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Energy Update - July 2020

Energy Update - July 2020


Themes for the month:

  • Tiredness/Exhaustion (tired mind, body + energy)
  • We are in a POWER, FREEDOM + CONTROL triangle fight right now
  • NEW Purpose coming online - that will look like taking more action on the internal rearranging of the last few months. 2nd half of month action will be especially supported. And will flow.
  • Dark then light energy spikes - in quick succession
  • Fiery strong energy from second half of July
  • SAFETY triggers - “The System/the planet/my body isn’t safe.” The UNEARTHING of everything grounded allows for multidimensional awareness and connection to rise 
  • The UNEARTHING of everything in the shadows allows healing to occur (RACIAL INJUSTICE, one example)
  • Healing can be painful - look after yourselves and be patient with others and mindful of stresses and imbalances right now
  • Messy uncomfortable world re-birth for the next few years
  • That doesn’t have to look a certain way for you - harness your skills, your intentions, your learnings and your HEART energy. 

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July 2020 Energy Update Transcription

Hi, I'm Lee and I'm an Energy Intuitive, and every month I take the pulse of what's going on energetically, emotionally, psychologically. This month among many other themes, we're going to look at tiredness and exhaustion and how that's showing up for so many in the collective. The Triangle Fight that we are in between Power, Control and Freedom and how that's showing up outside and also inside, and last but not least New Purpose coming online. How the reorganization internally of the last few months is going to start to show up as action in the outside world in July. Stay tuned for the full Update.

Welcome to the Update for July and the first theme I want to put on the table (which some of you will have been feeling in a big way in June), is Tiredness and Exhaustion. Yes, it doesn't take much to work out why exactly! When you look at how much is happening at such rapid succession on the planet, there is a feeling - even among the most galvanized, the most well-trained of periods or moments of tiredness and exhaustion. And this can show up in thought, it can show up as, "I can't do anymore. I can't take anymore. What next?" But it can also show up physically and energetically, and that's where a lot of you might find yourselves.

Even those of you who feel that you are at a certain level of peace - even though everything is spinning off its axis right now, even those of you who are able to come to a more conscious place around this transformation on the planet, and you aren't freaked out or afraid or triggered - you guys might have noticed in recent weeks that you are more tired, you are a little more knocked off your own axis, and you need more time to integrate what's going on. So tiredness and exhaustion is going round and if you think of when we're toddlers and we're tired, when we're little, you know, it can result in tantrums, it can result in unclear thinking. You think you want to stay at the party, but your parents or guardian are trying to drag you away because they can see that you need a nap.

So be patient with your own tiredness and be patient with the tiredness and exhaustion levels of others. Because for any of us, it can be unconscious at any moment. We might not know that we're stressed or exhausted until something comes out of our mouth a certain way, and we notice how the other person responds. But equally, we might have to cut some slack to some of the people around us who are in this same tiredness wave. It's been incredibly fast, incredibly intense, and it isn't going to slow down. If anything, what we're going to have to do is learn how to balance it more. And if you just freaked out because I said it isn't going to slow down, then that means you need to find ways to slow down.

And if you've ever tuned into any of my Updates before, one of the messages that I've always been given and been guided to implement is, we don't all have the luxury of being able to go on retreat or holiday for a week, but we can all take five minutes, several times a day, where we just back away from all the external stimuli; ask the kids for five minutes of silence; step away from who you're responsible for and just let your own inner self settle and calm. Some people do this in a very focused way through meditation. Others (and this is something I'm very fond of) will just let yourself let everything go clear - no emails, no phone calls, no engagement with anyone else. Just take five minutes to just let whatever is stirring and moving inside you settle and move because the tiredness and the exhaustion is real and it's going round and it's contagious.

If we're unconscious of it, we do things that aren't great for us or for others, and if others are unconscious of it, they come across in ways that might seem quite out of character compared to how they used to be. But then nothing is quite the same anymore, is it? So, we're in a Power, Freedom and Control Triangle Fight right now. When I was tuning in for this broadcast yesterday, I was shown this triangle and it had power at the top, it had control at the bottom and it had freedom.

What was shown to me was power, freedom and control are the three main issues flying across the planet right now. And there are all kinds of agendas around those three words. We have our personal agendas, the part of us that wants freedom, the part of us that feels perhaps we're disempowered and we're trying to regain a sense of internal power, sometimes external power and also control. The control that can get triggered in us when we feel that everything is going out of control and questions about the control that we're seeing playing out in the wider world and the questions that we have about what's the motive for that control, what's behind it.

