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Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word which means Universal Life-Force Energy.

Reiki is a holistic, energy-based modality. Through a hands-on healing approach Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of ki (life force energy) throughout the body, which in turn can enhance the body's innate healing ability.

The energy worker allows for the flow of energy through her body by placing her hands on or just above the client’s body. The individual then takes in the amount of energy that is required for their healing. The Reiki energy finds its way to exactly where it is needed be it physical, emotional or spiritual, a Reiki practitioner never diagnosis or prescribes medication.

Oftentimes the simplicity of a Reiki session raises some skepticism on its efficacy; however, it is only after experiencing it, that many clients return to further receive benefits.

Reiki is powerful and is a representation of Universal Light and Love and transcends any division of religion, economic status, geographical location, gender, and race.

Here is a brief account of the history of Reiki.

Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui, a spiritual seeker who was born in 1865 in Japan. He studied medicine, psychology, religion, and spiritual development and at the age of 49 decided to become a Buddhist Monk. He went on a 21-day retreat of meditation, prayers, chanting and fasting at Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. During this time he had a powerful spiritual awakening on the final day of his retreat, his awareness was now expanded as he realized a great power had entered him. He intuitively knew he could now heal others without depleting his own energy.

On the basis of his lifelong spiritual journey and his more recent spiritual experience, he developed “The Usui System of Natural Healing”. He then started a healing society and shortly afterward he opened a clinic and began giving Reiki sessions and teaching classes.

At the age of 60, in 1925, he opened a larger clinic in Nakano and then began traveling and lecturing until he crossed over from a massive stoke on March 9, 1926. In four short years, he taught over 2,000 students and trained 16 teachers. He wanted this simple technique to be available to all people worldwide.

What are the five precepts of Reiki?

  • Just for today, I will not anger
  • Just for today, I will not worry
  • Just for today, I will be grateful
  • Just for today, I will work hard on myself
  • Just for today, I will be kind to others

How can Reiki Benefit?

Clients have reported feeling:

  • More creative
  • More balanced
  • Less emotional
  • Less stressed
  • More relaxed
  • More vitality
  • More awareness
  • Less or no pain
  • More ability to fall asleep quickly
  • More ease of movement

What happens during a session?

The client, who is fully clothed, lies on the treatment table. The practitioner's hands remain in a stationary position, gently on or slightly above the body through several positions from head to toe. Some practitioners do not use the prescribed hand positions, preferring to use a more intuitive approach. There is no manipulation of the skin or tissue. Reiki is not massage.

Many individuals report feeling cold or pulsating heat, or a tingling sensation during a session, and most enter a calm, relaxed state. In some, chronic or acute pain can diminish or completely vanish. The response is different for each person.

It's important to remember that whatever maybe troubling us was not created overnight and we won't 'recover overnight’, either. Reiki is not any more magical than any other modality or allopathic medicine. Healing takes commitment and it takes time... one moment at a time.

What can be expected after a session?

After a Reiki session, you should allow yourself time to come fully back into your awareness. You may feel so relaxed that you could feel a bit spacey. We suggest sitting for 15 minutes and drinking a glass of water while allowing yourself to become reoriented.

During the next few days you may or may not notice that you are having symptoms of some de-toxification of the body. You should increase your water intake so that the toxins are flushed out more readily; you may also want to rest a bit more.

How many sessions do I need?

This is very individual and to begin with, two to four sessions over ten to fourteen days are recommended to remove entrenched blocks in your energy system; then once a week or once every two weeks until the issue has resolved. You will begin to notice some improvement after the first session. Dis-ease usually begins in the energy field so if we keep our energetic bodies healthy using Reiki, and our physical bodies healthy with good nutrition and exercise, we should be able to remain active and whole.

How is Reiki a holistic approach to my well being?

It is strongly recommended that you do not discontinue any medications or session plan your medical practitioner or other holistic healer has deemed necessary, unless you first speak with them personally. Reiki energy works in conjunction with all other forms of therapy. It is a wonderful complement to other treatments. We can all work together to get you feeling healthier, happier and more whole. This is the holistic approach.

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