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The Spiritual Quest: How to Find Your True Life Path

The Spiritual Quest: How to Find Your True Life Path

You feel lost in life. You're sick of your job, your relationships are average at best, your friendships are dull and empty, you feel dead inside and have lost the will to live… If these statements sound familiar, you may be going through an increasingly common experience known as an existential crisis.

In other words, you are at a crossroads in life: you feel stuck and begin to yearn for a more meaningful existence. The only logical response to such a feeling is to begin a spiritual search to find answers to your life's problems and burning essential questions. At its core, the spiritual quest is a desire to return to the center of your being. It is literally a journey to find your soul and reconnect with your true nature. That spiritual path usually also marks the beginning of the path to spiritual awakening.

Why Soul Loss is the Main Cause of Spiritual Search

Why do some of us have such an intense inner desire to spiritually search for ourselves? To find what is meaningful, true, authentic and deep? The answer is soul loss.

When we are disconnected from our soul, we feel anxious, depressed, lonely, isolated, and chronically dissatisfied with our lives. In order to overcome this pain, we must reconnect with the deepest, most alive and fundamental part of ourselves.

Indigenous and shamanic cultures have known about the phenomenon of soul loss for thousands of years, and it is a growing epidemic in our society. In the age of advanced digital technologies, in a society based on materialistic ideals and egoism, we are increasingly disconnected from the primordial center of our being.

We have not turned our attention to the needs of the soul. We have not considered what the soul needs to be healthy. We have not studied the soul, nor have we tried to help it achieve what is necessary for its development and health. Instead , we focused fully on the body and personality. We have developed an extensive knowledge of the physical apparatus that a soul takes on when it incarnates here. We know amino acids, neurotransmitters, chromosomes and enzymes, but we do not know the soul.

What is Soul Loss ?

When we experience Soul Loss, a part of our Soul - or our primal living essence - becomes "hidden" or closed (blocked), preventing us from expressing and experiencing our true potential and wholeness as human beings. Often entire aspects of our psyche are completely blocked or repressed.

There are many causes of soul loss. Some of the common reasons are Childhood trauma (physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse; divorce; death in the family; abandonment, bullying.) Adult trauma (job loss, poverty, rape, violence , divorce, mental health problems, isolation, accidents, death of loved ones, discrimination.), Social conditioning: Religious brainwashing, overuse of technology and obsession with entertainment (i.e. a form of numbing and escape from reality), Inherited trauma from ancestors, Materialism, Reductionist values.

Basically, anything that threatens our physical, mental, or emotional survival (and any addictive, one-sided, repressive ideology or habit) causes soul loss.
The result is that a person feels an unpleasant, threatening feeling that something is wrong… Something is missing. We are not satisfied with ourselves or our lives, no matter how popular, successful or attractive we are. Something is still missing.

What is missing is the connection with our Soul, which is the gateway to our true nature.

How to know if you are affected

Most people in our society have these difficulties to a greater or lesser extent. They don't know about it, they don't care about it, and they have never delved into the vast waters of their subconscious, or their true nature. Instead, they operate solely from the position of their ego, a false self that has been constructed since childhood to defend against the overwhelming magnitude of Life.

When such people begin to hear the call of their soul, they begin to feel the desire to break free and be seen in their true light, they become frightened and suppress it. They revert to old beliefs, customs and societal structures that reinforce mindlessness and mediocrity because it's easier, less intimidating and less confrontational.

Eventually, however, this desire can become so intense that people have no choice but to listen to it. This is the beginning of the process of spiritual awakening: the dismantling of the ego and the blossoming of our soul, which longs to reconnect with its true nature (Spirit, Consciousness).

There is also a space in between. It's called limbo. This is an imaginary space where lost souls dwell. In limbo, the dance between the old dissolving and the new, not yet formed, is deeply felt. We tend to feel stuck here, lost, empty, alone and scared. There is a temptation to return to old ways of being, but at the same time there is an intense feeling of dissatisfaction with everything.

