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Our DNA is Evolving… Big Time


It makes perfect sense to me, likely because I keep seeing it day after day after day. Seeing it where? In the visions I am blessed to receive due to a dedicated path of service to others and a super clean, plant-based diet.

I am speaking of a massive influx of evolutionary light that is effecting each and every one of us, and for that matter, all beings, everywhere.

DNA is actually light. It is made of light, and it is coded with its “program” by higher frequencies of light in the present moment. It is actually the present moment of eternal consciousness that is holding the DNA in place. The most beautiful part: we have the capacity to “level up” by simply choosing.

We are linguistic codes being coded by linguistic codes. This is easy to see socially, with memes and trends having instantaneous, mass
influence. The wild part is, this is occurring on a cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual basis. Certain states of being are wirelessly broadcast, like computer software, from the Source vibration and, based on your sensitivity, you pick up the latest and most advanced operating system that your BioSoul 7000 is ready to integrate.

Sure it takes tonnes of dedication, to consciously step into this co-creative process with the Universe… it takes practically every moment of every day — which I assure you is totally worth it as the results are — well — revolutionary!

Let’s do a 3 year breakdown

of how I’ve evolved, physically, in my role as a visionary, and what you might call: genetically.


3 years ago

I would enter meditation and see nothing except little specks of light, like pixels. It would take hours, maybe half of one if I was exceptionally pure, to achieve a profound visionary state. At that time in my life, a healthy, balanced, good night’s sleep was rare and I had a lot of pain and discomfort throughout my body in general.

2 years ago

I was able to condense that process about two-fold. Twice as much light, half the time, though overall, the content was similar and for the most part fell under the following category:

Wow, that is so cool and so “out there”. Hmm, I bet I could be imagining all of this and I might just be honing in on a really sharp ability to visualize stuff.

My physical body was still in chronic discomfort, especially after a night of sleep.

Fast forward to the past 3–7 months •

January — July 2015.

I close my eyes for -0.13 seconds and I am bombarded with the most luminous, neon-florescent hues, flooding through with orgasmic, emotionally laden motifs of such elegance and historical / societal significance, it has forced me to transition into a new phase of my life where I have to consciously focus on “keeping my eyes in the room”.

Keep in mind, for the past 7 years, I have had a very vivid, translucent, visual overlay in my reality, of what can be called the etheric realm or energetic grid, acting as a layer between worlds. In fact, for as long as I can remember, I have been visually attuned to a field beyond the physical, consensus 3D.

— This new phase of the last 7 months has blown it all out of the water.

For 3 major reasons:

My meditation practice now takes me on elaborate and fully embodied journeys where, once a milestone has been reached in the visualization / experience (such as meeting with a being or a person in my life — or simply reaching an understanding of a concept which shakes my foundations), I go through the sensory experience of having a super magnet envelop my root / base of spine within my pelvis and boastfully turn me inside out. The sensation is like a combination of being swallowed whole by an anaconda while having your entire skeleton extrude from within your body, all painlessly but with that level of intense, all encompassing metamorphosis.


The first few times this happened, I resisted, as I had convinced myself that I had travelled somewhere I shouldn’t have in the meditation (impossible). The fear definitely amped up the overall intensity but the fact remained: these meditative experiences were instantly catalyzing a very physical recalibration.

I felt as if all of the electrical circuitry of my body was being gently activated and massaged by a sweeping electromagnet current. All of this accompanied by the feeling of turning to stone / sinking 10 feet deep into my bed / having the awareness in my head condense to the size of a walnut and then expand to the size of a square acre and stay there, peacefully expanded and fertile with brand new potential.


In direct relation with these new found “internal pole shift” experiences, I began to see hyper luminous glyphs of DNA helix strands, glowing and pulsating while telepathically communicating to me that this indeed was a bio-computational upgrade.

This is an example I have digitally made of the Seals I receive in the visionary state. As they shimmer and dance with infinite brightness, transitioning between all imaginable hues, they send me the confirmation that I am being upgraded.

The downloads are essentially refinements, though they appear to be bringing in brand new abilities. This is because our future self is already complete and vibrating at its highest evolution for this lifetime, and holding the space as the Great Attractor which Terence McKenna speaks of.

