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We've Been Deeeeeeeeep Within The Gridwork....


Clearing.... Heavy Duty Old Programming Out:
Preparing for this Next UpShift, Individually and Collectively as well...

Your personal gridwork is inside of your body and within your own energy field, which links up to the gridwork of Old Earth and NEW Earth, "the"/Your Universe, "the"/Your Cosmos and all.... 

Your gridwork runs through your entire body, deep within your muscles, bones, teeth, blood, flesh, skin, liquids, eyes, brain, heart, organs... an intricate system that links you up to a multitude of intricate systems within Gaia, Universally, Cosmically.... 

This Gridwork rules your physical reality, comprised of cells, molecules and atoms that make up the structures and systems of what you perceive REALity to be, the reality you walk in, inner-act in, create, experience... all transmitted from your body and field .... SIGNALS AND CODES that TELL the physical what to do... how to align, how to take form, how to respond to you..... 

Your body and field are an intricate and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT SYSTEM.... of SACRED GEOMETRIC LIGHT CODES that function on a Quantum Level in cohesion with your physical body to work as ONE. Your body having certain functions within this system, will serve different purposes all along the way, as you wake up and continually acclimate to holding the immensity of your own High Frequency Light (Light Quotient). 

At first, it was to be a carbon-based, dense form that served the purpose of you playing out your human experience/experiment here. To chase dreams, work hard, create your "karmic" timelines (unconscious programming) that you agreed on a Soul Level to come here and DO, before ever incarnating/walking into your physical form here. The body you chose, had infinite purposes, holding the DNA perfect for your human experience and ability to hold the encodements for your higher consciousness multi-dimensional experience too. As it becomes "time" (vibrationally) for you/each to wake up, your body/physical reality starts to change, because your DNA IS CHANGING and your body is awakening to become conscious and clear the density of your human (ego) existence and all of your "other" existences SIMULTANEOUSLY, from your current reality..... 
It's time (you've hit the vibration) for you to clear your karmas/karmic timelines (all of them and there are many), all that unconscious programming held within your cells..... all those realities YOU CREATED.... now have to be completely re-coded/re-calibrated and re-aligned.... FROM your human-ego-duality-separation that you hold/held inside of you.... to your UNIFIED/UNITY Consciousness REALities.... where the Purest Form of LOVE emanates, emits, radiates and beams from deeeeeeeeep inside of you. Your SOUL.

Your soul does not hurt, it doesn't lack, it doesn't hate humanity or each other, it isn't selfish, self-serving or care one bit about physical things... It is PURE. IT IS LOVE. IT JUST IS. Everything "not" PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE... is your human'ness, your ego, programming, distortions... the REASON you cannot REMEMBER yourself as the PUREST LOVE that there is.... the REASON your external reality is not the most magnificent experience in EVERY MOMENT, is because there are programs that you still hold, beliefs that you still hold, mentalities that you still hold... that you transmit out from inside of you to REFLECT a REALity back.... for you to SEE and Experience... to assist you with clearing that programming.... so that your physical body can be fully conscious, so that you can be fully conscious, so that you can clear the DENSITY that anchors your body in that dimension/timeline/reality.... 

The ONLY WAY for you to RETURN to FULL POWER, for you to REMEMBER FULLY, for you to WALK IN PHYSICAL REALITIES that are PURE... that are magnificent, magical and amazing, beyond your human's wildest dreams.... and reflect HEAVEN instead of purgatory/bardo or hell, is for YOU to take command, take responsibility, take ahold of your entire current reality AS YOUR HIGHER SELVES..... all of them.... and see where you separate off and "go human" (go unconscious again).

Your field... your RESPONSIBILITY. Your body, your transmission, your beliefs, your actions, your everything..... Yours. 

Everything you hold... BINDS YOU TO THAT COLLECTIVE, until you clear that and choose to shift collectives.... from Old Earth to NEW.... For awhile, you'll try to straddle, and keep one foot in each world/reality/dimension.... yet there will come a point where you will have to completely JUMP out of the old and into the "new".... This is where you go completely Quantum and start to leave those linear realities of separation behind (because you are finally clearing them from deep inside of you). 

Those linear realities represent your own separation, your attachments, your lack, your limited beliefs and needs.... the ONLY WAY to RETURN to your ORIGINAL EXISTENCE and restore your body's template back to your ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT, without distortions is to CHOOSE.

Your highest consciousness realities mean that you are BEing your Highest Aspect of You ALL OF THE TIME and aligning all realities your self. Holding the highest everything in place. This is just a very small part of what Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers do. Opening Portals and Gateways, through KEYS AND CODES within their own DNA, unlocking what was not accessible before, trans-versing the unknown, busting through those programs and dissolving the old, laying the groundwork for the new and holding all in place... We don't (get to) go back and play in the old/unconscious, as it serves no one to do this, as our Roles/Jobs/Agreements are to anchor the absolute highest everything into this physical here.... using our physical bodies and our fields as Cosmic Portals, creating and activating everywhere we go.... touching each that we connect with as LOVE, uplifting, sharing, uniting, re-educating and shifting every reality to a much higher dimensional one.  