So it's a very uneasy time. Whenever you have big hitting themes like power, freedom and control colliding in such a big way, it makes things very Fiery. We're going to see the second half of July particularly - I'm told there will be a very fiery energy particularly in the second half of July. I remember doing the June Energy Update last month, and I was told that it was going to be a more yin month to July being a bit more yang. We all know what June looked like. So I say that not to scare any of us because when I tune in on these energetics, I don't always know what the details are exactly going to look like. But what I can tell you is this, power, freedom, control triangle is something that we're all working through our inner selves.

So if you find yourself only looking at those themes in the outside world, look at yourself too, and ask yourself where those things are showing up for you. Where is your sense of power or powerlessness? Where is your sense of freedom or lack of freedom? Where is your sense of control or feeling of lack of control becoming very uncomfortable for you because if those themes are showing up as uncomfortable in the outside world, we also need to look at what's going on within. So you might have some serious epiphanies personally around power, freedom, and control in the months to come. But we will also continue as a collective to be looking at what these three things really mean and assessing how they are or aren't showing up in the system that we are in right now and in the way that we're operating as a collective, because it's very, very intense.

As many of you will know, there are a million opinions flying around and they're all a little different. One of the things that we have to do in a time like this is come to know what's true for us, “I've heard my friend's opinion, I've read that article, what feels true in my friend's opinion and in that article for me and what am I going to keep for myself? And what am I going to shake off? Because it's not actually my perspective or my way of feeling the world.” There's a lot of shaking off needed at the moment. So if you aren't a physical person, you might want to get a little more physical in this month.

It can be as simple as standing there and shaking your body just to move it - put some music on, move around the house, just let the body move what's coming through because it's very easy to get stuck energetically right now - to become too static. So especially if you are sitting down at the computer, watching the news, make sure you're moving your energy especially if you're taking in some of the more triggering stuff that's flying around right now. Because this is going to be a long haul. This next few years on the planet are going to be quite the transformation or rearrangement, and like you, I'm here as a human being watching it all play out. But what I keep getting from these guys upstairs is that 2020 to 2024 is a very pivotal transformation change arc and we're only just at the beginning.

So we can feel like a victim of that and recoil in horror at things that we're seeing, or we can find ways to strengthen our own core and go, "Okay, the world is a little different now, how am I going to become a little different so that I can calibrate to both taking the world in, and also knowing when I need to stop the external stimuli and come back to myself and do something that helps me feel solid." Self-care is not a luxury in these times. It's a necessity. If you are a sensitive, if you are an empath, if you're somebody on an awakening path who has been for a long time, there will be new ways that you'll be looking at self-care right now.

Some of the things that used to work won't work because we're in a very different time on the planet, and we're in a very different energy and level of consciousness than we were even five years ago. So with all of that said, there is going to be a New Purpose coming online for many in July. The theme around this is that in the last three, four months with what we've gone through as a world, it has given a lot of us a chance to internally rearrange who we are, look at what we do or don't believe in anymore, look at what has changed, look at how we want to make changes in our life, and for many that has been a very internal, inward and somewhat dormant inner process.

Some of you may have been getting active all throughout this period, but for many, July is going to be the month where there starts to be a little more forward movement. We're coming out of some of the shock and the grief that characterize the early part of this last few months, and we're beginning to come into a bit more forward momentum and a bit more action. So if you've been waiting to get action going in your life, or you've been a little stuck, or you feel like you wish you could get more action going, you should find that July will be very supportive to that compared to the last few months, especially the second half, which again, I mentioned has a Fiery Energy to it.

But that fire is also the fire that moves us to action. So fiery energy is not always something to be afraid of. It's sometimes the very thing that will get underneath us and awaken us from inside. So many of you are going to harness the fiery energy that's coming in to really put things into action, especially in the second half of July - there'll be more support for that.

But those of you who are already in action mode, stay very sensitive to what's going on. If you've been building your world in a different way for the last three, four months already, you might find that staying steady is working for you and staying very alert to - where is it flowing? Where is it blocked? "Oh, it's blocked over here. Okay, I'm going to turn away from over here for a few days. I'm going to find where it's flowing again. Ah perfect, here it's flowing. I'm going to go that way." So if you've already been in action mode, stay steady, but if you haven't been in action mode yet, get ready to feel the fire below as it comes through you and you start to see ways that you can physically and actively rearrange things in your outside world.

One of the things that's really characterizing this past four, five months that can be tricky to go with is, we're going between these dances of Strong Spikes of Light Energy and Strong Spikes of what you might call Dark Energy, shadowy energy, heavier energy. So if we call it dark and light, what happens is that dark and light dance goes through any of us on any given day, depending on who we are personally, what we're connected to, where we are in our lives. So, that's going on all the time, but what has changed in the last three, four months is we as a collective are going through bigger highs and lows around those dark and light days.

