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The Coronavirus (Channeling) - The Michael Teachings

The Coronavirus (Channeling) - The Michael Teachings

Q: Please share what you would like Michael students to know about the Coronavirus. 

A: A discussion about the coronavirus (which can cause COVID-19 illness) is, from our perspective, not so much a look at the biochemistry of this microscopic organism or the lethal implications of how it may infect hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people around the world, but more importantly, a close examination of how your species rises to the challenge of this pandemic, setting aside any self-interests in favor of working with a unified purpose that evolves the current state of humanity as a whole. 

The raids you have seen on your stores, the panic-driven binge-buying that exceeded all notions of supply and demand and left your shelves bare of essential goods, was an instinctive-centered, gut-level reaction to the stress and anxiety created by the uncertainty of the virus — in many ways, the equivalent of a modern-day plague. This is not an unexpected reaction to an unknown peril, and perhaps even an understandable one given the fear generated. 

As cooler heads prevail, though, the next logical progression to these events would ideally include more strategic planning from the intellectual center. In other words, think before taking action. What is the long-range strategy? Is there a moral imperative to consider? 

When the instinctive center is the sole purveyor of reactions to a crisis, fear-based motives become the common denominator. Instead of a society that works together on a single goal, the overall perspective quickly devolves into a divisive paradigm of “every man for himself.” Much of your current society is built around this paradigm, a Darwinist view where the capitalistic mantra of “the survival of the fittest” separates the weak from the strong along both social and economic lines. This rugged individualism that has served as a bedrock principle in your country since its inception could, in some ways, bring the end to your society as you know it. 

The virus, of course, is just a virus. It has no great lesson to teach or moral instruction to give. It is simply an assembly of genetic material comprised of proteins and lipids, with the sole purpose of replicating itself in the cells of animals and plants.  Technically, viruses are part of the biological and chemical continuum, but they are not alive in the sense that they have an intention or a self-sustaining mechanism. They must use a host cell to replicate and do not require the consumption of energy to survive. The average virus is more akin to ancient genetic machinery rather than a living organism that is self-animated. In general, most viruses are of primordial origin, developing in plasmic conditions before the existence of the common cell. 

A greater lesson, however, may be derived from this unique opportunity to look deeper at the structure of your society and discover that the foundation your country has long stood upon is now woefully inadequate and no longer meets the needs and demands of the people in your country, or the entire world.  

A more evolved nation, if that is the desire, includes the needs and aspirations of the collective body, not just those that practice antiquated notions of the before-mentioned rugged individualism. 

In this new paradigm, the individual still matters but the society becomes a more unified organism, so to speak, similar in respect to the unity or collective purpose seen in the cadres and entities discussed in the Michael teaching. This doesn’t mean idealistic differences will no longer exist, or negative socialistic enterprises from the past will return to run rampant, but that the auspices of the greater good take precedent. 

Your nation’s current symptoms of inconsiderate shopping, stockpiling goods, and not thinking about the needs of others is the real virus that is spreading throughout your country. And it could quickly become a stranglehold if the lesson to work together and support each other is not properly learned and taken seriously. 

Your current paradigm is a house of cards that will eventually collapse. The lesson this virus presents to you is to rebuild the foundation from one that is flimsy and unstable to one where every citizen in the societal bedrock of your country is a necessary and vital component in the structure. In short, in this evolutionary model, people matter. 

Q: What is the greatest danger that this virus presents to the world?

A: The complacency by certain individuals who feel that following strict health guidelines is not necessary for them. "Let other people do it." This harkens to the rugged individualism mentioned earlier that is undermining the growth and overall potential of your country. 

Q: What can we do about the Coronavirus? 

A: A brief discussion about fear, and it's numerous outcroppings, is an important issue to address. 

Fear, in all of its guises, is the greatest obstacle you face in any national or personal crisis. Of course, fear often serves the self well during events that call for an immediate response to a personal threat, but if allowed to fester like an unhealed wound, fear can become as infectious as the worst viruses and microbial invasions currently encountered in your world. 

When fear invades the body, most, if not all access to essence is shut off and false personality (or the ego) becomes the liar-in-chief. And fear is the greater fabricator in society. It spins misinterpretations or outright falsifications of the truth that generate unwarranted animosity and distrust between individuals, as well as rendering all attempts at seeing clarity in a situation, impossible. Fear is a disabler of reason. 

During a crisis like your current national response to the coronavirus, it is advisable to recognize all occurrences of fear as onerous obstacles to the greater good of humanity. 

It would be wise at this point to observe which negative poles are activated by the events encountered over the next couple of months. These are your vulnerabilities laid bared and much growth could be achieved by taking mental snapshots of these as they arise, noting their presence, and becoming neutral to their negative influence. As mentioned before, fear can sometimes be appropriate in certain situations, but when it causes you to become less than you are and less than your authentic self was intended to be, a course correction is needed to check your reactions and behavior and treat others with the kindness and tolerance they deserve. 

Q: Will the coronavirus become endemic (or seasonal)?

A: Current probabilities lean in favor of the virus becoming endemic. This could change if attempts at global suppression are successful and the release of a vaccine comes sooner than later. 

Useful Information about the Coronavirus from Trusted Sources


Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 may appear two to 14 days after exposure and can include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Other symptoms can include:

  • Tiredness
  • Aches
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat


In hopes of encouraging Michael students to seek medical advice from trusted health authorities (rather than channeling), the following links were compiled to provide a helpful resource.

Michael Teachings The Michael teachings are a fascinating system of channeled wisdom that explores the psychology of the soul.

Using a unique set of tools that charts your spiritual progression from the first incarnation to last, the Michael teachings expand the evolution of consciousness by helping people develop greater self-awareness and more tolerance and compassion for others.


Michael is a group soul, a collective consciousness of 1050 essences who finished all their lifetimes on Earth, cycled off the physical plane, and recombined into an Entity who now resides and teaches from the mid-causal plane. Basically, they (Michael usually refers to themselves as "we" rather than "I") are spirit-guides and mentors to us here on Earth, channeling their wisdom and energy to us for our spiritual advancement and learning. 

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