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The Master Plan of Terra Nova - Part 1 - A Journey Through Time

The Master Plan of Terra Nova - Part 1 - A Journey Through Time

***Long post, Part 1 from the book, Divine Organization of Creation Part 2, The Master Plan of Terra Nova***

Evolving Through Time

Everything in our Universe unfolds according to Diamond Sun Architecture which is a fractalized pattern or blueprint used to separate Light and create holographic realities for all logi within our Universe. This architecture is coded within all Light of our Universe to create the Diamond Sun Bodies or Light bodies of every logos in this Universe. Diamond Sun Architecture is what separates Pure (White) Source Light into the twelve rays of Creation emanating from the Infinite Source down through all dimensions and layers of this Universe.

Remember that ascension is simply the unification of Light throughout all layers or dimensions of this Universe. We unify as an individual, then a star system, then a solar system, then a galaxy, then a universe just as we descended and split our Light into a universe, galaxies, solar systems, star systems, and individuals. Building on what we have shared before, we know that there are twelve rays of Creation or twelve attributes of the Creator that must be embodied within each of the twelve dimensions for a total of 144 Master Builder rays to complete the Diamond Sun Body of every logos. To better understand this architecture within our solar system, we need to dive deeper into time and how consciousness uses timelines or great cycles of time to evolve.

All realities outside of the eternal now are unfolding within the Universal Time Matrix through Creation Waves or what we call timelines. These timelines create cycles that consciousness moves through as part of its evolution back to the Source. These are essentially waves of Light that contain codes that directly affect consciousness at various layers or dimensions within the Universal Time Matrix or Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. Time is more fluid than we perceive it to be because time is actually a wave of Light that is energy or Light in motion. And just like a wave it has a period, the time it takes to make one complete vibrational cycle and it has a frequency, the vibration of the particles within the wave as it passes. These waves of Light also have a crest, the highest potency of Light within the wave and a trough the lowest potency of Light within the wave. To help illustrate this, let us look at a picture of the collective timeline as previously shared in book One.

collective timeline

The collective timeline in the image above represents the 365.242181 days of what we call a year in man’s time. If we look closely at the image, we can see that there are not specific dates but rather solar events that mark the different locations labeled on the timeline. From this we can begin to understand that time is more fluid. It is not January 1 – December 31st that defines a year but rather from events that fluctuate annually depending on the Earth’s position in relation to the sun. The dates and events on our timeline do not shift dramatically, however, they are not static either. Therefore, we can conclude that the period of our collective timeline is around 365 days that begins to cycle back around after the December Solstice each year.

The fluid nature of time as waves of Light or great cycles, creates what we call shifts in consciousness. The dates the cycles “start” and “stop”, the static nature of time, are simply our interpretation of the wave to help the linear mind see the pattern and identify the coming “changes in the season” as the ancients viewed it. In reality, the energy of the wave is more fluid and does not “start” or “stop” on a specific date in time. In fact, the energy or Light from one wave or timeline to the next overlaps as we are working to integrate the Light from the next wave, which creates a more continuous flow or fluid like nature to time. So, we can see that on an annual basis our collective consciousness goes through shifts or “seasons” as we experience time or the wave of Light from our annual collective timeline and these shifts appear seamless to our consciousness through the fluid nature of time.

We digressed to this timeline to illustrate these key ideas about time and timelines that are going to help us in understanding the Master Plan of Terra Nova and how great cycles of time are literally just filtered or separated Light from the Infinite Source assisting in our evolution and ascension. This also reminds us that Creation Waves affect consciousness that is bound by the limits of the time or frequency of Light contained within the timeline. As we awaken and begin to see the patterns, aka timelines, then we can begin to free ourselves of time and timelines throughout the layers or dimensions of spacetime within the Universal Time Matrix. Once consciousness fully ascends there is no need for timelines any longer as consciousness becomes the Source, the center of the Universe, vibrating at all frequencies of this Universe, able to experience the eternal now within the reality of ONE.

Now that we have refreshed our memory about the annual collective timeline, let us shift into a much longer Creation wave that has been playing out in our solar system and our planet since its inception. The Universe unfolds in layers and our solar system is no exception. Our Solar Diamond Sun Body is connected to stargates across the twelve dimensions and connected to the Infinite Source through the Diamond Solar Heart, our Sun, Solaris. The twelve stargates of the solar system are aligned with twelve separate constellations that are very familiar to most, we call them the Zodiac. In the Western Zodiac which we will use as labels for the stargates, they are Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus. It is through stargate alignments that occur when the Earth, Sun or Moon is in alignment with these stargates that we get certain frequencies or dimensional rays of Light that emanate Creation

Waves onto our planet. At the highest level, these stargates represent the Twelve Rays of Creation, then the fractaling layers of the rays through the twelve dimensions of this Universe within the Solar Diamond Sun Body. However, what frequency and period the wave is, or its dimensional consciousness level, has to do with the stargate alignment within the Universal Time Matrix. In other words, depending on the alignment, the stargates emanate different Creation Waves that carry different Light codes and frequencies creating a longer or shorter timeline.

Before we move further into the Creation Waves of the Zodiac stargates, we need to understand how the Earth orbits the sun through what is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. As the Earth orbits the sun, the sun appears to pass in front of different constellations. In actuality, the sun is not moving through the constellations. Its motion is entirely an illusion, caused by Earth’s own motion on its axis as it orbits the sun. This annual orbit follows a plane called the ecliptic plane and as the Earth moves along this plane each year, the sun appears to be in different houses or stargates at different times. The Zodiac is set along this plane as a 360-degree circle with each sign given 30 degrees. It takes the Earth 72 years to pass through one degree of the Zodiac for a total of approximately 26,000 years to make one complete transit through all twelve stargates. (Please note that all figures are approximations and are used to help the linear mind see and understand the pattern and separation of Light using static time).

