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Our New Divine Blueprints Are Going Online!!

Our New Divine Blueprints Are Going Online!!

Divine Blueprints Have Been Fully Re-claimed.

All through the Infinite Power of Pure True Divine Love that always springs forth from, and comes back to the Self. Although those that are part of our Soul Monads Divine Blueprint and part of the very fabric, fire and flame we were made of, truly are here to help us open our Hearts up ever wider, even when we sometimes can't see it at the time, as they are being broken wide open. All so that we can heal.

This is a time out of time for Soul family and Divine Union Counterparts to come together and co-create New Ascension Earth Realities together as ONE, because it's been written in our DNA and morphogenetic field to be fully unlocked in this NOW to bring our New Eden fully online. We are the One's who have created all of this together as One and that's also how we're changing it again.

Happy 111222 (333) and All Saints Day to ALL! A day were past and future Saints are being celebrated, which would be us, just not as saintly as was expected in the past, as we're accessing a whole new Cosmic Consciousness now, that is nothing that has been available before. Tomorrow is also a 22222 day! Completing the death and re-birthing process for many Forerunners, which is triggering the collective one.

We have massive plasma waves flowing in and you may feel the tiredness that comes with these final clearings, DNA and Plasma LightBody upgrades. I'm feeling the deepest sense of peace, contentment, balance, bliss, Divine Inner Union and Love stabilising in my own field and Consciousness and I'm also noticing more and more physical changes taking place with me, along with less Ascension symptoms being experienced, that have me looking and feeling younger again, after especially the past three years of having felt like the living dead a lot. Also, a result of the removal of all the artificial materials, dead and decaying energies, cords that our life force energy was being harvested from, also connected to attachments, entities, Reversals, parasitic infections and implants such as the 666 death seal, which are all being fully dissolved now as we return to Eternal Life Flows.



THE NEW EDEN & HEAVEN ON EARTH AWAKENS FULLY NOW, from deep within us and then gets projected out into our hologram!

Crystalline Diamond White Golden Platinum plasma liquid light is flowing throughout the Grid's and ALL, fully anchoring the New Cosmic Christ Consciousness Frequency and Trinity wave currents. Overwriting all lower timelines, codings, realities, Consciousness, and frequencies. Re-encrypting and healing all of Creation back to its Original Perfection, plus upgrades. Returning Divine Source flows and currents to ALL.


Fully clearing all remaining distortions, old Blueprint, and templates.

The 12D Cosmic Quantum Emerald Tree of Life has been fully restored and reset to its higher Cosmic, multi-dimensional Blueprint!!

The Divine Template of the 144 plus three as ONE is fully online and going mainstream.



The Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion Body, and Diamond Rainbow Plasma LightBody, Merkaba and multi-dimensional DNA, RNA and Quantum Codes are being fully healed, ignited and coming online.

Our Cosmic Egg, the Perfect Proton Seed/ Cosmic God/ Permanent Seed Atom, our Original Source Codes, l and multi-dimensional quantum/ quanta has been fully re-claimed and is being ignited along with our sacred Crystal Hearts opening ever wider, ready for the final ignition that is about to changed ALL forever, and allows our full ascend, dissolving all false holographic overlays, and Activation of the New Divine Organic Creatrix field and Realities.



Masculine Rod of God Codes (horizontal axiatonal alignment) have been fully healed, anchored, locked in, sealed, and are fully online now! Healing all Patriarchal Domination Coding, Patriarchal Demon seeds, and False Father Archetypal patterns, templates, and old Masculine Blueprint.


Unified, balanced and interlocking as ONE with fully re-claimed Divine Feminine Staff of Life Codes (vertical axiatonal alignment).



The New Divine Union and Relationship, and Divine Feminine and Masculine Codes have been fully locked in, sealed, anchored, and activated. Fully overwriting the old False Parent archetypes and principles within the Collective Consciousness. Upgrading and igniting our New Divine Cosmic Father and Mother principles, keys, codes and Divine Blueprints and Templates, along with the New Edenic/ Paradisian and Ascension Earth keys and codes.

13/13 - 15/15


Divine Unions complete and are going fully online along with the new Unity field. Returning Peace, Balance, Purity, Divinity, Bliss, Divine Love and Union to and with ALL of life everywhere, as we return to our Original Divine state of beingness and Innocence, but with the lessons learned.

All distorted polarity, and victim-victimizer Consciousness is fully dissolving and overwritten along with the false memories, history records, pictures of reality, holographic overlays, inserts and implants, seals, and membranes , allowing us to fully dissolve the artificial Matrix realities now, as we see through the illusion, which is what dissolves the power Realities and overwrites the old mind control programming.

We are accessing the Buddhic no-mind and Siddhic states of Consciousness of pure awareness and Observer state, which allows us to overwrite the existing Realities from the Zero Point Field of Divine Neutrality, and access Cosmic Christ Consciousness at all times now, with all interference patterns fully dissolving.

The Forerunners are accessing 360 degrees and full multi-dimensional REALity access in the quantum field and NO-TIME whatsoever.

With the New Diamond and Emerald Heart Grid fully online and operational, more and more communication now happens telepathically and is available within the field. So there will be less and less of a need to share in the old manual ways of sharing our thoughts via talking and writing. For that a certain level of Purity of Consciousness must be a given, as otherwise we'd be in big trouble with everyOne knowing what we think of our minds are still filled with judgements, negative thought forms and beliefs.