That's why there have been some highly focused collective events - things going on in the world that we're all looking at, or that everybody is focused on in a new way. And as we focus on those things, we go up into lighter, brighter experiences and then we go down into some of the shadow and that's to clear out some of the lower, what we call the basement energies. So it's very uncomfortable. It's not fun. It's definitely a time where we have to acknowledge healing can also be painful, and it can be something that, as we are shaking off old pain, old wounds, old thoughts, you feel it, you re-feel it. It can retraumatize in order to heal.

So we have to acknowledge that while also recognizing, that this is the wave that were going on. It's like those rides that you go on, where they take you up in the roller coaster and then they wallop you down. And when you're on a roller coaster, you're like, "Hey, I signed up for this." When you're on planet Earth right now you're like, "Did I sign up for this?" Yes, apparently we did. So the one thing that these guys always tell me is if you're still alive on the planet and you're thinking, "Why the hell am I down here? Why am I not somewhere else?" There's a reason. There's a reason for you to be here, and now more than ever, this is the time that so many of us signed up for.

And many of us who've been studying about this time, waiting for this time, getting ready for this time - some of us for two decades, some of you for six or seven decades - this is it! So authentic power and ancient power is what's asking to come back through us. As it's doing that, it's breaking all the very tight ways that our society is being held. There are many things in our society that are good, so you have to be careful to just want to throw everything away. But there are other aspects that need to loosen.

So for example, there are two things that are kind of showing up at the moment. There is the Unearthing of Everything Grounded in our world. So this is where things that we used to do - for example, everybody used to go out to a restaurant together or to a theater or to just a gathering place or to the park, to the skateboard park - there were things that used to be able to be done in a very grounded way that have been removed. So the unearthing of those grounded things can put you in depression, can put you in grief, can put you in reaction, but it also allows for more multidimensional awareness and connection to rise.

That's why more people are becoming intuitive. That's why a lot more people are beginning to see and sense things in ways that they didn't before, including looking at our existing world in ways that they didn't before in a very new way. So that's where planetary awakening is on. But it's also the unearthing of everything in the shadows. So this allows healing to occur. So if you look at what's been going on with racial injustice in the last month alone, that is one example of the unearthing of everything that has previously been shadowed, hidden from view, held down, unacknowledged - suddenly it's up.

This is where the healing process can be very painful. It can be very re-traumatizing, it can be very heartbreaking, it can be angering. It can be so many things. But we have to let all of that move through us before we are able to step forward and create something new. We have to go through the healing and it's messy, it's ugly, and this is why I said earlier, also be patient with others because everybody is feeling the stress in some way or another.

Sure. There are many who are having a far harder time than others. So with those people, you have to be extra helpful, extra supportive, extra patient. But everybody, no matter what their circumstance, is feeling the uncertainty and the unease of this time, because one of the things that is really showing up right now are Safety Triggers on the planet. The way I see it, that kind of falls down to three different areas. Is the system of this world safe? Is the planet safe? Is my body safe? Wherever you fall on any of those three things, you might be very focused on feeling that the system of our world isn't safe. You might be very focused on your body and fear about illness and health, you might be very focused on the planet, the environment - but the safety triggers that we're all going through, it tends to move you off your axis.

And it tends to move you into a more highly, emotionally reactive place, and sometimes a place where we lose our mind and we're not thinking clearly, and we're no longer logically assessing things. We're so emotionally reactive. We'll hang on to the first thing that we hear and we'll jump behind it. So this is why we have to stay grounded in these times and continue to ground because none of us have a map around what it's like to be grounded in these times. Even the most practiced people around grounding, they too the axis has moved. The axis of balance has moved for them.

So very uneasy times, very interesting times, Dark and Light Energy Spikes, Safety Triggers, the Unearthing of Everything Grounded and the Unearthing of Everything in the Shadows is part of what goes on. Earlier I mentioned something and I kind of pointed to, I think it will be a very Messy and Uncomfortable World Rebirth for the next few years in a certain way. But the thing that's really important to remember is we're here creating it too. And it can be very easy to get seduced into a narrative that tells you, you have no influence, and that's not true. The influence we have energetically is enormous.

A friend just told me the other day about how people have been holding vigil, where George Floyd was murdered, and they have been holding a spiritual vigil there all of this time. And I thought to myself, "Wow, no wonder on some level that has helped to keep what George is a figurehead for." Because George is one in the long line of many, but George is a figurehead and that smoke signal, that spiritual energy, that prayer, that healing has helped to raise this to the surface, has helped to keep in view what needs to be in view right now to heal and to change.

