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February 2021 Monthly Forecast

February 2021 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for February is “Push-Pull”.

This month we experience a friction caused by opposing energies and influences that can easily have us stuck in the middle. On the one hand, there are forces that tempt us to cling to the past and the false security of the old structures that are now coming apart at the seams. On the other hand, we feel the spark of change and progress driving us forward with rapid ignition, some restlessness, and a little confusion.

Fear wants us to put the brakes on, but curiosity wants to see what is around the corner. Our instinctual discomfort wants us to go back to “how things were”, but a deep inner knowing that we are never going back has us standing at the precipice of change, a little terrified and possibly somewhat excited about the future. We are now in uncharted waters, needing to learn a new navigational system and new criteria for looking at our options and guiding us to make the right choices for our future.

The Push-Pull of the month can leave us confused, irritated, reactive and depressed. We may judge that things are not happening fast enough or smoothly enough especially during the first 3 weeks when Mercury is retrograde. We can be impatient with ourselves and with others, and we can be stubborn as we hold on to past attachments of old dreams, intentions and expectations. Consider all the structures that have been forced to be flexible during the pandemic. They will likely never go back to the way they were. We are being offered an opportunity to go inward, and to reevaluate our attachments and do some work to actively release them.

We also have the opportunity to embrace and accept change as it shows up. Be open to right timing and accept circumstances just the way they are. Being present, neutral, and available is the best way to manage and navigate these times as there are many unknowns and nothing is predictable except change itself.

The friction caused by the two opposing forces of Push and Pull creates an energy that can be harnessed for motivation and inspiration. Instead of finding yourself frozen in fear and uncertainty, use this dynamism to ignite your own creativity, wonder and curiosity. If you find yourself in resistance, anger, blame, regret, or any kind of judgment, move yourself in any way you can into a place of gratitude about something in your life. This will help you get to that neutral place of being present from where you can then contemplate your positive options.

The “Pull” part of the month is the resistance to change and the desire to go back to what is familiar. It is the attachment to old structures whether they be exterior ones in your life or the interior belief systems that create the inner energetic structures that manifest your life.

The “Push” part is related to the sudden changes, reversals and upheavals that can dramatically turn your balance, plans and life upside down.  Be prepared by embracing the adventure of it all instead of living in fear.

Nothing happens without a reason and the more stubborn you are about clinging to an idea of how things should be, the harder you will fall when just the opposite happens. It is an exciting month of change that won’t be easy for some. If shit happens, accept it with humor and face it proactively to ask what the lessons are to be learned.

We will be getting a lot of lessons this month around patience, right timing, authentic motivation and right purpose. Remember to put the heart first as the guiding motivator. The mind will try to convince you to limit yourself and to dig your heels in by defining and judging situations based on what it knows from the past. Use your emotional intuition to follow your heart in contemplating your options and making your choices as you move forward. Don’t get thwarted by minor setbacks especially if you know you are on the right path.

You will have plenty of opportunities this month to experience highs and lows of emotion, thought and energy.  Stay out of judgment, stay present, be proactive, release the past, embrace change.

How the month shows up:

This can be a tricky time for the ego and the personality as it resists, judges, and adjusts to the push-pull theme of the month. It can, however, also be a fabulous time for expressing creativity, new ideas and more authenticity. The trick is to stay as present as possible so you don’t get sideswiped by a sudden event that could derail your balance and focus. It is also important to stay neutral about most everything happening around you.

It is easy to get mired in drama connected to dramatic events especially if they produce sudden change. The best course of action is to fully accept, forgive and stay neutral. You have an opportunity to revisit your past and to clear any residual attachment you have to any energy connected to it. You also have the chance to get some clarity about your own path as you feel pushed into the future through change and opportunity.

Study your options with neutrality and from the place of being present. Many choices can be made this month that will guide you over your next cycle. This is not a month to space out and let your attention wander. The power is in your focus, presence and responsibility for choices both to release and to move forward.

