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10 Lifestyle Habits That Can Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

10 Lifestyle Habits That Can Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a chronic mental disorder that resets the brain to register alcohol and drugs as rewards. It also curbs one's inhibitions so that one cannot resist indulging in alcohol and drugs.

Psychological issues like trauma, stress, mental health issues, and environmental factors are among the root causes of addiction. The psychological problems above develop over time; therefore, forming and kicking addictive habits also takes time.

Since addiction is a chronic condition, it is incurable. However, it is treatable using various methods that encompass counseling and lifestyle changes. Below are some healthy lifestyle habits to help manage addiction.

1.   Embrace an Active Lifestyle

Recent research studies on substance abuse disorders show that regular exercise can increase abstinence among people in recovery by up to 95%. Besides, most drug and alcohol addiction treatments often leave patients feeling lethargic; therefore, exercising helps boost energy levels.

Other benefits of exercising to patients in addiction recovery include; improved mood, lower stress levels, healthy sleep patterns, and stronger immunity.

An active lifestyle ranges from routine walks to being a fitness enthusiast. Start by getting clearance from a doctor, pick exercise routines that are conducive to your fitness level, and adopt a fitness routine.

2.   Practice Mindfulness

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Apart from physical exercises, you can also adopt routine mindfulness exercises.

Mindful activities like meditation, reciting positive affirmations, saying devotions, and concentration and contemplation exercises help you decompress. They also help you clear your mind, be calm and focus on getting better.

10 Lifestyle Habits That Can Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction
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3.   Adopt a Healthy Diet

Drug and alcohol abuse takes a significant toll on the body because it interferes with nutrient absorption. It also causes you to eat less healthy food yet crave unhealthy foods. Most people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also suffer from malnutrition.

Nutritious food is essential for all body functions, including brain activities like mood regulation and hormonal balance. When the brain lacks enough nutrients to make the neurotransmitters that regulate moods, you experience negative emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, and aggression.

A balanced, healthy diet will help you build and maintain both physical and mental health.

4.   Establish Healthy Sleep and Resting Patterns

A recent study established a link between drug and substance abuse and sleep disorders. According to the study, people suffering from addiction are five to ten times more likely to develop sleep disorders.

The study also showed that healthy sleep patterns could help reduce cravings for people with addiction. Moreover, addiction recovery patients also need sleep and rest to allow their bodies to recover from continuous exposure to harmful chemicals.

Establish a strict daily routine and incorporate reasonable time for sleep and rest

5.   Keep a Like-minded Social Circle

Establish a positive support system with people who cheer your recovery journey. They should support you to exercise, eat healthily, and love yourself.

Hanging around indulgent people may cause you to relapse into the addictive habits you are trying to shake.

Second, you can also seek moral support from other people in addiction recovery through focus groups and support groups like Narcotics Anonymous. Do not be solitary because loneliness may also trigger a relapse.

6.   Avoid Triggers

Part of the healing process for addiction patients is identifying their triggers. Although triggers vary among individuals, common triggers for relapse include stress, depression, memories, peer pressure, and negative emotions.

If your triggers are people or places, walk away. However, when you encounter mental and emotional triggers, channel positive emotions. You can also find a reliable sponsor to talk to when experiencing triggers.

7.   Love Yourself

10 Lifestyle Habits That Can Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction
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Psychological issues and self-loathing are among the root causes of addiction. Self-loathing causes negative feelings toward oneself and the need to escape from your reality.

In contrast, self-love empowers you to find inner strength and gives your life meaning. When you feel worthy, you will fight to overcome challenges, including your addiction. It starts with compassion for self, forgiveness, and acceptance.

8.   Document Your Journey

The addiction recovery journey is tumultuous and includes a variety of emotions. Documenting your recovery process allows you to celebrate the small wins, vent when necessary, and plan improvement.

You can document by journaling through writing or recording videos.

9.   Adopt Better Stress Management Techniques

Stress is a part of everyday life, so you need to find healthier ways to cope with it. Practices like breathing exercises, meditation, bonding with a pet, psychotherapy, exercising, and talking to a confidant help relieve stress.

After taking time out, reorganize yourself and see how you can tackle the issue at hand. Stress avoidance is also an unhealthy practice that could lead to a relapse.

10.  Channel Your Energy into Productive Activities

10 Lifestyle Habits That Can Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction
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Idleness and boredom are also triggers for relapse, so find productive ways to keep busy. You could read books, get a hobby, practice yoga, explore the arts, practice mindfulness, and more.

Integrate these positive activities into your routine and learn to enjoy your own company.


Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is a lifetime commitment. It is challenging but possible. Cultivating one habit attitude at a time will help build a healthy and substance-free life.

If you stumble along the way, get back up.


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