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Building a Robust Immune System

Building a Robust Immune System

Our body is not at war with any virus, bacteria or fungus. The physical environment is either suitable to its replication or not.

Dear Friends,

The greater the balance we have in our lives the easier it is to hear, feel or know when something is not in balance. Here are ideas to help bring your body into greater balance, starting with bacteria and organisms that exist inside your intestines and colon. As I have stated before, my guides indicate that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which in turn causes a wide range of infections labeled Covid-19, is pushing us to see lifestyle and cultural imbalances we have accepted as 'just the way things are' and choose to change them.

Get to Know the Living Organisms inside Your Immune System and Dialogue with Them

Most of us have heard that 80% or more of our immune system resides in our intestines and colon. Our gut also plays the starring role in our general sense of well-being, energy level and nutrition. A wide range of living organisms exist inside our gut's microbiome. And they live, ideally, in balance with each other. This allows each to function in a manner that sustains their health, and our own health.

We are engaged in both energetic and physical relationships with each bacteria, bacteriophage, fungus, protozoa and virus. Each is alive, and carries a consciousness within it. And yes, we 'hear' that consciousness on some level.

For example, the common candida yeast/fungus always exists in some quantity within our body. It needs us to consume sugar and quickly digestible carbohydrates in order to have a source of food for itself. When we lower our intake of sugar and carbohydrates, such as during a sugar de-tox, the candida 'cry out' psychically for their food source to be reinstated.

Many people 'hear' their cries, and without recognizing the source, interpret the death process that the fungi are going through as their own human body being ill. As a result the psychic cry from the fungi compounds the physical body's withdrawal symptoms. This, in my experience, is the energetic basis for physically craving what we know is not ultimately healthy.

Here is an energy trick:
Treat the craving as being the voice or desire of a conscious being. In many ways it is, since it is arising from the candida's death throes.

Ask the craving for sweets you are experiencing (or whatever you notice, such as your sadness, foggy brain etc.) 'What percentage of this is really mine?' You will feel something shift, sometimes lessening but sometimes worsening the symptoms. Either reaction tells you that the consciousness is listening and responding to your consciousness. Ask the question again. Each time you ask it becomes easier for you to sort out what is truly a result of your body's de-tox process, and what are the psychic messages from the consciousness of the dying fungi.

I realize for some people this may sound absurd! But just as we can experience reactions to the energies outside of our bodies (from other people, or places we have visited) so too we can 'hear' the health (or dying cries) of organisms living within our body. This same process can be used for emotions, repeating thoughts, beliefs and habits. Try it out, and see what you notice shifting.

Building a Robust Immune System as a part of Preventing, not fixing Disease
(7 ideas you can use now)

The Role of Vitamin D in Your Immune System

Medical studies are catching up with what holistic practitioners and energy healers have known for decades; exposure to the sun is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental health.

A medical study released on February 3, 2022 from the Galilee Medical Center (GMC) in Nahariya, Israel, concluded that "Among hospitalized COVID-19 patients, pre-infection deficiency of vitamin D was associated with increased disease severity and mortality." And yet there are earlier medical studies showing little or no correlation between COVID-19 and vitamin D levels. Why is this?

My sense is that Western science is not yet acknowledging that their 'normal' vitamin D levels (in the USA it is between 20 and 40 ng/mL) are much too low. And many people do not easily extract vitamin D from food or oral suppliments due to chronic bowel distress and inflammation. Therefore supplementing with UVB or sunlight exposure is the easiest way to raise vitamin D levels.

When future tests look at higher levels of vitamin D (40 - 65 ng/mL, 66-80 ng/mL, 80 ng/mL and up) they may find that yes, there is a relationship between healthy levels (above 40 or 50 ng/mL) and levels beneath that.

Some Background on why vitamin D levels are not adequate, or accurate 

Vitamin D1 was first identified in 1925, vitamin D2 in 1932 and vitamin D3 (created by our body in response to exposure to the sun's UVB rays) was discovered in 1937. Blood tests for vitamin D levels were only done when a patient presented with an illness that has been associated with lower vitamin D levels. In the 1970's some physicians began testing patients in the winter months, when vitamin D3 levels are lowest.

NOTE: In researching this part I found an article, based on information from a major insurance company, stating that there is "no medical reason to have their vitamin D levels tested" unless the patient presents with a small list of diagnosed diseases. It is from 2015. It also states ""Even with a medical indication to test for vitamin D deficiency, it's valid to question the need for the test, because the outcome won't necessarily change the treatment".

