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Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Who are you?  Well, that’s a loaded question, and one only you can truly answer.  But there are probably some things you have discovered about you, through this infinitely difficult and mind-blowing awakening process.

You have discovered that you are not the singular you that walks around as John or Mary or Chris, and lives a singular life of work, family, and friends.  You no longer define yourself as just being a human personality in a human body.

You know you are much, much more than that.

You know you are not here to just live another lifetime as just a human going through the very human iterations from birth to death.

You sense that this lifetime is special.  But beyond that, you aren’t sure exactly what that means.  Or that meaning may shift from day-to-day.  But there is a deep undercurrent of knowingness that you just can’t put into words.  You just know.

You can’t explain it to anyone in your life, nor do you really want to.  Putting it into words would only diminish it.

You are a compassionate person, and a wise person.  Wise beyond your years, wise beyond your human self.  Yet you are still experiencing a very human body and very human day-to-day concerns.  You may be someone who is at the earlier stages of their enlightenment, or the later stages.  Or somewhere in between.

if you feel like you have been through the underbelly of the beast of ascension, have faced your deepest fears, are often just bored and wondering why you are still here, you are most likely in the later stages of your ascension.

And along with the boredom is a sense of not being connected to the world outside your door anymore.  But there are also moments of absolute bliss.  Where you are so deeply connected to your I AM.  And again, you can’t put it into human words.  Nor do you really want to.

But you know in those moments that you are something so much more joy-filled than the conditioned human who doesn’t know how to feel that joy on their own.

So who you are is really a magnificent and unique being.  With special gifts and qualities that you came here to express and share, but even beyond that, you are courageous, and capable.  You are one of the few souls who came back this lifetime to be in the forefront of a consciousness shift the likes of which this planet has not seen.

Mull that one over while you are sipping your coffee or tea or wine or taking the dog for a walk.

Some days you feel great.  Some day you feel like you have been dragged over the coals.  You know you deserve to feel good.  It’s befitting the Master to be vibrantly healthy and to be financially flush.

You may wonder why you are not yet what you feel in your heart.  Why is it taking so long?  Has something gone wrong?  Or does it require even more patience?  Your mind may be looking for definitive answers to these and so many other questions, but comes up short.

You have patience but you’re not a saint.  You are still very human, and you are also the Master.  As the Master, you have the broader perspective, but you also have a short fuse when it comes to some very human, lower consciousness things and people.

You have the advantage though, of knowing what you know, that the reality outside your door is not real.  It’s the made up version that you created in order to work through issues.

But if you connect with this ascension material, you are done with that operating system.  The one outside your door.

So you are a Master, a soul, infusing themselves in a human body and personality in order to experience the best of both worlds.  To be the wisdom and to be the sensual human.

At least, that was the game plan.  How it actually plays out is an individual story.  There are various factors involved.  There is no one-size-fits-all ascension process.

But that’s why it’s so fascinating.  There are so many versions, and so many stories to tell.  But of course that’s if you are not too tired and disinterested at this point.  That’s understandable.

The more light you allow in, the more your old operating system needs to be upgraded.  But there comes a point where you are done with that as well.  There can’t be endless upgrading.

So, who are you?  It’s not a question your mind can answer,  nor does it really want to.  The mind is growing weary of all the unanswered questions.  It wants to just do what it’s good at, and not be burdened with the responsibility of figuring out ascension.

But if you just put your hand on your heart, and take a deep breath, you can feel it.  You know who you are.

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