As the activati0ns are received, they allow a more streamlined expression of speech and thought patterns, inspirational energy surges, intuitive abilities and overall health while amplifying the capacity to heal self and others, experience more developed spiritual realities and my personal favourite: the ability to more clearly see the plasticity of the 3rd dimension (to name a few).

In the past year of these activation type scenarios playing out, virtually all of the pain in my body is gone. I used to wake up every morning with debilitating, neck, shoulder, hip and jaw pain.

My jaw healing is a particularly amazing story.

After 3 years of orthodontics, a horrific “upper palette expander”, quadruple wisdom tooth extraction, braces, a 2 month recovery from a tonsillectomy and the suggestion/threat of surgery to “correct” a crooked underbite, my spiritual path led me to connect to the etheric source of my jaw pain. It turned out to be one source: Fear.

Through soothing the fear embedded in me, and doing a lot of deep inner work, (along with these life changing DNA activation experiences) my jawbone has corrected itself nearly 100%. I now have a perfectly straight bite.

Another major enhancement of these new Soul / DNA downloads has been in my dreams each night. I have always dreamt in vivid colour, often so consciously it was indistinguishable from waking reality. I have also had many, fully lucid dreams where I was able to actively manipulate the dream world in absolute remembrance that my physical body was indeed asleep in bed in another layer of consciousness.


However, the dreams of the last 3–7 months have become so hyper vivid, they earn a category all their own. Luminosity beyond description woven into sheerly volcanic states of awareness — like: “the weight of 12 lifetimes is flowing through my retinas and it feels so good that I am about to realize that my body is made out of water vapour…” or something like that.

Some very helpful tips for the journey

When in meditation and opening up to these activations it can be very helpful to bring it back to self / the I AM presence and opening up to dissolve any congested energetic templates, most commonly held in constructs of family and friend relationships. An excellent technique for this is “spreading out the fear”.

Let’s say you encounter your Mother in your meditation who is representing an energy of suffering or something just feels off. Consciously invite other family members (her brothers or sisters), especially far down the lineage such as grandparents and great-grandparents into the visualization. As they enter the scene, they dilute the initial suffering as their relationship with the same ancestral knot is entirely different, thus loosening the grip and infusing forgotten love into the situation.

By consciously engaging and striving for the evolution of the energies that are presented to me, I am shown very often that my entire being is receiving immediate upgrades as a result of this enthusiasm.

A lot of this work takes care of itself in the Dreamstate, though I am convinced that as we become more active in doing this work while awake, we invite new opportunities for higher integrations of our Soul Purpose.

Our Soul is on a journey where the destination never changes, though the density of experience is on a sliding scale. It’s all about balance. If we choose to participate in life in a way that is passive and comfortable, life will serve us the lessons that fit our preparedness or ask us to grow. If we are consistently showing creation that we strive to be on the cutting edge of our own awareness, we will receive opportunities that match our diligence.

“I remember for months on end, I would awake from a 7 hour sleep feeling as though it were the aftermath of an 8 hour work shift! I have noticed my sleep has become much more, restful, lighter and positive since I have taken a more active role in my evolution while I am awake.”

A big integration factor for me has been my relation to food. Though I have been Vegan for 3 years, I was still playing out casual snacking to an unhealthy degree. The solution? Dilution! In spirit form! Heal / change my parents’ eating habits as this is another ancestral, spiritual template which I was unconsciously playing out.

As soon as the urge to eat something crunchy comes over me (when I am probably just thirsty) I visualize my Mother and Father, responsibly and consciously eating ripe, juicy, mango and I intend that they only eat in the morning, afternoon and before the sun has set and BAM! the craving is gone, I am full of laughter and totally empowered in the most creative way ever!

All things considered, these new DNA templates are coming to everyone and what they are really activating on the most basic level is a push to become more authentic and creative in every moment. When we choose to make every moment a conscious, sacred, celebration — and really tell ourselves this with unconditional love, we grow so immensely, it heals the World!


in Lak‘ech

Zedra Key


My Name is Ryan Zedra Key. I am from Little Falls, Ontario, Canada. I live and work in a Healing Center. I offer 1-on-1 Soul Connections via Skype.

My website is http://icura7.wix.com/heart#!readings/cy04

email is:

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