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You're At The Beginning Of Something New ~ The Grandmothers Speak

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"This is the end of an era," the Grandmothers responded, "and the beginning of a new era.  In all periods of transition -- like this one -- there will be moments of confusion and disagreements as fears rise to the surface.  Expect these things to occur; expect this in yourself, expect it in others, and don't be concerned when disharmony shows up.  At times like those you're living through now, it will.

"So much is changing today that humans become uncomfortable, and when people get uncomfortable, they revert to the early yang-based patterns they were taught.  Then judgments flare, power struggles ensue, fears, angers, a need to control others, control situations, or control feelings -- all of these come up.   None of them are pleasant, but during times of transition they will show themselves.   So as you move through these changing times, be easy on yourself.   You're at the beginning of something new," they said; "you're learning new ways of being.

"Sit with us.  Sit and share our teachings, and as you do, all sense of separation, all thoughts of 'them vs. me', 'I am alone', and 'no one understands me' will dissolve into Oneness.  Our teachings will protect and guide you as this work begins to live inside you.  We promise that once you get a glimpse of the greathearted one you are, you'll no longer miss your old yang-based perceptions.  Then you'll be free to live each day in the One Love."

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