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The Infinite Eternal Life-Spirit

The Infinite Eternal Life-Spirit


The Infinite Eternal Life-Spirit within acts by One unchanging fundamental law of it's own making to operate at the finite level in time and space.

The key to changing circumstances is by the exchanging of conditions through the interaction of the objective and subjective.

The "scales of justice" represent the exchanging of pairs of opposites/conditions to transmute, transform and express the activity within the heart.

The heart is the soul that unites heaven (the whole) and earth (the objective)

The heart-soul is the subjective, subconscious, where the eternal qualties are conditioned & develop polarity to express as forms, character traits or experiences.

The heart-soul is the bridge to eternity building formless words/ideas into flesh/form.

To renew our mind, open our heart, embody and recieve greater Light (life force, Spirit, wisdom) we must forgive sin (sin means the sensations, vibrations, sense impressions, images, thought forms, reactions active in our heart-soul)

Whatever is weighing on the heart-soul is a SINnsation. It's a sense impression & condition put upon our pure awareness/Being.

When we feel opposition of a problem, at that moment, we are not aware of our whole Divine Nature & not consciously & subconsciously united with the solution. We choose what we serve every moment...

Inner qualities (like freedom, love, wealth) seek expression, but if not embodied consciously, it means the qualities have been conditioned by accepting suggestions of the opposite.

Sensations of ideas/images accepted of the opposite, condition the qualities to feel separate (circumstance, person or thing believed to be a sep. power, limiting, restrictive, destructive.)

To change the perceived opposition or limitation, we would need to un-condition the quality seeking expression from within ourselves first.

An easy way to do this is by recognizing One Spirit/substance unites all things.

In your conscious oneness & wholeness, you cannot be separate from the solution. You can only condition the quality by the suggestions you accept as true to create an experience.

Qualities, virtues, powers or attributes are Eternal emanations, constant, unchanging and have existed long before the world.

These are the pure originating qualities of our soul that have been conditioned.

  • Love conditioned in time becomes it's opposite, evil.
  • Plenty conditioned in time, becomes lack.
  • Peace conditioned in time, becomes chaos.
  • Oneness conditioned becomes separation.
  • Infinite conditioned becomes limited or finite.
  • Expansion conditioned becomes contraction.
  • Understanding becomes misunderstanding.

I saw all of this in a vision. I saw Love, Power and Wisdom fall from a pure harmonious state and began twisting in every direction.

Then I saw Love separate from power and wisdom as they turned inside out and upside down.

Emanations fell and became many variations of things until the orginal quality-Light was so hidden it could no longer be seen.

Love without wisdom became a destructive use of power. Power without Love lacked Wisdom. We can only know true Power by Love and wisdom.

I saw the soul of Humanity as the Universe as One Being with One Body/Mind turn itself inside out, upside down, twist and extend in every direction. I heard "the seen looks nothing like the unseen when the unseen is fully known!"

I saw eternal emanated qualities as seeds that when conditioned, loose their nutrients needed to grow into their likeness.

Oneness conditioned by the idea of needing to overcome someone or something is like taking the nutrients from the seed of Oneness and giving nutrients to the idea of separation instead.

By our power of choice and understanding, Oneness can twist into separation. Unity can twist into separation. Freedom can twist into restriction/lack of freedom. Wealth can twist into poverty. The qualities are eternally present within, but we must choose to nurture them.

As I watched Light shine in every direction, the corners were gathered into the center and everything flipped around. I was above-within and below-without all at once.

This world and Humanity looked like a multi-level and multi-layered reflection of an image-pattern within an image-pattern of time within eternity. It looked like a never ending story brought to life and movement by the direction of our light-awareness.

I saw eternal formless emanations of One Substance-Light contract into numberless forms. The Light descended into contraction then into forms. Right as I became aware of the inner quality-Light hidden within the forms, the quality-Light grew greater in my form and began altering the forms I was observing.

This taught me that we combine further with what we notice, what we accept and how we define what we notice.

It also taught me that physical facts are relative truths always changing and are based on appearances, reactions and conditioning. Truth is in Being. The Higher Truth is Still, Silent, unmoved, omnipresent, it is no-thing and all, it is unseen and can only be seen when known & reflected from within.

What we identify with (true or false, wanted or unwanted) are like ingredients we pour in our own cup to drink. Physical facts and relative truths may seem right to accept, but I have learned that we embody more of the accepted suggestions we nurture, not what we want.

The fruits of Spirit are the indwelling qualities to be nurtured and developed to be further embodied and consciously expressed.

The fruits of Spirit are loving, whole, perfect, complete and turn into something different when conditioned by accepted suggestions of the opposite.

The Divine Idea of you becomes conditioned to act as separation by the suggestions you have accepted about yourself, like your name, your age, your gender, your appearance, your status, degrees, education, family, color... and so on.

Each suggestion conditions your inner child (Divine Idea/Spark) to be all that you were told to be, what you noticed, assumed and have accepted.

The Inner Child is the Divine Idea of you (the Savior-Christ) seeking recognition and embodiment. Just like a fetus growing into a child, the Divine Idea of you must be given attention and nurtured to grow.

The Kingdom does not come from without, not by time moving forward, not planets in certain positions, not by defeating any enemy...

The Kingdom comes from within, individually, and is unfolding at various phases and degrees within every moment of time. So we must be like children, pure in heart.

This internal process is the true enterance into the "new age" which is a "new order" and true meaning of "end times"

These ideas and words have been and can continue to be easily misinterpreted to mean the opposite when we are seeing *from* the opposite from within ourselves.

It is a restoring the the true order from within, it is gift given by grace, the wholeness of Life-Spirit known and embodied bringing renewal, revitalization and renegration...

it is not the limited imaginings, sensations of doom and gloom or the prophesized destructions of the shadow world.

It is all so simple and easy, yet it can feel & sound complex and difficult at times.

-the written message is from my own insights and lessons I've learned through experience.

The Infinite Eternal Life-Spirit
picture is from Ernest Holmes, 365 Days of Richer Living

**Everything I share is my perspective, my own interpretation of the energies and messages that I receive from the Oversoul aspect, my own guidance, experiences & insights- I'm not here to convince anyone of anything, not interested. These messages are for whoever is guided & resonates. And this channel is for sharing & connecting.
This channel is for/about energy updates, downloads, spiritual guidance, planetary & galactic gates, collective shifts, activations, light codes/transmissions, StarGate/Grid workers, energy waves/Cosmic Rays/solar cycles, 13moon cycles, MAYA Astrology/Cosmology (there is a diff between traditional Mayan Astrology & Galactic calender- I use both) along w Tropical & sometimes Sideral Astrology, Tarot, Meditations, connecting, etc..
I'm sharing my experiences, contacts, guidance, perception, insights *Trecena- IX (Jaguar) *Day Sign- AHAU *Galactic Signature: White Solar Wizard Mayan Yr: 13 Manik' *Gemini Rising *Aries Sun (Pisces Sun Sidereal) *Capricorn Moon -Uttaraashada Moon  Patreon: Paypal- Aluna Ash Clairvoyant (Sorry, no personal services.)
Thank you for your love & support. Divine Will Conduit Ashlee

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