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The Master Build of Terra Nova - Part 2 - The Seven Ages of Man

The Master Build of Terra Nova - Part 2 - The Seven Ages of Man

***Long Post, Part 2 from the book, The Divine Organization of Creation Part 2, The Master Build of Terra Nova***

The Seven Ages of Man

The Seven Ages of Man represent man’s journey through time within the lower dimensions of consciousness in the Universal Time Matrix. Prior to our descent into time, the Ages simply flowed as part of the ONE flow of Light moving through the Diamond Sun Body of Terra Nova.

Once our consciousness was ready to begin to awaken to the I AM, or become aware of itself as a self, humans descended into time and separation of the flow of Light. This descent moved our consciousness into the slowest and longest timeline of the blueprint for this star system which are the 2,150-year Ages. This separation occurred approximately 13,500 years ago as the planet began to warm, and the ice began to recede from the last glacial period. Within the Precession of the Equinoxes, we were coming out of the stargate and energies of Virgo and beginning to shift into the energies of the stargate Leo. Again, we can see how the virgin mother story has manifested in our collective story as we descended from Virgo or the virgin, a feminine stargate into the fiery masculine energies of the Age of Leo.

Our descension or birth into the world and into the dimensions of time did not occur in one moment but was a more gradual shift of our consciousness as we became aware of our human self. Due to the fluid nature of time, we would still experience the energies of Virgo well into the Age of Leo timeline. To show this overlapping of energies, we will share the four phases of each age and how each phase was affected by the various stargates. This will help us to see how the Ages shift our collective consciousness and when these major shifts occurred within our human history. The story of man can be broken into three different time periods, Prehistoric, Ancient, and Modern History. There are many cultures and civilizations that have existed and evolved throughout the history of man, each expressing and manifesting the Source Light of each Age or Ray of Creation slightly different. It is not within the scope of this work to share every detail or event that has ever taken place on Terra Nova. Instead, this work is to help illustrate how Diamond Sun Architecture manifests the Master Plan of Terra Nova within the collective consciousness by sharing the evolution and shifts of consciousness that have occurred on our planet using a broad spectrum of details from human history. This approach will help the reader to see the blueprint within all stories on Terra Nova. The attributes of the Creator or Rays of Creation flowing through the Solar Diamond Sun Body are referred to by the names of the Western Zodiac as these are most familiar to the masses.

The Seven Ages of Man began in prehistoric times. This means that there are no written accounts of history or records from which to derive a historical record. Carbon dating, DNA sequencing, archeology and paleontology have done a fantastic job of recreating prehistoric human times. These times are known as the Stone Age with most of our collective human development occurring within the Neolithic period beginning around 10,200 BC. The planet was covered with sparse amounts of humans developing separately within the same timelines and energy.

As we began to gather in numbers, pockets of humans began to create civilizations together, greatly affecting the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. There were also pockets of smaller human groups that maintained a connection of unity which helped to create balance on our planet as the collective consciousness and collective ego evolved. Many of these tribes or groups are referred to as indigenous peoples and still maintain a connection to Gaia and the Infinite Source. The Seven Ages of Man is a journey through human history, or the life of the human from an infant up to what we will come to see is our final death as mankind. It is the evolution of the collective ego and the exploration and expression of consciousness through our human DNA. It is our story through the lower dimensions of this Universe, and it began in the Age of Leo. 

Age of Leo

  New Lesson/Vernal Equinox Integration/Sumer Solstice Embodiment/Autumn Equinox Incubation/Winter Solstice
Age of Leo 11,469 BC 10,931 BC 10,394 BC 9856 BC
Energy Present Virgo -Leo Virgo -Leo Leo Leo

It was still very cold and dark over much of the planet as we entered into the 2,150-year timeline of the Age of Leo. This timeline brought with it the energies to begin growing our collective ego and the courage to come out of the cave and begin coming together in groups. It also brought with it the sun. Our planet goes through natural cycles of climate change as the planet cools and warms, creating ice ages and greenhouse type ages. Unaffected by human behavior, these cycles can run billions of years to hundreds of thousands of years as natural climate changes on Earth. Around 10,000 BC, the planet was undergoing a change in its climate where we began to shift to a warming cycle. A cycle that we are still experiencing today. Although, human behavior has caused climate change to accelerate, which is an effect of time speeding up as a result of the third dimension collapsing.

