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The December 2019 Full Moon of 20 Gemini-Sagittarius Pt. 2

The December 2019 Full Moon of 20 Gemini-Sagittarius Pt. 2

- Sabian Symbols Showing the Light of Preparing for the Future Expressed In Assimilating New Ideas

This Lunation will allow the structured yet boundless imagination of the Light to bring forth new ideas, new information, and new things to be shared with other. The next 2 weeks will complete our adventure in finding a new harmony, and herald forks in the road we’ll all go through in January and March.

This Full Moon has only one opposition, which is the Full Moon along the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. We are now in a period of only Lunar oppositions, since none of the other planets will oppose any other planet until May. So this month’s “Tension of Opposites” helps us see the Light of recent openings and new understanding, and prepares us for things to come and needs to be met in the future.

As the Full Moon fulfills the themes of the previous New Moon, we now can take the “Light of Adventures in Wisdom” we’ve been experiencing since the New Moon, take note of how we’ve “seen into the night of existence” and find new expression in putting it all together in a new way of assimilating and distributing information. This one helps our efficiency and intuition, and will be extraordinarily favorable for those with planets in both early Earth and Water signs as well as the late middle and early late Earth and Water signs.

The Sun in Fire and the Moon in Air shows a time of the Distributive Fire (spreading inspiration) of Sagittarius expressing its visions and truth through the Distributive Air (spreading ideas) of Gemini. As the inner planets are now all clustered in Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, it brings the intense focus to those houses in our charts, and indicates we’ve entered a time when the “local experience” has entered or is soon to enter the outer planet span between Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

In this chart, 3 planets are in the first third of their signs, 5 planets are in the second third of their signs, and 2 planets are in the last third of their signs. This indicates a “balanced imbalanced” distribution, since this continues to bring emotional social involvements to the forefront of experience, while slightly decreasing the mental-spiritual emphasis of last month and boosting the actional energies within a primarily social focus.

In part 1 I explained why there’s some constant friction and agitation in the collective atmosphere off and on during these months due to Uranus semisquare Neptune anchoring constant friction whenever a planet moves through the middle degrees of the Mutable signs and beginning of Fixed signs. This anchors the on-again, off-again energies I have termed a “Rhombus Diamond,” associated with a “cutting, grinding, and polishing” energy that’s very frictional and disruptive.

As this Lunation is slightly separating from making a semisquare and sesquisquare with Uranus but is not square Neptune, it indicates a passing influence which should “agitate” us to find core knowledge and reorient to find more healthy environments, whether physical, emotional, or mental. This continues to help us bury various elements of our past while seeing symbolic meaning and a long wave depth perspective on how long it’s taken to become who we are.

Why Are Full Moons So Important?

At a Full Moon, that which has opened since the previous New Moon surfaces in a public form, and heads toward the culmination and fruition symbolized by the second half of any cycle. First half, birth into form and field. Second half, culmination and completion of the purpose of that cycle.

That’s why it’s important to regard the New and Full Moon charts as “God’s Footprints in Time,” since one follows the other in an unending sequence of births of newer and newer seeds. The New Moons show us the seeds that will flourish under the reflected light of the Full Moon.

Full Moons heighten feelings, due to the opposition of the Moon and the Sun. As noted, this Lunation has only one opposition, putting the evolutionary “Tension of Opposites” at work wherever we have 18-22 Gemini and Sag.

As I noted earlier, we’re now past all the oppositions of the inner planets and Mars to the outer planets. From now until Mars opposes Pluto in May 2020, there will be no more planetary oppositions except those made by the Moon. After that, the inner planets will begin their oppositions to the outer planets beginning July 2020.

Dispositors - What's the Backdrop to the Energies?

The Sun is in Sagittarius, making Jupiter its worldly ruler and Neptune its spiritual ruler. Jupiter is in Capricorn, making Saturn in Capricorn the ruler of Jupiter. So Saturn is the final dispositor of that chain of rulerships. The Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter and therefore by Saturn. So this Full Moon begins Saturn’s two year dominance of center stage as a primary “final dispositor” along with Mars and Neptune.

That means this month we are back to three “final dispositors” in Mars, Saturn, and Neptune. [A final dispositor is a planet in one of the signs it rules.] This month Saturn is the final ruler of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, itself, Uranus, and Pluto! Mars rules only itself, and Neptune continues its “standalone” spiritual rulership of Pisces.

