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September 2021 Monthly Forecast

September 2021 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for September is “Time for a New Story”.

We are certainly tired of the old one and feeling restless, irritated and ready to start something new. The future, however, is still intangible and unclear. We find ourselves often floating around in the shadow, making several much-needed trips back into the underworld to deal with karma, clear our past and release the attachments to old ways. September is not an easy month as we navigate the balance between what is pulling us back into recapitulation versus what is being offered as an opportunity to rewrite our story. It will do you no good to “wait it out”. The demands of this time require an interactive relationship between yourself and your story. In order to change it, you will need to step up your relationship with spirit, your guides and allies, and your authentic self.

The best approach to a new story is to ask the questions that will open up the dialogue. What and whom do you serve in this life? What do you fear? How are you supported? What truly makes you happy? What are the addictions you desire to change? What are the energy leaks in your life? What part of your current story are you truly done with? What are your disappointments, resentments and judgments? Where are you not neutral? What are you not ready or willing to let go of? What are you ready and willing to let go of? What are your past unrealized dreams that are no longer viable? What are your theories, what is your truth?

The first step in a new story is to let go of the old one without anger, disappointment or judgment. The more neutral you can be about what is leaving your field, the easier the process. We have come now to a place where it is near impossible to be in denial about what needs to change. There are influences that require a good look at what no longer serves as well as providing good (if not fun) opportunities to release, complete karma, and clear the decks. We are being worked by the inevitable and the quicker we all get with the program, the faster we will be able to manifest this new story. The discomfort and irritation comes from resistance to embracing responsibility for your own change. Only you can create a new story for yourself.

Part of the “work” this month is to look at all of our theories, projections and what we think we know. Truly, we know nothing, at least with our minds. We do know in our hearts what is right and what we want. There are many opportunities to increase awareness and to develop more of our intuitive skills. The other part of the task this month is to refine and recommit to our trust in our own intuition, spirit, and all of the support our guides and allies can provide. Since they connect us with power beyond the physical, these relationships are the ones to nurture, feed and pay attention to. As you reflect on and deal with the energy leaks in your life, turn to these sources of power and support for help. Building trust in what you cannot see but know to be true is a step in the right direction. The phrase “You will see it when you believe it” is a reminder of what is possible especially as you contemplate what new story you wish to manifest.

To navigate this month well will require the discipline to stay in your own lane and take responsibility for your own restlessness and irritation by channeling that energy into productive action. It is important to keep your vibration as high as possible and work with gratitude, love, awe and a focus on beauty. Beware of others fanaticism around theories, fear-based behaviors and projections of blame and resentment. Staying present, practicing compassion and cultivating an appreciation for all of life will go far in supporting and feeding a new story.

Acknowledge and practice reciprocity, giving and receiving, and making space by letting go of the old story. Fill that space with the energy you want as it will serve as a foundation for the new story.

How the month shows up:

Growing pains best describes this month in terms of personal experience. There will be uncomfortable times, confusing messages, grumpy attitudes, resistance, a bit of martyrdom, lots of complaining, irritating circumstances, restlessness, some worry about the future, and an underlying non-specific anxiety that comes with not knowing what is next. We are in a sort of limbo, waiting for right timing, for more clarity and insight about what to do, where to go and how to live. The growth is dependent on how much you are willing to let go of and how much you are willing to change. The responsibility this month is very personal and best supported by staying clear of everyone else’s process. In other words, stay in your own lane. This does not mean that you cannot have compassion for others and receive the same.  It just means don’t get involved trying to fix, control, advise or do it for them as this behavior is often a distraction from your own process.

The positive opportunity this month is for a new story to emerge for you that is much more aligned with spirit and your authentic self. If you can channel the restless and irritated energy into gratitude and appreciation, you will have the fuel you need to create something wonderful for yourself instead of feeling anxious, depressed or despairing. The challenge is being able to let go of the addictions and attachments to the past that are all part of the old story. Be proactive in finding new comforts to replace the old non-serving ones. If this month is difficult for you, have compassion for yourself and for others. Remember we are all in this together and everyone is under the same influences to grow and change. You are not alone.