Every year on the Vernal Equinox in March, we are at zero point on our annual collective timeline that is illustrated on page 27. The stargate that the sun is located in at the heliacal rising on this date refers to the current age that we are in as well as other timelines and Light we will integrate as a collective for the year on our annual timeline. It takes roughly 2,150 years for the stargate that we are in at the Vernal Equinox to move into a new sign or stargate and 26,000 years to go through all twelve stargates. This is called the Precession of the Equinoxes and it is a 26,000-year cycle of twelve separate Creation Waves or timelines of 2,150 years that affects our planetary and solar system collective consciousness. In Diamond Sun Architecture these 2,150-year timelines are the longest Creation Wave or timeline that our planetary consciousness experiences. We will flow through the entire combination of separated Source Light throughout the entire 26,000-year cycle. This means that once we traverse the entire 26,000-year cycle, we would have experienced all twelve Creation rays or attributes of the Creator throughout all twelve dimensions within all twelve stargates of our Diamond Sun Body. Whether we could embody all these rays or experience the realities contained within them depends on the evolution of our consciousness and construction of our Light bodies when we pass through each ray. We simply continue to surf the waves created by this 26,000-year cycle again and again as we move through our evolution as a star system. Meaning we will continue to experience the effects of the Precession of the Equinoxes until we fully embody all twelve dimensions as a star system.

The Precession of the Equinoxes flows in reverse order of the Zodiac, meaning we are going backwards through time (separation of Light to unification of Light), and backwards through the different stargates or houses of the Zodiac as we are ascending our consciousness or unifying our Light back to ONE. In the Reality of ONE, the 26,000-year cycle does not exist nor is it a timeline, we use 26,000 years to show the linear mind how the Light is separated from the ONE through the dimensions throughout the twelve 2,150-year timelines. However, once the Light is unified at all layers of the consciousness fractal or across all dimensions of space and time (same thing), all timelines contained within the cycle collapse and all that remains is the eternal now or the experience of no time except this now moment.

Now that we understand that we use the 26,000-year cycle for linear explanations only, let us continue. If we have a 26,000-year cycle which we know is the full Light of the ONE, we can use this to illustrate how consciousness or Light fractals through the dimensions and layers of the consciousness fractal to create our holographic experiences. Because our Universe is set up on a 12 x 12 configuration, meaning twelve attributes of the Creator or twelve Rays of Creation fractaling through twelve dimensions, the timelines we experience will also fractal by twelve. Therefore, if we divide 26,000 by 12, we get approximately 2,150. This gives us 2,150 years per stargate, Zodiac sign or attribute of the Creator at the personality or planetary level of consciousness (1D-3D). We call these 2,150-year intervals Ages, as in the Age of Aquarius. The Ages are the lowest frequency of Light and the longest experience of time from the consciousness fractal that we experience as a collective consciousness. This means that while we are receiving one of the twelve attributes, we only embody it up to the dimensional awareness of the third dimension. In the next layer of the fractal, the Age of 2,150 years is divided again by 12 to get approximately 179 years for each Sub-Age. This gives us the solar or soul consciousness (4D-6D) layer and another Creation Wave or timeline that flows every 179 years through the stargates. This layer brings with it one of the twelve attributes filtered at the solar or soul level of consciousness. The Sub-Ages and all layers of the consciousness fractal move through the stargates or Zodiac in reverse order as we are moving backwards through space and time or the Universal Time Matrix through ascension. This means that if the Age is Aquarius, then the Sub-Age begins with the next sign following Aquarius in reverse order which is Capricorn and continues to flow backwards through the Zodiac just as the Ages do.

Dividing the Sub-Ages of 179 years by 12 we get the next layer of the fractal which is galactic consciousness (7D-9D) of 15-year phases. Again, we precess backwards through the Zodiac or stargates as we continue to ascend through the Universal Time Matrix. This means that since we are flowing backwards through time, our experience of time or timelines will become shorter and shorter. Finally, dividing one more time by 12, we get to the universal consciousness (10D-12D) layer of the consciousness fractal which is a timeline or Creation Wave that cycles around every 15 months. This is the shortest timeline because it has the highest vibration of all Creation Waves emanated from the stargates of the Solar Diamond Sun Body.

This method allows for consciousness to experience itself throughout all dimensions of spacetime within this Universe and allows for a safe and stable ascension back into the highest vibration and complete unification of Pure Source Light. In other words, the Light of the Infinite Source is so powerful that it cannot be experienced without integrating it into our Diamond Sun Bodies step by step through ascension. We can also see that as a star system, we are subject to four main timelines that are all affecting entire phases of our evolution in some way until we have ascended past that level of consciousness. In other words, once we ascend past the third dimension as a collective, we will no longer be subject to the Ages or 2,150-year timelines. As we continue to ascend, each of the other three timelines will drop away until we experience no more timelines and only the eternal now.

These four timelines flow directly from the Solar Diamond Sun Body as filtered Source Light to assist with the collective ascension through the consciousness fractal to full embodiment. They work in conjunction with our annual ascension timeline which brings Source Light annually during eclipses, solstice, equinoxes, and moon phases to support the collective ascension on an annual basis. The four timelines from the Precession of the Equinoxes are simply a higher layer of the Cosmic Blueprint or Master Plan unfolding on Terra Nova.

What we have illustrated here is a multidimensional, multilayered, fractalized system of separating or stepping down Light from the Infinite Source to the individual logos experience. It is not easy to quantify and put this much Light into linear language and therefore it may not make sense until it has had some time to percolate in ONE’s consciousness. To aid in understanding, we have prepared some charts to illustrate the flow of Light throughout the 26,000-year cycle and four timelines it creates.

Chart Illustrating the Consciousness Fractal Timelines

Consciousness Level

Creation Wave/ Timeline











Galactic/Over Soul








In this chart we can see that within the 26,000 year cycle we have four timelines that run simultaneously but have four different periods. The Ages run for 2,150 years, the Sub-Ages for 179 years, the Phases for 15 years and the Sub-Phases for 15 months. This means that every 2,150, years we get a new Age. Every 179 years a new Sub-Age energy begins. Every 15 years a new Phase begins and every 15 months the energy for a new Sub-Phase starts. Each timeline corresponds to a different level of the consciousness fractal as indicated on the chart above. These levels determine the frequency and period of the Light received from each Creation Wave or timeline emanated from the stargates of our solar system or what is commonly referred to as the Zodiac.

