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The Evolution Of Humanity - The Sixth And Seventh Hybrid Root Race - Part 4

The Evolution Of Humanity - The Sixth And Seventh Hybrid Root Race - Part 4

In this part of the series, we will focus on the incoming new humans being born on Earth today, and the future of a new civilization to come.

Each Root Race explores a specific "life theme" in order to learn and grow, just as we do as individuals.

For the current root race, the theme is polarity and the transcendence of polarity through the experience of extreme opposites, an important lesson on the level of mastery that takes place in an environment of extreme limitation that requires us to move into the higher realms of consciousness.


We have already explained the idea of Root Races in the previous blogs of this series, we will not repeat it here, but invite you to read it over in the other parts of The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind.

But of course, we like to help you remember the first five of these Seven Root Races, the Polarians, the Hyperboreans, the Lemurians, the Atlanteans and the Aryans.

Up until this point, the whole concept was pretty easy to understand and probably accept.

But now comes the hard part.

Not so much because it is difficult to "predict" what is coming, but to integrate and fully understand what is coming without getting lost in fear-based beliefs, judgments and rejections.

As we now know, much of what we have been told about our history, our origins, and our present reality is not all true (to put it as neutrally as possible) and has kept us trapped in an old, outdated paradigm.

This is disconcerting for most and raises the profound question, "Who are we?

Many of our current fear-based beliefs and definitions are based on illusions (some call them lies), repeatedly programmed by television, and it is not so easy these days to pick and choose what is truth and what is not. 

For many things that will come in the near future of the declassification of technology and for so many things that already exist, we have no reference other than the programmed references of the old paradigm by which we validate these declassifications.

But we really have to build new references to build a new, a free world!

We cannot use our logic or reason when it is based on old paradigms to validate if it is something completely beyond anything we have ever encountered before.
As we ascend we have to master relying on our intuition, gut and heart for knowledge of our existence, purpose and future.
We must become our own authorities, as Ezra'el mentioned in his message on the Triple A.

We must open our minds to new possibilities and opportunities before they are invalidated by our fixed, programmed old paradigms.

For example, if I were to tell you that humanity has already mastered the technology of translocation to other parts of our planet, or to the moon, or even to Mars, but also the boarding of extraterrestrial spacecraft through a portal device, would you believe me?

Or would you say that I have watched too many Star Trek episodes?

Another example...if I were to tell you that technology already exists that is capable of healing and restoring tissues of the body using frequency and original DNA from stem cells, would you believe it?

That these technologies are capable of 3D bioprinting, which means that it can recreate an organ like a liver, kidney, heart, etc., or it can recreate body parts like hips and knees, all based on the DNA of the receiving person, without having to deal with the body's rejection symptoms?

And that these technologies are capable of growing back lost fingers, toes and more?

What else do you think these technologies can do?

How do you feel about this being the future of health care?

Knowing that it is the same technology used for creating clones ?

Now note that information is not the same as transformation, just as knowledge is not the same as wisdom.
Knowledge of "how bad the world was" is absolutely not the same thing as ascension.

So, even knowing that these technologies exist, how do you feel about them?

How do you feel about the idea of stepping into such a portal?

Knowing that your body will dematerialize in one place and materialize in another?

Is your body really the same body in the new location?

Again, all the declasses coming out from next year (2024) on will stretch our minds in great lengths regarding the question ... "Who am I?
Depending on how this type of information is received, we may share more in the coming months.


The Evolution Of Humanity - The Seven Root Races Of Mankind - Part 2

We have already explained the idea of Root Races in the previous blogs of this series, we will not repeat it here, but invite you to read it over in the other parts of The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind.

And we also want to help you remember the first five of these Seven Root Races, the Polarians, the Hyperboreans, the Lemurians, the Atlanteans, and the Aryans.

As we have studied the materials and allowed them to sink in more deeply, we may have come to the profound collective question ... 'Who are we?
What is a human being?

As we understand that all these different root races lived on planet Earth and 'used' different body forms for them to experience the Earth plane.

