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Hello, Friends! Do You Know Your Life Purpose?

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OMG! I MISSED you guys! It’s been a few months and I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I hope your winter has been reflective and inspiring and this first week of spring has you ready to bring in the new.

I just went through a major transition (whew!) and it took some time to get grounded again, but I’m back now and SO excited to reconnect with you.

I have lots of new content and tools to share with you. I’ve been gathering tips, questions, and guidance designed to help you become the magnificent artist of your life that you already are.

Whether that’s overcoming challenges, discovering your life purpose, opening up to your greatest creative self-expression, bettering your relationships, or magically manifesting your dreams – I’m here to stand by you.   

Here’s what I know about you:  You’re smart and wise and in-tune with this wild ride called life. You know just as much as me. And, like me, you realize that it’s always fun to have an insightful reminder that inspires an aha moment or confirms that you’re on the right path. We both know that we can accomplish whatever we want with a little bit of freedom and determination.

The other day, I had an aha moment that blew my mind. I took my first SoulCycle class near my new home in Westchester County. It was a great class with a great teacher, and great music, and I was in the zone when a lyric caught my attention.

“Who am I?” The singer asked herself.

And I thought to myself, “YES! Right now, in this moment WHO AM I?”

This question intrigued me. I felt curious rather than scared as I realized I was no longer the person I once knew myself to be.

Have you asked yourself “who am I” recently?  

When I asked it myself, I popped right into the present moment because, of course, we’re changing every week, every day, every second.

While I spun my legs through that class, I attempted to answer the question for myself:

Right now, I am a woman who moved north of the city into nature, is engaged to her soulmate, and will soon be a stepmom to a loving 6 year-old named Sam.

Right now, I am someone who runs her errands in an easy 5 or 10 minutes without traffic, no longer in the rush and stress of city life.

Right now, I am someone who lives in a beautiful new home on the Hudson River surrounded by trees and glorious green, which nurtures me in a way I’d never imagined.

Driving back from class covered in sweat and on an endorphin high, I couldn’t help but also ask myself: “Now that I’ve made this transition, what am I meant to do with my life? Or better yet, what is my life purpose now?”

Last month, I read Loving What Is by Byron Katie. In it, there is a section entitled “My Life Should Have Purpose.”

Katie asks a student what their underlying belief is around “their life purpose.” The student replied, “My life SHOULD have purpose.”

But then Katie explains that “this apparently positive belief is just as painful as an apparently negative belief.”

“How do you react when you think that thought?” She asked the student.

The student answered, “I feel fear because I don’t know what my purpose is. I think I should know. I feel stress… I may snap at my husband and children and this eventually takes me to the refrigerator and the television in my bedroom… I think I need to do something big. When I believe the thought I feel great internal pressure to complete my purpose before I die…”

Katie asked, “Who would you be without the belief that your life should have a purpose?”

The student replied, “I know I’m more peaceful without it, less crazed… without the fear and stress around the thought, maybe I’d be freed and energized and happy just doing the thing in front of me.”

Katie asked her to turn it around in order to inquire more deeply and free herself of the thought. In other words, she asked her to state the exact opposite of the underlying belief, “my life should have purpose.”

The woman answered, “My life should NOT have purpose. That would mean that what I have lived has always been enough, and I just haven’t recognized it…. Could it be that my life as it’s already lived IS the purpose?”

Can I tell you how reading this freed me? It’s one of the many reasons I am thrilled to be back sharing your Sunday mornings with you.

I’ve got lots of new exciting things brewing for you. Stay tuned to find out.

Sending you all my love and I am excited to “see you” in your inbox next week.


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