Chart illustrating snapshot of the Consciousness Fractal and corresponding timelines/rays using the beginning of Age of Capricorn as an example.

Pure Source Consciousness – ONE – Eternal Now – All Light in Universe

2150 Years – Planetary/Personality Consciousness

          Example: 1D- 3D/Capricorn/Attribute 1/Red Ray

179 Years – Solar/Soul Consciousness

          Example: 4D-6D/Sagittarius/Attribute 2/Orange Ray

15 Years – Galactic/Oversoul

          Example: 7D-9D/Scorpio/Attribute 3/Yellow Ray

15 Months – Universal/God Consciousness

          Example: 10D-12D/Libra/Attribute 4/Green Ray

Pure Source Consciousness – ONE – Eternal Now – All Light in Universe

This chart is an example of how the separation of Light takes place through the consciousness fractal and stargates of our solar system. First and last, we see, Pure Source Consciousness, which means we are existing in Oneness, unified as the Infinite Source. This means that our reality unfolds in the eternal now without timelines which are only needed to separate our Light. The first timeline which is the lowest level of descended or separated consciousness is the 2,150-year Age of Consciousness that we name after the constellation or stargate that we are in at the heliacal rising on the Vernal Equinox each year. We stay in one constellation or stargate for approximately 2,150 years during which time we experience one ray of Creation or attribute of the Creator the entire time, vibrating in the first through third dimensions. In the example above we have used the Age of Capricorn as the first attribute for example purposes only. Since we have entered the Age of Capricorn, we will experience the attributes that come with the sign/ray of Capricorn during the 2,150 years of the timeline. If we say that Capricorn represents the first ray of Creation and that it is the red ray, then in our example; the planet will receive a 2,150-year timeline that brings the red ray and its attributes, vibrating in the first through third dimensions. This ray will carry the Light codes within it to manifest realities that are in line with the attributes of the red ray. We will see more later how this unfolds throughout our collective consciousness.

The next timeline is the 179-year Sub-Age which begins at the same time the Age of Capricorn begins. It will only run for 179 years and will then change to the next sign. It begins in the constellation or stargate of Sagittarius which is the next sign going backwards along the Zodiac and for this example is the second attribute we labeled the orange ray. So, for the first 179 years of the Age of Capricorn, we will experience the orange ray or Sagittarius Light vibrating within the fourth through sixth dimensions. Because this Light vibrates above the collective consciousness, only incarnated souls vibrating at these frequencies will be able to receive this Light and manifest realities in these dimensions. Which we will illustrate in more detail later. For now, we are simply trying to explain the architecture and how it unfolds through our planetary consciousness.

Then we have a third timeline, this is the 15-year Phase that began with the previous two timelines and brings with it the sign or stargate that precedes Sagittarius which is Scorpio. This timeline vibrates within the third Creation ray or attribute of the Creator as the yellow ray within the seventh – ninth dimensions. Again, we can see that as we ascend, time is condensing, timelines are shrinking as we move backwards through time. How we experience time and our reality as a logos is changing dramatically. Our realities are manifesting and collapsing much faster. Finally, we get to the fourth and final timeline which is the Sub-Phase and universal level of the consciousness fractal. Here the Light is the most unified that we have experienced thus far. The attribute four and green ray in our example are vibrating within the tenth – twelfth dimensions with the timeline and realities revolving every 15 months. We can see that at this rate our ascension will progress exponentially faster than it did in the lower first through third dimensions as our realities are revolving much faster on the 15-month timelines.

The next step on our ascension is a return to Pure Source Consciousness within the eternal now and to exit the timelines or bounds of time all together. Once this occurs, we are free to move anywhere within the Universal Time Matrix unbound by time. We continue to live in the eternal now and are able to experience all Light in the Universe which is always flowing through the stargates unseparated. It is only when we are separate from the Infinite Source that timelines are experienced. This is because our consciousness is bound within certain dimensions or bound to time. (In a sense, timelines always exist just as Oneness always exists. It is our perception of the Light or our reality that changes how we see/experience time) Since our planet’s inception, these four timelines are/have been consistently evolving consciousness on this planet up to its full ascension as a star system. These timelines will continue to run until we begin to embody higher dimensional consciousness as a collective. They run simultaneously with our annual ascension timeline that is tied to our orbit around our sun and through the Solar Diamond Sun Body. Trying to understand Diamond Sun Architecture at this level takes patience and the ability to see both multidimensionally and as a unified consciousness. Because in truth, there is no start or stop, beginning or end, up or down, we try and explain things using these linear terms and concepts. When in the Reality of ONE they do not exist. We must be able to expand the mind past these linear concepts to see the Infinite, to see the eternal cycling of Light separating and unifying through the blueprints created by Diamond Sun Architecture. Essentially, the patterns in the architecture act like filters for the Light. Stepping it down or up, separating or unifying it, descending, or ascending it in an ever-revolving dance of Light. What we have illustrated thus far is the basic structure of the architecture as it descends and ascends though the stargates of our solar system for the evolution of planetary consciousness on Terra Nova. We do not assign colors to the rays or attributes or label them in any way except in example circumstances. The reason for this methodology is that we live in an Infinite Universe, which means that there are infinite shades or octaves of color to the rays and infinite adjectives to describe the multiple attributes of the Rays of Creation. The rays in themselves are so multilayered and vibrationally layered that trying to assign one color, one attribute, or label to them is futile. Therefore, we must speak using examples and try to layout the architecture in such a way that each can interpret the general idea of how consciousness or Light fractals throughout this Universe and our collective consciousness to create the Master Plan of Terra Nova. Bearing this in mind, let us proceed to dive deeper into the architecture and illustrate how it is filtered from the Infinite Source and how balance or tensegrity is always maintained within the hologram using this method.

