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Does Enlightenment Require A Guru?

Does Enlightenment Require A Guru?

Kundalini, Natural Processes and Planetary Electromagnetism.

I was just in a remarkable discussion at a spiritual Sister’s page where the dialog took me places I haven’t spoken about in a while.

I was reminded that we have all we need within us to find the forms of enlightenment we seek, and that while we are Eternals inhabiting an electromagnetic body within the planetary field, some things are more of a distraction than a help in our spiritual evolution. Welcome to an interesting dialog between me and an Initiate on the 6th and 7th Rays.

This is a very long piece, so settle in and enjoy the long and varied ride across several spiritual landscapes! The dialog began with a simple statement and question. “Kundalini rises. Everybody knows that. Where did they get that idea? Wise ones.”

As most of these dialogs require short answers, I usually try to keep it basic. You’ll see later on that some responses had to be longer and more thorough.

The Dialog, Pt. 1

I responded that the answer seems obvious. Just as a plant draws from below to feed what is above, so too we are of the Earth, drawing electromagnetism from it to feed our body, which culminates in "the flowers" of the human plant, the brain mind. Electomagnetism and other nutrients flow up the stem to the flowers, and "kundalini" flows up our stem to our brain mind.

Then came two questions, with the first implying a predetermined answer. The Yogi said “Yes to all that, and it also flows beyond the brain-mind. One problem, how can you then explain that the Kundalini is not activated in everyone?”

The person who posited the original question offered “Plants draw from below, sure. And yet, unless there is sunlight and fresh air, not to mention moisture from above, the plant has no hope of activating the energies from below. Kundalini may be a two-way street, as pressure gradients are. There is an ideal harmony between forces from within and without that culminates in the highest possible state of development of life.

To the second question, I offered that there is no separation of the below and above. They work together. We are one electromagnetic field, just as the plants and animals. Of course kundalini is a multilevel, multidirectional street. There is no separation.

But there is an arising, a movement, of energies, which is similar in plants as humans, even with significant differences because we are of two different realms (and we have the power of movement, even as they are one with the entire below ground network of life which is everywhere. You originally asked why kundalini rises. It's similar to plant electricity rising from the roots to the flowers.

I then answered the first question, stating it (kundalini) is activated in everyone, but some people are just dim lights. And they have mental, emotional, and physical habits which prevent the smooth flow.

The Dialog, Pt. 2

At that point the contrasts in approaches became evident. The Yogi said “sorry, but I do not agree at all. I base my statements on first-hand experience and working with others, not theory or books knowledge alone.

There is qi or prana flow in everyone (orbit up and down & around the upper body, called the Ren Ma & Du Mai in Chinese medicine & Qi Gong) but the Kundalini, which goes up the central channel, is an another story completely.

Unfortunately, when people attempt to imply that my knowledge and understanding are built on “theory or book knowledge alone” I have to remind them that there are things outside their conception when it comes to other people’s experience. What follows is a bit of autobiography and some of the paths I’ve walked, with selective edits. As much of this happened in the 1970s and 80s, and the focus on Oriental medicine was in the 1990s, it’s somewhat ancient history, but it was a significant part of my life at the time.

I responded that I have been teaching and practicing first hand since 1973. This is not "theory." I've taught literally thousands and know first hand the science of Initiation and the awakening and manipulation of the kundalini force. I've seen countless people crash and burn, and equally countless people go into a (temporary) awakening of the Serpent Force. Some continued to learn, others didn't. My first awakening was over 50 years ago.

I understand quite a few elements of Oriental medicine, having studied it many years ago and have very close friends who have been practitioners for well over 40 years for referencing questions. Yes, there are "ordinary" channels, "extraordinary" channels like the Belt channel, “forbidden” channels, and I understand the difference between the spinal channel and the other primary and secondary channels.

