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The Last, Grand Battle Is Ending

The Last, Grand Battle Is Ending

It's won within our own minds and hearts, as they reunite as One in perfect harmony. As the Fall in Consciousness happened when the genders were split, the Heart and the Mind separated, this is how all of this started. This is what ultimately led to the following invasion and cataclysmic events.

The war and split between the genders, our mental and emotional bodies (2-4D), and divide of the Masculine and Feminine principles. That's also how we heal this and fully repair the timeline and Original Split and Divide, as we fully unify these within us, through our own inner and outer Divine Union process, which is fully completing now.

Our Freedom, Abundance and New Earth Realities are being fully activated now, as we remove and dissolve all shadow bodies and the last layers of interference patterns from our and the Planetary body. Liberating HUmanity and ALL of Creation from the negative thought forms, beliefs and with it the beings, that have kept us imprisoned in a phantom Matrix reality that has been kept hidden from most people's awareness.

What is unfolding right now is a full clearing of our personal and Collective Shadow Bodies, within and without. This is fully completing the Reset of our Blueprints, Dark Matter/ Rasha Body and Consciousness, which is what informs our matter body and world's with the instruction sets of how to manifest itself. All is shape shifting as we shift in Consciousness and awareness. Shifting the way, we perceive and look at things, which is what is truly shifting our Realities at a physical level, even if that comes last. That's the Quantum Observer Effect.

"When we incarnated into 3D we had to accept huge miasmatic package that is attached to the collective human mental bodies on this planet. These are called Universal Shadow bodies, the Negative Form or Phantom Sun bodies. These phantom bodies are what generate Shadow Selves and these shadow bodies are what connect unawakened humans to the 911 timeline of the Alpha Omega Agenda or the negative alien agenda." ~ Source: Ascension Glossary

I want to point out that we are Clearing the distortions and shadow body much more quickly than most would have thought possible.

This is resulting in the full and final removal of all remaining imposters, negative entities and beings that have committed crimes against humanity, including the black magicians and public and otherwise responsible individuals such as those found in positions of power in religious, political, military, economical and entertainment environments.

Our separate, false ego self is truly the obstacle, and is what is being fully trance-ended. It's all interconnected. That's where our power lies, in its final removal, as we dissolve the false ego Self, by integrating and alchemising our shadow aspects, unifying our light and dark side. Which we can't do when we keep suppressing, denying, trying to kill it off or project it onto others.

The demons and negative entities we are removing are ultimately our fears, envy, hate, anger, and other negative emotions and thought forms of the collective shadow body. They are what the false artificial ego and Matrix Realities with its fear based programming/ thought forms and beliefs, were based upon. This is what makes our fields susceptible and opens us up to negative entity and energetic attacks, so as long as we still hold separation and fragmentation within the self, we are at risk of this. Fully Healing all of our wounds and traumas is the only way out, and what makes us invincible and protects us from such attacks, as well as helps remove and dissolve these negative energies and beings.

As we fully SURRENDER OUR FALSE EGO to Source, emptying ourselves of all the false programming and trance-end our egoic and fragmented monkey mind for good, that is stuck in victim-victimizer Consciousness, that's when we become fully liberated and FREE OURSELVES FROM THE MATRIX. No longer feeling separate from Source or any other.

That's Divine Union.

That's us embodying and aligning with the Frequency of Grace, Divine Love, and the Unity field.

That's Ascension.

Re-member that when this is clearing from our and the collective field it will come up to be seen for what it is, especially with the last veil fully dissolving now, and the unseen becoming ever more visible. All for the final dissolution of all that is false to occur, as is the case with everything. I spoke about this more in yesterday's energy and video update also. Know it for what it is in order to fully clear and dissolve these energies at a personal and Collective level now, as you stand FULLY in, and embody, the Frequency of Grace, no longer fighting, resisting, or judging anything outside or inside of you.