As we have illustrated above, consciousness fractals down through the stargates of this solar system through what we experience as timelines. At the highest level we have the Infinite Source of Creation which creates all Light within this Universe. We experience ourselves as the Infinite Source once we fully embody the Light of all twelve dimensions and live within the Universal Time Matrix in the eternal now. However, if we are not fully ascended, the full Light of the Universe is too powerful for our Diamond Sun Body or Light body, and it must be filtered or lowered in frequency for us to have our holographic experience as an unascended star system. This is where the step-down approach to our timelines is needed and how we experience time comes in to play. We are going to go forwards through time now and step down or descend the Light together.

First, we have the Infinite Source and all Light in the Universe, now, we are going to split this Light into the twelve Rays of Creation by filtering the Light through the twelve Great Central Suns of our Universe so that the Light is filtered by 12. This creates a timeline that carries the most potent vibrations of one of the twelve rays giving us a 15-month timeline through the stargates of our solar system known as the Zodiac. This timeline is still very high in frequency having only stepped down or descended once from the Infinite Source, therefore, it vibrates in the tenth through twelfth dimensional frequencies of this Universe. This means the timeline or Creation Wave has a shorter period and a higher frequency.

We still need to step down the Light, so now we will separate the Light again through the galactic heart center and twelve stargates of our galaxy. This gives us a new timeline of 15 years with a slightly lower frequency of Light vibrating in the seventh through ninth dimensions of our Universe. Descending yet another layer, we find we must separate the Light again, so this time we filter it through the Diamond Solar Heart of our sun Solaris and all twelve stargates of our solar system so that we only receive one twelfth the potency. This gives us a much slower timeline of 179 years as the vibration of the Light has been significantly reduced from the Pure Source Light we began with. This Light is integrated within the fourth through sixth dimensions of this Universe. Finally, we must descend one more time to be able to experience the Light at the lowest levels of consciousness. This Light is filtered through the

Diamond Solar Heart of the planet and after being filtered down to the slowest timeline we experience from the Infinite Source which is a 2,150-year timeline. This timeline vibrates within the first through third dimensions of consciousness. It vibrates much slower than the previous three because it is the most separated Light from the Infinite Source. Here realities take much longer to manifest and to dismantle and the Light takes much longer to embody.

What we have illustrated above is a cycle of stargate alignments that allow Pure Source Light to filter itself through the Diamond Sun Bodies of the Universe, Galaxy, Solar system, and Planet using stargate alignments to bring this filtered Light to the planet for the evolution of consciousness on Terra Nova. At the lowest level of planetary consciousness, the planet is aligned with the sun, galactic center, great central sun and Infinite Source to be able to receive the lowest vibrational timeline of  2,150 years that vibrates within the first through third dimensions. At the highest level of universal consciousness, the planet is aligned directly with the great central sun and receives a shorter timeline of 15 months because the vibration of the Light in the timeline is significantly higher. However, the Diamond Solar Heart of the planet must be opened enough to receive this Light and integrate it through the planetary Diamond Sun Body. Otherwise, the Light does not affect the consciousness of the planet.

Once we are fully ascended as a star system, we are connected as the Creator to the Infinite Source of Light through our Diamond Solar Heart and are no longer subject to timelines. We then exit the cycles or wheel of karma as it is also known. The timelines are the wheels within wheels, the great cycles of consciousness that we flow through during our evolution until we completely unify as evolved consciousness with all Light in this Universe. It is through the Precession of the Equinoxes and the stargate alignments of Diamond Sun Architecture that the Master Plan of Terra Nova unfolds the blueprint for the evolution of consciousness and ascension of the collective consciousness of Terra Nova.

Now that we understand more about how consciousness separates itself to be able to experience and evolve itself through the dimensions of this Universe, we are going to go even deeper into the architecture to see how balance is maintained within the hologram to bring stability to realities. Previously we have discussed the structure of the fabric of space and how the entire holographic Universe is held together through balance or tensegrity. Without balance our Universe would not exist. All Light in Creation must be in balance to maintain manifestation.

However, because of the vastness of the Universe the Light does not always appear to be balanced when viewed separately. In other words, if we look at the Universe as ONE organism, we will see that it is in proper balance of the electric and magnetic properties which creates Pure Source Light. When we see the Universe with our eyes, we see the Pure Source Light separated, meaning slightly out of balance, so that it creates colored rays that carry certain properties of electric and magnetic forces which changes the colors of the rays enough to create realities within the hologram. This only works because consciousness maintains an equal ratio of electric and magnetic properties throughout all Light in the manifested Universe.

We have taken the Precession of the Equinoxes and have shown how by using these twelve stargates of our solar system, we are able to experience four separate timelines that descends or separates the Light of all twelve dimensions to create our world and evolve our consciousness as a multidimensional star system within this Universe. Now, let us look at the charts below and visually see how the magnetic and electric properties of the Light contained in these rays or timelines helps to create balance within the manifested Universe.

TimelineClick Image To Enlarge

This chart illustrates the stargate alignments and Creation Waves or timelines that would be emanated during the start of each Age or 2,150-year cycle. If we look at the colored blocks below the chart, we can see that each color represents a feminine or electric force. We have also included the Earth elements to add depth to the understanding of how multilayered the architecture is. Using this color chart, we can see that we are always cycling through Light that has a more magnetic or electric property to it, which significantly affects our consciousness. We can see how the Creation Waves emanated alternate to allow us the opportunity to evolve multiple areas of our consciousness simultaneously. This method also allows for balance to be maintained through the planetary Light body as well as the rest of the Universe because the Light we always receive is Pure Source Light, we only perceive it or experience it as separated Light.

