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Author’s note: Comments are welcome as always, but I’m sure most of you know that the point of my posts is not to ignite any political debates.

I am spending more and more time devoted to my new reality, the 5D one.  So when I look at the 3D reality it’s more from a place of entertainment. And those of us who are well past that less than awakened place can see the news from a whole different vantage point.

When someone points out to me how the election of President Trump has been the worst thing that has befallen our nation, I tell them, no, he’s the best thing that could have happened.  And here’s why.  It starts with entertainment.

The perpetuation of  the patriarchy, of the toxic masculine, which embraces, among other things, sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia….is brought to the American people in full, living color in the larger than life, tireless entertainer, Donald Trump.

His rise to presidency, the most powerful position in the world, (Commander in Chief of the strongest military on Earth) still has many people scratching their heads.

But it should be no surprise. It makes total sense. It’s the perpetuation  of centuries of normalizing unacceptable behaviors. Which means such behaviors as sexism, for instance, have become so pervasive, insidious and commonplace, that they are accepted, internalized, (by not just men, but by many women) and by some, even revered.

Everyone knows it’s going on, but it’s shrugged off like an annoying older relative who can’t keep his hands to himself….oh, that’s just Uncle Tony.  Don’t pay him any mind.


For quite some time now, sexism in the media, tv shows and movies with the endless flow of jokes that disparage women, is framed as harmless. Often, the protagonists come off as likable characters, who are just having lighthearted fun.

Then there’s the geek subculture which has become quite popular in the media. They fail the ‘masculinity’ test on just about every level which is in itself a form of sexism. We watch them as they attempt to be the alpha male, which includes being sexist and homophobic.  Their failed attempts are seen as pathetic and funny at the same time. So they are not denying their toxic masculine behavior, but instead poke fun at it.  Again, no harm done. Not a deal breaker.  Or so we are made to believe.

Enter Donald Trump who comes to us practically fresh out of the world of entertainment.

For decades Trump held up proudly his own misogynistic attitudes as a cultural icon that people both laughed at, and secretly admired. (A wealthy, powerful white male who always seemed to have scores of young, beautiful women around him) Apparently, his sexism as seen from the perspective of entertainment (his tv shows, beauty pageants, Howard Stern interviews) was not a deal breaker for him, either.

The day after the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Trump signed an executive order that bans federal funding for international health organizations that perform or even speak with patients about abortion services.

Except now his audience happens to be much larger, and he happens to be able to, with the support of like-minded cabinet members, advisors and other elected officials, write policies and influence decisions that profoundly affect among many others, women’s lives.

But how many humans initiate real change unless things are in their face in a big way?

The cold, hard reality that is being served up to people as their current administration is a catalyst for some serious change. We know how it goes, people need things to be off the charts painful before they initiate real change. It’s human nature.

And to be fair, some deserved applause needs to be given to the ‘antagonists’ who chose their roles in this lifetime as the ‘bad guys’ in order to initiate that much-needed change.

People said they wanted change, that things needed shaking up, and supported Trump because they felt he was different, claiming he wasn’t the typical politician, that he spoke his mind and he wasn’t afraid to be politically incorrect.  And that because of those refreshing qualities, change could be initiated. But what they didn’t realize was that now, they are going to get change…but not the change they anticipated.

Because when you take a closer look,  many of those people who favored him because he was different, didn’t want real change.  They just wanted to be more comfortable in their old stories.  They wanted things to get better perhaps economically, and wanted more safeguards against what they feared were foreign enemies, wanting a stronger military in place, and walls put up.  But for the most part, they were terrified of real change.

And who could blame them.  Change is hard.  And many people were suspecting something was brewing, something they couldn’t put their finger on, but they knew that they needed some type of safeguard against it.


Trump represented someone who could protect them from an increasingly uncertain future. He fed into people’s fears. The appeal of Making America Great Again read as going back to the good old days, when things were simpler. Men were men, women knew their place, as did people of color, and other marginalized groups, and there was certainly no place for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people or gender fluid folks.

