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Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - August 21 to 27, 2023

Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - August 21 to 27, 2023

SUN IN VIRGO: We begin a new astrological month this Wednesday, August 23, when the Sun enters Virgo at 2:01 a.m. PDT. As the transiting Sun moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac, it highlights the qualities of each sign, subtly influencing our human activities.

Virgo is the sign of the Analyst, the Diagnostician, the Healer, the Perfectionist, the Skilled Worker, the Editor. As an earth sign, it attends to the practical realities of life, enjoys learning new techniques, and focuses on making improvements. It wants to be useful, to be of service, and it appreciates work done well. When the Sun is in Virgo, we tend to have high standards and strong opinions about what is "right" and what is "wrong." 

Each sign also has a shadow side, which becomes apparent when its positive qualities are taken to the extreme. With Virgo, the ability to clearly see flaws can lead to being hypercritical, and the desire for perfection can become impatience with anything less. We can become so focused on what isn't working that we feel pessimistic or cynical. A strong attention to details can interfere with our seeing the bigger picture. And, the desire for efficiency and effectiveness can disintegrate into a need to control and lead ultimately to burnout.

One key when working with strong Virgo energies is to realize that something doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Keeping this in mind helps us see the glass as half full rather than half empty. And it can help to remember that the highest expression of Virgo is actually unconditional love: the ability to hold the energy of love under all conditions. This is not a call to choose self-sacrifice or martyrdom, but rather an approach that helps us appreciate the value of that which the Perfectionist might judge as worthless.

The Sun will be moving through Virgo from August 23 until the equinox on September 22, when it enters Libra. 

MARS AND MERCURY IN VIRGO: The planet Mars is currently moving through Virgo, adding to a sense of urgency about getting tasks done in a timely manner, but also (hopefully) providing the energy needed for doing the work. However, Mars takes us on an "interesting" journey this week, as it first opposes Neptune on Tuesday and then trines Pluto on Thursday. 

If we have a lack of clarity or lower energy levels as the week begins, it may be best to take a break, rather than trying to push through. With Neptune's fogginess clouding our vision, taking action when it doesn't "feel right" can lead to frustrating detours or delays. This may be because one of the higher purposes of a Mars-Neptune opposition is to encourage us to align our personal will with the guidance from our Higher Self or Soul.

Fortunately, some of the ambiguity should be easing by the time of the Mars-Pluto trine on Thursday! The combination of these two determined planets increases a drive to accomplish our goals, and provides plenty of energy to reach the top of the mountain.

Also in Virgo, Mercury stations retrograde this Wednesday. As always, astrological wisdom advises us to review rather than initiate while the Messenger Planet is moving backward. Until Mercury goes direct on September 15, we will want to reassess any current plans or projects, to make sure all the details are handled and also that we are being practical rather than overly idealistic. 

DAILY ASPECTS: Here are this week's most important planetary aspects, with my brief interpretations. 


Sun quincunx Pluto: Trust issues may arise, due to an increased awareness of subtle manipulations or a discomfort with feeling controlled. 


Venus square Jupiter: This self-indulgent aspect invites us to play instead of getting work done today.

Mars opposite Neptune: There is a lack of motivation and perhaps disappointment about how a project is unfolding.


Sun enters Virgo: The Sun will be in Virgo until the Libra equinox on September 22.

Mercury stations retrograde: Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo from August 23 to September 15.


Mars trine Pluto: This empowering aspect adds a sense of urgency to our activities. It especially supports efforts to eliminate what is no longer working and to streamline routines.


Venus semisquare Mars: We may feel internal conflict today, uncertain of when to cooperate and when to assert our needs.


No major aspects are exact today.


Sun opposite Saturn: Self-criticism or pessimism could be strong with this aspect, as we can be very judgmental of our efforts and cynical about the possibility of improvement.