By looking at how “chains of dispositors,” “final dispositors,” and “mutual reception” are in play between the planets, we get a clear picture of the backdrop for how each planet operates. You can find out more about dispositors in general, chains of dispositors, and mutual reception by going to Astrology Class – What Is A Dispositor and What Is Mutual Reception Between Two Planets?

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon

This Full Moon falls at 20 Sagittarius and 20 Gemini. It is said that the second third (decan) of any sign deals with the social, emotional, and cultural levels of life, and as the Lunation is in the second decan of those signs, invokes a sub-influence of Aries and Libra.

Since the Moon always focuses the light of the Sun in specific forms, the degree symbols for both are important. The Sun degree is the illumination or enlightenment of the Lunation, whereas the Moon shows us the potential forms that enlightenment will take. Though I’ve given you a sense of what this is about up to now, here’s where we go into detail.

The Solar degree symbol for the 20th degree of Sagittarius is "Men cutting through ice." In the original Jones class notes from The Astrology of Personality,Rudhyar says this is a degree of "depth of operation necessary to prepare for next phase of life," and "sacrifice of present to future."

In The Astrological Mandala, he goes on to say that this degree symbolizes "the foresighted use of natural resources to supply future human needs." He states this point is where our "ingenuity and foresight" can be used to plan for the future in terms of "assuring supply."

This degree "stresses the value of actively planning for future need, and of foresight based on the knowledge of cyclic processes." This falls in the Span of Detachment and is the fulfillment of the actional part of the Scene of Transference in the Act of Group Integration.

Given where it falls in Sagittarius, it shows us the Light of a form of aspiration, larger or future-oriented vision, abstract understanding or higher Truth to break into a wider life. This symbol follows the reorientation technique for survival purposes of 19 Sag and precedes the imitative learning phase of 21 Sag.

According to Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, this symbol indicates "the facility with which (we) organize the processes of nature for the benefit of the community at large." Here we see individual potential working with "natural resources and social opportunities" so that "personal endowment" can be demonstrated in "organized effort."

We are told the keyword for this symbol is PROCUREMENT. He goes on to state that when operating in a positive manner, this symbol indicates “exceptional capacity for overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on every possible eventuality."

This implies that during the next two weeks the Light will lead us to use ingenuity and foresight to prepare for some future need as we see it “pre-formed” in the coming days. Of course, the themes of this Full Moon will be fully triggered once Mars transits 20 Sagittarius om January 31 and February 1.

The Lunar degree symbol for the 20th degree of Gemini is “A Cafeteria.” In the original notes from the Marc Jones class on the symbols published in The Astrology of Personality, Rudhyar says this degree is one of “prodigal distribution of life resources,” “Inner wealth,” “Satiation, or discriminative use of natural energies,” and “rich supply.”

In The Astrological Mandala, he says this degree involves “the assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.” He offers “from the One, the Many arise in due time,” where any “source” moves out into the world. He then suggests this wide distribution of anything can lead to “satiety and indigestion, and mental confusion caused by a lack of discrimination.”

Continuing, he states this degree represent synthesis, and possibly “a preparation which leads to a new level.” He gives us the keyword “Assimilation,” but also cautions against the negative potential for waste. He says this degree is in the Span of Restlessness and is the culminating degree on the actional level of the Scene of Exteriorization in the Act of Differentiation.

According to Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, the degree is one of “the facility with which (we) organize our “special experience for the benefit of the community at large,” where we organize our labors and refine them so we have “the largest possible part in the total reality.” He states this results in “a continual reassurance of the self’s competence.”

He offers “a prodigality of resources in general becomes a very immediate realization, and says the keyword is SUPPLY. He then states that when operating in a positive manner, this degree is “a fullness of contribution and an effectiveness of requisition in all personal relationships.”

From these symbols it seems the Light of anticipating the future and doing what we must to ensure our well-being will be expressed in our ability to synthesize and assimilate many different types of views, information, and understanding. So the next two weeks will be both anticipatory, as well as preparatory as we begin to intensify our need to experience something greater that we’ve been getting ready for. Last month helped us get beyond ego and receive blessings showing us the direction of “the winds of destiny.” This continues the journey into new life directions, new skills, new effectiveness, and new ways to move into the future.

TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Tests of Human Redemption

Both Neptune and TransPluto represent very vast fields of feeling and connectedness beyond individual control. Neptune is the oceanic field of collective consciousness in which we all swim, and TransPluto is an almost incomprehensibly vast Divine Mother energy which redeems all things, brings grace to all circumstances, and is beyond even Death itself. When these two planets make an aspect, it shows us how the collective field is relating to Divine Redemption in a historically significant way.

Many important collective developments related to these themes began to surface between 2009-2012, when Neptune in late Aquarius was in very close opposition to TransPluto, or Divine Mother. That’s a major factor in why things became so polarized during those years, where the “tension of opposites” began to bring forth lessons in our Oneness, our need to share, and the human collective consciousness faced its need to embrace compassion and learn Viveka, or Divine Discrimination, especially when TransPluto was at the first degree of Virgo. Since that important opposition, we’ve all experienced intensified opportunities to join together in the Great Mother and realize our interrelatedness on a feeling level with All-That-Is.

The last time we had Neptune opposed to TransPluto began in 1780 when Neptune in early Libra opposed TransPluto in early Aries. They made numerous oppositions throughout the first decan of those signs between 1781-1786 during the time the world had been turned upside down by the American Revolution. For those who care, TransPluto was in Aries between 1773-1805, in Taurus 1803-1837, in Gemini 1836-1881, and in Cancer from 1879-1936.

In terms of the larger Era most of us have known, we completed the TransPluto (Parvati) in Leo era that began September 20, 1935 on July 4, 2014. The transition period where this planet danced at the last degree of Leo and first two degrees of Virgo began October 2011 and ended July 4, 2014, when TransPluto left Leo for many centuries to come, and entered into Virgo for the next century.

TransPluto, or Divine Mother, danced between 1 and 2 Virgo between July 2014 and Oct 2017, showing us the larger view of what we are learning about how we conceive of God the Mother. The symbol for 1 Virgo is about how our ideas and ideals shape the outer forms in our lives, as well as how we act. It’s about picturing “the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation,” as well as the Path of discipleship and other forms of training.

So one of the two great themes Divine Mother taught all of us those years was to see life as a whole, and find meaning in seeing the significant features of the entire picture. We had to understand the value and function of differences, and see how our personal integrity allowed us to make our ideals real through accepting some sort of responsibility.

TransPluto then made its first entry into 2 Virgo October 2014, and we began humanity’s “liberating ordeal.” The initial visit was between October 2014 and mid-January 2015, and began the themes of the “crucifixion” of our sense of ego-separateness so that compassion and understanding could come forth. We are told it symbolizes “eminence at the cost of struggle,”’ which certainly seems to be very much the case as humanity redeems the promise of its better nature.

It was at 2 Virgo between October 2014 and mid-January 2015, after which it retrograded back to 1 Virgo. It re-entered 2 Virgo in early September 2015, and stayed at that degree until February 2016, when it retrograded back to 1 Virgo again. In mid-May 2016 it went stationary direct at 1 Virgo, and then re-entered 2 Virgo in early August 2016. It remained at 2 Virgo until the end of March 2017 and then retrograded back to 1 Virgo between April and the end of June 2017.

It then again remained at 2 Virgo until October 11, 2017, when it entered 3 Virgo, which we are told is a degree of “Two angels bring protection,” symbolizing inner powers and “divine help when human efforts fail.” Its occupancy of 1 Virgo ended, and since October 2017 we’ve been in the next phase of our collective “liberating ordeal,” promising relief, protection, as well as the manifestation of unexpected latent powers.

The themes of 3 Virgo include forms of security via “the simple and consistent convergence of all good things toward their own kind.” This is a type of conviction that guarantees “an effective fulfillment of our dreams.” With the planet symbolizing Divine Mother expressing help via guardian angels, that began a time when we began to be provided welcome relief from some parts of our “liberating ordeal.”

It went stationary retrograde at the end of November 2017 at 3 Virgo, and re-entered 2 Virgo on Jan 19, 2018. It occupied 2 Virgo until it went stationary direct in mid-May 2018 on that degree, and stayed on that degree until Sept 6, 2018, when it re-entered 3 Virgo again. Our guardian angels were then back on the job as we cultivated “inner powers” as well as a greater recognition of how we have divine helpers everywhere!