However, in 10,000 BC, we had gone through the integration phase of the Age of Leo and the sun was now shining on our planet in full force. As a result, the climate began to shift, the temperatures in the northern latitudes began to rise and the glaciers began to melt. As the sun of Leo began to rise and warm the planet, life began to spring up in fertile areas and humans also began to rise. It was during this time that we were birthed into the world much like the many fertile areas of Gaia were beginning to birth new life. Again, we see that the collective consciousness of the entire planet is affected by these energies and so all realities will manifest and mirror the attributes of the Ages in some way. We also know that the birth we are referring to is the fall into time and separation as a separate self. It was during the embodiment phase of the Age of Leo that humans began to gather, and the very early stages of human cultures began to emerge. During this time, we see evidence of seasonal villages, communities and temple/burial sites. In modern day Turkey, one of the oldest sites discovered called, Gobekli Tepe, was used by hunter gathers as a temple and burial site. It is one of the first places on Earth where evidence of humans gathering for worship or burial purposes has ever been recorded.

The famous city of Jericho had begun forming in a more village like capacity around 9,500 BC. Towards the end of the Age of Leo, humans were beginning to gather in villages across the world and the very early stages of agriculture using stone tools were beginning to form. We were introduced to the cycle of life, the seasons and time through developing our understanding of agriculture and fertility. The collective would also begin experiencing catastrophic flooding near the end of the Age that would continue well into the Age of Cancer and Gemini. These floods eventually made their way into our Creation stories and myths.

We were emerging from the Age of Leo with the understanding that in greater numbers or groups we could live together and share in resources to create a better life experience. We were shifting from the hunter gather lifestyle to living in seasonal type villages that followed herds and cultivated wild plants. The idea of creating a settled life was seeded in our consciousness and The Age of Cancer would completely transform our understanding of agriculture and usher in the concept of settling down to create a domestic life.

Age of Cancer

  New Lesson/Vernal Equinox Integration/Sumer Solstice Embodiment/Autumn Equinox Incubation/Winter Solstice
Age of Cancer 9319 BC 8781 BC 8244 BC 7706 BC
Energy Present Leo- Cancer Leo-Cancer Cancer Cancer

As we entered the Age of Cancer, a group consciousness energy began filtering into our collective consciousness. Here we find the origins of many tribes and cultures. Many of the transient settlements from our hunter gather days were beginning to become inhabited full time along with many new villages and communities across the globe. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, Star Carr in England, Tell Qaramel in Syria, Napta Playa in Egypt amongst some of the more well-known sites. Humans were beginning to live in more organized communities, forming the first cultures that would evolve into more segregated nations and civilizations later. For example, The Clovis Culture in North America, Maglemosian culture in Scandinavia, Qadan culture in Egypt. All over the world humans were beginning to settle as groups.

Many of these villages and communities would continue to evolve into what we would later become cities and even great civilizations. As the Cancerian energy began to take hold within the collective consciousness, we began shifting from sun worshipping to moon worshipping. Cancer represents a Divine Feminine attribute of the Creator, and our collective consciousness began shifting to align with the attributes of the Great Mother and the Womb of Creation, with attributes of birthing, nurturing, bearing fruit and domestic life. We revered the woman as sacred because she was able to create life. During this time, we were not yet aware of the male role in procreation, so females were given a very sacred status and almost feared for their power. We revered Mother Earth and her ability to bear fruit to nourish our bodies. If the energies of Leo brought us into our infancy, the Age of Cancer was the age of the schoolboy as Shakespeare put it. We were learning about our world, how to live together to cultivate food, build shelter, worship, and domesticate our lives.