If you are stuck in limbo, you may experience these symptoms:

  • You feel lethargic and tired all the time
  • You have no motivation, you are restless inside
  • You feel alone, lonely
  • You feel unhappy, dissatisfied with your life
  • You long for something "more"
  • You have become an outsider or the black sheep of the family
  • You're often irritable and moody
  • You're going through a midlife or quarter-life crisis
  • You're more prone to addictions
  • You struggle with self-hatred
  • You keep trying to numb your pain, but nothing works
  • You feel "broken" inside You
  • struggle with existential crisis, depression and anxiety
  • You feel like something is missing inside you
  • You are bored and dissatisfied with other people
  • You feel stuck and stuck
  • You struggle with a feeling of inner emptiness; you don't know who you are
  • You want to know the meaning of it all…

If you recognize yourself, don't throw a flint in the rye. The first step to success is to understand the cause of these feelings. After that, you need to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

How to begin a spiritual search

Because we feel separated from Oneness, we begin to search. Searching for your fullness and your home. To begin with, you need to look into yourself and ask yourself a few specific questions.

Traveling the world is often described as a great way for young people to find themselves. But the search in a spiritual sense goes much deeper, it's not about hopping on a plane to Bali.

A spiritual search is the most valuable and important activity you can undertake in life. What could be more important than connecting with your core spiritual essence?

If you are looking for answers to mundane questions such as what kind of job suits me, should I get married, etc., the recommendations below will probably not satisfy you. But if you want to dive into your true depth, learn how to find yourself, how to be honest with yourself, how to open the door to your true nature, read on.

Learn to Use Solitude Constructively

Solitude is your greatest ally when it comes to spiritual pursuits, because only alone is there room for exploration and learning. Make regular time and space to spend with yourself, away from other people. Dedicate this time to yourself and your inner self. You can choose something passive, like meditation, or active, like a walk in the woods. Respect your energy level and go with it. It's a simple but effective way to get to know yourself.

Alone and in silence, your true self will begin to emerge, unencumbered by the expectations and influence of other people. You may find that you are a completely different person when you get away from the hustle and bustle. For many people, loneliness is so intense and terrifying that they cannot bear it at all. They can't bear to see what they have inside of them. This causes dependence on the constant attention and presence of other people, dependence on television and radio, which drowns out the inner voice.

Explore the Nature of Your Ego

If your soul is the true individualized essence, your ego is a false self: it is the mask you present to the world. Your ego is constantly changing and morphing according to situations and needs. Have you ever noticed that you play different roles with different people? Yes. That's your ego in action - it's not fixed and basically a distortion of who you really are.

But our ego believes that this mask is who we really are. Because it is so convinced that it is real, it rejects any attempt to dismantle it because it perceives it as a threat of death. And so growth of any kind is extremely difficult because the ego is always trying to protect itself from it. It does this by not allowing you to see and accept the real truth about yourself and the world. Instead, he presents false constructions to put man back in the box.

Exploring the nature of your ego and learning to see beyond it is a crucial step on your journey of spiritual search. In fact, it is the single and biggest block that prevents you from embodying who you really are. In order to explore the form of our ego, we need to combine inner work and work with our soul. Inner work deals with dissolving blockages in our psyche, while soul work is the practice of surrendering to a higher power, the heavenly father, the Source.

Ways to explore your ego that combine inner work and soul work are:

  • Journaling - write down your thoughts, beliefs, habits, likes, dislikes.
  • Self-inquiry – constantly asking “who am I? And watch what changes, weakens or dies within you (these are elements of your ego). Paradoxically , we discover who we really are by seeing who we are not.
  • Meditation – you learn how to witness your thoughts and mind-created stories.

These three simple practices can have a huge impact on your ability to clearly see and experience the truth of who you really are.

