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G1 Solar Storm

G1 Solar Storm

Some solar activity is underway to assist with the calibration phase we now find ourselves in. Yesterday (23rd) our magnetic field cracked and we received some gentle solar winds and today the field cracked at approx 7.07am (GMT) and just under 2 hours later we began receiving a minor solar storm at G1 (KP5) level.

When I say minor solar storm this doesn't mean its going to feel minor in terms of our reality experience.

What we need to remember is that due to the deep solar minimum we have now become super acclimatised to the cosmic rays that are present during the space in time in which the sun is quiet in activity, this then allows for the deep space cosmic rays to penetrate our field. These cosmic rays are super important when it comes to our consciousness, DNA, genetic evolution and our cellular memory and so at the end of each solar cycle we receive a solar minimum that lasts for approximately 2 years and its during this space that the conscious surfers go within and use this energy to reach depths that are unable to be met during the active solar cycles.

We are now on the tail end of the solar minimum so when we receive these energies what we tend to find is something like a shock to the system at first, considering a solar cycle generally lasts 11 years and 2 of those are minimum status what we can see is just how very used to these energies we generally are. So imagine the past two years have been very much in the Divine Feminine frequencies, in the depth of self, the darkness and then someone opens the curtains and we move into action, we move into the Masculine frequencies of growth and activations, activating the new codes, the newly rewired cellular system for us to create the new reality experience over the incoming 9 year cycle.

That first drawing back of the cosmic curtains can take some time to adjust to, and the adjustment quite often takes a good couple of years to fully feel comfort within. Saying this, it generally takes a couple of years for the sun activity to really begin to form, so if we are to compare lift off from the last solar cycle and what is now heading in then one could say the 2012 repeat is likely to be between 2021 and 2022 in which we already know that 2022 is going to be a climatic dissolution of much of the old dysfunctional Piscean systems and operations.

This is why it was super crucial as to how we moved through the reflections of the 2 years and most especially how we processed the virus, collectively we chose to receive the virus codes in hindsight and this was evident in how much people got hung up in the details of the experience and were unable to view/receive from The Divine Feminine codes that were attempting to share the forgotten language shared in the spaces of mirror consciousness.

By viewing the codes in hindsight, is a victim space which highlights just how far away the race is from holding itself in its sovereign energy, which we know this, this is nothing new to know, but it is most definitely something each is required to now be responsible for, which means entirely beginning to own how this now plays out for each of us and begin choosing to transmute the lower victim mentalities until we can truly connect with the Divine Feminine reflective language and experience everything in the NOW moment, and it is at this point hindsight becomes defunct and we begin creating realities in alignment with the natural cosmic motion.

This incoming solar cycle is only going to be understood by a very few beings but it is these beings, myself included who have now paved the way, opened the path of wisdom to now be shared so that as each and every solar cycle moves through we can share our wealth of wisdom, we can share the gift of language and assist in the almighty shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.

Please do get in touch at if you would like to find out how you too can be a wayshower in this incoming solar cycle and finally learn the language of The Divine Feminine, this language is essential for the Aquarian Age and so it is essential for you life flow.

Life flow meaning lifetimes ahead, what you can learn in this life"time" provides a footing for the next "trip" around the block. From a soul eye view there is no separation, all is a continuation of experience within the ancestral body born from one of the seven Earth Sisters. From a souls eye view each lifetime is much like a flash in time, hence why we move through the understandings of time and space, first learning to value each moment to awaken us into full consciousness to then release the structure and then be free of the karmic bonds that time/saturn has over our sleeping experience.

It is most definitely important to value each second equally to the value of the 2300 years within an Age, as it is most definitely important to understand the beginning to then hold the flow for the future in this NOW moment, there is never a second to be unaccounted for, each opportunity for learning is a crucial part of the eternal flight path.

In many of my transmissions I do not only speak of the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age but I also bring forward the wisdom of the Capricorn Age and whilst much of the sleepiness we hold will devalue the Capricorn Age it will do each well to wake up and consider the entire path to be able to achieve a strong hold in this lifetime to then set off from the next and beyond with a super sure footing.

The more of the golden thread of truth/light that we can see throughout the fabric of time and space the more conscious and creative this entire experience becomes, saying this, if just one person can see the golden thread then ultimately it speeds up the process for the entire connecting grid/body that we have become here at A Gift from Gaia. I make reference to a balloon popping in slow motion to describe how this wisdom sharing is working, its written in some of my recent work that you can find in the opal portal at https://www.agiftfromgaia.com and is well worth a read for you to understand how our connection is rapidly speeding up your personal experience.

The solar winds are also coupled with a few sun spots too, nothing major in fact I believe the cores of these sunspots are weak, however they have crackled at B Class, which again whilst very low in terms of power are not yet accustomed to yet. These energies activate and how this is received in your field is entirely dependent on where you are at on your awakening spectrum.

This is the point in which many begin to talk about ascension symptoms, may I suggest you step away from this narrative as it is MOST DISCONNECTED from the Divine Feminine and the language or dialogue that is being shared in those moments.

There is NO SUCH THING as Ascension SYMPTOMS there is only language and it is either understood or it is not. This means The Divine Feminine language is either understood or it is not.

Those awakening understand everything we once thought was a symptom to be a symbol, and every experience, sensation, feeling, emotion, pain, pleasure whatever it may be to be a reflection of the symbolic language that the Divine Feminine shares.