Finally, we know from astrology that each sign of the Zodiac or what we now know are stargates, carries certain traits or characteristics that ultimately align with one of the twelve attributes or Creation Rays. Therefore, the properties of the Light are not only masculine or feminine but also vibrate within certain attributes that affects our consciousness as well. By now, we should be able to see how the Precession through the Equinoxes is not just about moving through Zodiac signs that tell us characteristics about ourselves but a much more intricate system of filtering Pure Source Light to create a multidimensional holographic experience of reality and evolution of consciousness through descension and ascension. Everything is energy, everything is consciousness, everything is Light, including us. Everything is affected by these timelines, including the personality we will create as consciousness based on the date of our incarnation and the location of the planets, moon, and sun within these stargates at the time we incarnate. This is not the ego persona (although it is influenced as well) but the overall personality that allows us to express the Infinite Creator within these vessels. In other words, as Divine HUmans, we each express our Light differently because at our core, we are each coded with different Creation rays in the threefold flame of our hearts to express certain attributes of the Creator and certain properties so that the entire Universe stays in balance. This creates a diversified world that uses all attributes of the Creator to create our collective reality which makes up the twelve tribes of Israel or Rainbow Prophecy as some Earth creation stories have called this element of Diamond Sun Architecture. When we all live and embody unity consciousness fully, our Light merges to create ONE Collective Consciousness, ONE unified star system that merges into complete unity with all Light in this Universe as the ONE Pure Consciousness that is all pervading. It is so multilayered and so miraculous that words truly fail to describe it in all its glory!

The Fluid Nature of Time

We have written that time is more fluid than we perceive it to be. It is like waves flowing in the ocean, ebbing, and flowing together within the vastness of the water. When our consciousness is unified, we experience the ocean as one body of water. When we separate our consciousness into a dimension, we begin to experience waves as separate from the rest of the ocean. These waves can be short and fast waves or long and slow waves depending on the dimension we are experiencing. Once we separate our consciousness, we begin to surf the waves of filtered Light within our Universe which means we have entered a timeline.

Using the analogy of waves in the ocean, we can see how one wave is never really the only wave happening at one time. There are always waves flowing in and out of each other, overlapping, as one wave phases out and another wave comes in its place. This fluidity of water is identical to the fluidity of time. Because we have separated time so much in our human existence, we perceive time to be very static and to have beginnings and endings. We have a five-day work week that starts on Monday and ends on Friday. We have a year that begins in January and ends in December. We have a day that begins at midnight and ends at eleven fifty-nine. Every single part of our experience has been carved up to segments of time that separate us from the eternal flow of Light within our Universe.

These segments of time create a linear experience of time that makes time appear more static to our experience and less fluid. Therefore, we look for beginnings and endings inside an infinite flow of Light. This way of perceiving our reality is what keeps the veils on our consciousness and our realities bound by time. To understand the true nature of time, timelines and how consciousness evolves itself through time, we must be able to see the fluid nature of time as waves of Light flowing through our planetary Diamond Sun Body overlapping with the previous waves and flowing into the next set of waves to create a multilayered, multidimensional, holographic experience. The absolute truth of time is that it exists as one eternal now moment. Right here, right now, this moment, is all that exists. We do not separate time out into a dimension, we do not label it in any way, we simply allow the eternal flow of Light to move through our Diamond Sun Body to create the holographic reality before us without the need to quantify the experience or try to change it. If we take all four timelines of the Precession of the Equinox, we know we always have Light flowing onto our planet within all twelve dimensions of this Universe. When we are fully ascended and all stargates of our

Diamond Sun Body are open and online, we can allow the Light of all four timelines to move through our Light body as ONE, not as separate timelines. This then allows the absolute highest vibrational timeline to manifest for us as a logos. In this state of being, the only time that we experience is the eternal now and our reality unfolds for us in the now without a past or a future.

Here time is so fluid that it flows without separation which allows us to experience the shortest amount of time possible within the Universal Time Matrix, which is the eternal now. Remember from our previous teachings about the Universal Time Matrix, that to experience the hologram, we must enter time. No reality in manifestation, whether physical or etheric, can exist outside of time. When we move our consciousness to zero point, we exit the hologram, we exit time, and we sit as the Infinite Source within the Great Void, outside of manifestation. This means that we cannot interact with the hologram. We can only observe the hologram or sit in the void through what many call meditation.

Once consciousness separates from the Infinite Source, we begin to experience time differently. Depending on our dimensional awareness, we may even quantify time and separate it out into a more static way of viewing it, like we have in our human experience. Even though we have separated time out in our experience, viewing it in a more static nature, such as specific dates, beginnings, and endings, etc., Light is still moving through our Diamond Sun Bodies in a more fluid nature and time itself is still very fluid. We simply are not aware of it in this way. It is the fluidity of time that helps to bring stability to our hologram and allows the transition from one wave/timeline/reality to the next to be seamless to our consciousness. Without the fluid nature of time, our realities would shift abruptly and create chaos in our world. Remember that each wave carries a new set of Light codes that are going to be received by the planet and into the collective consciousness. These codes will then begin to work within the collective consciousness to create a new reality and embodiment of the Light contained within the wave. To have a seamless transition, we must gradually integrate and embody the Light to shift our consciousness to create a new reality. This is achieved through the wave properties of the timeline. Where we have a crescendo affect as the wave is received, the energy builds up to a point where we reach the maximum amount of Light contained in the wave, then it begins to wane in potency as we work to integrate the Light to create a new reality once we embody the Light contained in the wave. As this cycle is occurring, we are always using the embodied Light of the previous wave to help us integrate the Light contained within the new wave. This process keeps time flowing seamlessly and our realities transition organically without chaos.

To aid in understanding the fluid nature of time and how timelines flow seamlessly to evolve our collective consciousness. We are going to use the 2,150-year timeline of the Ages of Consciousness and show how it works with our annual ascension timeline to evolve the Collective Consciousness of Terra Nova. Our annual ascension timeline is divided into four “seasons” or phases of consciousness that we cycle through as star system each year. If we take the 2,150-year wave and divide it by four, we get 537.5 years. This means that it takes us 537.5 years to go through one of the four phases of consciousness. Using this information, let us look at the timeline below and go step by step through how an Age unfolds and illustrate the fluidity of time as we experience a Creation Wave or timeline.


