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5 Reasons Why You Are Failing at the Law of Attraction


Now, usually I like to focus on the positive, but today I am going to tackle the LOA from the opposite direction. I get lots of questions from people who want to know why the things they want haven’t manifested yet, or why bad things have happened in their lives.  So, if you’ve been wondering why you are failing at the Law of Attraction (even just a little bit!), this article is for you.

Before jumping in, let me first say that while the focus of this particular article indeed is a little negative (I’ll own it!),  it has been written with the intention of helping you troubleshoot the manifesting process. Each bullet point will not only identify the problem, but will also come with a solution, so you may transform the negatives into positives!

Reason #1: You don’t believe

Belief in the process is so critical, I cannot understate it. 

Because you get what you believe in, if you don’t believe the LOA can deliver good things to you, then it won’t!  That’s how reliable the LOA is.  It confirms all of your beliefs, including your disbeliefs!

So, one of the first things I think every Law of Attraction enthusiast should do is spend some time cultivating belief in the process.  The more you really believe in the Law of Attraction, the easier it becomes to manifest the things you want.

If you’d like a few suggestions on how to do this, check out these two articles below.

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Reason #2: You’re focused on negative events and circumstances

Another reason why many people fail at the LOA is because they spend entirely too much time being negative and focusing on what’s going wrong in their lives.

When we are focused on the negative, we create additional negative emotional energy, and then (as a result) we attract more negative things into our lives without even trying!

Then, when we try to apply the Law of Attraction to get what we want, our efforts just aren’t enough.  A little bit of “visualization” sprinkled here or there just isn’t going to make much of a difference when we’re floating in a sea of negativity.

So please, stop complaining, stop talking about your problems and choose to focus on what’s going right in your life!  For more ideas on how to turn around negativity, check out these two articles below:

“Are You Being Negative or Positive? 2 Tests to Find Out”

“8 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk and Improve Your Mood” 

Reason #3: You’re carrying limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be tricky, because often they are so engrained that we take them as fact, and we don’t even realize that we have the power to transform them.

But here’s the thing, just because we’ve taken something as fact doesn’t mean that it is fact 100% of the time! There are exceptions to every rule, and those who have mastered the LOA have learned to believe in exceptions!

My point here is to inspire you to question everything you take as “fact,” especially the so-called “facts” you believe are keeping you from success.  We have to be very flexible about our beliefs if we want to manifest big things in our lives!

If you are a member of Raise Your Vibration Today, check out this video tutorial for information on how to identify and replace limiting beliefs: “Eliminate Limiting Beliefs: Identifying & Transforming Negative Thought Patterns.” 

Reason #4: You spend too much time wondering why it hasn’t manifested yet

If you are focused on the fact that the girlfriend hasn’t arrived, or the boyfriend hasn’t proposed, or that you aren’t pregnant or that you haven’t gotten in to college, you will continue to create a reality that does not include the things you want in it.  You will attract lack.

Now, trust me, I get it.  It can be hard not to focus on the fact that you don’t have what you want!

However, in order to start attracting what you want rather than repelling it, you have to stop focusing on lack.  Instead of noticing what’s not there, remind yourself of the good things that are there.  Make peace with lack and move on because accepting and appreciating your current reality will help you attract a better one.

Need help with this one?  My best advice is simply to distract yourself!

If you are worrying about the things that haven’t manifested yet, make it your intention to think about something else.  Go do something fun you enjoy. Place your attention on the good things in your life, and remind yourself that you’re gonna be just fine no matter what.

Reason #5: You aren’t going with the flow

Finally, if you do nothing else on this list, please relax and go with the flow!

When you go with the flow, you get on a wave that pulls you toward everything you want in life.  When, instead, you struggle against the current, you create a miserable, unwanted reality. 

So stop fighting, stop insisting things go your way, and stop trying to make things “perfect.”  Allow things to unfold the way they need to, even if they seem unpleasant in the short term. 

When you can truly stay calm in the middle of the storm, you will be a master of conscious creation.  For some help and inspiration on how to let go read the two articles below:

5 Tips to Let Go & Create More Harmony in Your Life” 

16 Moving Quotes About Surrender and Letting Go” 

Now, here’s the thing: we all falter at manifesting periodically, so chances are we’ve all done the things on this list from time to time, and that’s ok!  It’s alright if we accidentally manifest a little struggle or a few bad things along the way. After all, part of the fun of it all is getting it right after you’ve been getting it wrong!

Just remember, when it seems like the Law of Attraction isn’t working, it always is.  If you’ve been struggling to manifest something important to you, all you have to do is make a few adjustments to your thoughts and behaviors.  It’s really that simple.

So, for best results, choose to believe in the LOA, focus on positive events and circumstances and be willing to question your “beliefs” when they aren’t serving you.  Also, please ignore the fact that you haven’t manifested everything you want yet, let go and go with the flow.  You’ve got to stay relaxed if you want to attract magnificent things.

I hope you find these tips useful.  If you have any other ideas on how to succeed at the Law of Attraction, comment below and share them with me!

Happy Manifesting!


Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She will be available for group educational seminars and webinars starting in the summer of 2015.
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