Reconnect with Your Inner Child

Your inner child carries the original qualities of your soul that you were born with. Fortunately, it's not that hard to reconnect with him. Here are some ways:

  • Write a letter to your inner child
  • Do a visualization meditation on your inner child
  • Do something your inner child loved when you were little.

Approach these activities gently. Observe your younger self: was it smiling? Was he more in touch with his emotions? Did it seem more curious and creative?

Think about you now and you then. What qualities of your inner child can you integrate more into your life today?

Think, Introspect and Visualize

A spiritual quest is an inner adventure. Therefore, the practices and steps you take to find your nature will often require self-reflection and introspection. Visualization strengthens both qualities and helps you gain knowledge and guidance through the power of imagination.

Close your eyes and breathe beneath your troubles, like a diver, slide into the depths of silence that await beneath the swirling surface waves. Now consider two things you enjoy doing: such as running, drawing, singing, bird watching, gardening, or reading.

Meditate on what qualities are in these activities that make you feel alive when you practice them. Keep in front of you what they have in common, breathe slowly and feel how these qualities are reflected in you.

This example of reflection, introspection and visualization is perfect for a spiritual search as it puts you in touch with the essence of your soul. You can listen or create any visualization that appeals to you, just make sure it is soul-centered.

Connect with nature and the wild within you

Nature is immensely healing and enlivening to the human soul.. We often think of ourselves as separate from nature. After all, we are human and "above" nature, right? Poorly.

We are an inseparable part of nature. Our blood, bones, hair, skin, and entrails are all of the earth: animal, corporeal, natural, natural. Despite centuries of domestication, the human soul still retains its innate, essentially wild nature. We are not wild in the sense of 'uncontrollable', but wild in the sense that the Center of our being cannot be completely tamed: it is permanently free. At our core, we are all free spirits. We see it in moments of heroism, in the primal cry of our birth, in grunting love-making and boisterous laughter. To get in touch with our basic wildness is to unite with the basic quality of our soul - and this can easily be rediscovered in the embrace of nature.

Reconnecting with nature is not difficult or challenging. All it takes is just a few minutes a day outside to carefully observe the rustling of the trees, the sounds of the animals, the movements of the clouds and the rays of the sun passing through the clouds. If you're lucky enough to live near a nature reserve, you might like to practice the Japanese art of forest bathing, or grab a blanket and have a picnic. If you are in the city, you still have the opportunity to connect with nature. Go to a local park, go on a hike, listen to nature sounds on your phone, buy a potted plant.

Ask Key Questions

Questions are a simple and direct way to find your personal truth. To live truthfully is to live authentically: it is respecting the essence of one's own soul. Some questions you should ask yourself along the way are:

  • Who I am?
  • What do I want in life?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is my true purpose?
  • What is authentic about me?
  • What is inauthentic about me?
  • What does happiness mean to me?
  • What would truly fulfill me?
  • Where is my ego getting in the way?
  • What constitutes spiritual quality to me?
  • What legacy do I want to leave to my descendants?

These are just a few examples, so feel free to create your own.

Find your spiritual place

It is the physical place that calls you from within. It speaks to your soul. You can feel a nostalgic yearning for this place, a sense of deep resonance and almost mystical significance. These can be mundane areas (such as your backyard), pristine areas (such as a wilderness location) or sacred sites (such as Stonehenge, Uluru).

In these places you will feel a sense of expansion, deep peace and as if you have finally 'found home.' What has happened is that you have found the outer representation of your inner heaven. This is why certain places touch us deeply.

On the contrary, our spiritual space is immaterial. It is an inner experience of our true nature. We often dwell in it in moments of prayer, contemplation, altered states of consciousness and deep meditation.

To know this place is to know who we are. (Not by surface signs of identity, not by where we work or what we wear or how we like to be addressed.) We sense our place in relation to the Infinite.

In order to inhabit this spiritual space, we must break through the barriers of the ego through various methods of inner work. We also need a practice that will help us cultivate inner peace and quiet. The best method to experience this state is through meditation.

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