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How to Improve Your Spiritual Health for a Better Personality

How to Improve Your Spiritual Health for a Better Personality

Spiritual Health & Personality

We currently live in a world where physical fitness and wellbeing are being pursued and pushed in all forms of our private and professional lives. However, the world around us is also slowly and gradually waking up to spiritual needs as well. Spiritual health is most often concerned with bringing inner peace into one’s life.

It carries out the dogma that one should stay hopeful even during the toughest of times and maintain some level of comfort even when faced with a lot of adversary from the surrounding environment. Likewise, spiritual health can be different and downright unique for everyone. Nevertheless, it definitely leaves an impact on our lives and our personalities as well. 

According to a study published at the US National Library of Medicine, nearly 56% of US psychiatrists were found in a survey to never or rarely question patients about their religious or spiritual issues. In light of this striking information, we would like to offer you some of the ways through which you can improve your spiritual health and work towards attaining a better personality.

This is because we believe that spirituality can help in dampening the negative effects of hard times on a person’s life and their choices during such situations. Unlike many psychiatrists, so to speak, who don’t consider spirituality in high regard? So let’s take a quick look at each one of them: 

10 Ways to Improve Spiritual Health

·         Attaining Spiritual Connections

Spirituality shares common grounds for people of all ages, and it doesn’t discriminate against people based on color, creed, race, and ethnicity. In fact, many religions across the globe all preach the same values of caring for others, avoiding harmful habits, and love for humanity. To attain spiritual connection, one must first be honest with themselves. This requires all disparities between your actions and speech to be removed.

Secondly, an egotistical approach to life will make you unforgiving and not only treat yourself but others harshly as well, so it must go out. Lastly, it is all about facing your worst fears. Your spiritual awakening is essential because only then you can see the light. To help you along the way, you should take time out for meditation and prayers as they assist you in detaching yourself from the world around you.

·         Expressing Yourself

If you are unable to express yourself freely, then you will always find bottled up emotions inside you that can slowly begin to poison you from the inside. However, self-expression is never an act that brings harm to you, others around you, and your surroundings. The best form of self-expression is through conversation in a friendly environment, writing down your thoughts, and through artistic endeavors that can be private or public as per your intentions.

Nevertheless, your freedom of expression should never be seen as an element of discord for others. Neither it should cause any disturbances. Our freedom doesn’t mean infringing the right of others to be free as well.

·         Healthy Lifestyle

The mind and our bodies are one and the same. There are more than 7 trillion nerves in our body that connect us all inside. Spiritual health requires that you treat your body and mind as a temple. Never take mental and physical health for granted. This is why if you want to improve your spiritual health, then you must maintain strict control over your health, diet, and hygiene.

Only a healthy lifestyle that protects and safeguards your mind and body can offer you the opportunity to pursue a higher form of spiritual awareness. Addictions and abuse of substances will only decay your capacities to function normally in society, and plus they will detach you from the community you live in.

·         Introspection

Questioning your own actions and examining your everyday life offers you greater awareness about your interaction with others and the rest of the world. How your life impacts others and whether your life carries meaning are important questions that everyone should ask. However, introspection should never lead you towards losing self-respect and valuing your own self.

Instead, it should focus on what must be done to correct things and make ourselves a better person. Apart from observing your own mental state, self-evaluation should also open you up to a greater sense of responsibility and make you more conscious of your doings.

·         Investing in Yourself

You need to realize that no one is like you and that you are truly one of a kind entity. None before and none who come after you will be like you. Thus when you start valuing yourself more only then, you will realize your importance. Once you are able to identify this truth, you will gradually move away from things that have caused you to hurt in the past.

Investing yourself is also a way to accomplish spiritual health as it can help you to overcome the challenges that you face in your current lifestyle. Best ways to invest in yourself is through education, following a healthy lifestyle, looking after your physical and emotional needs, and forming long-lasting relationships.

·         Traveling

Going on an adventure and exploring the world around you will also do wonders for your spiritual health. The change in scenery can refresh your mind and soul. Travelling is also one of the best forms of learning and improving oneself. Visiting new places and meeting new people opens you up for a range of unprecedented experiences. You will come across a lot of different cultures and traditions if you travel abroad and overseas. There you might find connections that truly inspire you towards becoming a better person.

When we travel, we also acquire a lot of life lessons that can change us and the way we think about the world around us. And for this we definitely required good vibes quotes that help us in building interest while traveling different places. So, never miss a chance, and enjoy your time.

·         Writing a Daily Journal

Expressive writing is a great way to express your feelings. It can help you lower down your anxieties, help you face your fears, and overcome traumatic incidents that may have happened in your life. It also boosts your self-confidence and fosters high self-esteem. Writing can be developed into a habit, and while it does offer you intellectual improvements, it can also be great for self-healing.

If you find yourself in a position where there is a lot of stress, and you feel depressed, then writing down your thought can off-load you from negative emotions and feelings. The more you write, the lighter you would feel. However, if you have pending academic written work, then you should probably buy coursework online from professionals and experts to get yourself off-load from stress as well.  

·         Meditation Exercises

Tai Chi, Yoga, and Zen meditation are all great disciplines that one can follow to attain a meditative state that can bring much needed calm and tranquility in your lives. However, Mindfulness meditation is another system that is quickly becoming popular amongst the masses. It is a mental training practice that teaches practitioners to slow down thoughts that are fleeting and racing through your mind. With regular effort, you can let go of negativity in your mind and body. Many of these exercises do not require additional props or preparation. However, you can use essential oils and scented candles if you prefer them.

·         Nurturing Environment

If your surroundings do not make you feel secure, then you will always find yourself in an uneasy position, and the opportunity to discover yourself and the world would be lost. To create a nurturing environment around you, some effort is required. First of all, you need to take away all elements in your surrounding that can inflict harm or make you feel insecure.

Secondly, it is crucial that your indoors have proper ventilation of natural air and allows the maximum amount of light to seep into your rooms during the day. Avoid cluttering as it creates hindrances in movements and causes the mind to be confused. Plus, your indoors should always be kept clean, dusted, and tidy.

·         Positive Thinking

It is a mental attitude that one needs to develop and thus necessitates a change in the way you think and carry out decisions in your regular and everyday life.  To establish positive thinking, you need to focus on the good things in life and show your gratitude. One of the best ways to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal in which you can write down things that you are grateful for, and this can improve your overall optimism about life as well. Next up, you need to spend time with positive people and practice positive self-talk. Opening yourself up to humor also promotes positive thinking.  


While the masses are waking up towards the need for healthier lifestyles, there is a huge effort required to improve our spiritual health as well. Unfortunately, at the moment, many professional doctors and psychiatrists across the globe do not hold spiritual health in high regard. Therefore it becomes our individual duty to keep in touch with our spiritual self. We hope the suggestions, as mentioned earlier

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Amanda Jerelyn

Amanda Jerelyn currently works as a Lifestyle Blogger at Crowd Writer, where higher education students can acquire professional academic writing services UK from experts specializing in their subjects and topics. During her free time, she likes to try out the carpentry skills she learned during her college days and make home décor items. 

This article was submitted exclusively to by Amanda Jerelyn.

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