And from Harvard Medical School, this article dated 2014 entitled "Vitamin D testing not recommended for most people" The title says it all!

In the period of time since levels of vitamin D were able to be tested in our blood, we have lived primarily indoors and consumed commercially processed food. It seems that most vitamin D tests have been performed because someone was already ill or because they had little or no sunshine exposure in the winter months. Testing the vitamin D levels of healthy individuals on a regular basis simply does not yet exist. Therefore the 'normal' level of vitamin D found in these tests may not be the healthy level of vitamin D. It is simply the level that reflects illness and our lifestyle.

Your body prefers to make its own vitamin D

Human skin is meant to interact with the sun. When our skin is exposed to UVB light from the sun a process begins to create vitamin D. It turns out that vitamin D, among the many things it does, assists our body to calm inflammation in our bowels. Since about 80% of our immune system lives in the microbiome of our bowels, it makes sense that our body's response to infection is stronger with the most advantageous levels of vitamin D.

Supplementing with vitamin D3, sublingual or oral, is the standard protocol for raising vitamin D levels, balanced with oral K2. However, human bodies are designed to create vitamin D from the sun, not to extract it from food. So spending time outside in a sunny warm climate is ideal. However, it may not be practical in extreme temperatures or weather!

I live a few miles south of the Canadian border. For myself, I followed both my intuition and my common sense in deciding to invest in a UV lamp when I could not get enough sun exposure. Here is what I found:

There are three principle types of UV or ultraviolet light: UVA, UVB and UVC

  1. UVC light is emitted by our sun, but fully blocked by the atmosphere. Modern technology has created UVC lamps that can be used to disinfect things. UVC light destroys living tissue, thus killing viruses, bacteria, etc. You know this from the boxes that will clean CPAP machines and shoe wands that kill athlete's foot fungus in shoes. Exposure to UVC light kills skin cells and damages human eyes. For this reason its use requires great care.
  2. UVA is the range of UV light that gives us a tan.
  3. UVB is the range of UV light that our bodies absorb and transmute into vitamin D.

Let's put vitamin D and our gut microbiome's immune response into relationship

In an article entitled "Relationships Between Vitamin D, Gut Microbiome, and Systemic Autoimmunity relationship", the authors explore how "vitamin D deficiency may contribute to autoimmunity via its effects on the intestinal barrier function, microbiome composition, and/or direct effects on immune responses." They also note that the microbiome composition of active MS patients was markedly different from those in remission. While not conclusive, they suggest that "unique MS-associated bacteria might affect different immune cells to promote inflammation."

This same pattern of specific bacteria being over-abundant and others being underrepresented appears in many chronic inflammatory illnesses. They note that it is not just the amount, but the lack of diversity in the strains of bacteria found in the gut microbiome that is a common factor to poor immune response and bowel inflammation.

"It has recently been shown that the composition of the gut microbiome can be altered by vitamin D". Some bacteria flourish when vitamin D is in short supply, while others die off. They found that "8-weeks of vitamin D3 supplementation resulted in increased species richness" of both upper and lower GI tracks.

So, in addition to helping our body create its own vitamin D, let's look at how we can easily enrich and diversify our gut microbiome…

Probiotics are living microorganisms

I know this sounds so simple…but it is so true…and you have probably heard it before! True fermented foods have active living microorganisms within them. These living microorganisms, commonly referred to as probiotics, provide the microorganisms already living in your gut with physical building blocks and energetic life-force.

So yes, that means eating salt-fermented (not vinegar-fermented) veggies (sauerkraut), kvass (fermented beets in salt water), organic fermented tempeh and natto, organic miso, unsweetened organic grass-fed yogurt or alternative milk yogurt and kefir (hint: try unsweetened coconut water kefir).

The microorganisms that live within these foods keep the microorganisms within your body's microbiome balanced. And when the gut's microbiome is balanced, so too is your immune response. Whether you are preventing or treating a disease, your immune system, and hence your microbiome, is at work.

NOTE: Purchasing commercially fermented products requires label-reading and research. Truly alive fermented sauerkraut will continue to ferment at room temperature and needs to be refrigerated in order to slow fermentation. Otherwise the continuing fermentation process will generate gases that cause a tightly sealed container to explode.