So even though they have different physical body forms, we still recognize the Lemurians and Atlanteans as human.

We have also learned that the blueprint for these body forms is universal, meaning that the basic template is used in many star systems.

So what defines us as human?

What does it mean that the original blueprint of our bodies did not come from the planet Earth, but was adapted to the Earth's environment several times?

What does it mean that a dozen different civilizations from other worlds are involved in these adaptations and the evolution of our species?

We have also learned that the Earth itself changes form to accommodate the new incoming root race (and body forms) to experience the next level of growth, the next level of evolution.

What does it mean that each time there seems to be a synchronous (though intense) change in both planetary consciousness (and form) and human consciousness (and form)?

Could there be an agreement between two huge consciousnesses to reflect to each other and in each other the greatness of creation in order to learn and grow through a cosmic dance we call life on planet Earth?

Just like the Essassani used to say in their ancient tongue 'Ash A, Ne-è Shakana, ili A Ka, Demash Demashana'.

We may have learned that each Root Race explores a specific "life theme" to learn and grow, just as we do as individual souls.

For example, the current Root Race to which we belong is exploring the theme of polarity and how to transcend it through the experience of extreme opposites.

An important lesson at the level of mastery for which we must succeed, in an environment of extreme limitation that forces of us to move to higher realms of consciousness.

With the monumental changes in all aspects of our society coming in the years ahead, we will need to open our minds, open our hearts and connect at the soul level....


The first thing you might notice in the header above is the word 'hybrid'.

That pretty much sounds like the next root race to come to planet Earth is not 'pure human'.

Now, the whole idea of extraterrestrial life in, on and around our home planet may be frightening to many people, the idea of Hybrid beings coming here will scare the crap out of most.

Well, here's where we have to pay close attention to our beliefs and definitions.

Since we as Homo Sapiens are based on a blueprint, a template that came from the stars, and that template has undergone several adaptations and additions from off-planet civilizations, doesn't that mean that the human form as we know it today is already an adapted, hybridized body form?

The fact that we haven't seen other body forms in our reality recently does not mean that our bodies have always been like this.

In the past, giant humanoid beings walked this planet.

We call them giants, but can we keep up the story to think they were just people who grew out of normal proportions due to a problem with their growth hormones?

Why do these huge skeletons that are unearthed keep disappearing from the public eye?

So we could think of ourselves as 'pure humans' as opposed to 'hybrid beings', but what is a 'pure human'?

There are already beautiful different expressions of the human genome on our planet alone ... all human!

There is no 'one form' in our present reality.

Another perspective is that there was a time when there were no humans at all on this planet, since this planet existed before humans came to play on it.
According to Bashar, many other star civilizations inhabited this planet before 'humans' arrived, and will do so again after the human Over-Soul migrates to another playing field (or dimension) in the distant future.

Planet Earth is a school (a master class as they say) and we will not stay in the same school forever and ever.

We will one day be graduates of the highest level of consciousness it has to offer and enroll in another university.

Even if it takes many thousands of years.

That being said...

The next phase of humanity is one of Ascension, where a great expansion of consciousness is experienced.

Many changes in DNA can be measured in the newest generations born on this planet.

Many children who are incarnated in a different way, assisted by what can be called the Arcturus Gate, have activated many DNA codes that are dormant in most members of the current population. We call them star children because they remember their cosmic connections.

There are even children born to human parents who already have a physical third strand of DNA.

Though this third strand is still a rare exception, it is becoming more frequent already and will be normal in the future.

Now we can see this change as a threat that this new species of children is taking over our planet and slowly phasing out the "two stranded humans" over time.

But if we look back in time, hasn't this happened before and aren't we here because of it?

So, do we see evolution (or change in general) as a personal threat, or can we embrace it as collective growth, even if it means that the next generations or species surpass our own abilities?

Now, to give you a better idea of what we are talking about...

Children with powerful third eye

Boriska Kipriyanovich

Bashar on 6th Hybrid Race


The expansion of the mind is not over, it is just beginning!