Around 8,200 BC as we were entering the embodiment stage of the Cancerian energy, domestication of animals and wild grains were taking place. A sign we had mastered the lessons of domesticating life and bearing fruit that the Age of Cancer had brought with it. Also, during this time we find many burial sites or tombs being used for the first time. The womb was viewed as the sacred place where life comes from. Thus, we wanted to return to the womb upon our death. Skeletons have been found during this period folded in the fetal position. A sign of returning to the Womb of Creation in the afterlife. The domestication of our collective life and the new communities we had founded would be an essential part of our evolution through the Age of Gemini which would bring with it a shift in our intellectual development that would change our world forever.

Age of Gemini

  New Lesson/Vernal Equinox Integration/Sumer Solstice Embodiment/Autumn Equinox Incubation/Winter Solstice
Age of Gemini 7169 BC 6631 BC 6094 BC 5556 BC
Energy Present Cancer -Gemini Cancer – Gemini Gemini Gemini

The Age of Gemini was a time of much activity for human beings, although there is little recorded evidence during this Age aside from the development of new and existing cultures. The ideas that had sprouted during the Age of Cancer were spreading around the planet much in part to the trade and communications aspects that the new Age ushered in. We were learning to work together and cross pollinate ideas. There were consistently more settlements, cultures, and agricultural practices throughout the world. As we began to have surplus, the beginning stages of trade were being introduced which was also aided in part to the development of languages.

The origins of writing have been found on clay pots from the sixth millennium in the Levant. This was a great time of humans fine tuning our intellectual development, as language began to play an important role in our lives. Oral traditions were developed and with them came our first myths and stories about Creation. Duality also began to play a role as the twin energy of Gemini brought with it a new understanding of self and other. The masculine energy we embodied during the Age of Leo and the feminine energy we embodied during the Age of Cancer were helping us to cultivate an understanding of man and woman, moon and sun, and how both of these affect fertility and Creation. This understanding would be crucial in the next Age as we began to use the sun and moon to tell time and the coming of the seasons for the first time.

The Age of Gemini was a masculine energy that signified our adolescent years, we were taking the basic knowledge we had obtained during the previous two Ages, and we were using it create a new understanding of our world. In terms of ascension, we were shifting completely out of the first and second dimensions and moving into the third dimension of consciousness as a collective. By the time we had embodied the energy from the Age of Gemini timeline, our intellectual capacity for understanding our world that we had been embodying since the Age of Leo, had completely been embodied and we were able to understand our world from a new lens. Agriculture had taken root across the globe, languages were developed, inter-group communication and trade had been established and we were poised as a species to make a significant timeline jump with the coming Age of Taurus into the conscious awareness of the Heavens and how the celestial cycles created “seasons” of change upon our planet.

The sun and the moon signs of Leo and Caner had brought us complete knowledge of the masculine and feminine properties and the Age of Gemini saw us merge these properties to begin to understand ourselves and our world better by combining the understanding of the two into one. It was time for us to graduate into the next phase of our evolution as humans as a new Age was dawning on our planet. The Age of Taurus came in like a bull in a china shop and completely shifted our collective reality with the birth of civilized man.

Age of Taurus

  New Lesson/Vernal Equinox Integration/Sumer Solstice Embodiment/Autumn Equinox Incubation/Winter Solstice
Age of Taurus 5019 BC 4481 BC 3944 BC 3406 BC
Energy Present Gemini – Taurus Gemini – Taurus Taurus Taurus

With the coming of the Age of Taurus, man had graduated from childhood and was ready to enter the adult world of mankind we call ancient history. We had developed a basic understanding of our world and now were ready to move into the next phase of our evolution, civilization. In one of the earliest civilizations on Earth, Mesopotamia, early forms of writing, basic mathematics, astrology, astronomy, civil law and even sailboats were entering the world stage. The early period of the Age of Taurus was still influenced by the language attribute of Gemini which helped us to refine and advance our writing skills during the Age of Taurus.

By 3400 BC, writing had made its way into our world. The most known being the cuneiform script of Sumer as well as hieroglyphs from Egypt. The Taurian energy brought with it the energy to own or have ownership, which manifested itself in the collective as cities or civilizations where families owned land and/or goods. This came with commerce, division of labor, banking, money, ownership of property both land and goods. It was a hard-working Age that saw the birth of the calendar in megalithic form.