For this reason living fermented food is always refrigerated to slow down the fermentation process. If any fermented item has been given a 'bath', the fermentation process has been halted. This makes it easier to ship and sell, but means that all or most of the live microorganisms within it have died. Look for a local brinery and do your homework. Your body needs living microorganisms to create life.

Personally, I hated sauerkraut until recently. It was always oddly tart sweet due to added white sugar or just bitter. Only after researching and trying a local brinery's sauerkrauts did I realize that my body loves the life-force in these living foods.

Once I was eating the living version of these foods my body and tastebuds understood what I was tasting…living microorganisms! Before this, I was eating the commercially 'bathed' sauerkraut that contained dead microorganisms. Naturally that was giving me an odd taste and reading as psychically 'wrong' to my body.

While I am still not a fan of the taste, I can feel the balance and energetic uplift I get when I eat sauerkraut. Ditto for kvass, kombucha, tempeh, etc. I encourage you to try different fermented foods and brands, and see what you notice.

UPDATE: Powered Probiotics

Western medicine is picking up on the link between probiotics and immune system response. I see several new medical studies now calling for participants. In each study the participant will be given large amounts of a single strain of a microorganism in powered form. Sigh….Holistic practitioners understand that our microbiome is not made up of one or two microorganisms, but millions.

For this reason taking powdered probiotics with just a few types (strains) of probiotics may give some temporary symptom relief, but in order to build a robust immune system , which means having intestines and a colon that will not constantly become inflamed, we need to take in a multitude of probiotic strains. If you are taking powered probiotics daily read the label and get as many strains as possible rather than a large amount of just one strain.

Remember, eating a variety of fermented foods lets your body interact with many naturally occurring strains. Those strains that are lacking in your intestines/colon will find a welcome place to grow in your microbiome, and those that you already have in abundance will naturally be shed in feces.

Probiotics in fermented food can also aid in addressing foggy brain and low energy levels. Here is why: Few of us living in Western society learned to distinguish between our navel, pubic bone, tailbone, energetic grounding and intestines. We simply learned that 'down there' was a dark and dangerous zone, best left alone!

So when a slight imbalance first begins in our gut, we don't notice or interpret the discomfort as being in our intestines/colon. Rather, as the imbalance increases, we are more apt to notice the side-effects in other parts of our body that we are more aware of, like our heads and thinking process.

If not treated, the situation will eventually become acute enough that we will feel the (usually super painful) lower physical body's distress. But after the issue in the gut is resolved we often forget the early symptoms like foggy brain and fatigue that we experienced before the gut pain arose. So we are not apt to remember the initial symptoms that are part of our gut distress and immune system imbalance.

For this reason I often see an energetic connection between foggy brain, fatigue and even lack of ease in sleeping as early warning signs of an issue based in the gut.

What this means

In this and the last newsletter I detailed several ideas to both promote well-being and treat imbalances that might arise. Preventing illness, rather than waiting to fix it, is a major change we can make in our lives, and in society.

Unless you live close to the land in some mountain village lost to time, you are probably exposed to imbalances in the world around you. I do believe that COVID and each of its strains offers humanity opportunities to correct imbalances by highlighting these imbalances. And there are a few more imbalances that my guides have suggested writing about! These are deemed normal and acceptable by our society.

My next newsletter will focus directly on our sleep quality. This includes our society's glamorization of using stimulants such as caffeine and blue light from screens for energy followed by the contrasting effects of sedatives (alcohol and food) to find rest. The minimalization of the importance of cannabinoids (hemp), and melatonin production (covered in my previous newsletter) are part of this same pattern.

Clearly these behaviors are not conducive to problem solving, patience and balanced emotions. And, each behavior that creates imbalance, no matter how gloriously and loudly sanctioned by Western society, allows viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 to flourish.

My guides remind me over and over again that each of our bodies interacts with our world, and the world 'hears' us as we change. Thus we bring that change, in our physical body, emotions and consciousness as an offering to our worlds.

 - Norma (with help from Archangel Michael)



Copyright 2022 Norma Gentile. 

A tiny bio for those who do not yet know me:

I have always seen auras. As a psychic I 'see' how people connect to their guides, angels, and other people. My healings assist in clearing accumulated cobwebs and awakening the innate creativity and healing potential within each person. I use my intuition, insights from your guides and angels, healing energies and music in this process. I believe that our world is healed as each person heals themselves.

Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CD of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available in the Maat Shop. 

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