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Understanding and Creating with The Power of Meditation and Visualization

guided-meditationArturo Edán Muñoz

Meditation is not just a practice but an actual state of be-ing. I write be-ing in this manner to emphasize that our "selves" (both inner and outer) exist in various dimensions of time and space and that to be in a certain emotional/mental/spiritual place is to be taken as a litteral statement and experience of reality. Our inner states are as much a part and reflection of the tangible world around than we could ever imagine.

Everything around you right now, all that is a part your life, is a direct reflection of the world within you. Your marriage, your friends, your environment, your job, or the absence of these things are all intrinsically tied to your inner state of being.

Meditation is the art of coming into a state of inner understanding and spiritual connection to your inner self. It is the spiritual art of stripping down to your innermost truth as a child of the Universe and creating change from within this inner state of reality.

Meditation De-mystified

The principles of meditation can be incorporated into anything. You can create things within a state of meditation, and in essence anything you do during your day can become a meditation. Walking, shopping, writing, driving, all have the potential to become a part of your conscious meditation practice. It seems, that meditating is quite misunderstood and in many cases is dreaded as a boring and empty task.

You are receiving and reading this message because you are ready to start creating and practice creating through your meditation work. The following meditation is designed to guide you into an inner state of be-ing which I like to call "the empty canvas state of being". Within this state you will create a vibration within your be-ing which will spill out into your day. Think of it as the midas touch of meditations, spreading forth whatever energy you chose to embody through the power of your be-ing. What else is more empowering than knowing that through your inner state of be-ing (which you govern and control) you can start creating, reformatting, and changing the world around you. And let's face it, we all have thing s we want to see change and improve both (interestingly enough) within our SELVES and within our WORLD.

Please Try This at Home

Practice this meditation every morning or night, to set the tone for the rest of your day. Before beginning, set your intention. The following are examples of intentions. "Today I am opening myself to love". "Today I am opening myself to positive change" "Today I do everything with confidence and success" I am confident in everything I do." Spend time creating this intention because it is a crucial focus of the following meditation, which will attune you to the energy of your intention.

Sit in Silence
Take Three Deep Breaths
With Each Breath Feel Yourself
Come Deeper Into
The Center of your Mind.
Your mind is silent,
Your are clear,
You are Free

Visualize above your head
Your intention written out
in golden light
It is written in your very own hand writing
You recognize your letters
You see the sentence written
above your head.

The bright golden sentence
is within a golden cloud

Feel the energy of your powerful
intention. See it, read it, and feel it

What energy does your intention carry
Is it loving? Are you excited?

See and feel as your words on a golden cloud
begin to pass over you like a mist of fog.
It enters down into your head,
Feeling it's cool energy and power
slowly pass through your
Down into your shoulders
Down into your chest,
filling your lugs with the energy
of your intention
Feeling your intention
Breathing your intention

Down through your back
Into your stomach
Your intention moves through you
You are your intention
You carry the wonderful, golden
power of it's energy, of it's life
You are the words of power
and love you have created

Continue moving your
your intention down into your hips
your knees
and finally your feet.
Your entire body is now surrounded in this
cool, vibrating mist of golden energy.

See yourself surrounded in a cocoon
of golden energy. See your words soak into you
as you continue breathing and seeing yourself
in this golden mist.

You and this energy are one.
Spend a few silent moments feeling this energy
And when you are ready
Thank yourself for the gift you have given
And when you are ready slowly being to feel
the room around you
and take three energizing breaths
Brining your focus to a state of
alert and pleasant focus.
You can open your eyes

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