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The First Step

The First Step

Golden Steps to the New #1

Dearest Beloveds,

A new time, such as you are in now, requires a greater commitment to taking action, in the absence of what would appear to be outer reminders of security and safety.

What this means for many, is that you are being called forth in your life, to attend to all those aspects of yourself that are needing realignment, balance, healing and truth.

Many of these situations appear to have little choice involved, as right action is needed, due to the current circumstances on planet Earth.

The urgency of the hour requires that each embodied soul step forward according to your heart, destiny, calling and capability.

Your destiny is not something predetermined by an abstract God, but rather chosen by your soul level, before you entered this life.

You arranged to enter the Earth plane at precisely the right time, with the family, the body and the life circumstances to accomplish your sacred purpose, to participate in the current global awakening that is unfolding on Earth.

Your destiny is an unfolding choice, and at each moment, and especially at each crucial juncture, you have a choice.

Now is one of these times dearest beloveds, where many forces are at play and many possibilities abound. Choices must be made about where you focus and what directions you will take.

In order to align most deeply with your divine purpose, care and compassion must be given, most importantly to yourself and to all other beings.

Although the times you are living in may feel harsh, frightening and overwhelming, the way through these times is the apparent opposite of what it may appear.

Many people in the face of a challenge may work harder and push themselves more intensely to accomplish those things that are needed.

Others may hide and attempt to withdraw, in order to feel more of a sense of safety and security.

The new energies of this time are requiring a different approach, that is more in harmony with the new vibrational atmosphere on the planet.

In this new time, when the way through is not clear, and when many people do not know what to do, divine life is asking for a new depth of surrender.

Rather than fighting against the circumstances in your present life, consider allowing a new way to unfold.

When you do not know what to do, or when you are so deeply unhappy with your present reality, choose to take time, breathe, and to suspend all doing.

Sit with what is unfolding for you in your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Notice where you habitually go in your consciousness.

Allow there to be space, empty space in your moments, and sit there with the emptiness.

Reach deeply to find your heart. Reach deeply to find trust, that the divine is unfolding your path perfectly, according to your soul's larger plan.

Consider making it a priority to find a new way, in your present circumstance, to move forward, even though you do not know how.

You may feel as though you are stepping off of a cliff, however you will discover as you begin to live this way, that the divine hands of justice, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, love, healing and rebalancing are becoming activated in your life.

Divine justice offers the confidence that the One that is God, the Creator, the Divine Mother and All That Is, will create the needed rebalancing for all situations.

Divine justice frees individuals from seeking retribution, and aligns that individual with the larger Oneness that will make all needed corrections, on all levels of reality for the good of All.

Divine justice is already fully operational on the Earth, bringing greatly needed healing and rebalancing for all beings. The divine hand is always first and foremost of Love, even though that which is need of healing may not be immediately apparent.

Seek first the truth within yourself, the honesty and silliness to examine your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs.

See where you need to go forward, and where you may be impeding yourself.

Give to all beings the love that is in your heart, and your desire to support and nourish all of life.

This is the way through your current time of challenge, with humility, forgiveness, love, mercy, divine justice and compassion.

With all love and blessings, Amen.

Note from Mashubi - This message, received on May 27, 2020 is the first of a new series of messages for this new time.  

Received by Mashubi - May 27, 2020

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