These last few days we've been clearing a ridiculous amount of old programs and weird, distorted, heavy, overlapping timelines from the COLLECTIVE GRIDS... by way of our physical bodies, which is how this works for each. Many themes, many distortions, many things that represented KARMA within the Grids..... Karma is just unconscious programming, yet play out in the physical until each clear/cleanse/align their own realities themselves. We only use the work Karma, to speak to a mindset of how heavy and backwards (spin rate) these energies are.... to make a point so each can understand. 

These last few days we've been in deep grid clearing... of karmic timelines... clearing the patterns and themes.... 

To be able to observe the collective grids as we clear our own and how all is affected, this is another thing Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers  and Guardians do. We observe all of the collectives and we take that information and we use it to TEACH/AWAKEN/RE-EDUCATE, so that each can utilize this highest consciousness knowledge and apply it to their own lives.... 

You are your own Universe and expanding your consciousness continually allows you to not only REMEMBER THIS, but to BEcome this... literally. You/Your Consciousness will expand beyond the physical and you will "float" in SPACE, through the entire Cosmos, Stars, Galaxies and more. You will at some point EXPAND and "go back" to before the CREATION of all "TIME" to experience the purest form of ZERO POINT as a SPACE TO OCCUPY and FUNCTION from here. All other "times" will collapse, dissolve, cease to exist and the only MOMENT will be "this one right here". THIS is where you create from, inner-act from, exist from.... this is where TRUTH is.... and all other realities are just a holographic one... that you can see, tune, shift, choose, activate and call forth for your own experience here. The ones that are not fully aligned, you just say "no" and let them dissolve, dissipate, fall away.... go "elsewhere" to play themselves out... as they are no longer your reality (but they once were)..... 

You will return/expand INTO a space.... as a LeMUrian, Atlantean, Angelic, Christed BEing and Galactic and as PURE SOURCE LIGHT.... you will be there and here, all simultaneously.... existing in multiple dimensions (some call this bi-locating, yet it's more than that). You will RE-EXPERIENCE THE FALL FROM CONSCIOUSNESS, which will bring forth from within YOU.... sadness, grief, anger, pain and hurt to cleanse and clear from within you. Deep beneath all of that is your own HUmanity, a deep profound LOVE that re-connects you will all as ONE again... assists you with LIVING AN EXISTENCE that is PURE HERE.... without the distortions of the old.... 

YOU WILL REMEMBER FULLY.... in increments along the way.... until you let go completely, allow yourself to go all in, expand fully and stop bringing FEAR into your Experiences, by trying to hold on/control the experience on a human level.... 

THE AMOUNT OF POWER YOU HOLD IS IMMENSE... when you are fully connected from deep within, as you learn to maintain/sustain/hold your highest aspects...no matter what physical reality you are in.... This takes practice, as you "learn" how to exist within the physical reality once each time you expand...  


Which one plays out for you? Is your every exchange and experience conscious? Full Consciousness is LOVE, kindness, understanding, sharing, supporting, taking responsibility for what you do/allow/your energy. It's contribution, reciprocation, deep sacred respect and a caring for EACH OTHER and your self..... it's mutual, beneficial and open, honest... not hiding, judging or holding anyone/anything above/below another.... Love Unites.... Ego Divides/Separates off and has to go a different way/path to experience karmic timelines in order to clear that programming, in order to wake up... unless there is a mutual agreement by each to work through anything as it presents, by allowing each to do their own work, figure it all out there own self.... while the other acts as a GUIDE... yet eventually the Guide will relinquish this role, because the other has come into their own power and is operating from their own deep-inner-connection and BEing their own highest aspects too..... 

It is that simple.... It's also as simple to call it out and deal with it RIGHT THEN.... to stop the loop cycle that spins in the opposite direction and creates unconscious realities to play out.... which each becomes a part of that PLAY, playing out unconscious roles... until each becomes conscious enough to STOP.  

Just ONE of the programs was of each taking full responsibility (or not)... This is going to reverberate across all dimensions and "timelines" to up-shift collectives out of entire old unconscious realities of giving their power away, blaming and playing the victim to a mentality or belief.... 

These recent light codes have penetrated the GRIDS of all, to prepare us for these next phases that now become available for all to ANCHOR IN AND HOLD... to INTEGRATE within their own physical bodies and fields, so that the physical can easier align. These are powerful, so be ready to shift constantly and embrace all NEW as it's ready to materialize in your physical reality for/in response to you. 

