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How The Subtle Energies Of Your Aura Are Impacted By Man-Made Devices

How The Subtle Energies Of Your Aura Are Impacted By Man-Made Devices

Dear Friends,

Many of you know that I am very sensitive to subtle Spiritual Energies (as you probably are too). This also means that I (and you) notice what others don't notice. For years I have been noticing that (mostly) indoor spaces are looking more and more grey. It's not the same grey as what I see in hospitals or nursing homes. That grey feels heavy, smells uncomfortable, and is the visual cue that the space has stagnant left-over emotional energies. You know what I mean...the air is thick and hard to walk through. The moment you walk outside, even in cold rainy weather, you feel lighter, and your body literally will breathe a deep sigh of relief.

But the grey color in the air I am seeing now is different. It has lines in it. And spheres. It has shapes created by those lines and spheres. Imagine a kid playing with a ruler, drawing straight lines (or mostly straight lines) all over a piece of paper. Now, imagine a room full of these lines, so thick that you can't see across the room. Now add cloudy grey bubbles at each point the lines intersect at. The bubbles can be the size of your fist or as large as a few people standing together.

In this case what doesn't kill us won't make us stronger

This is how I perceive ElectroMagnetic Fields and Radio Frequencies. RF has wavy, not straight lines, and small or medium size bubbles. There is often one large energy bubble around electrical, gas and water Smart Meters. I stood next to a technician who placed a supposedly non-broadcasting Smart Meter on my house (after years of resistance on my part). A bubble of grey suddenly appeared to form from around the new broadcasting meter and expanded around the porch, extending beyond my immediate vision.

When a second type of non-broadcasting Smart Electrical Meter was installed, the larger bubble dissolved as soon as the first meter was disconnected. It was replaced with a bubble of about 10 feet in diameter emanating from the second meter, which was now truly non-broadcasting electrical readings. It felt so much less intense to my body. But I could still feel 'something' throughout the house and outside near the meter.

Why am I sharing this?
Because those of us who are super sensitive are the first ones to notice this, therefore we are the first ones to say something. And the first ones to be ridiculed.

"What?", said the populace of Europe, "you are crazy!. The Sun revolves around the Earth. To say otherwise is blasphemy".

"Cigarette smoking is perfectly normal. You are the one that has to get used to it."

"You are too sensitive. Just eat the (fill in expletive of exhausted adult) McDonalds hamburger."

Here is the thing my guides remind me of when I want to withdraw and not speak up:

"If you don't share your unique perceptions, they won't be shared.
This is a loss to everyone."

I bet your guides urge you onward in a similar manner.

Even if I am not fully sure that my interpretation of Spiritual Energies is accurate, by sharing what I perceive, I spark others to 'look' at the energies with their own eyes, bodies, and hearts. How they view what I am sharing then adds to what I am seeing. The picture becomes clearer to all of us, and to other people.

An email (and my guides) spurred me to action
I am writing this missive right now in response to an email I received from the University of Michigan. The email warned that sharing it was illegal. (in a privacy disclaimer) But it has spurred me to action &endash; so I am going to write about it here, in my own voice.

You will be hearing about the content of this email in the next couple of days, and then, I suspect, in quiet tones in about a year, when the study it describes will be discontinued.

Apple Watch is rolling out a series of health apps on their Apple Watch. They partnered with the University of Michigan to 'test' the apps on volunteers. (google MiPact and Apple Watch to find study announcement) The volunteers promise to wear the Apple Watch for 3 years, and go for blood draws and blood pressure checks regularly.

At first I thought perhaps someone actually wanted to test how toxic the ElectroMagnetic Fields generated by the Apple Watch are to the ElectroMagnetic Field our bodies generate. And document how our body sometimes losses track of which ElectroMagnetic Field it should be listening to.

Then I read a little farther down that the perks include getting a free Apple Watch. So clearly the study assumes there are no safety issues with wearing a device generating ElectroMagnetic Fields.

I feel a mix of sorrow and sadness and frustration. For those of you who are sensitive to Radio Frequencies and ElectroMagnetic Fields the danger is obvious. My hope is that over time the study participants will be able to report the odd sort of sensations associated with EMF and RF over-exposure. Sadly many of these type of medical studies will only test and enter into their forms narrow and assumed areas of results. (i.e. blood sugar, blood pressure, weight lose, activity level)

What I notice happening with Radio Frequencies and ElectroMagnetic Fields
First, the air all around me is physically and energetically more and more polluted. It's like a room that has one scented flower in it, which is OK and maybe curious, but then you recognize the scent is unpleasant. Then a different unpleasantly scented flower is placed in the room. Someone then comes in with cheap air freshener and adds its odd unpleasant smell. All the smells interact with each other, creating an even more obnoxious headache inducing odor. Then someone turns on a fan, blowing the smells all around the room and right into your face. No one thinks to remove the plants. Maybe someone opens a window. A crack.

