LIFE, radiating LOVE FROM THE CORE OF THEIR BEING. Those are the real leaders of the world.

But, many still are in the state of ignorance, boasting up their ego and building up the pillar of darkness, polishing it a bit... with their ego-behavior believing this is the way... the only way... the best way. You cannot do a thing for these people except to stay in your center, to just be YOU and to again and again check yourself to find out where YOU still have work to do, where YOU still have some piece of the black pillar, and to change that into more light, the light YOU ARE. When they ask how you have come out of the dark well, you can tell them how you did it... how you saw it by looking inwards and looking into Yourself and that people where mirroring something .... But then again, only when others are ready, they can listen... Stay in your heart, be the light and the love you want others to be! And keep yourself in that light you ARE!

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Consciousnes Martina ( copyright, Torremans Martina, Belgium)

Reprinted with permission to this website @CrystalWind from Torremans Martina. 2017 All rigfhts reserved. 

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