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Polarity Therapy - An Introduction


"Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms."  Dr. Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981), who conducted a thorough investigation of energy in the healing arts over the course of his 60-year medical career. Dr Stone saw that life energy is the basis of alllife. Drawing on information from a wide range of sources, he found that the Human Energy Field is affected by life experience, diet, trauma and environmental factors. Polarity Therapy is a broad based integrated system of health and drugless healing, based on both Eastern and Western methods but firmly rooted in the energy (Qi) paradigm.

Energy fields, patterns, and currents exist everywhere in nature. Polarity Therapy asserts that the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health. In the Polarity model, health is experienced when energy systems function in their natural state and flow without significant blockage or fixation. When energy is unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to stress or other factors, pain and dis-ease arise.

Blockages generally manifest in sequence from the subtle to the dense levels of the field. Polarity Therapy gently notices and acknowledges the blockages and releases the energy back to normal flow patterns, and maintains the Energy Field in an open, flexible condition.

Polarity Mind/Body Work

* We all have the resources we need to heal ourselves and live full vital lives

* Our life experiences & negative emotions tend to block access to our vitality

* Our vitality can be viewed as another sense. Getting back in touch with this sense leads to health & empowerment

* Polarity mind/bodywork is a series of techniques, that are tailored to individual needs, to encourage awareness of our sense of vitality, (mindessence), leading to clarity, energy and self empowerment

Polarity Therapy Mind/Body Practices

* Balanced therapeutic touch to unlock and untangle vitality blockages

* Balanced stretching to open us to our vitality

* Balanced thinking - calmly abiding in the present moment

* Balanced eating - the food rainbow

Rediscover your incredible lightness of being with Polarity Therapy mind/body work...


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