The earliest megalithic calendar can be found in Africa in the Nubian Desert. The Napta Playa Circle aligns with the solstices and was used to tell when the monsoon season would begin as well as serve as an observatory of the Heavens. The people who constructed this site were cattle worshippers as evidence of cattle burials around the site. A testament to the manifestation of the Age of Taurus. Bull worshipping shows up frequently during the Age of Taurus. This area of the Nubian Desert would eventually succumb to climate change and become uninhabitable, and the people would have to migrate to a new land. Much like the story of the Israelites that built their Golden Cow (Age of Taurus) right before the ten commandments (Age of Aries) were brought down from Mt. Sinai in the Bible.

By the time that we had embodied the Age of Taurus in the third millennium BC, civilization was taking root in the near East and other places on the globe. Along with Mesopotamia, the Yellow River civilization in China, the Egyptian civilization, the Indus Valley civilization in India/Pakistan and the Norte Chico civilization in Peru were all forming from villages into cities and civilizations located around fertile valleys and rivers.

Across the world, megalithic time pieces were built to observe the solstices as a way for man to tell time and the changes in the seasons. The Thirteen Towers at Chankillo in Peru, Stonehenge in England, Newgrange in Ireland, Mnajdra in Malta, Goseck Circle in Germany, amongst hundreds of others scattered across the globe. In addition to these megalithic calendars, our love for multiple Gods also brought about new temples dedicated to specific deities. Man was still working under group consciousness which allowed use of combined manpower to build megalithic structures and temples during this Age such as the White Temple of Uruk in modern day Iraq and Hagar Qim in Malta. This combined use of manpower would flow well into the next Age as humans would begin to build some of the most well-known structures in the world, the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.

The Age of Taurus completely shifted our world into one with civilizations, cultural roots, and identities. These varied in their expression of the attributes according to the Light program each civilization was playing out as expressions of the ONE. Which is why we see different writing styles, monuments, etc. During this Age, we invented writing, money, commerce, basic sciences, megalithic calendars and the ability to tell time to be able to know when the seasons were changing. Towards the end of the Age, around 3300 BC, we began working with copper and bronze to make metal tools and objects. Kicking off the Bronze Age that would take us all the way through the Age of Aries.

Our entire way of life had shifted as a collective from small communities into larger cities as we were now reliant on each other and our community to sustain life. People were flocking to cities by the thousands and this new way of life would eventually drive the need for social order by way of collective rules and social hierarchy. As we will see, the collective ego was struggling with identity and the need to prove our self, as the Age of Aries swept in providing the spark that lit the war match between the feminine bull energy and the masculine ram energy. The latter part of the Age of Aries would bring with it collective laws, hierarchy, and rules to regulate the development of our newly advancing civilizations and collective ego, preparing the way for another big shift in our collective consciousness.

Age of Aries

  New Lesson/Vernal Equinox Integration/Sumer Solstice Embodiment/Autumn Equinox Incubation/Winter Solstice
Age of Aries 2869 BC 2331 BC 1794 BC 1256 BC
Energy Present Taurus – Aries Taurus – Airies Aries Aries

As we made our way into the Age of Aries, the Taurian energies would still be present for another thousand years. The group consciousness energies of Taurus would allow the construction of the architectural marvels that we find from the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. This was the Age of the Pyramids that would begin around 2600 BC and last through around 2400 BC when many pyramids were built in Egypt including the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx. These pyramids not only act as burial chambers to bring pharaohs closer to Heaven in the afterlife, the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are also aligned with the stars and solstices to harness the power of the sun.

In the once standing Sphinx Temple, laid out on an East to West axis, twenty four pillars are found, each representing one hour in the sun’s daily circuit. During the equinoxes, the sun appears to sink into the shoulder of the Sphinx, and beyond the Sphinx, into the south side of the pyramid of Khafre on the horizon. This symbolizes the pharaoh presenting offerings to the sun god in the temple during the spring and fall, both the most important planting and harvesting times in agriculture. During the summer solstice the sun sets mid-way between the silhouette of the pyramids of Khafre and Khufu his father. The architects that designed the temple, pyramid, and Sphinx, designed them in alignment with these solar events.