(Helpful exercises are included in the monthly support audio this month)

Relationships play a big part this month as we navigate the Push-Pull theme. You will discover very quickly where your support is, who your community is, who agrees with you and who does not. Watch for resistance as we are all pushed just a little beyond our comfort level. Watch for projection as some will be more comfortable than others with changes, choices and actions that you may take.

Communication is challenged during this time. If you can be clear about your own needs and desires, communicate them clearly to others. This is not a month for guessing games or expecting others to know what you need. If you are clear, communicate it. Watch out for blame, martyrdom and impatience and don’t be the one to go there. Allow others to have their truth, their boundaries and their own experiences. You may not agree, but be kind anyway.

Attachments to old dreams and expectations related to current relationships may need to be cleaned up, released and reset. It is a good time to “talk things out” and take the consequences of current authentic truths. It will be very obvious if you are on the same page with someone or not. Don’t be afraid of change when it comes to relationships. Avoidance of dealing with issues will only make them worse.

On the other hand, this is a great time to gain sudden friendships, allies and support from unexpected situations and connections. Trust them to be authentic if your heart tells you so.

This can be a tough time for the physical body. Sudden change can push us into a growth crisis. Letting go of old patterns and attachments can affect the bones and teeth. Joints may be creaky and cranky, and energy levels may fluctuate greatly. We highly recommend a discipline of physical movement. Walking, yoga, dancing, tai chi, chi gong, or exercise of any kind will help move the energy through the body so it doesn’t get stuck.

Pay extra attention to the hips, jaw, hands and feet. Hips and jaw relate to any stubborn holding on to being right, old ideas and dreams, fear of change. Hands and feet are related to moving forward, either by choice or being pushed by an external crisis or event. Take this first few weeks to sharpen and refine your communication with your body. Say hello, ask it what it needs and listen to what it communicates.

The physical body is often the last to get with the program of change. It is inherently resistant to moving out of its comfort level. Nudge it gently and with patience.

This is a great month to start projects and give green lights to ones already on the table. Make sure they are compatible with where you are going, not where you have been. If you find you need to revise in order to fit a new idea or criteria, do it without resistance even if it takes more time and money.

It is also important to consciously release an old project or partnership if it is connected to an old dream or intention that no longer makes sense. Even if some of it is still viable, you can keep those appropriate pieces or people and integrate them into a new plan. This is the month of change, so be proactive with change whenever it makes sense.

We could see huge fluctuations in financial markets, income and investments as the Push-Pull theme comes into play. Be patient and align yourself with right timing before making any rash decisions. What goes up comes down and then goes up again. What is down, can go up and then come down again. Anything is possible. Stay out of frustration and impatience. Trust timing, your intuition and what feels right in your heart.

The environment keeps us on our toes. Just when we think we are in a drought, we will get more moisture than we can handle. Just when we get a handle on the moisture, we may get thrown into a dry cycle no one expected. Some regions are colder and some warmer than “normal”. Currents are changing, tides are changing, and the wind is up everywhere. It is the year of the air element and the Raven is an ally that knows how to navigate and thoroughly enjoy the most intense stormy, windy weather. Ask the Raven to teach you resilience and navigation in a storm so you can enjoy instead of fear it.

Approach the environment and the unpredictability of the times with a sense of adventure and fun. Don’t be victimized by the need to shift your plans due to changes in natural or man-made environments. Make the best of any situation by choosing it to be perfect. It is what it is.

Regarding your personal environment, we highly suggest you continue clearing clutter especially anything connected to the past that does not feel like you anymore. A good example is an antique piece that may have been handed down through your family but you really never liked or connected to. Just because you were gifted something or it was handed down from your family does not mean you need to keep it. Unless you love it, get rid of it.

To honor change, we continue to recommend you proactively make your own changes to your personal environment as you see fit. Repaint walls, move furniture, introduce something new, get rid of something old.

February 1-7: A restless time frame where you may not know what to do with yourself but you feel you need to do something. This is a good time to focus on details, catch up with communication, and to examine what you think your intentions are for the future. It is also a good time to collaborate with others through discussion and support especially around any confusion regarding an experience you may be having. Rely on your community and ask for help if you need it.