Relationships are cranky this month as they are often the targets for blame and projection. Practice kindness even if you don’t feel it. Watch your expectations of others for support, acceptance and filling your needs. Only certain needs can be filled by others, the rest you have to do yourself. Projecting unfulfilled needs onto others will only breed resentment and create a cause for blame. So, take responsibility and work on nurturing your relationship with yourself, spirit and your guides and allies. We do not have all the answers. Delegating something you feel is beyond your ability to understand or solve over to spirit is a step in the direction of more trust and you may be surprised at the results.

Try not to take your discomfort this month out on others. Be kind no matter what and come from a place of compassion rather than judgment. As old karmas are processed and completed, you may find yourself in a place of freedom to manifest a new relationship. This can happen very quickly as we move into a new frequency where a whole new set of agreements become available. So, a somewhat difficult but exciting time where lots can happen. Stay present with your truth and vigilant about the “story” so you don’t create the same old dysfunctional situation.

As most of our old patterns live in the bones, teeth, joints and muscle memory, the body struggles this month to participate in the clearing and letting go of the old story, as much of the old story is related to the body and how it has serves as the vehicle for your life. A simple appreciation for your body, no matter what the condition, is crucial for continuing any healing process you may need at this time. Remember that the body is the physical manifestation of your beliefs and attitudes and as an elemental it takes direction from you and your intentions.

As we are stepping up our relationship to spirit and our guides and allies, it is also a good time to step up our relationship with our physical body and give it some much needed support and self-care. How are you supporting your body? Does it feel heard? Are its needs met? How are you taking care of yourself? Does part of the old story include a diminished value putting the care of your body way down on your list of priorities? Put your health first as part of the new story. Put your physical body as the vehicle for spirit and your essence as the most important thing on your list of priorities. Say hello to it regularly and ask it daily what it needs to be able to serve you better.

This is a great month for connecting with new and inspiring ideas, potential business partners and projects. They may be in the theoretical category but getting the creative juices going is helpful in future manifesting of something new and different. Don’t be afraid to dream big as part of trying a new story on for size. What can you imagine that you never thought possible?

It is good month to work on your prosperity and abundance and to let go of any part of the old story connected with poverty consciousness. Adopt the mantra of “anything is possible” because the truth is that “anything is possible” and you will see it when you believe it. This is also a good month to increase your capacity for having more, experiencing more, being connected to more, receiving more, enjoying more and being more. If you are small in the old story, be bigger in the new one.

Use discernment around new opportunities and make sure they feel clean and not karmic. What looks good on paper may not always be the right fit in other ways. Make a rule for yourself that new agreements coming in will be the right ones to support and empower you instead of becoming a karmic energy leak.

The natural environment, weather events and unexpected unpredictable conditions continue to support and create change, keeping us on our toes and from getting too comfortable with what we think we know. Natural events can unground us and stir up the fear of the unknown. The best practice is to trust the earth and her wisdom and to keep in good communication with the elements.

Acceptance, resilience and adaptability is the only way to work with the environment. Resistance, disappointment and resentment will get you nowhere. There are big lessons we are still learning about adaptability and our attachments to plans and expectations. If you can be in acceptance, others will follow.

We always like to address the personal environment as it is a reflection of what is within. Clutter, chaos and disorganization is not a reflection of a tranquil mind and decluttered psyche but just the opposite. What are you still holding on to in your environment? Take some time to declutter something even if it is just one drawer or an old file. If you do this with the intention of releasing part of the old story, you will empower the process and it will lead to the inspiration to do more.


