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10 Herbs For Good Luck, Prosperity, And Money

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Since ancient times, plants and humans have had a very strong spiritual connection – plants capture solar energy and convert it into essential nutrients which humans can digest.

In addition, herbs and plants carry in their cells the healing vibrations of nature and the wisdom of cosmic intelligence.

Here are some highlights of some of the herbs for luck, prosperity, and money:

#1 Aloe

It is a popular medicinal plant which has been used for thousands of years. It is commonly hung over doors and houses in Africa to bring good prosperity and happiness. Also, aloe is used in traditional Indian medicine for skin diseases, constipation, infections, and worm infestation, and as a natural remedy for colic.

#2 Acorn

An acorn is the nut of an oak tree or one of their common relatives in the Lithocarpus or Quercus genera. The magnificent oak trees are valued for their appearance and sturdy wood and are usually found in the Northern hemisphere. Acorn can be used in spells for protection, good luck, personal power, and wisdom.

#3 Ginger

Ginger was mentioned in the ancient Indian text Kama Sutra as well as by the Chinese and Indians. It is closely related to cardamon, turmeric, and galangal and belongs to the Zingiberaceae family.

It can also be used to improve sensuality, love, and to attract good luck and success. Moreover, in Ayurveda, it has been acknowledged as the healing spice which can prevent motion sickness, reduce joint pain, and improve digestion.

#4 Rosemary

Native to the Mediterranean region, it is one of the most frequently found herbs in a spice rack. Rosemary is commonly prepared as a dried powdered extract or a whole dried herb, while liquid extracts and teas are made from dried or fresh leaves.

Rosemary (botanical name – Rosmarinus officinalis) was considered sacred by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and Hebrews, and during Medieval times, it was deemed to grow only in the gardens of the righteous.

This herb can be used for protection, healing, love, purification, strength, mental clarity, and memory. For example, in ancient Greece, students would place rosemary sprigs in their hair while they learned for tests.

#5 Clove

It is one of the spices indigenous to Asian countries, such as – Pakistan, India, Indonesia,  and even areas of East Africa. Clove can boost sexual and love feelings while clearing negativity and providing protection.

Moreover, clove provides relief from a toothache. This is one of the main reasons why clove is used as an ingredient in 99 percent of natural toothpaste. Also, the active principles in this herb enhance the digestion power and gut motility through improved gastrointestinal enzyme secretions.

#6 Cinnamon

It is a potent spice which has been used medicinally dating back as far as Ancient Egypt. Back then, cinnamon used to be valuable and rare and was regarded as a gift fit for princesses and kings.

This spice, also known as the “sweet money spice,” is very useful for bringing good luck. In addition, recent research concluded that is beneficial for type 2 diabetics since it has a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

#7 Patchouli

This plant is native to tropical regions of Asia and, in the present day, it is extensively cultivated in India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mauritius, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

It belongs to a family of other aromatic plants, like – mint, lavender, and sage. You can find it in the form of an essential oil which is extracted from the white, violet-marked flowers and the lightly fragrant leaves of the plant.

Patchouli is strongly associated with all the prosperity and abundance which nature has to offer. Applying a few drops topically beforehand can create a grounding and calming atmosphere.

#8 Chamomile

Chamomile, meaning ”ground apple,” has been used for more than 5,000 years in herbal extract, standardized tea, and cosmetic forms to promote vitality, tranquility, longevity, and a youthful appearance.

Drinking chamomile tea is believed to bring prosperity and luck. Additionally, this tea is very effective in soothing skin irritation because of its antioxidant properties.

#9 Violet 

Violets belong to a family named – Violaceae. The flower and leaf have been used for centuries by millions of individuals as an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiseptic agent.

Violet can create an atmosphere of honesty and trust as well as it protects against deception. Also, violet tea has been approved as a solution for a few skin problems by the Commision E, a governmental regulatory agency based in Germany that judges the safety and effectiveness of herbal medications.

#10 Bayberry

It is a common name for all plants in the Myrica genus, that has more than 50 species. Bayberry is known for its small bluish-white berries. It is used to bring blessings to the home and money to the pockets.

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