As high-charged photons work through your bodies, the earth, the atmospheres, the immensity (intense for any human (ego) aspects clearing), the amount of CARE each must take is greater, because of the DEMANDS on our physical bodies to HOLD the IMMENSITY, acclimate constantly and stabilize is GREATER too. Imbalances will create a distortion and rift within the fields and can REVERSE the VIBRATIONAL FIELD if you are unaware of you/your body/your energy/your field. The AMOUNT of ultra-mega-high frequency COSMIC RAYS/LIGHT that is bombarding, permeating and re-configuring each's DNA/FIELDS is immense. If all is harmonically, vibrationally and cosmically aligned, this is easy, simple and beyond beautiful. If there is even one distortion, it's like a wrench was thrown into a Quantum Generator .... (only way I have to describe right now). 

These super-charge everything on a Quantum Level, which weakens everything linear. Linear constructs held within your body have to be completely re-worked, through the application of all new Codes. These codes go straight to where that program was held and if you are not fully present, conscious and aware, activate an unconscious reality to emerge/come forth/play out, and if you are unconscious, YOU RE-ENTER an unconscious reality until you become conscious again. This can be within a moment, or days, weeks, months.... until all of that UNCONSCIOUS ENERGY/PROGRAMMING has dissipated within you. If you are fully conscious, you will see it and stop it, dissolve it, resolve it, re-code it, shift the vibration/energy your self and bring the entire reality BACK into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS YOUR SELF. 

In March, we opened a Cosmic Birthing Canal, experienced another Pole Flip (Magnetics) and a whole new GATEWAY... a passageway, corridor to transverse.... We've been through many "birthing canals/processes" over the years/along the way. First was our body BIRTHING our NEW EARTH REALITIES, where our bellies blew up with photonic light, our breathing was labored, our hips/pelvis actually expands, become heavier and we actually have contractions.... Then there is the Universal Mind, opening the corridors of Higher Mind Consciousness, with Cranial Expansion, Opening up of Neural Pathways, Ancient Memory Centers and more. This is where the whole body goes through a new "mapping process" and the heart/mind and body all function from FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS for awhile, as the body goes through an immense process (often takes years), as the whole body's sub-neural net has to be re-coded/re-worked, to bring the whole body online in all new ways... and then everything goes PLASMA... and the "brain" of the body moves to the SPINE... and then we have massive re-coding/re-calibration processes beyond that for the Embodiment of Avatar/OverSoul/Monad Consciousness, which then brings each into full Cosmic Consciousness and more. 

Which rules the physical reality... instead of the other way around. These go straight to the CORE and work their way "out", deeper than we ever went before. These affect the grids on a whole new level, the physical body on a whole new level, the physical reality on a whole new level, so expand your minds as far as you can. Understanding that your entire everything has to now be brought into COSMIC ALIGNMENT, Universal alignment was simple compared to this (for the human aspect). The awesome part is if you've dedicated yourself to your highest existence and observed your own EGO/SEPARATION and RESOLVE THIS INSTANTLY within yourself, if you've come to understand the IMPORTANCE of your BODY, supporting it and honoring/respecting it, as well as YOUR FIELD and what you allow/bring into/transmit out through it... then this will be BEYOND EASY. 

This starts with your RELATIONSHIP with yourself/your SOUL, your own inner Value System, your priorities, where you focus your energy and YOU cultivating the most important RELATIONSHIP you will ever have.... the ONE that you forgot/disconnected from as you entered the Veils of Amnesia and went to sleep.... to now wake up fully here. You are re-establishing a relationship with your own higher/highest selves, yourself AS the entire Universe and sooooo very much more. Every aspect of you, fractaled off and represented by way of distortions must be cleared/cleansed in this "lifetime", from this current reality right now/here. The longer you avoid, refuse, resist, the more challenging, the more EXPERIENCES you require to resolve this deep separation (from yourself as PURE SOURCE LIGHT) from within.

Everything is up to you to resolve, dissolve, collapse and align, as your highest aspects of yourself. As you identify your own separation/unconscious programming, your conditioning, the energy you are holding, the things you have attached to, that which you identify yourself by/through, you will start to understand how fractaled off you are and how many aspects are still "off out there". This is an EMBODIMENT PROCESS and Evolution of your DNA, a tuning of all things you "thought" reality to be. This is a passageway through your LIFE to LEARN everything you forgot. As you open your heart and mind fully and STOP playing in the old, supporting the old, trying to "fix" the old back to the "old" ways... you will come to understand this isn't about the "old ways" anymore. Physical Body Ascension and anchoring the literal HEAVEN ON THIS/YOUR EARTH is a whole "new way" and the only way to do this is by going sooooooooooooooo deep inside of yourself that you can ACCESS what you seek and desire the most. ♥

There is more, so much more, there always is... I'll share more as we go/flow and open those portals/gateways and hold the VIBRATION OF our highest existences here. ♥

Happy Full Moon and have an amazing everything. This is YOUR REALITY. You are doing this.... 

With profound sacred respect and love, from my Pure Galactic Soul to yours, 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you.
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