September 1-7: A cranky, challenging window of time where channeling the restlessness into something productive such as a declutter of a space or necessary filing or weeding of your garden or deep cleaning the fridge will be very helpful. Don’t give your mind too much free time to spin worry, anxiety to obsess about theory and thoughts. Be OK with not knowing and stay out of judgment and the need to be right or put a definition on some internal experience. It is clean-out time, so pay attention to what is surfacing in your emotions and your psyche as truth. Embrace the discomfort without shame, stay in your own lane, be practical with your responsibility and come from a place of gratitude, love and awe. (there is a good exercise on the monthly support audio for this)

September 6: New Moon in Virgo is Monday, September 6 at 6:51PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). A new moon is always a good time for a reset and for beginning a new cycle. There is a burst of new energy and inspiration that can be harnessed as fuel for a new project, relationship or intention. This moon specifically triggers a potent energy that can be experienced either as fear and anxiety or as excitement for a positive shift as it has to do with inevitable change. Intuition is enhanced and you can get downloads of insights, truth and clarity.

This moon also brings to the surface a self-awareness of behaviors, energy leaks, dysfunctional aspects of your “story”, and encourages leaving your comfort zone to make a change, broaden your container, and step out into a new landscape. This could increase your excitement and inspiration or you may feel irritated or uncomfortable. Make sure you are not projecting any negativity on to others and watch potential projections of others on to you.

There is also a desire to organize chaos and make a plan. It is a good time to do some physical organization in your personal environment such as filing, cleaning and decluttering. Strive for balance between much needed personal alone time for reflection and connecting with others in a social container.

Join Anna for a very helpful remote shamanic healing right at the time of this new moon. Monday, September 6, at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT

September 8-15: This is an ordinal time of sorting through your questions, your attachments, your story, your energy leaks and your intentions. It may feel a bit chaotic until you get it sorted. If it feels overwhelming, take one aspect and just work on that. It could be an attitude or a belief. Focus on changing just that one aspect of your story and the rest will follow. You may feel a bit fragile and sensitive during this time, not knowing if you are on the right track or not. Don’t get distracted by other people’s opinions. They are likely triggered by the ego feeling threatened as parts of the old story are dissolving.

This time frame may require some focused self-care, self -nurturing and a reflection on how to better take care of yourself. Don’t beat yourself up around bad habits that you are about to change. It does not help. Just decide you will do better from now on. Self-improvement should be the focus and you should take whatever time and space you need to support it.

September 16-22: We see results especially around handing things off to spirit and our allies that we don’t have the bandwidth to deal with. The more you trust, the more you can witness in miracles and results. This is the positive aspect of this time frame.

The challenging aspect is the seduction of the negative expression of discontent, blame, anger, martyrdom, and a bit of self-destruction. It is important to counteract this tendency with positive practices to keep your vibration as high and bright as possible through connecting with beauty and anything that inspires you. This can be a very creative time for manifesting if you can keep from going into the delicious addiction of suffering and feeling stuck in your old story that is everyone else’s fault.

The key is to keep asking the right questions and to keep focused on creating a new story instead of resenting the old one.

September 20: Full Moon (Harvest Moon) in Pisces is Monday, September 20 at 5:54PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). More on this Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above)

September 22: Equinox (Autumn in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the southern hemisphere) is Wednesday, September 22 at 1:20PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Honor the harvest of gifts, lessons, hard work and intentions. We are supported during this Equinox to make radical changes in our lives to bring more balance and personal expression to the surface.

Watch for aggression and overly dominant behavior as this need to be heard may be expressed in a negative way. If something breaks in your life, see it as a result of something that needs to change. Honor pivotal choices and acknowledge the old story as you put it to rest and make room for the new one to emerge. The Equinox is the perfect time to ritualize the death of the old story and the birth of a new one.

September 23-30: Pandora’s box has been opened by the energies of the full moon and the powerful Equinox. There is an opportunity for more sorting, for more letting go, for more recapitulation and for more change. Keep your eye on the big picture so you don’t get too narrow-focused on one aspect that feels sticky. It is important to celebrate the new story even if it is not yet manifest or complete.

Have an appreciation for everything in life, even conflict as it brings a certain energy of friction conducive for supporting change. If conflict occurs in your personal life, see it as an opportunity to question and reflect instead of resisting. There is likely to be conflict of greater proportions out in the world during this time, and some of it just has to play out as a catalyst for deeper change. Always look to your personal experience and see how you can use whatever is occurring for your own personal growth and evolution.

Have a great month!



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