Because planet Earth has been isolated for many thousands of years (since the fall of Atlantis) and has evolved without direct extraterrestrial interference, we tend to focus only on the evolution of our own species.

But everything is interconnected, many cosmic and karmic cycles are converging in this transformative time.

As we have been helped in our evolution and survival, Earth people have helped the evolution and survival of another civilization.

Again, this is a subject that will be very difficult for many people to understand because a lot of fear-based information has been deliberately put out there, and while we do not consider it our job to declassify this information, we would just like to say that there has been a lot of very disturbing activity by certain hidden forces in this world that are purely designed to mislead, frighten and traumatize people on this subject.

So we are aware that there can be a lot of resistance and judgment and rejection of what is coming.

And we are also aware that we need to share this piece because without the fuller story, the bigger picture, without seeing it from different perspectives, we are only denying the reality that is already there.

If we do not open our minds, we are stuck in a reality that is changing, despite our resistance.

And it is our resistance that causes the pain, not the change itself.

Having said that...

I will try to share the following as much as possible from an understandable linear timeframe, but be aware that there is a time factor involved that we will remove as much as possible from the story.

There is/was a civilization like us, humans on another planet, similar to our planet Earth, but on a parallel timeline.

This civilization is/was very much related to our civilization and at the same time went its own way of evolution.

It is similar to the idea of two different souls of the same Over-Soul experiencing the same theme, but in a different environment and possibly even in a different era, and thus experiencing the theme from a different perspective.

Now extend this idea to the level of the Over-Soul of the Over-Soul, where two related Over-Souls (and thus civilizations) explore similar themes in different, parallel environments and timelines.

This civilization was in a terrible situation because they were destroying not only the atmosphere of their world, but eventually the basis of their incarnation vehicle as well as their bodies.

This civilization was in great trouble and had to find a solution or simply become extinct.

Now try to feel what it must be like to know that your civilization is dying...unless.

This civilization was already divided into different factions that caused the world to collapse in the first place, and finding a common solution for their survival also resulted in different approaches.

However, the common idea in all of their approaches was to find DNA somewhere in the universe that was very similar to theirs, but intact, original DNA, and use their technology to merge it with theirs to create a new type of body in which their souls could incarnate, thus ensuring the survival of their civilization.

Part of their civilization left their parallel homeworld, tunneled into our version of the universe, and settled in the area we know as the Zeta Reticuli star system.

And because they settled there, these beings are often called the Zetas, but they are referred to by many names, including "the Greys," "the Grey Beings," "the Grey Federation," and so on.

Knowing that there was a parallel version of their world, inhabited by humans as they once were, they went to visit our world.

From another perspective, we attracted them to our reality by starting to use nuclear weapons and putting our world on a similar path to the one that destroyed their world.

So, although it is hard to understand now, we may have saved each other from extinction. Everything is connected.

At the same time, there is much to criticize about their approach to obtaining the DNA necessary for their survival, especially when it comes to the first phase of their visits.

For many people who were unprepared for these encounters, it was a hair-raising experience.

Different factions often had different approaches, and certain factions also had different agendas.

Because of these different agendas of some factions, some of which are not in the best interest of humanity, these beings have created much controversy about their presence in our world.

And this will be difficult to explain to the public, also because of the very questionable role of our own governments in covering up their existence, arranging their visitations, mocking the experiencers, and even intentionally traumatizing people by pretending to be these aliens.

In this blog we will focus mainly on the what and why, not so much on the how, but don't take that as ignoring it.

Again, we do not feel it is our place to do that kind of declassification.

So we will close this topic now.

Nevertheless, it is a reality.

In recent decades, many humans have donated useful DNA and helped this species survive, through what is called a "hybridization program".

Not to change the people of Earth, but to give them a chance to survive as a species by creating a new kind of human, by creating hybrid civilizations.

They have modified themselves with DNA from us, from people on Earth, just as we are beings modified with DNA from other worlds.

Hybrid Civilizations ...