See and feel how your sacred Crystal Heart and Third Eye and Crown/ Mind are radiating out through you and out to ALL, into your Realities, the higher dimensional frequencies, and Cosmic Consciousness now available, with us as the new Cosmic Consciousness Broadcasting towers.

All of the required keys, codes and quantum we needed to complete our full ascend out of the false Matrix hologram, and for us to switch fully over to the New Organic Divine Creatrix field, have been fully re-claimed and are unlocking.

Rainbow Rounds and Rainbow Frequencies of Pure Cosmic, Source Consciousness from the God World's, are running throughout the Grids!!

ALL are being liberated and freed of the burdens of the past as the false memories, projections, perceptions, inverted and fear based thought forms and beliefs, resentments and guilt, all remaining miasma and karmic load, are all fully dissolving now, FREEING ALL!!


Now with all the interference patterns going, going, gone, gone, GONE, our manifestations become super heightened and amplified now, and much more instant. So use your Superpowers, gifts, abilities and all that you have learned wisely and be Super Conscious of how you are CO-CREATING your future in every NOW moment, with every word, thought, feeling, belief and action we take!

Know that paying for rent, food, electricity and other essentials only happens on prison planets. What we are accessing now is EVERYONE BEING PROVIDED FOR, because no-One owns this shit on New Ascension Earth. Our natural resources belong to ALL!! So my advice would be to align with ALL NEW ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES and Heaven on Earth, RIGHT NOW, QUANTUM STYLE! It's a FREQUENCY that we hold and emit and as we reach the perfect moment in NO-TIME and the Supernova of The Heart Event will fully unfold, and




Can you feel how all your worries, doubts, insecurities, nervousness and fear based thought forms and beliefs, along with the painful memories of the past, as we fully heal, dissolving and overwritten with the new Cosmic Christ Consciousness, of which we are the Broadcasting towers?!

Can you feel how you can feel your biggest and wildest dreams are about to become a reality?! That DREAMS DO COME TRUE?! That nothing is I’m-possible now?! That all the obstacles are dissolving along with the memories of the dream that we are now fully awakening from?! How our wounds and traumas are being lifted and healed as we surrender our false ego self to Source, to become atOne with ALL?!

It's up to us now to fully IGNITE OUR NEW EDEN FROM DEEP WITHIN and all around us, because THIS IS WHAT WE CAME FOR!

The heavy lifting is over, now we thrive!!

STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN! Now that we know better and will co-create the most amazing Edenic and heavenly Realities, all from the inside out, as they ignite from within the film strip of our DNA and morphogenetic field now. As we start to project ALL NEW ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES OUT FROM WITHIN OUR PURIFIED CRYSTAL HEART!

Us being as relaxed as possible, knowing all is already DONE and coming to us, as we release any remnants of the old, false us and Matrix realities, as well as any attachments or resistance to any outcome or to what is, we now become the Super-magnets that attract that which is meant for us with ease. As we OPEN UP WIIIIIDE TO RECEIVE, fully trusting and held by God's embrace. Knowing we are all-ways supported, carried and guided as long as we trust and believe the calling of our sacred Crystal Heart, inner guidance, intuition and wisdom, as this is how God speaks to and through us, and it is what helps u keep our hearts opening ever wider.

Now is about diving deep into gratitude for all we have accomplished, learned, are accessing and have already manifested, now.

It's about washing of any remnants of the past that we now let fully burn, as we fully rise as the Phoenix from the ashes of our own past, our false Self, and the old, artificial Matrix realities, allowing it to fully dissolve for THE NEW TO BE BORN!

You have to train yourself to believing that everything is about to change forever in the most awesome of ways in one now moment in NO-TIME. It already has at a higher Consciousness/ dimensional level, which are all being merged and unified as ONE.

Train yourself to overwrite your realities with what you want to see.

Re-member what you came here for. Re-member your POWER, gifts, abilities, and wisdom and FULLY RE-CLAIM THIS NOW along with your Divine Birthright of total FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE and JOY, and our biggest dreams and Happily Ever After coming true, from deep within you.


As the old collapses and dissolves all around us, we came to dance in the rain, dancing to the Music of the Spheres that is harmonising all of Creation back to its Original Blueprints, sacred geometric patterns, restoring inner and collective Harmony, Balance, Purity, Divinity and Innocence.

JUST BE & dissolve into the no-thingness and Oneness that you are and all is, to be fully RE-BORN ANEW in this timeless NOW, as THE ONE TRUE DIAMOND AVATAR SELF that we are! Already ascended, living on New Ascension Earth right NOW!

Allow yourself to SURRENDER ALL OF YOU TO SOURCE and the Divine Plan, to be healed and re-born from within and through the Cosmic Womb of The Mother, restoring you to full and perfect health, vitality, divinity, and perfection.

Know that all is about to change forever, and the old is truly gone now. We fully re-birth our One True Self, as ALL of our multi-dimensional Self's, Dimensions, Universes, Worlds and Realms, have been MERGEd AS ONE, and Heaven descends upon Earth.

Eternal Love,


Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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