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Destructive Desire

Destructive Desire

There is no such thing as destructive desires, only impulses of freedom, happiness, expansion, peace seeking expression, but may appear destructive because they are manifesting through the lense of habitual thinking, a limited lense and past destructive imaginings.

How desires for freedom, expansion, happiness, peace, love, etc... manifest personally, are shaped by what is active within the depths of our Being. What we have unconsciously accepted as true, what we imagine with feeling and what we expect.

It is always ourselves seeking ourselves through what seems to be separate, external and independent of our awareness.

The game of life, is a game of alchemical transformation or a continuous ifting of "sin" (imagined, believed and perceived lack, limitation, opposition)

"Sin" means sensations, which are vibrations or judgements, which are only ideas/states defined in a certain way.

"Adam & Eve" represent pairs of opposite conditions that descend from one power & perfect inner world into form/manifestation.

It is a constant process of contraction & expansion and interaction between subjective & objective. Your angles of perception function perfectly to objectify your inner personal activity in ways relative & specific to you.

The world seems to change only because your angle or focus point in the Soul/universe has changed.

Things seem to manifest more quickly only because you are getting closer to the conscious awareness of the Law of your Being.

We seem to "attract" manifestations, circumstances and results only because we are observing from one angle what we have already projected from another.

There is only now and all is finished, yet the angles of perception when separate or veiled off, reveal the projection of a past and future blending through the present.

As we change our relation to things in mentality, we change the angle we observe and experience.

A new earth, a golden age, a perfect world are states already finished. Individually, we step into these angles of our Soul/universe from within.

So each thing is meant to be transform from within our heart/soul/perception to exchange characteristics of appears limiting or negative to good, love, beauty, joy, peace.

Not by changing the other, but by focusing on the desired end result and seeing the qualities we would like to see.

All versions of everything are available as angles or states within our own selves existing eternally and constantly.

The changes we wish to see cannot come by physical time moving forward.

Time attached to the physical world is on an eternal loop.

We animate what we experience through this level of time and creation by what we imagine now.

We reshape physical creation only by our reshaping of images, mind, reactions, concepts... our imagination.

Which is not really creating or destroying anything but is a reshaping how we are seeing and experiencing by stepping into states that ALREADY exist... like a shifting of angles of perception through lifting "sin"/sensations/judgements/vibrations.

There is nothing to fight against, resist, destroy or dominate.

There is only our misdirected power to transform due to misunderstanding.

Negative experiences, people, circumstances and even ideas of negative aliens, or systems believed to have power to harm, etc... represent our misdirected power and misunderstanding of our true nature.

They are objectified expressions of ideas defined/imagined specific ways.

To see and experience differently, we would have to consistenly & actively develop the qualities within ourselves we wish to see and experience in others and in the world. Which means turning away from the qualities of the opposite.

Opposites are pairs of conditions that exchange through the interaction of subjective & objective.

The power of transmutation is your I AM, the center of the scales. It is the unconditioned creative power of the infinite directed as a specific angle (individual) containing the whole.

We cannot stop another from imagining and reacting, therefore we cannot stop another from objectifying what they imagine, react to or believe.

We can only lift our perceived limitations of them from within ourselves to shift how they show up in our world and shift how we believe or see them to be.

When we fight appearances ( how someone appears to be, what it looks like or sounds like on the surface) we are only going against the Law of our Being.

To help free another from difficulty, we must work within ourselves to see them in their desired happy, peaceful, perfect state.

This alchemy & refocusing within ourselves for the other also transforms limitation or sin/sensation/vibration within ourselves because we begin to combined more with the character traits that we are pulling force in our attention, feeling, contemplation & imagination.

So as long as we're focusing on how horrible and awful things are or people are, we continue to bring about those qualities within ourselves then further see them take shape in the world and people around us.

The same is true with the opposite.

I remember an experience where everything turned and flipped, I began to see FROM instead of seeing OF.

I realized that the systems of the world are not out to get us, harm us or restrict us.

The systems of the world are what they are based on what we are and what we believe them to be.

How we interact with the world personally and how the world influences us in thought, feeling or physically, depends on where we are within ourselves, where we are seeing FROM.

What angle of the universal soul are we dwelling in? What room in the many mansions of one kingdom are we seeing from? Where is our habitual focus?

What kind of sterotypes, reactions, judgements (sensations/vibrations) are dominating? This decides where we see FROM.

People are just images in your mind. They can oppose or limit you if you define them to be limiting, opposing, bad or evil.

Our job is to redeem our soul which IS humanity, by transforming how we are defining the images we imagine from within ourselves.

Love is birthed by love.

Peace is birthed by peace.

These are qualities within ourselves that we must bring forth into demonstration to see them expressed in others and in the world around us.

Then we will see FROM the state of these qualities, like residing in a specific location in the universal soul that transforms all that is perceived through your point of view.

Abundance is birthed by acknowledging, noticing, contemplating and praising/giving thanks to the quality of abundance within yourself, in others and in the world.

**Everything I share is my perspective, my own interpretation of the energies and messages that I receive from the Oversoul aspect, my own guidance, experiences & insights- I'm not here to convince anyone of anything, not interested. These messages are for whoever is guided & resonates. And this channel is for sharing & connecting.
This channel is for/about energy updates, downloads, spiritual guidance, planetary & galactic gates, collective shifts, activations, light codes/transmissions, StarGate/Grid workers, energy waves/Cosmic Rays/solar cycles, 13moon cycles, MAYA Astrology/Cosmology (there is a diff between traditional Mayan Astrology & Galactic calender- I use both) along w Tropical & sometimes Sideral Astrology, Tarot, Meditations, connecting, etc..
I'm sharing my experiences, contacts, guidance, perception, insights *Trecena- IX (Jaguar) *Day Sign- AHAU *Galactic Signature: White Solar Wizard Mayan Yr: 13 Manik' *Gemini Rising *Aries Sun (Pisces Sun Sidereal) *Capricorn Moon -Uttaraashada Moon  Patreon: Paypal- Aluna Ash Clairvoyant (Sorry, no personal services.)
Thank you for your love & support. Divine Will Conduit Ashlee

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