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Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - January 3 to 9, 2022

Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - January 3 to 9, 2022

THE BEGINNING of a new calendar year is usually a time when we expect to feel excitement and anticipation about what lies ahead. This year, however, we may feel a bit cautious, unsure what to expect, perhaps based on how the past two years have unfolded. While it is true that every day is a new day, and that the first day of January symbolizes an opportunity to begin anew, life itself is a continuous thread.

As 2022 begins, we are still navigating the lingering effects of recent planetary events. In particular, the influence of the Saturn-Uranus square that perfected on December 23 is still very strong. We see this effect in the return of physical/social restrictions (Saturn) that limit individual freedoms (Uranus), as well as in the unpredictable weather and chaotic events (Uranus) that are disrupting life's routines (Saturn).

THE CURRENT TIMELINE is also complicated by Mercury and Venus being in "traveling conjunctions" with Pluto. Although these two planets rendezvous with Pluto every year, the effects of their alignments usually last for just a few days. This year, however, Mercury and Venus are both within "orb" of Pluto for a much longer period due to their retrograde (backward motion) phases.

True to its namesake, the mythical god of the underworld, Pluto acts as a catalyst for profound transformation. When it interacts with other planets, we can find ourselves drawn into darker emotional realms that feel very uncomfortable. The deep feelings that arise – and our choice of how to respond to them – reveal much about what lies behind our personality "mask."

DURING PLUTO TRANSITS, that mask is often torn away. People tend to be more reactive, compulsive, and impulsive as they react to the fears and other emotions that have been triggered. The task, ultimately, is for us to become more self-aware. Instead of blaming another person or the situation for how we feel, our job is to realize that our responses are fueled by deep fears that need our attention.

As we acknowledge the deeper emotion behind a reaction, find its originating source, and work to heal the root cause, that emotion no longer has the power to control us. We become in charge of our reactions to life's circumstances. Thus it is that we achieve personal empowerment, one of the primary purposes of a Pluto transit.

AS MERCURY AND VENUS interact with Pluto over the course of several weeks, we can be drawn into complex situations in the areas ruled by the two planets: relationships, finances, values, and self-worth (Venus); and communications, travel, education, and our overall mental state (Mercury).

The Venus-Pluto conjunction can be considered active from early December through early March. The effects may be strongest around the days that Venus exactly conjoins Pluto, on December 11 and 25, 2021, and on March 3, 2022.

We can expect the Mercury-Pluto conjunction to be active from late December through late February. Mercury exactly conjoins Pluto on December 30, 2021, and on January 28 and February 11, 2022. These dates are times when we are likely to see specific developments related to the aspect themes.

I'LL TALK MORE about these two "traveling conjunctions" – and much more – in my "Finding Ground" webinar, which airs live in just 10 days! Please see the full description of the class below. To register, click here:   

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HERE is a list of the most significant aspects we'll be working with this week, with my brief interpretations:


Jupiter square nodal axis: Outdated belief systems prove counterproductive. Old judgments, self-righteousness, fanaticism, and dogmatic beliefs can get in the way of establishing new lines of communication. We are challenged to listen in addition to speaking with clarity and honesty.


No major aspects are exact today. 


Venus sextile Neptune: It is easier to access compassion and forgiveness today. With Venus currently retrograde, this is a good time to review and release relationships from our past.


Mercury semisquare Neptune: A tendency to daydream makes concrete thinking difficult.

Sun semisquare Jupiter: A conflict between a part of us that is ready to take a risk and another part wants to stay with what is familiar so that we can feel in control of a situation.


No major aspects are exact today. 


Pallas Athene square Mars, sextile Sun, sextile Venus: After dealing with some lingering self-righteousness, we are able to access a deeper level of empathy today that helps us accept the oneness of all.

Sun conjunct Venus: Relationship themes are highlighted today, but with Venus retrograde, we may still be reviewing the past. Or, a person from earlier in our this-life or past-life experience may come again into our awareness. 


Mercury sextile Chiron: This is a good day to mend bridges, as we are more able to be tolerant and openminded. 

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, relationships and personal values are highlighted. You may even reconnect with someone from your past, either from earlier in this life or from another lifetime. While caution is to be advised, due to a tendency to over-idealize the situation, there is much support for creating new relationships that represent a breakthrough in some way. You are more comfortable being your authentic self this year, and also more allowing of others' idiosyncrasies. This new flexibility allows you to let go of needing to be in control and encourages you to follow your intuition in all areas of life. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Venus, semisquare Jupiter, trine Uranus)

In peace and with gratitude,


Aspects of Note This Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

  • MON: Jupiter square nodal axis
  • TUE: No major aspects are exact today
  • WED: Venus sextile Neptune
  • THU: Mercury semisquare Neptune, Sun semisquare Jupiter
  • FRI: No major aspects are exact today
  • SAT: Mars square Pallas Athene, Sun sextile Pallas Athene, Sun conjunct Venus, Venus sextile Pallas Athene
  • SUN: Mercury sextile Chiron

WEBINAR IN THREE WEEKS! My webinar covering the first four months of 2022 is on Wednesday, January 12! Please see the full description of "Finding Ground" below. Or, if you are ready to register, here's the link:   

Finding Ground

Finding Ground
Astrological Guidance for January to April 2022
With Astrologer Pam Younghans
Moderated by Elsie Kerns, Wellness Educator

Airing Live and Recorded for Replay
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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HAVING MADE IT THROUGH the “final ascent” of 2021, it is time to pause, catch our breath, survey the landscape, and “find ground.” Finding ground is always essential, and even more so in times of major transition. We find ground by connecting deeply to Mother Earth, establishing a clear sense of our values and boundaries, and centering ourselves in peace and gratitude.

Starting in January 2022, when the Moon’s true North Node begins its 18-month transit of peace-loving, tree-hugging Taurus, finding ground is not only vital for each of us individually – it also plays a crucial role in humanity’s evolutionary journey.

In this “Finding Ground” webinar, Pam will talk in more depth about the shift in the nodal axis, along with other major themes we’ll be working with during 2022. Most notably, we’ll discuss the spiritually expansive Jupiter-Neptune alignment in Pisces in April, the two eclipses in April-May, the revolutionary Mar-Uranus-North Node alignment in July-August, and the shadowy return in September-October of the two life-changing aspects that have dominated 2021 – the Saturn-Uranus square and the Pluto-Eris square.

Pam will then guide us through the calendars for the first four months of 2022. Taking each month week by week, she will explain the astrological influences we’ll be working with, including the New and Full Moons, and how they are likely to affect our reality. These calendars will be sent to you before the class airs so that you can use them for notetaking.

This webinar is for everyone, whether you are a newcomer to astrology or have spent years in study. And no worries if you’re not able to attend live! Everyone who registers will have full access to the replay and calendars for later viewing.

WE HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!  To register, please visit For questions about registration or payment options, please contact Elsie Kerns at or call 856.988.7426 (Eastern Time Zone).

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes the NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and insights received. Her hope is to bring astrology "down to earth" in a way that will help readers navigate current energies, while also utilizing these energies for spiritual and personal growth.

Feel free to share this NorthPoint Journal with others who may enjoy it! Please forward it in its entirety, including all contact and copyright information.

To learn more about Pam's work, please visit

NorthPoint Journal copyright 2021 Pam Younghans. All Rights Reserved.

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