DIVINE LOVE is what MAKES THE I'M-POSSIBLE POSSIBLE, the invisible visible, and is what moves mountains!

Collapsing the quantum standing wave function of the artificial Matrix realities and holographic overlays, as we observe them in Divine Neutrality. No longer falling for, and getting triggered by, the illusions playing out, as we have healed our wounds now. The Forerunners are completing their Healing journey and re-birthing themselves, and with it The Collective Consciousness, as ONE. Fully resetting our birth records and Divine Blueprints, including all of the upgrades we have received, especially over this past week filled with powerful Activations, clearings and expansions of our perceptions, which is what keeps shifting our Consciousness and Realities.

You have to have fully neutralised and have healed from your experiences in the 3D Matrix as well as Interdimensional war dramas and traumas to come to full Divine Union, Balance, Harmony and Peace within, which creates the outer, which happens in many different ways on our healing journey. Most important right now is that we see through all remaining illusions of this Matrix to fully dissolve them, and fully withdraw our attention off the 3D distractions.

The Krystar SAphiRA LightBody Awakening Activations served as a pre-clean-up for this now, seeding the keys and codes needed, and is allowing for this final clean up to complete, and for our new Edenic Realities and Diamond Rainbow Plasma LightBody and Avatar Self, to come fully online and visible now.

All AI, negative alien machinery, shadow beings, corrupted elementals, cords, hooks, implants, holographic overlays and lower codings are being fully cleared, and dissolved. All part of the FULL re-encryption and RESET OF our DARK MATTER/ Rasha BODY, and CLEARING OF THE COLLECTIVE SHADOW BODY, COMING TO FULL COMPLETION as part of our Healing process NOW, quantum style, as we heal our emotional wounds and traumas fully.

"The origination point of shadow body attachment to our personal angelic human LightBody was kept in place as a static field, in which black hole entities from the Wesa system used the Universal Shadow body to siphon life force energy and feed on humans directly, with cords and implants attached to the Chakra system. Thus, the shadow body which contains subpersonality aspects of the Negative Ego shadow selves, negative forms, ghost imprints and accumulated traumatic memories and karmic superimposition, is a part of the human LightBody. During the Lyran Stargate explosion, the damage created at the 11th dimension was inverted and twisted into phantom areas in order to harvest our collective race consciousness, sending the living light energy collected back to their home, a fallen system in a parallel matrix."

- Source: Ascension Glossary

This is also completing the full reclamation, clearing, repair and reset of the 11th Stargate and Grids in the UK, Ireland and France (Montsegur the 12th Stargate, with link in from Kauai Hawaii), by fully Healing the Original Cause of the Lyran Stargate explosion. COMPLETING ALL OF OUR MISSIONS, Timeline and Stargate repair. All part of, and interlinked with, our own Multi-dimensional integration, and Divine Union, Blueprint Reset and healing.

All of our efforts and heavy lifting, is now allowing up to/ full 12-72 strands of our multi-dimensional DNA, 15D Chakra System and multi-dimensional Realities of the New Organic Divine Creatrix field, and our Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma LightBody and Merkaba, as well as that of the Planet, to come fully online! We are in the process of removing and dissolving ALL of the remaining distortions from our bodies and field. All comes back to, and is connected to, the overall Consciousness and Frequency we hold, embody and emanate.

EXPECT BIG ASS MIRACLES & KEEP CALLING THEM FORTH! Align with the Frequency of these Realities already being manifest NOW.

USE YOUR SUPERPOWERS OF IMAGINATION & MANIFESTATION WISELY! Become Super Conscious and make your every word, thought, feeling, belief and action count!