Because we were still working together within group consciousness, these monuments could be built exponentially fast using the combined forces of manpower and the ingenuity of our advancing knowledge of how the Heavens moved. The Age of Pyramids and the megalithic time pieces around the world were mostly erected while Taurian energies were present. Man had little to distract himself and thus was still very connected to the Heavens through observation and myths that explained them and their purpose. Towards the embodiment point of the Age of Aries, our collective consciousness began to shift from a group consciousness that allowed such marvels to be built into a more individualized consciousness and patriarchal regard to power and life.

As our collective ego began to strengthen, we began to look more towards ourselves as Gods and rulers and less towards the Heavens. The masculine hero archetype was born, and the warrior of individualization was breaking free of the feminine energy of Taurus into the masculine energy of Aries that brought self-discovery through trials of courage and battle as part of our collective ego development. Near Sumer and the Near East, city states began to war for control of each other. In the sixteenth century, chariot riding groups from the plains of Central Asia swept through Western Asia and Northeast Africa. In Egypt the warring RAMesside dynasty was beginning to flourish, who would expand the empire and fight the Hittites for control of Egypt. During the dynasty of eleven different pharaohs, the Temple of Karnak would be completed which contains an avenue of sphinxes with curly-horned ram’s heads, another physical manifestation of the Age of Aries whose symbol is the ram. The sphinxes at Karnak represent the sun god, Amun-Re and between their paws is a figure of Rameses II, who won a famous battle against the Hittites in 1274 BC. In the Yellow River basin of China, civilization would be locked in a series of warfare from dynasty to dynasty until around 222 BC when it united and became an empire. We had entered the realm of warfare and divided social structure and the downfall of ancient civilization.

In addition to the warring found during this time, we also find civilizations that remained peaceful and were able to create rules and spiritual texts that to this day speak truth. This is part of the balancing of the hologram or collective realities that must be maintained. Babylon was among the great states of the time that did not partake in battle. Mainly due to it being known as the intellectual and spiritual capital of the time. In 1755 BC, The code of Hammurabi, was written in Babylon as a basis for civil, family, criminal and property law. Hammurabi claimed to be granted his rule by the God’s to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak. Near the India/Pakistan border, The Indus Valley Civilization was also flourishing during this time, and we see the beginning of the Ancient Vedas that would begin coming into written form by 1500 BC. The word Veda means wisdom and these Vedas are the oldest written text on Universal Wisdom. Many in the Indus Valley and other places on the globe called themselves, Arians, during this time. Here we see the true meaning of the Arian race to be those that lived and brought wisdom to the collective during the Age of Aries. Eventually, Babylon would fall and the Indus Valley Civilization would be driven from their home due to climate change which dried their main river. The Old Testament of the Bible was put into written form around 1200 BC, during the time when laws and rules were becoming necessary in our collective ego development.

The end of the Age of Aries also brought with it, separation of classes, illiterate peasants and craftsmen, where knowledge of writing and education were reserved for a tiny minority and the military elite of fighting men. It was a time of incredible change in human behavior and our way of viewing our reality. The watery feminine energies of the Age of Pisces would be a much needed breathe of fresh air to help cool off the temperament of the soldier and warrior complex that had begun to dominate our collective consciousness. For the first time, starseeds would incarnate on Earth to bring with them much needed wisdom to assist humanity in moving past the warring soldier to begin to see reality through the heart of the justice as we continued our evolution through the Seven Ages of Man.

Age of Pisces

  New Lesson/Vernal Equinox Integration/Sumer Solstice Embodiment/Autumn Equinox Incubation/Winter Solstice
Age of Pisces 719 BC 181 AD 356 AD 893 AD
Energy Present Aries – Pisces Aries – Pisces Pisces Pisces

The Ages of Taurus and Aries brought the feminine and masculine aspects of our adolescence and manhood into maturation. We had created civilizations, commerce, trade, writing, basic sciences, and methods for keeping time to assist with agriculture and the movements of the Heavens. We also created weapons, war, and the thirst for establishing our self as the conquer and ruler of men. We created social classes, ownership, and government which led to inequality taking root within our world. We had gone from group consciousness into a more separated view of our world and each other. Now, the Age of Pisces was on our doorstep and with this timeline we would have to learn how to merge the feminine and masculine aspects of our manhood (ego) so that we could begin to cultivate a much greater part of ourselves, our collective heart (soul). It was time to learn right from wrong.