So, Donald is not really so different. He represents the same old imbalanced toxic masculine patriarchy, repackaged as the savvy, outlandish buffoon.  And as such, continues to be immune to any real accountability for disquieting and abusive behaviors.

Many argue that he is not the first president to embrace disrespectful behaviors toward women.

Except that, he is so extreme in his behaviors and attitudes, and displays such a narcissistic immaturity on an in-your-face, almost daily basis, (thanks in part to twitter) that he has gotten people’s full attention. And that is what was needed in these times.

Things did need stirring up, but not to keep the status quo, not to Make America Great Again, but to help America to be a nation of true equality.

Because under the surface there was brewing more and more discontent among the populace. Those who knew that things were just not right. And I believe what emerged from that discontent was what we are seeing now in the news and on social media.  The unprecedented and almost daily exposure of those in positions of power (starting with Harvey Weinstein) who echoed that disrespect towards women.

Something had to give.

We saw in the massive, worldwide women’s marches that were initiated from a place of enough is enough. Women were finally getting the support from each other to come out of the shadows. To speak their truth, and to make their voices heard.

Donald reminded too many women of their own relationships with narcissistic and abusive men.

He reminded them of how they had allowed that behavior in their personal lives for far too long. Their frustration and anger could no longer be contained.

And their anger became a catalyst for change.

Now more women are interested in taking positions in government and other leadership roles where they can affect positive change.

And in their private lives women are not so apt to shrug off disrespectful behaviors and attitudes.

And for those women who are in their awakening and moving into their embodied enlightenment, I feel that they are seeing the current events from the perspective of…

I have already gone through what I am seeing those in 3D going through, and I know that they too will have to come this way some day. They will have to recognize that the real work begins when they give permission for their own awakening.”

Then they get to see how they as women had taken on their role as carrying the wounded hearts of humanity. How they were assuaging the angry male. Trying to make him less angry for self-protection, but at her own expense.

It is time for her to now stop feeling guilt and shame and allow the male to be accountable for his own anger and sense of abandonment.  And his lack of self-worth.  That she no longer needs to feel that she is somehow responsible for his anger, and how that anger is expressed toward her. Whether it is expressed overtly or in subtle, but equally disrespectful ways.

Now she can trust her feelings. If something doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t. Even if others tell her, or if her mind tries to tell her that she’s just being too sensitive, or she can’t take a joke, or she should feel flattered. That it was a compliment.

She will discover that she isn’t a victim. That the way she feels about herself is all that matters, and that alone will dictate her reality. But meanwhile, she still may need to set boundaries.

And even though those of us who are awakened and are not in the reality we see in the world around us, there may still be a part of us as women that feels we need to take care of the wounded male.

That won’t serve us if we want to experience our freedom here on Earth.  It requires of us to detach from being in service in that way.

It’s a radical shift, and it requires a great deal of self-devotion. We will come off as being uncaring, as selfish. But as ascension pioneers, we really don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks of us.  We are no longer in that reality base.

We have a great sense of humor, but when it comes to our sovereignty, we are deadly serious. We won’t allow anyone or anything to get in the way of our freedom. We want more than anything to be the free and sensual beings that is our birthright.

The sensuality, that as women, we were misunderstood and even condemned for.  We were seen as seducing the male, even if we had no interest in seducing anyone, but were simply enjoying all of our physical senses.  Or…we were simply just BEING there, in a female body.  Can you imagine the audacity…how dare we???!!!

But embodied enlightenment is all about the joy of being here with our soul, who is very sensual.  It’s about integrating our own sacred masculine and feminine.  And it’s not a mental trip.  There is no point in being here if we are going to be stuck in our heads.  Continuing to live mental lives.  What’s the point of extricating ourselves from the 3D world, otherwise?

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