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Are You Ready For Your Financial Fortune?


That may sound like a silly question. You say, of course I am ready to receive my financial fortune. I deserve it. I put my time in with developing self-love and cultivating a relationship with my soul. Now I wish to reward myself with plenty of money so that I can truly enjoy life here on the planet.

And you are absolutely correct. You’ve been working diligently on clearing any old issues relative to money. Especially as a spiritual being, there were so many overlays and hypnosis and beliefs around money and spirituality. And if we are providing spiritual services, we need to value ourselves and our gifts.  Those who believe that spiritual services should be free need to take a look at whether they are valuing themselves as spiritual beings.  It comes down to self-worth. Having grand amounts of money in your life should be relatively simple at this point. You have learned that true joy is an inner quality and nothing on the outside can make up for that type of joy. You have learned that it’s not so much your actions that create prosperity but what you are sending out on a vibrational level. If you are emanating lack then that is what comes back for the most part.

Especially now with the new energy, it seems taking actions from anything but passion and joy backfires anyway. We simply can’t get away with doing things in the old way anymore. And that of course is a good thing. We can no longer compromise our joy for a paycheck. Or compromise our integrity for any kind of security.

If we look at money as just a type of energy, then we can begin to understand that we play with energies all the time. That energies are here to serve us. That what we need comes to us in a very synchronistic way. So money is just another form of energy.

We’ve all heard stories of people who came into a financial fortune only to become almost destitute in a couple of years.

Money, energy, just magnifies where a person is at vibrationally. If they attract money but are still in a place of lack, the money just magnifies the lack. They may be very good at attracting financial abundance, but they are not so good at receiving it. So they may lose it in a variety of ways.

Every once in a while just for fun I would ask a friend what they would do if they came into several million dollars. Their answers were always so interesting. Almost everyone said that they would give some of the money to their family, their children, their friends, the needy. While on the surface that sounds quite generous and virtuous, it also highlights some imbalances.

Especially if the first thing on the list is to give the money to someone else before they give anything to themselves. If they think others are feeding off of them now, just wait until they have lots of money! The following is a very important point that can make the difference between receiving your fortune and not allowing your fortune into your life.

You need to feel ready to handle larger amounts of energy. There may still be a part of you that believes you can’t handle it or you will mismanage it and it is too much responsibility or that it will distract you from your enlightenment. You also may believe that because you have so much energy, money, that you must then provide for others. But what you’re not taking into account is, are those others ready to receive so much energy themselves? I know of people personally who are not ready to receive in that way. When they do attract that energy in the form of money especially, they end up being even more in debt. So many of us who have been emotional caretakers, giving others emotional hand outs, or bailing them out energetically, may be especially susceptible to doing that if we had large amounts of money.

We may think we are doing a wonderful thing but we just need to be careful in discerning who would benefit and who would self-destruct from a generous amount of money. It’s really no different then being an emotional care-taker with those people. We are not really helping them and in fact we are enabling them.

Consider your motives for being so generous.  If you can give to yourself generously, and it feels joyful to then give to others, of course it’s a wonderful thing.  But if you say, “I choose to give without any strings attached, simply from the joy of giving” but then if the one receiving uses the money for somethiing you do not approve of, or if you become upset because they didn’t even say “thank you” to you, you are attached to an outcome and are giving from the wrong place.  Over-giving, whether it’s money or time or energy sets up a dynamic between the giver and receiver that is one of expectations and obligation, even if those involved are not aware of it on a conscious level.

When you do come into your financial fortune hopefully you will be prepared for that type of energy. In fact you are in training right now for it. As you release your care-taking role and as you release your energetic bonds with those who you know are feeding off of your energies. And you know who those people are because you can feel it in them. You know how you feel after you have interacted with them.  So you are preparing yourself to receive. Just be grateful you didn’t receive it before you were truly ready. I am not kidding about that, because these energies that are coming in now are potent are they not? Look what they are doing to our mind and our body already.

Are you truly enjoying, as best as you can the money that you already have?  Because that draws to you more joyful experiences.  It sends a message to those parts of you that are reluctant to allow that kind of enjoyment.  And remember, you are not doing this from purely your human personality.  You are engaging your soul.  Because your soul has expensive taste.  If you allowed your soul to decide for you, she would pick the most luxurious of things and experiences.

Just as your soul loves you without you having to prove your worthiness or to change who you are, so it is with money. You absolutely do not have to prove worthiness, and really don’t even have to earn it. Being open to whatever avenues it comes to you from is also important. Just allow it to come in  easily and joyfully.

That means to stop thinking that the only way It can come is through winning a lottery.

Money in and of itself is in a neutral state. But, especially in our society, and in the world in general, it is an important energy and it seems to be the easiest exchange for goods and services.  You may have heard that money will become obsolete, but if you intend to remain here on the Planet for a few more years, you will be needing money.  Granted, money is more of a concept then an actual physical thing. How often do we even use paper money these days in exchange for food, paying our bills and for goods and services?  Some places will not even accept cash these days!!!   Isn’t it interesting how we have placed so much value and power in what has come down to just being digits in a computer somewhere?

Actually, financial balance is one of the easiest things to achieve. Much easier in fact than physical balance. The body is the last to catch up with all the changes in consciousness.

So it is imperative that we allow ourselves to receive without reservation, without guilt, without limitation.

And it is also imperative to allow others to create their own prosperity. It is much better to be a role model of someone who allows life to serve them. It’s been said wisely:  Give a man a fish… You know the rest.

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Maria Chambers
I am a new consciousness teacher, helping to bring in the new energies through my art, music, spoken and written word.  And by just hanging out at my local cafe, writing in my journal, and appreciating the simple things in life.  I have my good days.  I have my bad days.  I prefer the good days.  Of course, as enlightened beings, we’re supposed to say, “It’s all gooood!!!”  Well, I finally gave myself permission, through this amazing and often crushing process of enlightenment…to not always like it…to curse at it…to tell it to go to hell!!!  Being human isn’t as easy as it looks…being human and divine, well that’s even more tricky…as all of us know.  My blog explores the process we are going through, and hopefully helps to answer some questions, helps to soothe any concerns, with wisdom and some humor.


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