The beginnings of laws and rules that began to emerge in the Age of Aries to regulate our ego development would evolve into a more philosophical understanding of good and evil and a higher way to approach life. As the Age of Pisces dawned, a slew of beings were born that would bring with them new ways of viewing reality and developing the intellect. Socrates, Confucius, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Lao Tzu, and Ptolemy are a few, all born between 600 BC and 100 BC that brought the higher wisdom of the heart and mind and man’s interpretation of it.

We were beginning to learn that the ego must be tempered and yoked (the literal meaning of yoga) into a greater self through sacrifice and non-attachment. Mathematics, sciences, and literature were flourishing, greatly enriching our civilizations and way of life. Classical Greece and the Roman Empire embody the early shift into the Age of Pisces with the literature and architectural feats that came from these civilizations. The Roman water system is still in use in some capacity in modern day Rome. The philosophies of Ancient Greece would eventually shape the modern world. Some philosophies like Aristotle’s, would split our collective view of the world into two very polarized categories still playing out today. The mystical versus the scientific. Other civilizations were flourishing as well, the Parthian Empire in Iran, the Han dynasty in China, the Vedic civilization in India and in the New World, the Mayans, Olmecs and other Mesoamerican civilizations were building great pyramids and civilizations that would sustain until the Spanish conquests during the Age of Aquarius.

Across the globe, the early Age of Pisces brought with it the formation of religion, including Judaism and Zoroastrianism in the Near East, Vedic, Vedanta, Jainism and Buddhism in India, and Confucianism as the earliest form of Taoism in China. Again, we see the duality of right and wrong, good and evil, mind and heart, being illuminated during this time of our collective evolution. Then during the integration phase of the Age of Pisces, once we had made the conscious choice to embrace the higher wisdom of the heart collectively, a new teacher incarnated onto the planet. His name was Yeshua, he was a starseed and one of the greatest teachers to incarnate onto Terra Nova.

He did not come alone, as Mary Magdalene and twelve other men were incarnated during this time as well. These beings would bring the teachings of the Trinitized God Forces of Christ Consciousness to the collective consciousness of Terra Nova. Yeshua representing Christos, the Divine Masculine, Father God and Mary Magdalene, Sophia, the Divine Feminine, Mother God. The twelve apostles represented the twelve attributes of the Creator. It is through the teachings of Yeshua and the others that Christ Consciousness was born and spread on Terra Nova. We must understand that Yeshua lived during a time when the males had power and women were subservient. Therefore, little has been truly revealed about his relationship with Mary Magdalene and the role she played in history. This is also why the apostles were men as their messages would have been received by the masses.

The story of Jesus taught humanity that the ego must sacrifice itself or crucify itself to a much greater victory than that of the warrior from the Age of Aries. His teachings taught of unity, love of neighbor, justice, peace, and ultimately, the Law of ONE. They were tailored to the consciousness level of man during his lifetime, yet the messages are timeless when viewed from the highest lens. These teachings were opposite and heretical to the teachings of his day where man wanted dominion over one another through fear. He taught the opposite of this through freedom for all through love. A threat to the established reality, he was crucified as per the method of execution during his time. While the Old Testament of the Bible is a collection of Creation myths, historical accounts, and prophecies, mixed with human imagination and interpretation, the story of Jesus in the New Testament is historical events mixed with man’s fear of losing control by leaving out a major part of the Trinitized God Force, the Divine Feminine.

However, the message of Christ Consciousness was received by the world and would spread like wildfire around the globe, albeit in a perverted manner. By 313 AD, the Roman Empire including Constantinople were declared Christian and by 100 AD the Roman Catholic Church was formed. In the seventh century, a prophet named Mohammed would bring Islam to the world, a religion that would rival Christianity for the amount of blood shed in its name.