In this example, we can see our annual ascension timeline labeled in black. We have the solar events labeled including the balance points of our timeline at the Vernal Equinox and the Autumn Equinox with the Vernal Equinox being zero point on our timeline each year. Zero point on our annual timeline is when the new timeline we have been manifesting since our embodiment of the previous timeline comes into physical manifestation. Think about the global pandemic that changed our world starting in March 2020 and we can see how the timeline containing the dark night of the collective soul came into physical manifestation in accordance with our new timeline in 2020.

Along the timeline in red, we have the four seasons or phases (new lessons, integration, embodiment, incubation) that our collective consciousness goes through each year as we traverse our annual ascension timeline. In truth, we go through these phases on every timeline we experience which is why we can overlay the 2,150-year timeline on it to see how we move through time seamlessly. From the Vernal Equinox we receive the new timeline which brings with it the new lessons we must learn. This shines Light on the old patterns we must release from our reality to accommodate the Light contained in the new timeline. If we make the conscious choice to accept the new Light and release the old patterns, we receive an upgrade to our Light body to be able to hold and sustain the new level of Light or integration around the June Solstice.

This is when we receive the most potent Light on our annual timeline. Following this Light initiation, we shift into the next phase of integration. We have received the new Light; we have made choices to support the new Light and now we must integrate this into our reality. In other words, it is time to walk the talk. We must dismantle the old and hold the new frequency of Light long enough to be able to embody it. This takes us to the Autumn equinox where our realities begin to balance out so that we can begin to shift into the embodiment phase. It is a more peaceful and reflective time as the dark days of winter and heartwarming holidays draw us closer to the Source in preparation for the Winter Solstice where we will receive the activation of the Light we have embodied throughout the year.

The lessons learned, the patterns released, the Light integrated and fully embodied. Just in time for Christ-Mas, we birth a new higher version of our collective self and are now ready for a new timeline. We move into the final phase of consciousness which is the incubation phase. It is the slowest time of the year, we are content from the embodiment phase, we do not have new lessons to learn yet and we are in Creator mode as our collective Light is incubating or manifesting the new timeline we will receive in March and the cycle repeats again. We can see in black that the first half of the timeline is a creation and expansion phase. While the second half is a dismantling and contraction phase. This allows us to expand into the new Light then contract back to dismantle old ways and come into the Source to birth a higher version of our self.

All these phases are taking place through our perception of time, yet we are unaware of the shifts until we awaken and become tuned into energy and our own Light bodies. From a time perspective, we can see how we shift from one phase to another without even realizing it. There is no beginning or ending, time just keeps flowing. Now let us shift to the Ages of 2,150 years to help illustrate this point further as we will need this understanding later. The Ages are split into phases on the timeline in red as 537.5-year intervals. Again, we are separating time out so that we can see how Diamond Sun Architecture works to evolve our consciousness and create our world. Each wave we receive carries a new understanding of consciousness, new lessons that must be learned and new shadow aspects to overcome. Particularly in the Ages, we will see how each wave dramatically changed the course of human history. For now, we want to illustrate how the energy of the previous Age is always affecting the embodiment of the new Age.

On the timeline above, we have used green to draw a dashed line down the center of the timeline to split it into two sections. The section on the left is the Creation phase and the section on the right is the dismantling phase. We are going to assume that we were in the Age of Capricorn prior to the timeline shown. Given this information, we can conclude that we have embodied the Light of the Age of Capricorn and are ready to move into the next 2,150-year Age of Sagittarius. This means that we receive our new timeline above on the Vernal Equinox in March which contains the attributes within the Sagittarius energy. However, we are still operating under the energy of Capricorn because we have not yet embodied the energy of Sagittarius. Therefore, the reality that manifests in March is going to align with the energy or attributes of Capricorn mixed with the new lessons of Sagittarius that we are to embody on this timeline. So, we can see that there is bleed through from one Age into the next as we work to embody the new level of consciousness (Light) with the consciousness of the previous timeline.

Using our timeline above to visually guide us through the phases of consciousness, we can see that from the Vernal Equinox when the stargate or Zodiac sign of Sagittarius first appears during the heliacal rising of the sun, we are in the new lessons and releasing of the old phase and Age for 537.5 years followed by the integration of the new age and dismantling of the old for another 537.5 years before we can begin to embody the energy of Sagittarius, the new Light of our timeline. What this means is that for the first 1075 years of the new timeline, we are still influenced by the energy of the previous timeline or Age, which in this example is the Age of Capricorn. This overlapping of Light from one timeline to the next is the fluidity of time. Meaning, we do not have a start and stop date of the energy from timelines. Consciousness does not say, “Its June 537.5 years since the Age of Sagittarius began, everything stops, and a new reality must start today.” This is a very static way of viewing time. It is like saying “it’s Monday and the weekend is over, and everything must stop and go back to 9 -5”, instead of waking each day and allowing it to unfold organically.

Yet, it is by using these linear, static, methods of viewing time, that we can see how time and Diamond Sun Architecture truly works. We say the Age of Capricorn began on this specific date and must end on this specific date. When in reality, it merges and flows from the previous Age into the next Age seamlessly affecting our collective realities. Fading in as it takes hold, then fading out as it releases the hold to allow the energy of the next timeline to flow in. In this way, time is always flowing without a beginning or an end. It is always more fluid even when we experience it as static or separate from the whole. It is only our perception of time that changes. It is this fluidity that allows life to flow, consciousness to evolve without the abrupt changes in our reality that would create chaos and would not be sustainable within the hologram. Therefore, we can never conclude that the energy of one Age begins on a certain date or time. Instead, we can use certain static dates as markers in time to help us see and identify patterns and shifts within the consciousness of Terra Nova. To put this in a relatable context, let us give an example. One might say, “I began to see the world more clearly in my thirties.” This, seeing the world more clearly, did not just happen in one day or in one moment in time. It was over a period of time that one began to see the world more clearly. However, at some point in time, something happened to cause us to begin to shift into seeing the world more clearly and at some point in time, we felt we saw the world more clearly. However, looking back we simply see this shift as occurring in our thirties. We do not remember the shift “seeing the world more clearly” as a separate event in time, we weren’t even aware of the wave or timeline that created the shift. It simply becomes part of our story that we began to see the world more clearly in our thirties. And not a specific event that we pinpoint in time but a gradual shift in our consciousness that took place in our thirties.

