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No More Processing


At this stage of our ascension we are not processing for the collective.  We are now ‘nurturing our own radiance,’ to borrow a phrase from a very wise mentor of mine.

We are in the process of releasing things that no longer serve us.  We are releasing our ancestry, our bloodline.  It’s why many of us don’t feel that same connection any more with our biological family.  We are letting go of our spiritual families back home.  We each belong to a particular spiritual family, some are from the family of Michael, for example.  Your angelic families of origin.

it’s not a letting go in anger, but in love.  As we release them, we also set them free. We are in a place that can’t accomodate dependency or holding energies.  And that is why we are letting go of any caretaking or processing for the collective, for humanity.

What we are doing requires a lightness of being.  We can’t carry baggage into our freedom.

And that means we are not required to do anything for humanity except nurture our own selves.  And in that self nurturing, that is the greatest service we can offer the rest of humanity at this time.

We are not going to access our joy or our freedom if we believe we still need to process our emotions for anyone.  We have moved out of that role.  At least, if you are someone who resonates with this material, and you are not feeling any joy in the idea of processing for the collective.  It’s a feeling you can trust.

And this goes doubly for the female gender.  We are not going to be able to feel the joy of our soul if we are still care taking anyone including humankind.  As women and those who carry the feminine balance, we are finally giving ourselves permission to let go of the notion that pain and suffering is a virtue.  That notion has been a part of our DNA for a very long time.

The idea that as women we must carry the wounds of humanity’s heart.

That is being extracted from our cells.  New cells are being created that have us feeling our freedom here on this planet.  A freedom that women have not felt on a planet that still perceives her as less than worthy.


And on a human level, it’s not anything we need to try to figure out.  It’s happening naturally, as we integrate our soul.  Because our soul, at this stage, is not into suffering.  It has learned that suffering and martyrdom get you nowhere.  Except to create more suffering.

So, the new way is seen by some as a selfish way,  an irresponsible way of being, especially for a ‘spiritual’ person.  Then, maybe we need to redefine spiritual, or take the word spiritual out of the equation.

Putting ourself first goes against the grain of everything in this world.  Whether you are on any particular spiritual path or not.  Tis better to give than to receive is one of the oldest adages, and one of the most manipulative.

Our freedom relies on our self-nurturance.  And that self-nurturance includes enjoying the sensual nature of life and the joy that our soul already embodies.

Others on the planet are taking over the role of holding and processing energies for humanity.  But for us, it’s time to move on.

Art by Maria Chambers
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