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Identity + Passion + Purpose = Joy

Identity + Passion + Purpose = Joy

Greetings, Luminous One!

Today we're going to talk about how Identity factors into the conversation as the 3rd leg of the stool along with Passion and Purpose.

To that end, I'd like to share a few recent blog posts from Astrobutterfly because it casts some insight into what's been happening in the background but is now coming to the forefront of our experience.

"Chiron is now in Aries, and it will stay in Aries until 2027. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Chiron spends the longest time – 8 years and one month – in Aries... perhaps because it has more work to do there than in any other sign.

There’s something about Aries that Chiron finds difficult to process; that’s why Chiron takes its time in this sign.

Chiron In Aries – The Identity Wound

Most people alive today have Chiron in Aries. If you were born between April 1968 and March 1977 you too have Chiron in Aries.

Aries is our identity, Chiron is our deepest wound. What we are aiming to heal and transcendent it’s our identity wound.

“I am not good enough.” “It is not ok to be me, I should be someone else.” When Chiron is in Aries, we question our identity, we question our very existence.

The root cause of our dissatisfaction is whether – or not – are we living up to our true potential: “Am I truly living my life?”, “How close – or how far – am I from living my purpose?”.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Its role is to help us develop a sense of identity.

Aries rules the Self, but Chiron will challenge this affirmation of the Self to find a deeper sense of purpose.

Aries is the “Me first” sign – it is our identity, how we express our uniqueness, how we assert ourselves.

Aries is the very first sprout to emerge from the soil in the spring, choosing life, choosing to ‘get out there’ into the world, to make a statement “I’m here!”

Chiron, on the other hand, is a symbol of everything Aries is not.

Chiron is where we feel wounded, ashamed, and inadequate. Chiron is where we second guess ourselves, where we feel guilty, vulnerable and broken.

Chiron will challenge Aries’ expression of the Self.

Chiron in Aries’s goal is to help us address and heal our greatest wound of all – the wound of identity.

The wound of identity is when we feel we don’t have the right to exist. This is the most painful wound – because it is rooted in who we are, as human beings. And because the individual IS the wound, it’s difficult to dissociate ourselves from our identity wound. Our identity wound is our blind spot.

We Are Born With It

We are all born with the wound of identity. When we are babies, we hardly have an identity. We are the result of the genetic makeup of our parents.

As we grow up, if our self-expression is encouraged, we slowly develop our unique identity.

But the process is not always smooth.

Our parents may – rightly so – see us as an extension of themselves and may have difficulties in acknowledging that we are different human beings. They do this because they want to protect us.

But trying to force the child to become something different than what they were born to be, is incredibly damaging.

People who struggle the most with mental health usually come from upbringings where they were not allowed to be themselves, to express and develop their unique identity.

Chiron In Aries – Symptoms Of The Identity Wound

  • “I am nobody” – an overall feeling of emptiness and disconnection.
  • “I am not enough” – a desire to “prove” oneself
  • “I am not who I should be” – a desire to be someone else
  • “If I don’t fit in, I don’t exist” – a desire to be liked by everyone
  • Feeling disoriented, alienated, wanting conflicting things
  • A tendency to imitate other people
  • A desire to remain unnoticed, a fear of expressing one’s opinions and beliefs
  • Difficulty connecting with one’s body or feelings
  • A tendency to hurt oneself, physically or psychologically – self-inflicted wounds, abuse of drugs, alcohol and medication, overworking, feeling ‘numb’

Chiron In Aries – You Are Here For A Reason

Can we heal our wound of identity?

No achievement, no money or success can heal this wound – because being you is not about becoming something you are not, but is about becoming who you are meant to be!

Chiron in Aries will ask you to address and heal – once and for all – the wound of identity, a wound that we are all born with.

Your existence is the very proof you deserve to BE. There is a reason why out of billions of genetic possibilities, it was YOU who made it.

Not only do you have the right to exist, but you are here for a very important reason. You were born with a unique mission.

The stars, the whole universe collided so you could be here today. You were born to express the divine in your unique way, to develop and share your unique gifts, talents, and skills.

Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift

With Jupiter approaching a conjunction with Chiron, there has never been a better time to do the Chiron work.

There are three archetypes associated with Chiron: the (1) Wounded Healer, the (2) Shaman, and the (3) Alchemist.

  1. The Wounded Healer

The Wounded Healer describes our first experiences with the primal wound. At this stage, the wound is not yet acknowledged.

Some people brush their wounds off for their entire lives. Lurking in the background of their unconscious, the wound sabotages them in unconscious ways.

Most of us continue living with the wound, because we’re not even aware that there’s ‘another way.’

  1. The Shaman

There comes a time when the wound is so painful, so acute, that it can no longer be ignored. This integration of the Chiron wound corresponds with the 2nd Chiron archetype, the Shaman.

We associate the “Shaman” developmental stage with the so-called “healing crisis”.

A healing crisis means that healing is initially preceded by a worsening of the symptoms. However, this temporary sickness is, in fact, a sign that the treatment is succeeding, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

When we have a fever, we feel sick – but the fever means that our immune system is fighting against the disease.

We call this stage the Shaman, because a Shaman, or the Medicine Man or Medicine Woman, has the ability to travel between worlds.

This ability to ‘travel between worlds’ is a metaphor for the integration of the different areas of our psyche: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When we hate our bodies, are ashamed of our secret desires, or are disturbed by our anger, envy, greed, or other ‘undesirable’ traits, we can never be whole.

When all the different parts of ourselves are integrated, then, and only then, healing is found. The Shaman is the most intense Chiron developmental stage, but it’s critical to embrace it if we want to alchemize our wounds into gifts and live wholesome lives.

  1. The Alchemist

Finally, the 3rd developmental stage, the Alchemist, corresponds to the gift that naturally emerges when we heal and integrate our wound.

Once the wound is embraced in the previous stage, something inside of us “clicks”. The broken pieces become a beautiful whole. The puzzle comes together. The very wound that made us investigate different approaches and develop coping strategies, transforms into a healing gift.

  • Our primal identity wound helps us see our beautiful uniqueness in ourselves and others
  • Our self-worth wound transforms into healthy self-reliance. We are capable of taking care of ourselves and others without burning ourselves out
  • Fighting chronic illness eventually helps us discover a unique, holistic approach to healing
  • Our early communication struggles make us powerful communicators
  • Our feelings of anxiety or inadequacy transform into soul-touching art
  • Our unsuccessful attempts to have loving relationships develop us into wonderful partners

Our pain and suffering are not in vain. To achieve our greatest human potential we first need the experience of the wound. It’s our initial attempts to heal the wound that eventually alchemize into healing gifts.

We are not here by chance. We are all here for a reason, and when we do the Chiron work, things finally start to fall into place.

(Astrobutterfly is offering a course on this subject - should you be interested in diving deeper, click HERE.)

When Identity factors into the Passion and Purpose equation, the result is a deep seated level of joy at being exactly who you are in the matrix of Life.


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Much love and infinite blessings,


Hope Fitzgerald
Hope Fitzgerald
Teacher, Coach, Healer, Infinity Waver, End-of-Life Midwife
Hope offers her services as an energy healer, a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner and a Death Doula, incorporating sound, Reiki and essential oils into her work. In addition, she guides intimate groups to potent areas around the world, including Peru, Easter Island, South Africa, France, England, Ireland, Wales and various U.S. locations. During these spiritual adventures, she teaches ways to communicate with the landscapes, believing that when the powerhouse of the human heart interacts with a highly-charged site, an alchemy occurs that is guaranteed to cause a shift in consciousness. She serves as a faculty member of GodSelf University.  

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