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The Stages Of Gradual Awakening

The Stages Of Gradual Awakening

...that we all have to go through before we attain enlightenment.

There is only one certainty in the process of awakening: We will never stop learning. In this article, we summarize the general stages of awakening. This will help you determine where you are on your spiritual path and what steps you need to take to get where you are going. Remember that we each have to go at our own pace. Just because you are not where you want to be, does not mean you will not be there later.

You realize that you are missing something fundamental in your life. Ordinary life does not fill you; you know internally that reality is about something different than it seems at first glance. You want to find it and fill the void that torments you. Even if you still do not know what it means or how to improve things, realizing that you are missing something is the beginning of an amazing journey.

Questioning At this stage, you will begin to question everything and everyone. And myself. Am I myself? Am I living the life I want to live, or has someone forced it on me? Is this really my friend, or am I having fun with him? What should a functional relationship actually look like? Why am I actually doing this? Am I doing it out of duty, or do I really want to? What does this activity bring me? Are they telling me the truth? Does it make sense to watch TV and read a newspaper? Am I in the right team or do I belong elsewhere? Why do I believe this? Is there evidence for this, do I want to believe it, or has someone pushed it for me?

You will gradually find that you need to make changes. Throw away what does not work and attract what you really want. But that is not possible until you first question your whole life and think deeply about yourself. The average population will never get to this, they will simply live as society outlines and do not ask fundamental questions.

Changing Beliefs
Once you find that you have done a lot of things out of habit and unconsciously, your system of thought and belief will also change. You will stop smoking. You will leave the church. Send bad friends somewhere. You start reading. You will change your unhealthy lifestyle. You change the job. You stop doing things you hate to thank someone.

Your surroundings can be very upset by this change, because they are used to your old sleeping self, which was at everyone is will and which adhered to the comfort zone, did things the way everyone did. And suddenly it is not. Suddenly, for example, you do not let them get you hungry.

If they do not keep up with you and move with you, these people will gradually leave your life on their own, because you will have nothing to say or you will start to have a lot of conflicts and frictions.

You now realize that no matter how much you change your old beliefs, more change will always be needed. You are not perfect, and you do not know the answers to all the questions, but you try to at least get as close as possible to those answers and to the ideal constitution. You can start experimenting with diet. Or maybe you move to the countryside, start living in greater harmony with nature, start working with your traumas, forgive people and enjoy life more on your own.

You understand that real success is not as high as possible, ideally on other people's backs, but a state of peace, belonging and inner well-being. Your attempts to grow will not always lead to success, but it is part of the way, you gain experience even from failure and it helps you to be a better person.

Finding the purpose of life
You are beginning to understand why you are here and what you should do here. You learn to be more connected to your source, you get to know yourself more deeply. Although each person's mission is different, it operates in one basic framework: Helping others. All awakenings agree on this.

However, this help takes many forms. Some have the task of inventing an invention, some have to set up an animal shelter, some have to do educational activities, some have to grow organic vegetables, some have to write books, some have to set up a forest nursery.

The intense feeling that you have to benefit humanity, or the world is common to all people, but you have to find out exactly what it means to you. It is something that when you do, you improve this world, and you bring quality and good to the overall society. Even if you make sidewalks or bake good rolls, if you see the point and it fills you inwardly, it can be your life's work.

The benefits of society can take any form, but in the end, you will find that it does not matter what exactly the awakened person does. The main thing is to act ethically, to treat other people well, politely, to wish them good. The meaning is a healthy society and an effort to get rid of evil, hatred, toxicity, the need to destroy other people or exploit their weaknesses. He who does evil, wishes evil to other people, works to destroy another person, or has a bad intention in general, is not awakened and is not even at the beginning of the journey. In fact, it is just a system agent.

Removing the old
Now that your life has shifted qualitatively and finally looks the way you want, you need to remove all the dysfunctional connections from the old life that are no longer beneficial. You will only allow those people who help you to improve yourself and your life. You want to be with people who want to see you grow and accept you for who you really are.

You no longer see the point of having to go somewhere for dinner and be humiliated and buzzed there for not finishing high school or leaving a well-paid job in some rural solitude and growing bees instead. You see no reason why anyone should come in, target, or watch as the unwakened ones pull each other out with their wives, vacations, cars, cottages, earnings, and numbers of children. You do not understand why you should spend every Sunday talking about weather and politics. Somehow you just do not care, and you understand that you are just wasting time. The same goes for old bad habits and hobbies - what does not serve or bring joy must go away.

Emotional phases
Throughout this process, you will experience intense emotions. But what comes after you kick out all the bad people, contacts, and activities out of your life is probably the strongest. You will doubt whether you are on the right track, whether you have done well, and you may be going through a phase of arguing with old contacts. You will have to listen to the fact that you have changed for the worse, that you used to be better, the more sensible that you ruin your life, that you are weird, that you act stupidly, that you have gone crazy from conspiracy theories, that you are a bio major, that you will not make a living from it. Your departure is especially offended, they may start slandering and hating you. You may feel lonely for a while and suffer a lot. But that will eventually pass.

These are old programs that try to drag you back into the old system so that you fall asleep again, stop acting autonomously and consciously. But you are too far away to go back. Once you have learned that you have lived in an illusion, you will never return to it voluntarily.

The Stages Of Gradual Awakening

Now you fully accept yourself and the life path that you have consciously chosen and that you have laboriously conquered. Even thanks to failed attempts and mistakes, you have found your right path. You know you are in the right place, with the right task. Nothing can stop you now. You build happily, work on yourself and feel inner fulfillment.

Now you are beginning to understand everything. You achieve things that you thought you would never achieve at first. All the hard work has paid off and the opportunities are starting to appear on their own. You wonder why your trip was just like that, why you met specific people, what it was like to overcome the obstacles. Why did you have to go through the fight? You understand why you are who you are, why you have these talents, desires, and talents. Everything fits together perfectly. You realized that you were moving through a Matrix full of synchronicities, where events fit together, and you learned to walk in it. Something just will not get you anymore because you can see behind the curtain.

You have become more present and can show kindness to those who do not seem to deserve it. You see the world in a new light, and union with the Universe is more important to you now than ever before. You have subordinated your lifestyle to it. You have a high level of consciousness. Inner mental harmony and love of neighbor comes first for you.

You shine
You have reached the highest possible point, but this point is not the end of the road. We are still learning, and we will never stop growing. Once you get so far that you know the truth that you shine like a beacon for others, then you have the highest potential to do the best in this world.

However, be careful not to fall from a great height, because not only does your journey and learning not end at this point, but the system will try to take you out of this state, to bring you back into chaos. He will try to do so, especially by pushing people who will try to lead you away from your path by pressure, temptation, manipulation, or even a literal physical attack. To lose your direction, hope, or will work on yourself and serve humanity.

The further you get, the more sophisticated the attacks will be. Remember that you are still in the Matrix and even though you know how it works and know how to walk in it, you are not out of it, it never sleeps, and it can still be on you. It will send you useful idiots, sleeping, or agents who will try to get you used to you or get dirty to prevent your success. If this bothers you, be aware that no one has promised you that it will be easy here.

Spiritual awakening is not an easy path, nor a guaranteed way to perfect happiness and abundance. In fact, it is a difficult and rocky road. It is comfortable and convenient to stay in the system, sleep and not know the truth. One must choose whether to go through one's life as a systemic infantryman, or whether one wants to make a change in the world and decide one's own life.

The Stages Of Gradual Awakening

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