As we concluded the embodiment phase of the Age of Pisces, religion was formed, the dualistic visons of wrong and right had crystallized into our realities, the philosophies of the East and West had cross pollinated, and the heart of man was opening. Our birth into the ever-widening collective reality of polarity had begun. Then just as the Light had begun to dawn in our consciousness, we entered the incubation period of the Age of Pisces formerly known as the Dark Ages of Man. It was a time of little recorded history or great advancements like those we had seen in during the start of the Age of Pisces.

However, it was a time when the Light and Dark began to battle itself within our collective reality. The end of the Age of Pisces is marked by a period of conquests, crusades, fundamentalism, and bloodshed and violence all in the name of our benevolent Gods. The world map would change quite frequently during this time as empires would rise and fall, religions would govern man and the boundaries of our collective beliefs would continue to polarize. The fifteenth century would bring with it a temperament to our religious fervor and a shift back into our developing intellect as we entered the Age of Aquarius, the Renaissance and Modern History.

Age of Aquarius

  New Lesson/Vernal Equinox Integration/Sumer Solstice Embodiment/Autumn Equinox Incubation/Winter Solstice
Age of Aquarius 1431 AD 1969 AD 2506 AD 3043 AD
Energy Present Pisces – Aquarius Pisces – Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius

On the Vernal Equinox in the early fourteenth century, the constellation Aquarius appeared in the sky at the heliacal rising of our sun for the first time during the Seven Ages of Man. We had entered the sign of the Water Bearer and the stargate Aquarius that would bring with it the Light that would completely evolve our collective consciousness on our journey through time as humans. As the timeline of the Age of Aquarius began to unfold, we experienced a rebirth within our collective consciousness that we call the Renaissance. We had been fully engrossed in the Piscean energies the previous 537.5 years in religious conquest and doctrine. Now, as the energies of a new Age were upon us, we were turning once more to the development of our intellect and scientific approach to our world as well as art as an expression of consciousness. Although religion and spirituality from the Age of Pisces would still separate the ideas of man into polarized views, nothing could stop the Aquarian energies from revolutionizing our collective consciousness and it started with the Renaissance.

The Renaissance brought with it another round of human incarnations to bring wisdom to the world. Donatello, Raphael, da Vinci, Erasmus, Descartes, Copernicus, Chaucer, Galileo, Dante, Machiavelli, Milton, Shakespeare, Botticelli and Michelangelo were all born between the late fourteenth century and the sixteenth century. These beings brought art, science, philosophy, understanding of man and our relation to the world to a new level from the ancient philosophers of the Age of Pisces. The ideology of humanism was birthed, the idea that man was the center of his own universe, and that people should embrace human achievements in education, classical arts, literature and science. We saw the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in 1450 which revolutionized the ability to share ideas within the collective consciousness. It was the internet or collective mind of the early Aquarian Age. The ideas from the Renaissance would be the fuel that would ignite the Reformation of the sixteenth century, Industrial Revolution, and Age of Enlightenment of the eighteenth century.

Eventually, the philosophies of Voltaire, Diderot, Locke, Montesquieu and Rousseau would help spur the French Revolution, American Revolution and our ideas of personal freedom, liberty and separation of church and state. The war of 1815 and defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo marked a major shift in the collective consciousness that would eventually bring about the end of imperialism and a more democratized world; but not before our collective consciousness engaged in a world war. A global pandemic, The Great Influenza Pandemic, would purify the collective consciousness following the war killing over 50 million humans. We would engage again in a world war to defeat Hitler and end the genocide of Jews in Germany. By the 1950’s our collective achievements in science had developed enough to put humans into space for the first time. We were beginning to understand our world from a more scientific lens and becoming more separate from nature and our organic lifestyle than we had ever been.