Our New Kryst-all-in-e Consciousness Operating and Broadcasting system is taking fully over as the old AI networks are being fully cleared up, taken down and dissolved. As we become the All-Seeing Eye of God and radiate Divine Love out from our Hearts to ALL of Creation, we



These three days of Halloween, together with All Saints Day on the 1st, and All Souls Day on the 2nd, have my special focus in fully completing what we came here for. Also, part of the further integration and unlocking process of all that has been received since the Eclipse and Krystar SAphiRA LightBody Awakening Activations that unfolded. Especially today I'm focusing on finishing the negative entity removal and I'm seeing this happening in the field as a big dissolving, as these shadow bodies are all disappearing and evaporating as we realise that they too are ALL PART OF THE ILLUSION. As the remaining spells wear off and we start to see with crystal clarity again our Realities for what they really are; an imagination and projection of The One Consciousness, that we came here to change from the inside out, through our own inner healing, transformation and metamorphosis, and everyOne else helps us with this.

As we fully trance-end all remaining ego illusions and delusions of separation, re-membering our One True Self and our true memories and history again, crystal clarity returns with many downloads coming online rapidly, allowing all remaining interference patterns and lower codings to be fully dissolved now. All through the healing of our emotional pain body, traumas and wounds, as this is what dissolves the shadow body and beings and heals us and our planetary morphogenetic field fully now!

Allow your body to rest and treat it with much tender loving self care, as all this negative energetic residue is being fully removed and dissolved rapidly at a collective level. RELAXATION IS KEY. Allow your body to align with the reality where there is no-thing more to be afraid of, defend against or fight. Allow Source and The Divine Mother to fully heal your Heart, Mind, Body Soul, and Unify with your multi-dimensional Self and Source as ONE, where no-thing lies outside of you, and all you need truly lies within YOU. HAVING FULLY RE-CLAIMED Y/OUR GOD GIVEN POWER!

Dissolve into the no-thingness and Oneness that you are and all is. Allow Source to cleanse you of all remaining illusions, false perceptions, thought forms and beliefs, all lower, negative, artificial, and parasitic entities and energies, frequencies and vibrations, sounds and light fields. We're also clearing all addiction webbing, black and red box technologies and red waves spectrum, which were also connected to the old energy harvesting technologies, all having been fully neutralised now and are being fully dissolved.

Allow the remnants of the false Matrix realities, memories and overlays to be washed off you now. Salt baths, much good quality water, full body relaxation, body stretching, nature/ earthing, massages etc. all assist, especially as our central nervous system is being fully recalibrated, healed and upgraded.

With the black magic field, spells, hexes and curses having been fully cleared and declared null and void, additional black magic performed by remaining black magicians will carry direct and imminent repercussions and whiplash effect/ returned to sender and/ or instant cause and effect taking place.

We are shifting collectively from the demonic to the Divine. From distorted polarity and victim-victimizer Consciousness, to a Unified, Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Embodiment, which is what ignites Heaven on Earth from the inside out. This process is being lead by the Forerunners and Starseeds, the Maji Grail Queens and Kings and Original Twin flames, the Maji Indigo Grail lines, the 144 plus three as One (code), that make up the Cosmic Monad and hold the Divine Blueprints for our Cosmic Ascension and Re-Union. As they reunite in Divine Love and ignite their sacred Crystal HEARTs as ONE fully, this will go out to ALL willing Hearts, and BRING the New Divine Organic Creatrix field and ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES FULLY ONLINE, WITH THE SUPERNOVA OF THE HEART EVENT!

We have received all the Activations, keys and codes that are allowing us now to fully complete the clearing and reset of our bodies, Consciousness and Blueprints. Trusting and believing in Miracle Healings will greatly support this process, especially over these three linear days, where our death and rebirth process comes to its full completion as I'm being shown.

With all the interference patterns being fully cleared and dissolved, manifestations are about to vastly accelerate, so be very mindful of what you pay your sacred life force/ energy/ focus/ attention towards, as this is your currency and is what helps manifest our Realities.

