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The Last Veil Has Lifted!

The Last Veil Has Lifted!

Wow what a powerful shift this Eclipse and our connection in mediation today was, with the Frequencies continuing to rapidly rise now! Everything is getting extra super Crystal Clear as all remaining interference patterns fully dissolve, and I feel as if having/ being re-birthed as my One True Self, imagine that!


Thanks so much for everyone who took part in today's Eclipse Activation, and of course everyone in the field working their magic in their way. I know it was last minute of me inviting those that wanted to connect, but it was very much what we all needed to blow the remaining cobwebs off our and the Planetary field and oh boy that worked! Amazing work!! We're looking extremely sparkling Diamondy well. I hope you can feel the difference as our Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion/ Diamond Rainbow Plasma LightBody & DNA Activations come fully online now!

ALL IS FULLY COMPLETING NOW, along with our experience in the artificial Matrix realities!


As always, these are Collective Activations that we help anchor on behalf of ALL willing Hearts, and that are now activate in the field. Beautiful Healing, Divine Love and Blissful energies, keys and codes are flooding our bodies and Consciousness AND I am being guided to hold this container open and offer another healing Activation for the 27th @ 10pm UK time. (More details in the comments below).

The bliss, ecstasy and fun truly begins and arises from deep within us NOW!!!! Dissolving all remaining density, reversals, back goo, AI, miasma and negative entities, energies and frequencies across time and space, along with all remaining black magic field energies that are still lingering in the field, along with all spells, hexes, courses and declaring them all NILL AND VOID as part of our BLUEPRINT RESET FULLY COMPLETING NOW!!

Our energy field is being strengthened, healed, and reinforced, offering extra protection through Amoraea Heart Shield and Golden Fleece Activations, as part of the Ra Body re-encryption, upgrades, and reinforcements.

My tip is to clear and reinforce your field throughout the day as often as you feel needed as this final clean up operation is in progress and a lot is being cleared collectively as our Dark Matter/ Rasha Body re-encryption and Reset completes.

Although the wheel of time is no more, the sensation and experience of time passing is vastly accelerating.

Andromeda Gateway Activations and influx of Aurora plasma infusions across the Grids allowing acceleration of elemental re-encryption of the matter worlds and our Lightbody's, allowing most powerful DNA and Merkaba Rainbow Plasma LightBody Healing and Activations to unfold, also due to the artificial magnetic field weakening and pole shift in progress and completing. Again, I want to point out that this is being replaced by Mother's Organic Super magnetism and our Tribal and Plasma Shield, as our and the Planetary LightBody fully heals, which is coming to its full completion NOW. This is fully healing our and the Planetary morphogenetic field, and therefore our DNA and Light body too. Activating our Superpowers!

Full Healing of bloodlines connected to the House of David. Healing of six-pointed Star of David, affecting elemental and platonic solid corruptions.

Full nervous system (CNS) and Planetary Grid system upgrades as they directly interlink.

Clearing all remaining lunar distortions, AI Red cube technology and red wave spectrum, reversal plasmas, big focus on Womb Healing and lower bodies -> Implants, tags, inserts, black goo, parasitic infections, parasites, shadow beings, dark matter abbreviations, toxic waste, hormonal imbalances corrections, false Twin flame tags and connections, old relationship and sexual connections and energetic remnants, clearing and healing of sexual organs and t/issues, orifices, ovaries, eggs, sperm, testicles, fallopian tubes, uterus, clearing sexual misery programming, old karmic cords, hooks, contracts, attachments, connections, tentacles etc.. Full and Final purging of our womb and sexual energy centers, restoring purity and sacred energetic and physical environment and conditions to bring in the new Diamond Children, free of old contaminated energies and karmic residue.

"These are the tumultuous days of the final conflict when many of us have gathered to be awakened in order to take part in God’s most sacred spiritual mysteries through the Rise of the Holy Grail, which begins with the anointing of the Maji Grail Solar Dragon Queens on the Earth. Our Sacred Sophia’s are the Brides of the Triple Solar Masculine Christ that reunite with their divine counterparts and preserve the Emerald Sun DNA of the holy grail bloodlines of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon races for eternity." ~ Source: Ascension Glossary

This is also Healing and/ or bringing closure to unhealthy family dynamics especially concerning Mother and Father lines, false parent archetypes and principles as we heal these Blueprints and Templates within us and shift to the new Divine Cosmic Father and Mother principles and Blueprints. Supported by Diamond White and Diamond Pink Rays of Cosmic Divine Mother and Father.

We're now fully disconnected at personal and Planetary level from all false light phantom and fallen matrices and webbing, Saturn and Moon Matrix connections have been fully cleared! Returning full sovereignty and freedom to ALL!

As always, allow this all to unfold and clear from your and the Planetary body and field, although you may already feel a lot has shifted and been lifted off your energetic field and you should start to feel lighter. As always, I appreciate all and any feedback in the comments.

Stargate 11 sites and Grids, as well as Michael and Michael-Mary lines, Roseline’s, and Emerald Heart Grid Networks especially in Ireland and UK being fully lit up also with the help of Trinity Wave currents of Mother and Father Arc of Blue and Emerald Ray, and Diamond White Platinum Ray, and Rainbow Dragon Breath infusions. Fully re-claiming our lands, Grids and True Home back from the invaders. Much is held in Ireland's sacred lands, the most ancient of Source, Grail, Rose, and Trinity Codings. Holding the most ancient of history records and wisdom of humanity and all of Creation, ready to arise now throughout the crystalline caverns of Earth.

Dark Matter/ Rasha Body re-encryption upgrades and healings will be completing over the coming days! Totally shifting our physical matter world and bodies!!!