This is how I experience being in most public spaces. And in most private homes. You can goggle 'Electro Hypersensitivity Syndrome' or anything along that line. More resources are given at the end of this missive too.

I want to share that I have been extremely fortunate to live in a home where I can limit my exposure to non-native ElectroMagnetic Fields. The energy work I do (and share with others) helps my body focus and remember to listen to my own naturally occurring ElectroMagnetic Field instead of the ElectroMagnetic Fields generated by man-made digital devices and inventions.

When people say they can't live without their cell phones, LED and CFL light bulbs, Wi-Fi etc, I inadvertently giggle. I am now 61 years old. For me removing (or limiting) these things was easy. I just remembered how I used to do things. And I clearly have a computer, light bulbs, tablet and cell phone. I just choose what to use, when and how to use it.

One of the things that is most impactful to my body is being exposed to multiple overlapping fields of Electromagnetism. Adding a multitude of cell phones (Radio Frequency relates to them functioning in cellular mode) just makes all the stinky flowers in a room smell a lot stronger - like a hot humid room filled with un-showered sweaty bodies from the gym.

So clearly I am wanting to let you know that if, over the past few years, you have been noticing 'something' creeping up into your awareness around your phone use, computer use, and similar things, pay attention!

For those who see and sense subtle energies, please consider that some of what you may be picking up on relates to the ubiquitous and growing presence of RFs (cellular service mode on phones, broadcasting utility meters) and EMFs (WiFi, computers - basically anything run on electricity). Anytime electricity moves through a wire an ElectroMagnetic Field is formed.

More than two decades ago I began to notice this. My symptoms were buzzy body, unclear thinking process, inflammation, and general fatigue. Notice how nothing really jumps out? And all of it can be listed under 'getting older'.

Now I am aware that artificially generated (non-native is the official term) ElectroMagnetic Fields can over-ride our own ElectroMagnetic Fields. I believe our body has multiple ElectroMagnetic Fields, not just a single one. Every electrical impulse in our body generates its own EMF. And each EMF listens to other EMFs. We know our blood /vascular systems and breathing/respiratory systems respond to each other, and if you stub your toe I bet the pain will register in your brain and in your speech (!***!) as well as in your toe!

We are body systems (plural), not a single system. What impacts any aspect of our body eventually impacts all of our body and moves out into the energetic and physical world environment that surrounds us.

There is so much more...but for now I want to share a few things I figured out about how to help your body's own ElectroMagnetic Field listen to itself and your Soul, not the external man-made fields.

Here are a few things I do, and share with clients, about helping their bodies maintain tuning to their own ElectroMagnetic Field.

Start with the Obvious! Avoid whatever exposure you can to RFs (cellular radiation emitted by cell phones, Smart Utility Meters and cordless phones). Avoid EMFs generated by Wi-Fi linked devices, including Smart Appliances, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones (when Wi-Fi is turned on, they emit a 'search' mode pulse that constantly searches for Wi-Fi networks - be sure to turn Wi-Fi off) and of course blue tooth devices, from earphones to watches to blood sugar monitors (over-exposure to EMFs/RFs is suspected to contribute to high blood sugar).

1. Avoid what you can

2. Limit what you can't avoid

Over-exposure is toxic. So treat exposure to EMFs and RFs like eating too much junk food &endash; limit your exposure and eat as healthily as possible on a regular basis. Start with getting long Ethernet cables and attach them from your router to all your computers. Turn off the Wi-Fi on your router. Get corded keyboards and mice. Turn off the Bluetooth in the computer. Call your local teenager if this is beyond you.

3. Invest in good quality audio speakers. Listen to music you love. Downloadable music is (mostly) low quality MP3s. Listening to it on ear buds means your body's aura doesn't get to interact with it. You hear it in your ears but you don't feel it in your body.