So it doesn't have to look a certain way for you. It's very important for you to harness your skills, harness your intentions. So how you would like to see not only your life in the next year or two start to show up, but what are you holding for the planet? What are you holding for us as a world? What are your intentions, your prayers for us as a world? And to pour some spiritual energy towards that, whether your faith is religion, whether your faith is spirituality, whether you never were into religion or spirituality until four months ago, and then the world went crazy and you went, "Hang on a second, I'd better find some way of having a way to channel my energy and be a part of the solution."

That's very much the task at hand for all of us now. So harness your skills, maybe learn some new skills. Maybe this is the time to learn a few new things. And you probably are, like all of us, learning a few new things anyway by default, because you're alive in the middle of 2020. Harness your Intentions and think about what you would like the world to look like for you and for others. Harness your Learnings, but also Harness your Heart Energy. Your heart energy isn't something that you always have to be showering on others. Sometimes you get depleted, you get tired, you have to step back.

Your heart energy is the part of you that can feel that your heart is alive and connected because when that goes away for too long, that's when we start to spin off our center. When we are too in fear, when we are too in fear thoughts, when we are too in extreme traumatic circumstances, we start to forget how to feel and locate our heart energy. So whatever it takes for you to find your heart energy, do find it and keep feeding it and keep nurturing it. Give yourself good people, places, things, experiences regularly to keep yourself balanced. Because we're only halfway through the year right now and yeah, it's going to be a very interesting ride, 2020.

But you have the ability to forge with 2020 rather than feel like 2020 is just dragging you around, which I know is how many people have felt. And that takes us into a lower vibration of creation. When we're able to feel those feelings, transmute them and come back to going, "Okay, I'm alive. What am I going to do differently today? How am I going to see what I can do to help someone else, to help myself, to carve a path that might be good for me, my family, the world." Then you get back into that intentional creative action.

So thank you for tuning in, I'm going to share with you in a few moments, a clip from this month's MP3, which is called, Create Your Future Elevating: the 2020-2030 Timeline. My guides, The Zs, have talked for a long time about how this is a major decade of change. So I wanted to ask them to basically channel, how do we elevate this decade of change? How do we do our best to influence a positive reality in the coming decade? So that's the message that they delivered and it's accompanied by sound healing from Davor Bozic and an original song from us called, We Were Born, and that's available at my store, but it's also available to members of my Portal community free as part of their membership.

The Portal is where we give various tools and support throughout the month to help and assist you as we go through these times. So you can check that out at theportal.world and we'll put all links below this video as usual. We also just released a gift, which is a song called, There Is Light Here. A very timely, needed song that, even though it was created last year, we just released it with a video featuring Steven Washington, who is not only a dancer and a Qigong instructor and many things, he's also my husband, and we just released that last week.

So you can stream the song on Spotify or at my website, you can download it, or you can just enjoy the video that is now on YouTube. The link to that video will be underneath this video. Finally, Steven is actually doing a new course this month in July, it's called 5 Days to Power. Some of you took it in 2019 and it was incredibly successful. So Steven is actually relaunching it this year with not only the five-day sequence of Qigong that he offers you that you can then keep forever after the course is over, but he's also bringing in some different bonuses this time. So that the course runs over a two week period, features some live Q&A - it will be fantastic.

I know many of you are already signed up for it, but you can check that out at 5daystopower.com or you can use the links underneath this video. Thanks so much for tuning in everybody. I hope you have a great month and lots of love.

This is why so many of you are a little horrified at the division you are seeing right now for just as the shadow is coming out in the world at large, so too are the shadowy differences between human beings rising to the surface. So there are people you quite like who suddenly have an opinion that you have judged or deemed as bad, but you must remember as you are villainizing another person, they themselves do not feel like a villain. There are very few on the planet who celebrate darkness. They exist, but there are very few of them.

Most are aligning with their own perception of light and dark, and they have their own reasons for doing it. So this is why we always say, "Do not fight, bring the light. Do not fight, bring the light." Now you can be at a protest bringing the light, that is not necessarily a fight. If you are bringing the light at a protest, you are saying, "I do not stand for this. In fact, I'm casting my vote for something very different." But when you get caught in fight energy with others, with yourself or with the world at large, you get caught in what we would call the 3D matrix. The third dimensional drama net that all of you listening to this are either fully out of, or making your way out of, and that is vital. For you will not create a new future for this planet or for yourself if you base it on the old 3D drama net.

It has to come from something new and Earth is going through a revolution where humans are concerned. You are right now at the very beginning stage of the most important decade you will have lived through so far in your life.

Lee Harris
Lee is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler, author, and teacher who is bringing an extraordinary new light to our rapidly-changing world. Leading a vibrant online community, Lee reaches over 100,000 people around the planet every month. His weekly Energy Updates, broadcast on YouTube, have received over 2.5 million views to date and offer practical guidance for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism. 
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