Therefore in the active solar energies it is possible for both pain or pleasure to be experienced based on how fluent each is in The Divine Feminine energies. The purpose of solar energy is to activate your consciousness, expand your field and GROW, and so where there is resistance there will be the reflection of pain, whereas pleasure will be experienced in all areas that are light, open and ready to expand.

So, as the race is pretty much asleep and experiencing its reflections of blindness, conflict and hasn't yet got up to speed with the magic of light this means that generally speaking the experience is more chaotic.

Headaches are common, tiredness, overwhelm and aggravation and these will manifest in all fields which are most noticeable in the mind and physical body/reality with either a flush of overactivity and oversensitivity especially with ailments.

Again this is the language of the Divine Feminine and if you would like assistance in tuning into the language then please do get in touch, there is nothing more incredible that teaching this impeccable language that has been long forgotten, I don't believe I will ever tire of hearing the words "I get it" and witnessing people begin in a clueless state to then becoming a super empowered, super creative state in which they KNOW at all times exactly where they are, exactly why they are experiencing and how to shift it if they so choose - SUPER EMPOWERMENT only arrives once the Divine Feminine is fully understood.

So, with this being said, and one is receiving symbolic pain then what we do is first relate it to our emotional blockage, where are we not prepared to take responsibility, where are we prepared to load up our unconscious programming and allow weight to be held - we OWN IT, FULLY and we allow it to tell its woes with no requirement to dampen, MASK (reflection of today) or push aside what is trying to be shared, instead we soften the entire experience down and move into the super Divine Feminine experience of self validation and self nurturing, turning up the volume of self love and creating an even more supporting space to accommodate the process of realise, release and recalibrate that is required in the solar activation phases. The quicker this processing can be adopted without question or need to get hung up on the details of the experience then the quicker the process shifts into what it is essentially attempting to expand and evolve you into super states of connection and consciousness.

Super states of connection and consciousness hold experiences of consistent peace and therefore healing, literally miraculous healing as well as full connection which feels like a space of constant knowing. Constant knowing is not the same as thinking we know it all, it is having the answers required in any given moment that are shared from the truth, core truth of each of the fields, mental, physical and energetic, and these truths change dependent on frequency, hence why we can never know it All, considering the All is consistently changing anyway. Connection opens the doors for unconditional love to be experienced and its at this point all judgement and the over processed fear is released. The point and purpose of this solar growth energy, so in other words the ultimate Gift is enLIGHTenment and this is experienced when the incredible tones of bliss are emanating through the field.

Light has one objective and that is the spectrum of LIFE, which means to support growth and to give life, and so from this statement alone we can all agree that trying to push aside the experience of growth or to mask the growing pains is simply going to highlight the judgement and defence programs playing out to keep one asleep.

As I was feeling into the light codes this morning what was very obvious was the trickery required in the current surf as we move through the balancing point of the Equinox.

What I find, personally, is that 3 days before an Equinox and then 3 days after we find ourselves in a space in which we learn to rebalance ourselves in the new energy, I find that my ability to physically communicate becomes less flowing and more blocky and I feel incredibly vacant, vast in space and yet there is a contradiction in that I feel contained, almost cuddled. Well nowadays this is how I feel, once an unconscious octave ago I would feel foggy, groggy and restricted. This of course was recognised and reconciled in its truth as an equinox balance point in which my entire being was calibrated to the new energetic field of creation and so it feels quite fitting that we receive some solar activations on the 2nd day from the Equinox point to bring us up into a new speed or a new balance point.

Saying this.....COVID......those hanging onto the details and the second wave shifts are currently unable to see the reflection of the virus within and are now moving into higher levels of restriction, this wave of solar winds is likely to highlight the fragile tipping point of that which is weighted in the depths of unknowing and those who are ready to realise the cosmic patterning so that they can change their human design and alignment.

If like me you are feeling this vacant space then my loves I deeply encourage you to not try and fill this beautiful space with NON-Sense but instead to allow the space to wrap itself around you and for the resistance/restriction to share its coded reflections. Simply allowing the calibration phase to take place without the need to know, push or manipulate is ultimately THE most Divine experience in which we welcome the rest period and recognise the ebb and flow of life itself. As I mentioned in another recent report the purpose of now is to ultimately balance our gift of consciousness and integrate it with the natural flow here on Earth, stripping away the ancient coding we hold of impatience, greed and the need to interfere, gosh if there is one thing we really should have learned by now is just how arrogant we are as humans and how we think we have a god given right to meddle in things that are quite obviously already existing in a state of heavenly perfection.

So, I shall continue my cocooning, today the sunrises at 6.51am and sets at 18,53 and tomorrow it rises at 6.53am and sets at 18.51 and this decline continues from here on in, tomorrow is the day in which the cocoon cracks, opening itself to the energy of Venus (Friday's ruler) in which we will gently move out and into a deeply Divine Feminine energy to begin airing out our new set of butterfly wings.

I am sharing much love with you

Your siSTAR



Andrea Cutlan
A Gift From Gaia
My mission in this moment is to contribute to humanity and assist in raising the vibration here on Gaia, it is my number one passion and there is nothing more that I love than making a difference and creating a ripple of change across the globe. In this space, here at A Gift from Gaia, you will find many light gems that I share and also regular energetic reports that are crucial when committing to your light path.
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