Major Heart healings and openings continue to build up for the Supernova of the Heart Event, which fully completes the Quantum Shift between the old and New Ascension Earth Realities. Our Heart and Mind have UNIFIED AS ONE, no longer at odds, as the One Consciousness fully reconciles and has been unified as ONE in Balance, Harmony and Divine Love. Trance-ending all remaining judgements/ healing inner fragmentation that have kept us separate from ONE an-other, our True Self and Source. As ALL is ONE.

Divine Justice and Order are being fully returned as the Divine Masculine and Feminine have unified as ONE, as part of the Divine Union and Krystar SAphiRA LightBody Awakening Activations and completions. As they RISE fully AS ONE IN HIEROGAMIC UNION, they anchor and activate the New Ascension Earth Diamond Grids, Unity field, and bring the New Divine Organic Creatrix field fully online, making the invisible visible, as the last veil and holographic overlays fully dissolve and dissipate.

Purification, clearing, balancing, harmonising, upgrading and RESETTING of all of our systems, bodily functions and organs, to their highest Divine Blueprints, multi-dimensional functionality and health.

Powerful Ra center (solar plexus) upgrades, bringing our sacred Divine Power fully online as we become as One with Divine Will embodied, which can only happen when we have fully trance-ended the false ego self.

The field is full of Diamond White, Golden, Platinum, Silver and Rainbow Plasma liquid Kryst-all-in-e light and Consciousness, uplifting ALL of life to a higher vibratory Frequency bandwidth, Cosmic Christ Consciousness, and Crystalline state of being.

Planetary Brain and Emerald Cosmic Quantum Tree of Life Activations. Clearing all remaining false and limiting perceptions and projections, incoherence, confusion, resetting the Consciousness from distorted polarity and victim-victimizer Consciousness, to that of Unity Consciousness -> The 100 (144) monkey effect comes into full effect now as the new Cosmic Christ Consciousness Broadcast is going viral and mainstream! Overwriting all lower, negative Frequencies and Realities, and old mind control programming.

As the Consciousness of the Cosmic Core Monad and planetary morphogenetic field fully heals, so does the Collective Consciousness, which is what completes this QUANTUM PARADIGM and REALity SHIFT.

And re-member, us waiting for anyone to come and heal or safe us, is us giving our power away to them. Only do this with Source! That doesn't mean that we don't support and assist One another!!

Right now, full bulls eye focus on ALL NEW ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES as well as FULL SURRENDER TO SOURCE as you become a vessel for God to work through you and fulfill the Divine Plan, are required. This is especially important for those that hold the Blueprint of the Emerald Sun DNA of 48 strands, or the Triple Diamond Sun Body of 72 strands of triple helix DNA, as they hold the required Divine Blueprints and Paradisian/ Edenic, the Divine Cosmic Ascension keys and codes and quantum/ quanta, in their morphogenetic field/ Blueprints and Templates, to bring this fully online.

All about to be fully ignited as the remaining cobwebs and shadows of our collective unconscious shadow Selves are being fully removed and dissolved through the infinite Power of Pure True Divine Source Love.

New Ascension Earth Realities are being fully lit up, re-born and re-membered again from within us now, as WE RE-BIRTH AS OUR ONE TRUE DIAMOND AVATAR SELF!

As The REAL TRUTH that is everlasting and cannot be questioned, arises from deep within us and the Crystalline Core and networks of Earth.

Timelessly so.

The only thing we should be expecting are mind blowing Miracles, because they become the new normal now!

BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE NOW, as all remaining illusions of separation, false projections and perceptions, thought forms, beliefs, reversals, blocks and interference patterns, are being fully removed, dissolved and overwritten, and assist this process as you fully let go of and trance-end your false ego self that feels separate from Source and the rest of Creation.

That's how you become atOne with your multi-dimensional, God Source Self, fully at peace, content with, and in love, harmony and balance with its own inner Self and beingness, and project this out into the new organic hologram. World Peace is being projected out from deep within us now.

Allow yourself to be fully RE-BORN ANEW as you SURRENDER ALL OF YOU TO SOURCE!


Eternal Love,



Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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