The restless energy may be related to something unresolved from the past. You may need to spend a little time completing or releasing. Some experiences cannot be resolved, they just need to be released, especially if they are related to a relationship or a karma that is more complicated. You can release the form and keep the connection if it is important. If the connection needs to be there, it will reform into something new.

This goes for unfinished project as well as intentions that were not realized. Erase any guilt or shame you may have around what you perceive to be a failure. This is part of the “Pull” into the past. Don’t get stuck. Do whatever it takes to move on.

The restlessness may also have to do with the unknowns about the future. If you have no clarity of direction, just take action on what shows up in front of you even if you do not yet know where it is leading. If you get stuck, keep your body moving. Small tasks will keep the restlessness occupied.

February 8-14: This is the time frame for the most intense experience of the Push-Pull influence. You may also go through unexpected events that may change the course of your actions and intentions. Be prepared for anything and stay out of resistance and judgment. The best way to navigate this time is to enjoy the storm and meet it head on with your own bid for adventure. Do something outside your comfort zone and learn to be flexible from any situation that forces you to change direction. Explore your creativity in new and expressive ways.

Some of the unpredictability has to do with others and their sudden choices. If you have been relying on someone for support and they suddenly decide to move away, you will have to release them and adjust accordingly. Where one door closes, another one will open. Look for the open doors instead of resenting the closed ones. That attitude will get you nowhere except to misery and blame.

February 11: New Moon in Aquarius is Thursday, February 11 at 12:05PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This New Moon invites us to explore our emotional freedom. Emotional freedom is being free of what we think we should have done, could have done, are sorry we did not do, are sorry we did, where we are shameful or resentful about a past situation, or simply out of sorts and not feeling good about something we cannot do anything about. If you are not emotionally free, you are stuck. And if you are stuck you cannot move forward.

Pay attention to your feet, hands, ankles and forearms. They are the extremities of your body that propel you forward and symbolize your ability to move yourself along your path. You may want to say hello to them and actively support them in movement.

If you are feeling stuck, reflect on what is keeping you emotionally imprisoned through disappointment, regret, shame and blame, and do whatever you can to forgive and forget.

February 15-21: We are slowly coming out of the woods with a bit more clarity and a bit less Push-Pull although the influence is still there to keep guiding us to release the past and move forward into the future. You may be reeling from recent unexpected events and need to take some time to integrate sudden changes in your life. Keep in mind that when we speak of sudden changes these are not necessary negative. You could be given a great opportunity that is a choice to step into more power and a bigger responsibility that you can have imagined. This may cause you some stress as you contemplate this challenge.

Wonderful things may manifest quickly and unexpectedly but they may be first initiated by something you perceive as challenging and inconvenient. Your car may break down and the person stopping to help you may become the source of a great friendship or opportunity you may not have had if your car had not so very inconveniently broken down making you late for another appointment.

So, this month it is best not to judge anything until the end. Stay present so you can always have a neutral perspective on situations that may look one way from one side, and another way from a different side.

February 22-28: A good time to look at what has landed on your plate. It will probably be different than what you expected and may not be at all where you thought you would end up. Some things may seem like they are missing and some may seem like they are foreign and unfamiliar to you. If you thought you would be alone, maybe you are not. If you thought you would be in partnership, maybe that has gone by the wayside. If you thought you knew what your work would look like, maybe it does but maybe it doesn’t look that way.

Wherever you find yourself ending up in this last week of the month, you have some momentum to carry you through as there is a lot more push than pull at this time. It is important to be focused and disciplined and not afraid to say no to things that don’t feel right for you at this time. It is helpful to set some good boundaries and some good rules for yourself as we move forward. There is no going back. Enjoy what you have, it is all for a reason. Trust that all is as it should be.

February 26/27: Full Moon in Virgo is Saturday, February 27 at 1:17 AM Mountain Standard Time. (on Friday, the 26th in earlier time zones)

Have a great month!



Join Lena for a very helpful remote shamanic healing working with the energies of this new moon.  Thursday, February 11, at 7PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

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