Out of this 'hybridization program' the Zetas eventually created several new species, new civilizations.

We can call them 'hybrid civilizations' because that is what they are, but of course they each come with a name.

Note that there is a shift in timelines and realities here that we will leave out of this explanation so as not to make it too complex, but there's more to it than just linear time here.

These new civilizations are partially created from our human DNA and can therefore be considered our descendants.

They see us as their ancestors and themselves as our descendants.

Therefore, many people recognize beings from these civilizations as 'hybrid children'.

Just like the increasing number of newborn humans with three stranded DNA, their DNA is three stranded, giving them a much higher frequency and more evolved psychic abilities than most of the human population in 2023.

As for the difference in frequency ... the frequency of human consciousness on Earth today is below 100kHz, with an average of 60kHz.

Our transformation will take us to a frequency bandwidth of 150-190kHz in the next decade.

The hybrid civilization that will make first contact with us operates at a frequency bandwidth of 180-250kHz.

Our civilization will fully enter the 4th Density bandwidth when we cross the 200kHz threshold.

In the 4th Density bandwidth, if humanity chooses and invites them, we will meet our hybrid children.

Seventh Root Race of Humanity -  Homo Galacticus

In the distant future, if humanity has chosen to welcome these hybrid civilizations, it is very likely that over time there will be interbreeding between the three stranded Earth-born humans and the beings from the hybrid civilizations, creating yet another mix of genes and thus a new species.

This is not yet determined, but it is anticipated and already loosely called Homo Galacticus, as it will be a spacefaring human species - consisting of a mixture of DNA from many interstellar civilizations - which have never before been in existence ...hence the Seventh Root Race of Humanity.

End note

Now, we are well aware that there are many perspectives on this subject, and depending on your point of view and the way your belief system is structured, you can see this as something to look forward to, or you can see it as an alien takeover of our world.

We know of several speakers and authors around the world (as well as in the Netherlands) who present the same facts shared in this blog filtered through a fear-based point of view, and that is perfectly fine.

There are many ways to look at this issue and it is up to each of us to choose how we want to process this information.

One may wonder how some speakers seem to have large audiences when their version is based on fear, but keep in mind that most of the human population has been programmed for decades to perceive this kind of developments from a negative point of view.

Millions of people are addicted to watching MSM news and 'entertainment' that involves fear and danger without realizing that it forms a primary structure in our consciousness from which reality is perceived.

We have to learn to open our minds and understand that our belief systems create our reality and our experience of that reality.

We have to learn to live from our hearts again.

Our final thought for today ...

Most people do not realize this, but when we invite civilizations such as the Pleiadians, we are also inviting beings who have inserted human DNA into their genetic makeup at the time they inhabited our planet in order to deal with the environmental factors of our planet at that time.

That's why we are related to the Pleiadian civilizations, and there too a form of hybridization has taken place on their side.

Bashar on 7th Hybrid Race

A compilation


Sources of interest:

Star Kids - The Emerging Cosmic Generation - by Dr. Richard Boylan PhD
Psychic Abilities of Star Children - by Dr. Richard Boylan PhD
The New Human - Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage - by Mary Rodwell
Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - by Caroline Cory
Scientists: Our DNA ~ Humans are Mutating
Star Children with alien DNA
Star Seed - Advanced Abilities and Psychic Exercises
The Interstellar Enneagram Part II - Bashar 2014
The Legacy - Bashar 1988

Evolution Of Humanity

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Practitioners With Passion
After we came into contact with these energies and frequencies through the Reconnection in 2012, our contact with extraterrestrial civilizations has gained tremendous momentum.
At that time we knew nothing more than that 'these energies and frequencies' did not originate from this planet, and even then we could not fully grasp the meaning of that.

The whole topic of Root Races is covered in a series of blogs :

The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Mankind
The first, second and the third, Lemurian, Root Race
The fourth Atlantian and fifth Aryan Root Race
The sixth and seventh Hybrid root race


The Migration of the Atlantean Races
Transition of the Fourth into the Fifth Root Race

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