Religion continued to flourish in the early part of the Aquarian Age as the Piscean energies were still flowing in our consciousness. Theosophy helped to spread fourth dimensional consciousness in the nineteenth century through theosophist such as Helena Blavatsky. The ideas of theosophy had merged the Ancient Eastern spiritual wisdom with that of channeled messages from the Masters (higher dimensional consciousness) to create a wave of change that would eventually influence what would come to be the New Age community. By the 1960’s a significant shift was occurring in our collective consciousness. The ideas of liberty, philosophy, immortality, and secular ways of living in love and not fear was beginning to be bear fruit once again within the collective. In the true Aquarian way, revolution from the established belief system of government and religion took hold within the collective. Self-expression, sovereignty, and a new age of consciousness was landing in the collective. We see during the late sixties and early seventies a shift in polarity once again as the fourth dimension of consciousness awakens in the collective and soul consciousness becomes a dimensional reality on Gaia splitting the collective reality on Gaia into two worlds. The New Age spiritual movement was taking place as we shifted to the integration period of the Age of Aquarius and as the first wave of star seeds birthed in the fifties and early sixties were beginning the early preparations for the collective ascension.

On the other side of the spectrum, our intellect took a huge leap as we entered the technological age with computers and the internet arriving in the eighties. The sheer amount of data available to the average person has increased exponentially since then and has evolved the collective consciousness of Terra Nova at an unprecedented rate. We have also seen the side effects of technology in how the entertainment industry and social media has influenced society, sexuality has become perverted far beyond its sacred meaning, and our world itself has become polarized to the breaking point. This is all part of the collapse that was needed to awaken the collective and to begin the collective ascension.

In 1987, we had the harmonic convergence that was part of linking together star seeds to create the New Earth collective consciousness that would bridge the old grid system and the original grid system of Terra Nova. There have been three mass incarnations of star seeds upon Terra Nova working in many capacities to help stabilize the planet, clear and rebuild the planetary and collective Diamond Sun Body to reconnect our consciousness to the original blueprint and Diamond Sun Architecture of Terra Nova and ultimately, see the collective through its ascension.

In January 2020, the collective consciousness of Terra Nova migrated back to the original Diamond Sun Body or Light Body of our planet. We are once again a multidimensional star system, connected to all Light in the Universe and the Infinite Source. We now have multidimensional realities playing out from the first through the twelfth dimension and fully incarnated Creators incarnated on Terra Nova. At time of this writing, it is November 2021, and the collective consciousness of Terra Nova is passing through the Gates of Heaven. We have entered the embodiment stage of the fifth dimension as a collective and are preparing for our collective shift to New Earth that will take place on the Winter Solstice.

At this time, we will have our Collective Diamond Sun Body activated to be able to send and receive Light as a collective up to the fifth dimension. The third and fourth dimensional collective realities will continue to collapse and fall away and the collective realities of the fifth dimension will begin manifesting. When we receive our new annual collective ascension timeline on the March equinox of 2022, we will for the first time have a collective reality in the fifth dimension of unity consciousness. We have been in the final stages of our evolution as humans during the Age of Aquarius. Now, we are an old man, and we are ready to return to the state of a child and die our ego death. It is time to enter the Gates of Heaven and begin a new life as a collective soul.

When we come to the Vernal Equinox in March of 2022, we will exit the Seven Ages of Man. Our journey through the ages will be complete and we will step off the 2,150-year cycle of the lower dimensions. Our Light as a star system has been unified through the fifth dimension and we are now a collective soul of Divine HUmans. The Age of Aquarius is over, and we are now most influenced by the 179-year timelines that flow through the stargates of soul consciousness of the Solar Diamond Sun Body. If we use the starting date of 1431 for the Age of Aquarius, then the last 179-year timeline began in March of 1968 in the stargate of Libra and will run until 2,147. Which is perfect because we will be learning how to balance the feminine and masculine aspects of our collective soul to fully embody the sixth dimensions and ascend into the next level of consciousness.

Take a bow humanity, we have grown up, we have learned our lessons and now we are ready to let our ego persona die so that we can begin to embody the full Light of our soul. We have arrived at the end of time, the end of human time.  

End of Part 2, The Seven Ages of Man

We will continue our sharing of the book and Light to activate the Master Build of Terra Nova in the next article.


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is dedicated to bringing forth the Cosmic Blueprints for this star system. This is achieved in a multitude of ways including sharing information to assist all souls in raising their frequency to support the construction of their own Diamond Sun Body. All information shared is to update on the unfoldment of the Cosmic Blueprint for this star system and to educate on Cosmic Knowledge to support the process of full Source embodiment as a collective consciousness.
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