Mars enters Libra: Mars will be in Libra from August 27 to October 11. During this time, the desire for equality and justice is strong. We may find it more palatable to partner with others rather than taking independent action. However, the Libra ability to see both sides of every issue can cause indecisiveness, and the need to keep others happy could interfere with taking a strong stance when needed.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: There are two very different influences in effect for you this year. On the one hand, you may experience a significant reality check as you come to terms with whether you are feeling personally fulfilled in a certain area of your life. If your birthday is on Monday or Tuesday this week, you may have felt this most strongly in the first three months of 2023; if your birthday is Wednesday through Sunday, you are in the middle of a nine-month process of pruning out what no longer works for you. At the other end of the spectrum, there is a great deal of independent energy being stirred this year, and you may feel inspired to take risks that you might not have considered feasible before. A balance will need to be found between reasonable caution and acting on instinct or impulse. If you are dealing with delays, consider the possibility that the universe is waiting for proper timing. (Solar Return Sun opposite Saturn, trine Eris)

In peace, love, and gratitude,


Aspects of Note This Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

  • Monday: Sun quincunx Pluto
  • Tuesday: Venus square Jupiter, Mars opposite Neptune
  • Wednesday: Sun enters Virgo, Mercury stations retrograde
  • Thursday: Mars trine Pluto
  • Friday: Venus semisquare Mars
  • Saturday: No major aspects are exact today
  • Sunday: Sun opposite Saturn, Mars enters Libra 

DAILY INSTAGRAM POSTS: I've recently started posting daily astrological updates on Instagram, talking about the main energies of the day. If interested, please visit and follow! ( )

SOLAR MONTH CLASS: Thanks to everyone who registered for last Thursday's Solar Month class! I sent out links for the audio and video replays later in the day, so please check your spam/junk folder if you don't find my email in your inbox. I hope you enjoy and find benefit! I'll announce the date of the next class (covering the Month of Libra) next week

A Cosmic Initiation 
Activating the Taurus Gate of Avatar
Astrological Guidance for September-December 2023
Astrologer Pam Younghans with Moderator Elsie Kerns
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SINCE ANCIENT TIMES, the midway points between the equinox and the solstice dates have been known as Avatar Gateways. Astrologically, these four sacred dates are when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of each of the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. When a planet aligns with one of these Gateways (also called Avatar Degrees or Divine Avatar Gates), the influence of that planet is strengthened and we are offered greater access to the spiritual gifts associated with that specific Gateway. 
In September 2023, when the Giant Planet Jupiter stations (at 15° Taurus 34´), it will unlock the Taurus Avatar Gateway. This alignment augments the expansive, spiritual, and hopeful frequencies of Jupiter, promoting the development of a New Vision for Earth and for Humanity.
These powerful energies will be active for the Jupiter’s entire retrograde phase (from September 4 to December 30). Essentially, when Jupiter comes to a standstill at the threshold of the Taurus Avatar Gateway in early September, it sets a defining theme for the rest of 2023.
In the first half of this 75-minute class, astrologer Pam Younghans will explore the impact of Jupiter’s station at the Taurus Point of Avatar, as well as other major planetary activity during in the last four months of 2023. Upcoming events include an increase in Pluto’s transformational influence and two eclipses in October, a strong reality check when Saturn stations in November, and enhanced spiritual or creative opportunities when Neptune and Jupiter go direct in December. 
After this overview, Pam will then walk us through the monthly calendars and the main planetary energies we will be working with, week by week. She will share her insights about the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves, now through the end of the year. 
WE HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US! This webinar is for everyone, whether you are a newcomer to astrology or have spent years in study. Before the class airs, you will receive aspect calendars for September-December so that you can use them for notetaking. And if you’re not able to attend live, no worries! Everyone who registers will receive links to the replay and all support materials within 24 hours after the class airs. 
QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about registration or payment options, please contact moderator Elsie Kerns at or call 856.988.7426 (Eastern Time Zone).

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes the NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and insights received. Her hope is to bring astrology "down to earth" in a way that will help readers navigate current energies, while also utilizing these energies for spiritual and personal growth.

Feel free to share this NorthPoint Journal with others who may enjoy it! Please forward it in its entirety, including all contact and copyright information.

To learn more about Pam's work, please visit

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