Think of it this way: Cheap downloadable music played on ear buds is like Olive Garden Italian food. CDs and vinyl albums played through speakers are like grandma or grandpa's spaghetti. It is truly satisfying. The sound waves traveling through the air from real speakers playing music that contains overtones and undertones will awaken your body's energy field and help you feel more like you again. Even better - Sing in a choir! Or chant with others! (shameless promo here &endash; Come to my Candlelight Meditation Concert of Healing Chants in Ann Arbor or buy my healing music)

4. Get regular energy work on yourself. Don't wait until your nerves are frayed you can't focus or you are constantly having headaches or feeling ungrounded.

Nowadays we need regular subtle energy sessions to enhance those areas of our aura that may become depleted. Emotional and physical patterns our Soul chose to work with in this lifetime (i.e. family patterns) create weaknesses in our aura. Remember our aura is our body's naturally occurring ElectroMagnetic Field. These weak spots are more susceptible to 'listening' to the artificially generated EMFs around us, and therefor are more apt to become 'in-tune' with a man-made device and 'out-of-tune' with our human body. Receiving regular energy clearing and healing sessions helps you to identify and move through the family patterns that cause the weak spots. As your aura strengthens you will be less impacted by EMFs. And happier.

5. Let your body connect to Nature and Ground itself It's not a great time of year here in Michigan to talk about putting our bare feet on the ground…so do what you know how to do.

When I work with people I spend time opening their feet chakras and asking their body how its intelligence wants to organize their own wiring for grounding. This lets all the upper chakras function better. It is easier to notice the effects EMFs have on our thinking then on our lower body. A lessening in feeling grounded is one indication that the lower portion of your body isn't able to hear its own intelligence as strongly as it wants to, and might be listening to the EMFs around you instead.

Now, there is much more that can be shared. I can offer energy work to assist you, as I have first-hand experience and can 'see and sense' these energies. I work in person and by phone. Please consider purchasing an old fashioned corded phone or corded headset for yourself and enjoy the retro vib!

There is a ton of great down-to-earth information you can use available at the Smart Meter Education Network. Their most recent info is on their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/SmartMeterEducationNetwork/

Smart Meter Education Network is run by Linda Kurz. I swear she can feel a cell phone at 50 paces, even when it is completely powered off. As a cranial-sacral and massage therapist, she can physically describe her experiences. And she has deeply informed herself and come up with physical solutions for EMFs and RFs that I have implemented in my home. There are many devices out there. Most don't work, or worse distract your ability to sense what is happening by adding additional energies to your already overloaded aura.

In summary - if you are noticing something, you really are noticing something and that something is really there. Just because others don't notice it doesn't mean it isn't worth noticing. It just means they aren't noticing it. Pay attention, and do your own research. Notice the in-depth studies on 4G and 5G that are not visible (or have not) been done.

There is a need to bring this into the general awareness, and you can do this by first making your own changes. For example, when you come to my home for a healing session, or join me for the upcoming Meditation Concert (in Ann Arbor, Dec 21st) I will ask you to power off your phone completely.

Need to test and see if you can feel EMFs?

  1. Move all computers out of a room and turn off TVs and everything else. Unplug everything you can. Now sit next to your Wi=Fi enabled router, and plug the router into a power strip. Place the power strip in your lap. Be sure you can turn the power strip off by flipping the switch on the strip with your finger. (You can also use a power strip with a bunch of lights with LED bulbs for this) You will get the clearest results by turning off the electricity to all rooms except the one you are in. That means getting to and from the breaker box…
  2. Sit quietly near your Wi-Fi router (or lights) with it turned on and the power strip in your lap. Place your finger on the on/off switch.
  3. Feel your body and the space around you. Take a few minutes. Let yourself settle into silence.
  4. With as little motion as possible, turn off the power strip.
  5. Continue in silence. Feel the stillness around you. Notice the quality of your heartbeat.
  6. Turn the power strip back on. Sit for a few more minutes
  7. Turn it off.
  8. Repeat as needed.

Most people feel the difference only when they are still and quiet, and other EMFs are not overlapping into their space. (RFs and EMFs travel through walls, floors and ceilings but not easily through aluminum siding or leafy trees and plants)

Of course, just because you or I don't notice something doesn't mean that it doesn't impact us. This exercise lets you learn to 'listen' to how external ElectroMagnetic Fields impact the quiet subtle energies in your body and its own ElectroMagnetic Field. The body's ElectroMagnetic Field is, after all, the etheric layer of the subtle energy field most often referred to as our Aura. That's why energy workers and sensitive people are the first to notice this build up of non-native EMFs and RFs.

My blessings to each of you,



Copyright 2019 Norma Gentile. 

Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CD of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available in the Maat Shop. 

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