Most powerful shifts in Realities lay ahead during this Eclipse passage as we fully reclaim our Freedom, Power, and Multi-dimensional Realities as the Super Conscious Co-Creators that we are!

Crystal Clarity, our true memories and with that our true history records and Emerald Records are arising from within our own cellular memories, DNA and Crystalline Core and structures within us and the Planetary LightBody. Additional and new Superpowers will start to come online now as the lower codings are fully cleared and our multi-dimensional DNA can activate.

Golden Womb Activations and Healing: Our

Womb is now surrounded by golden crystalline diamond light supporting this final and full Healing. Re-claiming and activating our sacred Creational Womb space.

Powerful Healing of Heart space and chambers. Healing of dark flower affliction and remaining density to allow full opening of our Sacred Crystal Diamond Rose and Lotus Hearts, allowing full Monadic merging and integration, which brings online our Cosmic and Divine Re-Unions!!


Massive removal of shadow beings, black AI spiders, AI, black goo, toxic waste, healing of vax effects and removing spikeldy proteins, toxins, heavy metals, nanos etc.

Powerful support through the Cosmic Rainbow Dragon Breath, as the Maji Grail King's and Queen's rise as ONE! Priestesses of the Rose Grail lines and Dragon Queen's aspects are very present helping us heal and re-claim our full power, gifts, and abilities.

Holy Chalice configurations of Three Dan Tien's.

Plasma infusions and balls placed around our

Sacral and solar plexus area as pink, magenta, orange gold. Around our Heart with blue green and Diamond White Rainbow light, and around our Third Eye and Crown with electric blue indigo and violet plasmas. Also Healing of our Wings is fully completing now as we get ready to spread our wings and fly, for real!

Lighting up the deepest recesses of the oceans and underground tunnel systems and gateways with much support from Mer people, dolphins, and whales.

The whole of our Soul families across all realms are here in big support at this most auspicious moment in no-time. The Angelics and Guardians, our Krystar and Aurora family, Aquaelle daughters of Christ, Aquaferion, Aquafey, Blue Feather Shield, Galactics, Elohei Elohim, and Cosmic Dragons that are running Rainbow Rounds across the Grids which anchor God Source Domain frequencies through Kunda-ray and Kee-Ra-Sha (extended Kundalini) currents, helping activate the 12/13D Diamond Grid.

Elemental clearing especially ether, water, and air, purifying, and uplifting all matter, every particle and wave, every molecule to a higher vibratory Frequency bandwidth as we continue to lift and shift rapidly in Consciousness. Aurora family is leading the elemental re-encryption through the plasma infusions.

Emerald Sun DNA 48 strands triple helix DNA fully activating for those that this may concern. Fully Healing the Tribal Shield ready to take over and ignite along with pole and magnetic field shift. Most powerful DNA, Merkaba and Diamond Rainbow Plasma LightBody Activations Fully Healing our and the Planetary LightBody and bringing online the New Organic Divine Creatrix field and new instruction sets for the matter worlds! As we get ready to fully ignite our New Diamond Grid and Avatar Self. Fully anchoring the new Crystal Lotus Flower and Butterfly configurations of Eternal God Source energy flows.


The Supernova of the Heart Event, the full Activation of the Permanent/ Cosmic Seed atom of our Thymus, which is directly connected to the Crystalline Core Activations, is what fully ignites and completes the shift back to Mother's Super magnetism, switching on the new 12/13D Diamond Grid and our One True Diamond Avatar Self. This was shown to me as a massive Planetary body and being, made up of the Core Cosmic Monad of the 144 plus three as ONE that is being activated. As these Forerunners and our DNA and Light body fully activates, so goes the Grid! Activating the new Krystar SAphiRA/ Albion LightBody, which is what the focus of our remote Activation will be.

Unifying all 15-dimensional layers and our identity as ONE.

Ankh Body Activations. Full Healing of Diamond Rainbow Plasma LightBody and Merkaba, Rod and Staff Codes.

The planets within this Solar system and Galaxy are moving back to her organic original position as part of Stargate realignment to before the cataclysmic events, Galactic wars and invasions happened.

All females are being fully cleared of all lunar distortions and connections, fully Healing mother-child DNA-RNA, mitochondrial DNA, hybridisation traumas and sexual wounding’s! We have been freed and are now dissolving all remaining energetic remnants.

Healing the Heart and cellular memories of atrocities committed against mother and child, Sanctity of woman's body and womb, the birthing process and healing of our menstrual cycles. Recognising of the Divine Mother principles and fully clearing distorted Dark Mother principles and imprints, Templates, Blueprints, lower codings, dark light webbing and addiction webbing.

Next up is the full completion of the Cosmic Diamond White Elohei mission is the switch over, and bringing fully online, the New Organic Divine Creatrix field, merging of all timelines/ Realities, Realms, Universes, and our Multi-dimensional Self's as One, already in progress. I see this happening and coming to full completion as the physical representatives on Earth are being fully activated in their re-membering and unifying the Core Cosmic Monad. Also, part of our Cosmic and Divine Re-Unions of the Original Twin flames.

Re-member, we are the new Cosmic Krystar SAphiRA Consciousness Broadcasting system, broadcasting the Music of The Spheres and higher consciousness and Frequencies through our higher Diamond Hearts and Minds that have now fully unified as ONE, dissolving all remaining illusions and artificial Matrix realities.

Fully Healing our mental and emotional body split and that of the Masculine and Feminine energies and gender principles within us ALL. Returning Divine Order, Justice, Balance, Harmony, and Equilibrium to the Collective Consciousness.

As the veil fully lifts and has been dissolved now, revealing the REAL TRUTH that arises from within, to ALL!

Eternal Love,


Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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