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Energy Work Meets Science

Energy Work Meets Science

Dear Friends,

A short thought for you, fresh off the press! Please share with those you think might be interested.

Neurons are also known as nerve cells. These cells exist within the nerves of our body, including our brain, our Central Nervous System and our Enteric Nervous System. Strongly associated with our immune system, our Enteric Nervous System is a web of nerves in the walls of our digestive system.

The portion of the ENS that controls our intestines and colon is often referred to as our 'second brain' because the nerve cells within it are the same type as those in our Central Nervous System. Hence, there is a sort of innate resonance between our gut and our brain.

If you have ever experienced the fight / flight / freeze response, that was your brain and gut's ENS having a conversation via this neuronal resonance. And, this nervous system down in your gut is a crucial part of your immune response.

On July 20, 2022, Science Advances published an article "Tunneling nanotubes provide a route for SARS-CoV-2 spreading", which was summarized by MedPage Today as "SARS-CoV-2 may hijack nanotubes between neurons to infect them." Here is why this is crucial to understanding our body's response to Covid, especially Long Covid.

Neurological factors are a major component of Long Covid. Foggy brain is a prime example. Researchers haven't, until now, understood how the virus is getting into the brain. This article shows a pathway. And I would suspect that if the Covid virus can use this pathway to get into nerves in our brain, then these same type of nerves in our Enteric Nervous System are also susceptible to infection via this same method.

Each time we are exposed to Covid the nerve cells that are a crucial part of our immune response are infected. This is how viruses tend to interact with us.

Now, our immune system is more than the Enteric Nervous System, and the ENS is made up of more than just these neurons. Glial cells are much more abundant in the gut ENS than neuronal cells. And our nervous systems are all susceptible to modification by internal forces (food, meditation) as well as external exposures such as healing therapies.

In sessions, I can 'feel' a buzz when the Enteric Nervous System around the gut is infected with Covid virus. Most likely I am feeling the body's energy pathways being blocked and retuned in favor of the virus. Someone may or may not have any active symptoms when I feel the buzz. They may or may not even notice the buzz themselves. My sense is that by clearing the gut's nervous system energetically, the physical body's immune system will also recognize and clear the Covid virus, returning our body's Enteric Nervous System and immune system to a balanced state.

Some clients tell me that they didn't notice the buzz in their body until it was gone. With all the chaos in the world, this does not surprise me. I also note that repeated exposures to Covid (with or without getting sick) may build up a reservoir of different strains of the virus in our nerve cells or body over time. In this case we don't realize the growing imbalance until it is impeding our lifestyle.

Why we may not notice Covid lingering in our Body

There is no need to fault ourselves when we miss noticing that something is out of balance in our body or our energy field. Sometimes it is merely how our brain works.

Our brain tends to stop prioritizing things that become constant. Muscle tension is a good example. If a damaged muscle isn't causing a lot of pain, we often ignore the discomfort until suddenly there is a lot of pain! So too with this buzz &endash; we learn to tune it out and ignore it.

I suspect that the 'foggy-brain' associated with Long Covid, and a host of other symptoms, have a basis in Covid's unique style of infecting our nerve cells along with our brain's ability to stop noticing what is not actively changing. This is why I believe we retain bits of past viral strains and their combined energies, which create this impendence, or buzz in the nerves of our body.

When the buzz is lifted after sessions, many clients realize it has been with them for a while. Covid, like all successful diseases, is opportunistic. It will find areas of our body and energy system that we are not yet fully owning. This can be an opportunity to clear out very old patterns, even those from childhood, and establish new ones. In particular I notice fear, anger and boundaries as major life issues tied into Covid.

Fear has been a major component of the past Covid years. When the gut is full of this buzz, it is very uncomfortable, and the natural tendency is to unground and not connect with nor put attention on our low body. Fear, feeling a need to protect oneself, and anger are natural results of this ungrounding process.

This buzz has kept our body, brain and energy systems from being fully operational as a unit. Imagine how much easier it is for us to be connected to our body when all of our nervous systems are tuned to our body and can communicate and connect!

If this resonates with you, please be in touch. I continue to work by phone/Skype/etc. More information on my energy healing technique can be found under Private Sessions on my website.

May these ideas be a blessing to each of you,
-Norma (with Archangel Michael and Mary)



Copyright 2022 Norma Gentile. 

A tiny bio for those who do not yet know me:

I have always seen auras. As a psychic I 'see' how people connect to their guides, angels, and other people. My healings assist in clearing accumulated cobwebs and awakening the innate creativity and healing potential within each person. I use my intuition, insights from your guides and angels, healing energies and music in this process. I believe that our world is healed as each person heals themselves.

Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CD of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available in the Maat Shop. 

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