As you can see, while we dealt with themes related to 1 and 2 Virgo for a long time, we’re now occupied with themes related to 2 and 3 Virgo for many months to come. It occupied 3 Virgo until late February 2019, and then went stationary direct in mid-May at 2 Virgo, and in early August again returned to 3 Virgo. It will return to 2 Virgo one last time between April and June 2020, and then move forward through 3 Virgo again, finally moving into 4 Virgo in October 2020, introducing a new redemptive theme for humanity.

Planetary Cycles Bringing Forth Divine Mother

The energies of Divine Mother will only grow stronger throughout this century, and these will be demonstrated each time the planets make significant aspects to TransPluto. One major set of cycles were set into motion When Saturn conjuncted TransPluto at 28 Leo in August 2007, and of course Saturn’s SD point at 2 Virgo in May 2008 has been transited by TransPluto for 5 years. Those Saturn-expressed TransPluto Leo and Virgo lessons will hold sway until their next conjunction at 9 Virgo in Sept 2037.

Another important cycle was set into motion when Jupiter conjuncted TransPluto at 1 Virgo in August 2015 in Virgo, beginning a new 12 year cycle of how these “Divine Mother energies” will manifest. It also began a new long wave era, since Jupiter will conjunct TransPluto in Virgo every 12 years until the 22nd century!

Related to that Jupiter conjunction, Venus went stationary retrograde exactly conjunct TransPluto in late July 2015, also at 1 Virgo, setting up Venusian manifestations of Divine Mother that will show each and every time 1 Virgo is transited. That means the Venusian Divine Mother promise of late July 2015 was expanded, or set into motion somehow, by Jupiter's transit of 1 Virgo in mid-August 2015, and then took expression due to Mars’ transit of that degree in late September 2015, and found “beauty of form” when Venus transited it again in early October 2015.

Those conjunctions have dominated the Virgo landscape in our charts since then, and were given new value, new power, and new understanding each time the inner planets transited those early degrees in the years since then. Related to this, please take a new look at the Mars-Jupiter cycle set into motion by their conjunction in mid-Virgo between October 2015.

Many things came to a head and launched anew during the 10 day period in late August 2019 when we had Mars, Venus, the Sun, and Mercury all conjunct TransPluto, with the New Moon also conjunct TransPluto! This set numerous "redemptive cycles" in motion, especially for those born in late August or who have planets in early Virgo. Allow the vast redemptive energy to wash many things clean in your lives, and you'll know by 2021 you have "made it through the night" related to whatever planets you have in early Virgo, as well as early Gemini, early Sagittarius, and early Pisces.

So we’re in a different Spiritual Era that will last through July 2107, when TransPluto leaves Virgo and re-enters Libra for the first time in many centuries, also after a few years of dancing on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. I offered you a bit more about this vast spiritual energy field in Astrology in the Age of Aquarius - Transpluto, a.k.a Divine Mother


At the World Teacher Full Moon of Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius I gave you a universal prayer/meditation offered to us by the Tibetan Master D.K. in April 1945 at the end of the war. Tens of millions around the world do this prayer every Full Moon, tuning into the Whole which we ALL are together. I said it every day for many years, and still say it every Full Moon. (It was a real trip to see eyes suddenly open and/or lightbulbs go on over people’s heads when I did it countless times riding the NYC subways when I lived there in the early 80s!)

In 1976 I changed a few words to make it more universal. For your consideration,

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of All,
Let Light descend on Earth

From the point of Love within the heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of All
May Christ return to Earth

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let Purpose guide the little Wills of All
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve

From the center which we call the Human Race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Again, as I’ve offered you many times before, when you see the title "The Christ" if you are so inclined please substitute "World Teacher," "Bodhisattva," "Imam Madhi," "Krishna," “Kristos,” "Avalokiteshvara," "Maitreya," "Messiah," or any other term used to describe this Great Being. And if you substitute “Enlightened Ones” or “Wise Ones” for “Masters” I doubt it would offend anyone.

See you soon with part 3 covering aspects, planetary sequencing, and other important factors in this Full Moon.

Part 1 Here

© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com
Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

About the author:

Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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