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Opinion ~ The Internal Disaster of Other Peoples Opinion


Damn OPO! (other peoples opinion)

Opinion, just how important is another persons’ opinion of you?  Have you thought about how much importance you put to their opinions?  Whether it’s what we consider to be a good opinion, or a bad opinion, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the meaning you give it.

We generally don’t think about the importance we give another persons opinion of us. We usually just react to it automatically, without a thought prior to the reaction. We react in joy, pride or satisfaction if it is what we consider it a ‘good’ opinion, or in anger, frustration or in a particular scope of dissatisfaction if we deem it a ‘bad’ opinion. The mere fact that it is an automatic reaction rather than a thoughtful response puts you at risk of giving your power away. This loss is especially felt if it’s a reaction to what we consider a ‘bad’ opinion.

I’m going to show you how to change how you play the opinion game, and step onto a whole new playing field.

FIRST: First thing you need to know is who YOU are. What I mean by that is, you need to KNOW yourself to be an amazing, unique and a vital part of this Universe. Amplify this truth! We tend to amplify the lies about ourselves, and these lies are what gets triggered in the opinion game. For instance if there is a small part of you that believes you are not good enough, stupid or lazy, those lies would be triggered by a matching opinion. An opinion may trigger the emotions or beliefs associated with an experience of being disrespected, degraded or shamed in the past. But it never has anything to do with who YOU really are.

SECOND: Get into an endless loop of awareness and appreciation that the universal forces are focused on you and are continually supporting, inspiring, guiding, and giving to you. Appreciate and appreciate and appreciate who you are and focus on the awesomeness of you.

When you focus on who you are, you are in your power, and you’ll love the feeling of that. Now, you can leave it and step out of that power and come back over and over again, but in the simple awareness of the fact that you can choose to focus on your truth and come back to it; brings you back to that power in a split second.

You will love the feeling of your chosen focus.  Dive into the awesome feeling that focus gives you.  And, do it for the feeling of the moment, not for a distant outcome, which is amazing in it-self.   Do it for Your NOW moments, because now is really all we ever have, right?  Don’t allow anyone to take away your now moment with their opinion of you.

THIRD: Make this a daily practice and choose your focus to be on the awesomeness of you. Then, when people call you stupid, lazy, ugly, cheap, crazy or throw any other opinionated adjectives your way, you can say, “I’m not ‘stupid, ugly, lazy cheap or crazy’, …….but that’s ok that you think so. I don’t understand why you think so, but then, I don’t have to understand it. That’s NOT where my focus is. I only need to KNOW me. My focus remains on my knowledge of who I am ~ NOT on your opinion of me.

As you practice this more and more, the knee jerk reaction to an opinion is eliminated and if you choose to respond to it at all, you do it thoughtfully and well grounded in your power. You will successfully highjack the possibility of getting thrown down the rabbit hole by an opinion.

Opinions are like are like assholes, everybody’s got one. But, there is ONLY ONE unique and miraculous YOU.  Hold that truth baby!

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