I also know the difference between Chi and deep Jing, having had to work directly with both over the decades. You cannot separate a Being's electromagnetic field from the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Ultimately, there is no separation in any electromagnetic field from any other, since we are all of the dust of the Earth using prana to absorb chitta as living life force grounded in matter.

The Dialog Pt. 3

He then responded in a very civil way, which is always a relief when it comes to discussing contrasting approaches to spiritual paths on different Rays. He then offered his own experience:

”Sounds great and good to know. Thanks for sharing. But, we have a disagreement. I also have first-hand knowledge and experience. I'm a trained professional in Chinese Medicine, as well as Yoga 45+ yrs and was with an Adept Sat-Guru and initiated by well-known Saint. Only an authentic master can truly initiate via Shaktipat. Self-effort and will power can be problematic, and people can also become deluded about what is really going on. People can try to manipulate the "kundalini" but it's a mistake (and dangerous), it's in control, the "ego" is not, we participate.

Repeating, my major point of disagree: Qi (prana) is always flowing to some degree or intensity in all, but the Kundalini is not, and it goes through the central channel. It a completely different and obvious experience. This is not a disagreement about electromagnetic energy or field, which we are in agreement about.”

This was an interesting turn, since it went from a discussion about electromagnetism and kundalini into the Eastern concept that we can never attain true enlightenment without being initiated by a Sat-Guru. This is the core of Brahmanism, and exactly why the Buddha came forth to destroy that illusion.

And it is an illusion. All of us without exception can attain a permanently enlightened state without needing a dogma or a person to tell us we’re officially enlightened. We just have to be willing to walk the walk once we have the knowledge we need. This life is about learning and practicing an ever-greater awareness of the loving wise intelligence we are.

As we walk the paths of Life, we’re never left alone, since that too is an illusion. We always have the “refuges” of the Wisdom, the Way, and the Community. These alone are always with us on our journey through this impermanent reality.

So I responded to the statement about needing to have an Adept Sat-Guru or Saint to know true enlightenment stating this: I suspect we agree on more than we disagree, and I will express my respect to you as a spiritual physician. That said, I remember hearing 50 years ago from a globally respected highly advanced Vedantin that one needs an "authentic master" or guru to attain an enlightened state. But there are exceptions such as Gautama Siddhartha, and more recently, Ramana Maharshi, Ammachi and Guru Ma, all of whom were "self-initiated." There have been other Avataras who have no guru but are expressions of Atman.

It is also possible for a Master to be present but not in physical form, such as appeared to HPB and AAB before they agreed to do their respective works. HPB was already a functioning Arhat before meeting her Master in the physical. So I am not sold on the requirement of a master in physical form to achieve a relatively permanent enlightened transcendent state.

I know from direct experience that we are not limited to the 7 subplanes of the Cosmic Physical, but if we would access the Cosmic Astral and Cosmic Mental planes via the Atman, we must be non-separate from “All That Is” if only for a moment. We do not need an awakened kundalini to access the higher planes of infinite awareness.

Yes, ego-will can be a problem as can any sense of ahamkara (“I consciousness.”) I agree ego is always a problem until it is integrated within the umbra of the Higher Self, aka "Atma-Buddhi-Manas;" that's why my work of over 50 years has been focused on the fact that we are all Eternals having a human experience, each with our own unique vintage and Tao/Dharma.

As a spiritual astrologer, I know very well that ego/personality is but a construct of aggregates which can easily be identified for the purpose of transmutation. Some exercises work better than others at specific times in a being’s evolution. Each has their own ticket to the higher planes to be cashed in at the right times if they are so inclined, and none are given entrance until they’ve done their homework, guru or no guru.

Regardless of whether we’re discussing the eternal locus of electrical energy pulsing through various systems or confining ourselves to the spinal column, kundalini is a natural part of our wiring, whether we know it or not, experience it or not, try to arouse it or not, or care about any of it or not. It may or may not arise spontaneously; it may or may not arise in the presence of a genuine teacher. Many attempts must be made to lift the bar from the Gates of Gold before they swing open for the aspirant.

