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Who Is Controlling Your Life As An Empath?

Who Is Controlling Your Life As An Empath?

Take Back Your Power...

Being that we are in times of struggle, upheaval and transitions, I thought it would be good to address how internal conflict can drain our power and stop us from living a healthy, happy life.

Everyone experiences inner conflict at some point. Upheavals and mental struggles are all part of the ‘journey of life.’ For some, however, internal conflict is a reoccurring theme that never goes away, or has certainly become worse during these ‘dark days.’

Now, when I say conflict, I am not referring to the type that leads people into constant arguments or fights, although these are certainly still an issue. I am talking about the conflicts within the mind, that have been triggered either by the actions, words or energy of other people, or by media sources and governments.

I have written many posts on ways for Empaths to protect themselves from the energy of others, here are just a few: herehere and here. But for the purpose of this article, I would like to focus on the result of inner conflict that is happening now for many, and discuss how it could be controlling your mind, consuming your power and stopping you from ‘moving forward.’

How You Might See This

Everyone is being impacted in different ways by the current turbulent times. But some common themes are frustration and powerlessness at changes happening in the world, feelings of rage over injustices, and there is also a lot of shaming and blaming going on.

As an Empath, there are many ways you could be experiencing the knock-on effect of a shifting world in turmoil. But one such way is by certain people pushing your buttons in big ways.

For example, you may feel victimised or bullied by certain people, you may feel they don’t understand you or perhaps it seems they are always trying to undermine your beliefs or feelings. You may get frustrated that others can’t or won’t get on board with your way of thinking, you may lay awake at night pondering on what someone said or perhaps the way they said it.

Let’s face it, part of being an Empath has been to overcome or understand the destructive thoughts and pained emotions we have endured throughout life from being a Sensitive soul. We are highly reactive people, which means things affect us in much bigger ways than most.

It is an inherent trait of an Empath to be empathetic and understanding. But during these current times it is getting harder to do. As the darkness is being revealed in the world, it can be exasperating to be aware of it whilst so many others are oblivious. This in itself is ungrounding and cuts us off from our instinctive traits and thus our true power.

When we have an inner conflict, caused by another’s opinions, words or actions, whether that be people or governments, we are allowing them to hold power over us.  They are, inadvertently, controlling our lives and how we feel. Thus, when we are in this situation, we get stuck in ‘no man’s land.’ And this is no longer the way to live!

It is time for that to change.

Time to Release

As I’m sure many of you are aware, we are in unique times of release and healing. Which also means letting go of, or making peace with, that which held our mind hostage and in conflict.

However, as we keep getting distracted by all the dark goings on in the world, we get trapped in old ways of being, thinking and feeling. Unable to move forward into the new.

Where to Start?

When it comes to release, realising what or who is impacting you, or causing inner conflict, is a good place to start.

If certain people are triggering you, friends or family perhaps, we have to question ourselves as to why we are reacting.

One of the first questions we can ask is: what is it, in the trigger’s personality, words or ways, that is acting as a conflict spark?

A lot of the time we don’t ask ourselves this question because we get so wrapped up in either their words, what was meant by them and why they said them, or why they are refusing to see things from our perspective, that we don’t look for the root of the issue.

Instead, it is so much more beneficial if we determine what button they are pressing within and why.

Many of you might have seen for yourself, in recent times, that fast manifestation is currently a big theme (Thinking of needing something and it arrives very soon after. A post for another time). So, when looking for answers now, they come quickly.

Once you understand what has been pressing your buttons, let it go. We don’t need to overanalyse, because that was part of the old way of living. It doesn’t need to come with us into the new.

Now, more than ever, it seems so important to be letting go, or taking our attention away from anything that brings us down and breaks our power. Which takes us to the most destructive force of self-power removal: The media…

External Sources

Another issue that I keep coming back to on this blog is how the media impacts the Empath.

If you are reacting or being triggered, negatively, by any online media sources, the simple answer is to switch off and stay away from them (sometimes even positive sites can trigger us in ways that is distracting and destructive.) I say simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

In its addictive nature, we don’t always know how attached we are to online media, or how it draws us in without us realising.

But know that switching off from the media sites, that create inner conflict or malaise of the liberated mind, is so unshackling. Besides, not always knowing what is going on in the outside world is a good thing. We are at a point where staying in control of our own world is so much more important.

Speaking from experience, ignorance really can be bliss.

That said, it is amazing how much you do get to know even without being switched on to the news and online media.

There is such a thing as having too much information. If you cannot do anything to change it, then why do you need to know about it?

Changing yourself and being in control of how you feel will impact the world in a more positive and productive way.

Remember: What we do to help ourselves now, in terms of self-healing, will in turn help the rest of humanity in a big way…

Mind Control

I have also spoken much about the power of meditating, or quieting the mind, for Empaths. Because it is so beneficial, I keep coming back to it.

Not only does being in a quiet or meditative state, help switch off the mind from the external, it is also revealing and liberating. Revealing in that you get to see/feel/hear insights that would have previously been hidden by the noise of fear and frustration in our world, and liberating in that it helps free our mind from the system that is currently crumbling all around us.

Because many Empath’s minds have been held hostage, by all that they have been feeling in recent months or years, meditation might be the last thing they want to do. But now, it can have more impact than ever.

If you are one Empath who would rather chop off your toes than sit in meditation, do not worry. There are many different techniques to get us into a meditative state, or higher mind, that don’t require the Buddha stance. See the following articles, here, here, and here.

Facing Your Truth

As an Empath you have a natural inner-drive to face your truth, which throughout your life has become louder and louder. But currently, we are being called towards freedom of the body, mind and spirit in a big way. In other words, now is time to take back your power.

You are a beautiful free being who’s about to embark on a whole new episode of life. The pain, the conflict and anything else that has been keeping you hostage and trapped in your mind is ready to be released.

Sending you all lots of love…


©Diane Kathrine


Diane lives in Manchester, UK. She spent the past twenty years researching everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. She is a qualified colour and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and has done in-depth research into diet and nutrition and how it affects Sensitive people.. ©Diane Kathrine

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