The point of the example is to show how seamless the transitions are within time. If we never separated time out, we would simply wake up each day and live whatever came at us, we would never look back over time and see the changes, because we only live in the now allowing reality to unfold brand new each day, like a child. However, we are waking up and are beginning our ascension back into this way of being. Which means we must begin to understand ourselves and how consciousness works, which includes understanding how our perception of time affects consciousness and collective realities on Terra Nova. It is the understanding of the fluidity of time and of how timelines create shifts in our collective consciousness that will enable us to better understand the Master Plan of Terra Nova. It is now time to remember when man fell into the bondage of time.

The Fall of Man into Time

We have demonstrated how the Precession of the Equinoxes is directly related to the stargates of this solar system and how the Light that we receive through these stargates is filtered into timelines to evolve the consciousness of Terra Nova. We have discussed the fluidity of time and how it affects the shifts in consciousness on Terra Nova. This understanding of the Ages and fluidity of time have been to prepare us in understanding the Master Plan of Terra Nova and how consciousness has evolved on this star system. We have also shared about the origins of Earth and the genetic experiment that began approximately 300K-years-ago. As we mentioned before, homo sapiens are the chosen race on Terra Nova that will eventually evolve the collective consciousness of this star system into a fully ascended star nation.

However, we were not always separate from the Source on our journey and once lived in harmony with Gaia and all other inhabitants of this planet. Since the inception of the planet, life existed here in a state of harmony with all of Creation. Every species was free to evolve and live freely on this star system unaware of themselves as anything separate from the whole. In other words, consciousness was not aware of duality or “good and evil” because it was not specifically aware of itself. Life simply moved from one eternal now moment to the next. It is worth mentioning that this did not mean all species got along. It simply means that we lived by the natural order of the Universe. Species still hunted other species and there was inter human species killing. However, we had no understanding of right or wrong and simply lived by our natural animal instincts. There was no time, no collective ego, only the basic survival of life that is innate in all beings. The planet was mostly in a state of glaciation with little sunlight reaching the majority of the surface. Then around 10,000 BC the last glaciation period that started 2.5 billion years before on our planet began to end. The sun’s rays began to shine across the surface of the Earth in more places than it had in billions of years and seeds of life began to sprout in fertile areas of the planet. By this time, homo sapiens had become the only human species to walk the face of the Earth, we had lived as hunter gatherers for thousands of years and weeded out all other human species. We evolved our knowledge of fire, primitive art, and other characteristics of the Paleolithic era. As the planet began to heat up, the climate shifted, and the glaciers began to melt. The sun was shining, life was waking up and we began to come out of our caves, out of the womb of Creation where unity consciousness had been holding us in an embryonic stage of development for thousands of years until our brains had evolved enough to finally birth our consciousness into what we call Modern Man.

We would begin cultivating our understanding of our world through the life cycle of agriculture and begin to understand who we are as a self. As we began to cultivate the ground, we were also cultivating our collective ego. And this began our fall from consciousness into the world of separation, onto the wheel of karma and into the experience of time. It is here that we will begin our journey through the Seven Ages of Man, the story of our evolution through the lower dimensions of consciousness as human beings.

Man had existed for hundreds of thousands of years, evolving on Terra Nova from a very primitive consciousness to the cusp of developing a persona, unaware of time and separation. We had simply followed our primitive instincts and lived in unity with nature in the eternal now. We were held within the loving womb of the mother. In other words, our consciousness was like that of an embryo which had developed into a fetus and finally an infant that was developed enough to be birthed into the world. The end of the last glacial period, when the sun began to cast Light on the Earth, was like our exit from the womb, through the birth canal and into the Light of the world where we would grow from a tiny infant into an old man.

Years ago, I stood in front of my graduating class to give a farewell address to my classmates, teachers and the audience of our family and friends. I chose that day to deliver my favorite poem and a piece of classic literature that speaks multidimensionally to the heart. It has had so many layers of interpretation since it was written. Back then, I was asleep, and I likened the poem to the evolution and future of my graduating class. Now, as a fully embodied Creator, I see the meaning of the ONE evolving and waking up. Now, as we will see, it has a far greater meaning for the race of men known as humans. The poem is called the Seven Ages of Man by William Shakespeare and it is shared below.

The Seven Ages of Man

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,

Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.

And then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel,

And shining morning face, creeping like snail

Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,

Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad

Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,

Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,

Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,

Seeking the bubble reputation

Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,

In fair round belly with good capon lined,

With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,

Full of wise saws and modern instances;

And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts

Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,

With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,

His youthful hose well saved, a world too wide

For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,

Turning again toward childish treble, pipes

And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,

That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness, and mere oblivion,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

As we know, the world is a stage, it is a great stage that hosts the greatest story we have ever known. The story of mankind, the chosen ONE’s that would evolve the consciousness of Terra Nova and create the experience of a physical body ascension to unify as our true self, the ONE Pure Consciousness. The ONE actor that plays all the parts. The ONE who wrote the story, plays all parts in the story and the ONE who will take the final bow at the end of the story. What Shakespeare wrote so very long ago captures in a such a human way our transit through the Ages since we fell into time.