I know from direct experience that it can and does naturally arise when the preliminary work has been done. However, “awakening kundalini” is nothing more or less than a challenge not to get distracted by kundalini while continuing the work of self-discipline, putting the self in service to the Self and humanity.

Ultimately, an awakened kundalini is meaningless in the higher scheme of things. It is a mere phenomenon unrelated to the ability to become one with "All That Is" in a field of infinite Light. All physical phenomena are illusions related to decaying aggregates held together only by magnetic attraction, from one point of view.

Pure consciousness can in fact manipulate matter according to Dharma. It's all in the focus of one's training, and 7th Ray ritualists will never know the pure Light of non-dual Oneness. One may achieve siddhis, but they are useless in the higher realms of realization and the ability to exercise nonlocal awareness for the purpose of doing one’s work of destiny.

While it’s always good as a spiritual physician to note the specific differences in the body electric and how they operate, whether kundalini is “awakened” or not is of less importance to me than a Being’s ability to become the boundless love, wisdom, and divine understanding which is our spiritual legacy. One may have siddhas without true enlightenment. And true enlightenment cares less about siddhas than compassionate service to humanity. Peace out, Brother.

The Dialog, Pt. 4

Then the original poster came in with a blessing. She said “I feel so very blessed, Robert to have served in some small way to provide you and the Yogi a place and space to share your deep understanding of Kundalini and related energies, and, perhaps, all energies are related.

I’m likely a Ray 4, destined to struggle forever to harmonize concrete knowledge and emotional intelligence. I am blessed to have an inner teacher who, for whatever reason of His own, seems dedicated to teaching me simple wisdom. As a test of his patience?

I offered that the Soul of an artist is a lovely thing to behold, as the instability creates the generation of harmony. We all have the Wise One within. That was one point of my book, Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. It explains why and how we have the tools to mastery within, which prepares us for whatever mastery we must demonstrate to our world.

Our inner Saturn provides the understanding to attain wisdom. We have all the tools we need to become the Teacher we seek. The Third Noble Truth makes it clear we do not need priest or scripture to end our ignorance/suffering and find an enlightened state of Being.

Each incarnation furthers the experiment, as DK has reminded us. This has been a rousing discussion. Lots of Bodhichitta generated! I appreciate it. Thanks.

Then, the perfect postscript!

She said “Saturn and Jupiter were both hanging around when I was born, away back when. Each seems to claim me as their own, and yet I resist releasing the illusion of control.”

I then concluded with “As I have them in opposition, it's been a wild ride dealing with "the pairs of opposites." But I can think of no better way to learn 4th Ray skills. While I'm not a 4th Ray type we all have to master 4, 5, 6, and 7 through various life circumstances if we would ever know the Primary Rays of Aspect.

As for "the illusion of control," it is necessary to break through that perception to make Saturn our friend. I have found we have tremendous power of self-discipline to become the Master we seek. Each step of striving, or receptivity to that which is good, true, and beautiful, leads us into greater awareness and more effective "response ability." The ability to respond with loving wise intelligence and understanding is a supreme power as we are no longer enslaved by perceptions and half truths.

And sometimes VERY high Beings seem to draw near as we approach the threshold of revelation. That's certainly something to be aware of, since if the Masters were eternal they ARE eternal. Whether they manifest in physical form or not is of less importance than we strive to serve the Great Work, using each step to perfect our skills, effectiveness, and intention. All else is an illusion.”

Please re-read as many times as you want, since there are a hundred gems in these few pages. If you want to know more about the 7 Rays, here's part 1 of a three part series explaining these energies which pervade our existence. The Seven Rays Pt.1 - The 7 Energies of Human Existence. (Pts. 2 & 3 are posted on subsequent days.)

Aum and blessings.

Reprinted on with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

© Copyright 2024 Robert Wilkinson


© Copyright 2024 Robert Wilkinson -

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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