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How To Restore Your Spiritual Powers

How To Restore Your Spiritual Powers

Sometimes our strength waits for a signal to wake up. Today we will talk about how we can initiate such a signal in a targeted manner.

In the course of our lives, we may misuse or abandon our spiritual powers for a while. These forces can then react by attenuation. But we can reverse it.

Although everything in this world seems real, it is not real in the true sense of the word. We live in a world of illusory reality, in a world of shadows. Our world is part of a much wider range of realities and appears firmly, materially, and truly only to us who are incarnated in it. At the higher levels of being, it is only one of many realities, and for beings who are not incarnated here, this world does not even appear to be material. It is our local bubble, a subjective reality that only we perceive.

If we were able to change the resonance of our body, we could move into other realities and disappear from this, because the difference between whether this world is material for us or not is made by the resonance of our being, our body cells, our mind.

We were all born here for a reason. And yes, although this world is full of illusions, we must respect its rules. For example, we were born in a world where gravity is the law. So we will certainly not try to circumvent it by jumping from a height to try to fly, because the rules of the material world are constant and as long as we have a resonance corresponding to the material world, they are unchanged for us.

However, it is necessary to be able to understand this world in a broader context, because it is the source of our special powers and the ways in which it can change reality (to a more or less limited extent).

How To Restore Your Spiritual Powers

How to restore your spiritual powers

Explore your history
Almost every one of us remembers at least a few situations when he experienced something supernatural. I sincerely believe that we have all experienced something special, but some people forget it, or are afraid of it, so it will displace it. Especially if it was an experience very old when we were young children.

So explore your memory. Realize that TIME exists only in this material dimension, and for your real self, which does not come from this world and resides in higher dimensions, time and distance do not exist.

By focusing your mind and consciousness on the real spiritual experiences you have, even if they are very old, you connect to the energies that you want to awaken, stimulate, or strengthen with you.

What you focus on, you amplify with yourself. This law applies to both good and bad things. So use it to your advantage!

Take a new notebook and start writing your special experiences. Start from an early age, from the oldest you remember. Even if only vaguely, even if you don't understand much. Write everything down.

Don't judge too critically what you're writing and don't question yourself. Don't try to judge whether this is a real magical paranormal experience, or whether it was more of a luck or a coincidence. This would block your connection to the flow of energy you want to amplify.

It's just for you, no one will read it to you and no one will criticize you, you won't have to defend your note in front of anyone. So relax and write completely arbitrarily. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and subjective.
Write down what it was like for you, how you felt about it. Try to remember all the moments and recall them down to the smallest detail.

Did you have a lucid dream? Healing experiences? … Write everything down.

Your task will be much easier if you have kept a similar diary before. A diary in which you write down your dreams, special experiences, or nice helpful rituals that you want to try or keep for later use. In that case, go through your diary and read carefully (ideally aloud) what experiences you have written there. Then complete the diary. Just continue where you left off, writing down your oldest experiences, and then continue with newer ones that you haven't written down yet.

When there is a lot, it can take you a few days. Don't worry about it at all, on the contrary, it will be your advantage. Write when you have the idea and the taste. If you are tired, dragged and you don't want to go any further, put the diary aside and continue tomorrow.
If you work this way every day for a limited period of time in a row, it will have a much better effect than a one-time exhaustive writing. Don't overdo it and don't push yourself, writing should be relaxing and inspiring, pleasant for you. You should get used to your stories as you write.

How To Restore Your Spiritual Powers

Connect with nature
The earth is like a ubiquitous living parent who nourishes us and is a source of unlimited power. To restore your spiritual abilities, you need to restore your connection with nature and spend more time there.

It is very simple, functional and safe to start grounding and charging at a tree. Ideally, you find at least 30 minutes of time every day and stay barefoot in nature.

Use the following procedure: How to properly absorb energy from trees

Interestingly, the ancient witches believed that any human could control the supernatural powers by regularly participating in the Sabbath in nature each year. These festivities renew the harmony of man with the forces and cycles of nature (Spring Equinox, Beltaine, summer solstice, etc.). The witches believed that these Sabbaths conferred power over life and death, the greatest mysteries of life.

You can use this knowledge without having to engage in any religion or association. Choose a nice ritual connected with nature, or invent it and perform it in nature for the days of these ancient festivities. It will strengthen your focus on awakening spiritual abilities. Virtually any nice ritual in nature, where you will feel magical and well, will help you to harmonize with nature and gain strength in it.

Rituals in nature can be quite simple and literally invented on the knee. You can go to the forest, find a beautiful tree, connect with it and sing your favorite songs to it. The next day you can come to him and give him something, such as a semi-precious stone.

At night, you can use the power of the moon again and be inspired by procedures that use its power. Like this: A ritual to protect against nightmares. You can talk to the moon, charge it with water, or sing to it. There are no limits to imagination.
If you have the opportunity and it suits you, try to sing wells, rivers or the sea. You will be surprised what it will do to you.

In addition to connecting and honoring nature, there's another great way and that is to start recycling waste or going to purposefully clean up the mess in the nature around you. You can clean a clogged well from an infested mess after winter. If you happen to encounter waste in nature, clean it up.

How To Restore Your Spiritual Powers

Accept and be active
Realize that any self-hatred, self-rejection and suppression of your needs, your feelings and your desires is blocking your life energy. You're hurting yourself. When you fight with yourself, you bring blockages and chaos to your supersensible abilities, which can only function fully if your mind and your energies are in balance.

Accept, love, listen to your feelings, your desires and your intuition. Try to hold the reins of your life in your own hands and live your life according to your own individual needs and not according to the expectations and demands of your surroundings. Being yourself and loving yourself is a manifestation of inner harmony and it will open another door for you.

Ask what you want, how you want to live, and let go of all the painful thoughts that are bothering you. Fill your mind with joy, do things that please you and make peace with yourself.

As part of your proactive approach to life, you can introduce some changes and innovations. For example, start eating healthier, start exercising, find a new hobby.

Try some interesting spiritual ritual that attracts you. Do smoking in your house. Light a fragrant resin in the incense burner only because it smells and because you want to "throw in another atmosphere".
Start listening more often to music that evokes pleasant feelings in you, that relaxes you and in which you have a "magical" feeling, as if you were a miraculous being living in a miraculous world. There is a lot of such inspiring music.

Read books on spiritual topics. Either in general, or focus on your topic: For example, if you want to connect with your guardian angel, buy a book about angels.

Decorate your house with things that evoke supernatural and magical feelings in you. They can be beautiful pictures, flowers, dream catchers, crystals, symbols, candles, carillons, various statuettes… try to make your apartment express what you are or what you want to be.

In the evening before falling asleep, spend at least 5 minutes on some form of meditation. It depends on what you like and what works better for you. For example, try to see with the third eye. Trying to see the aura of your hand in the dark. Ask your angel for protection, ask the constructive power of the universe for blessings and guidance. Or try visualization exercises.

Remember that if you want to strengthen these forces in your life, you need to be able to find time for meditation, ritual, music, reading - for anything that pleases you and strengthens your spiritual focus. What makes you feel blessed by the Universe itself and loved by all the angels of the world. It may be a slightly different activity for each of us. But it definitely needs to be addressed.

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