The fall from consciousness was our own awakening to our humanness. It was the birth of the I AM inside of us. We came bursting into time as an infant, grew into a schoolboy, then experienced the growing pains of adolescence. We grew into a man, a soldier that wanted to conquer the world. We matured into a middle-aged man, tempering our thirst for war through justice and turning our attention to increasing our knowledge. We aged into the pantaloon, our quest for manhood tempered by a desire to know what lies beyond this world. Finally, we arrived at the last Age, where we can look back at our life and learn the important lessons we must take into the next. We are learning to let go and to live once more as the child. And just as a child is born and must grow up in the world, we too as human beings have had to be born into the world and from our infancy to our coming death, we have had to go through the stages of development of our collective ego we call the Seven Ages of Man. The Seven Ages of Man began around 11,500 BC when we were birthed of the virgin, that is, the stargate located in the constellation Virgo. We moved into the stargate of Leo and into time we call the Age of Leo. Our first timeline as a collective consciousness was flowing. It would take years before we would be able to look back and see this moment as the first experiences of time on Terra Nova. It is important to understand that time did not just suddenly start. As a planet, we have been traversing the stargates of the Zodiac since our inception and they will continue to flow until Terra Nova ceases to be. What occurred during this time was that our consciousness had evolved enough to shift into separation, otherwise known as time. Once we began to become aware of ourselves as an I AM, as a self, we fell from unity into the separation of time. Because we were only aware of the I AM, or self within the lower dimensions, we began to experience the 2,150-year timeline of the Ages that vibrates in those dimensions.

The dates of the Ages have been determined using the year 1969 which was the year we began shifting into the integration phase within the Age of Aquarius as a collective consciousness. All Ages begin when a new sign is seen during the heliacal rising of the sun during the Vernal Equinox or zero point on our annual collective timeline. Western astrology does not use this method which is why the information on the Ages contains distortions within the collective consciousness. Based on the Western interpretation of the ages, many believe we are still in the Age of Pisces. However, the stargate alignment at the heliacal rising on the Vernal Equinox shifted to the stargate Aquarius early in the fourteenth century which happened to bring with it the Renaissance that changed our collective consciousness forever. We have been in the Age of Aquarius since the fifteenth century and as a result of our collective embodiment of Light, we will be exiting the Age of Aquarius very soon. (More on that later)

We are also using the BC, before Christ, and AD, after death, time references as they refer to Christ Consciousness and a significant shift in human consciousness. Below is a chart of the Ages and the corresponding dates of each Age broken out into the start of the four “seasons” or phases of consciousness throughout each 2,150-year timeline. We will go into more depth on each Age later.

The Seven Ages of Man


New Light/Lesson





11,469 BC

10,931 BC

10,394 BC

9,856 BC


9,319 BC

8,781 BC

8,244 BC

7,706 BC


7, 169 BC

6,631 BC

6,094 BC

5,556 BC


5,019 BC

4,481 BC

3,944 BC

3,406 BC


2,869 BC

2,331 BC

1,794 BC

1256 BC


719 BC

181 BC

356 AD

893 AD


1431 AD

1969 AD

2506 AD

3,043 AD

As we can see from the chart above, we have been experiencing time through seven different attributes of the Creator within the frequencies of the first through third dimensions through the stargates of the Zodiac for approximately 13,500 years. Prior to this we were cycling through the twelve attributes, evolving our consciousness in what we could call, inutero. Meaning we were still connected to the Source and were like embryos then fetuses in the womb evolving enough to be birthed as infants. We were still connected to the original Diamond Sun Architecture of Terra Nova and were evolving without being aware of ourselves as a self in the I AM sense.

After we were birthed into a new level of consciousness, we began to become aware of the I AM as our human self. This separated us from the rest of Creation and the original Diamond Sun Architecture of Terra Nova. Our collective consciousness migrated from the crystalline matrix of the Cosmic Diamond Sun Body to the Carbon Matrix where our physical body and Light body were separated. This is the overlay system that we wrote about in the previous book when we discussed the carbon matrix being tied to the seven-chakra system versus the twelve stargate system of the Diamond Sun Body. We had Seven Ages to embody before our return to our Diamond Sun Body. These are the seven chakras of man’s Light body. This separation from our Diamond Sun Body and the Infinite Source, allowed for our consciousness to evolve the collective ego or persona within the realm of free will. Meaning we have been evolving with little outside influence for 13,500 years.

We had to be separated from the Diamond Sun Body and crystalline matrix to allow this part of the experiment to unfold. This has allowed humanity to journey through the seven remaining Ages or seven remaining attributes of the lower dimensions as a separate self to be able to cultivate our persona and ultimately our personality as a star system to fully embody the first through third dimensions of consciousness. This is why the number seven has played such an important role in the ancient teachings, our world and spirituality. It is part of the human story, the lower dimensional manifestation of consciousness showing itself our trek through time, teaching itself and trying to awaken itself. We see this in the seven days of the week, seven wonders of the world, seven higher heavens, seven chakras, etc. We will also see that once we move into soul consciousness and begin to awaken to Diamond Sun Architecture, the number twelve as well as three, six and nine, will begin to reveal themselves as keys to unlocking the remaining levels of our consciousness. Our fall into time was the fall of consciousness that many remember occurring. However, it was not at the hands of some negative alien agenda. It was a natural part of the genetic experiment and evolution of a new star nation within this Universe. We had to separate from the Infinite Source to learn who we are as a unique expression of the Source. Just as a child must grow up and learn who they are as a separate individual. Our fall of consciousness was our collective journey through free will and through the human experience. It was a time for the human species to evolve and create a collective ego as a new expression of consciousness within this Universe. It has been a journey of blood, sweat, tears and many distorted views of love as we have evolved from the infant into a fully grown man. Now, as we come to the end of the third dimension, we stand as an old man, looking back on our life and reflecting on it all. Preparing to let it all go and die that sweet death into the next life as a collective soul. We are ready once more to birth into the next level of consciousness and to exit the Seven Ages of Man.

Before, we move on to this next level, let us look at our human journey through the Ages so that we can better understand who we are and how the Master Plan of Terra Nova is unfolding like a thousand petal lotus, creating our collective ascension.

End of Part 1 – A Journey Through Time

We will continue our sharing of the book and Light to activate the Master Build of Terra Nova in the next article.


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is dedicated to bringing forth the Cosmic Blueprints for this star system. This is achieved in a multitude of ways including sharing information to assist all souls in raising their frequency to support the construction of their own Diamond Sun Body. All information shared is to update on the unfoldment of the Cosmic Blueprint for this star system and to educate on Cosmic Knowledge to support the process of full Source embodiment as a collective consciousness.
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